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We all know the four seasons of the year: Spring for rebirth, when flowers sprout from the ground; summer for growth; fall, or autumn, for harvest; and winter is the dormant time.

Winter is also called a magical season and for many reasons… Christmas, family get-togethers, cold temperatures, snow, winter love, and of course, music!

Since music encompasses a host of subject matter, there is no doubt that a number of songs are winter-themed. So to help you get started on a playlist of this enchanting time, we’ve listed 10 of the best songs about winter. Let’s get started!

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1. “Dear Winter” By AJR

Our first song is “Dear Winter” by AJR from the album Neotheater. It is about a man writing a letter to his future child he wants to name Winter.

Generally, the song talks about the man’s fears and hopes of being a father to Winter. He also shares his faith in finding the woman he wants to start a family with. This song appeals to so many people because of its quirky sound and comical lyrics.

Interestingly, the song connects with many people. Not just parents who experience the ups and downs of parenthood, but also young people who have gone through what the man envisions Winter to experience. From teenagers to the elderly, everyone will love “Dear Winter.”

2. “Colder Weather” By Zac Brown Band

Wintertime love songs are prevalent, and almost all have happy endings. However, “Colder Weather” by Zac Brown Band is a love story with a sadder tone.

The narrator sings of a girl troubled that her love might not be strong enough to keep a man with her. The man is busy chasing his dreams out on the cold road and playing shows. He can’t seem to stay in one place, and the girl knows his job is more important to him than she is.

“Cold Weather” will touch the hearts of many. People in long-distance relationships and those with traveling jobs will relate. They know the difficulty of balancing a relationship and chasing their dreams.

3. “Winter” By Khalid

Next we have another love song, but this time about a breakup. In Khalid‘s “Winter,” the guy falls in love, but the girl isn’t honest and doesn’t feel the same way about him. After she breaks his heart, he feels broken, weary, and cold.

The song uses the coldness of wintertime to describe how the narrator feels after breaking up. When November rolls around, the weather gets colder, and he remembers the love he thought he had.

This song connects strongly with people who had gotten their hearts broken, especially by someone whom they thought was their soulmate.

4. “Wintertime Love” By The Doors

Classic rock lovers may recognize Jim Morrison in this almost-forgotten ballad. The fifth track on the DoorsWaiting for the Sun album, “Wintertime Love” boasts some sweet lyrics about falling in love in the winter. If you will listen to the song, it talks about a love that keeps one warm even in the cold of the winter season. 

For some people, this is a depressing time of the year. They stay in their warm houses and can get a little lonely. But with a loved one around, things are different. It can be a good time when you’re in the company of someone you love.

5. “Back To December” By Taylor Swift

Take it from Taylor Swift to use her storytelling skills when it comes to her songs. Case in point, “Back to December” is an apology to a boy she rejected. For a while, there had been rumors of which ex Swift wrote the song for. In an interview, Twilight actor Taylor Lautner confirmed it was him. 

“Back to December” tells about how she remembers their relationship. It started with all the fun they had in the summertime. She realized she loved him in the fall, but then winter came.

She started to have doubts about his intentions and dumped him. When the singer realizes what she has done, she regrets ever hurting him. She wishes she had handled things differently but understands if he doesn’t want to give her another chance.

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6. “February Snow” By Flatland Cavalry

Next on the list is “February Snow” by Flatland Cavalry from the album Humble Folks. This is a classic breakup song that many people can relate to. It talks about the parting of ways that takes place one cold night in February.

This sad song starts with the couple breaking up. The girl is no longer sure if she still loves the guy, and she ends up leaving him standing alone in the snow with his heart broken.

The lyrics go on to tell what the guy goes through after that night. He can’t sleep because when he closes his eyes, he keeps remembering her. He wants her to come back to him, but there is no assurance that she would.

7. “Stick Season” By Noah Kahan

Don’t let the upbeat music of Noah Kahan’s “Stick Season” fool you into thinking that this is a happy song. In fact, it talks about the end of a relationship and the painful transition that happens after.

Stick season in Vermont refers to when the leaves have fallen but before the snow begins to fall. For Kahan, this transition can be a depressing time.

In the same way, the song tells of a depressing time for a guy whose significant other left him. He tries to use weed and alcohol to cover up the hurt, but nothing works to make him get past the pain.

8. “Hypothermic” By Goodnight, Texas

It was amidst the pandemic in 2020 when the band Goodnight, Texas wrote “Hypothermic.” This is one of the songs in their album How Long Will It Take Them to Die. If you listen to it, you will immediately notice the chilly vibe of the music and the lyrics.

Band member Avi Vincour says he kept dreaming about driving to Alaska. The place intrigued him because it was the only state he hadn’t been to. He thought it was mysterious.

No wonder the song has a somber tone. It talks about a man running from the law and driving on an icy road to Alaska. One can almost feel the anxiety the man goes through as he avoids any chances of getting caught.

9. “New Year’s Day” By Charlie Robison

This list is not complete without “New Year’s Day” by Charlie Robison from his album Good Times. With a strong harmonica and acoustic guitar start, this country song has an interesting story to tell.

It talks about a man’s shenanigans on the Mexican border on January 1st. He wakes up with only fifty dollars and goes to Camino Espinoza to get a divorce and have some fun.

That fun, however, turns to love when the man finds a woman who captures his heart and changes his drifter ways, and now he wants to stay with her for good.

10. “Winter Winds” By Mumford and Sons

The last season of the year can either be cold and lonely or warm with someone you adore, and this is the story of Mumford and Sons’s “Winter Winds,” from their album Sigh No More. It is a song about battling emotions.

Though there is more than one way to decipher the song, it seems to be about a man whose heart and head are warring. His mind tells him to give love a chance to grow, but his heart says no because it isn’t ready.

For sure, many have had battles similar to this; after all, when it comes to love, those are the usual choices. We hope that for you this winter, the choice will be for something warm and loving.

Summing Up Our List Of Winter Themed Songs

Music has a way of using simple words and concepts and putting a new meaning to them. The poetry and metaphors give so much emotion to music, drawing in listeners.

From the list of songs above, winter was used not just as the season itself but also as a metaphor for rough times, loneliness, and love.

How we interpret the same song will vary depending on life experiences and outlook.

Regardless of how we embrace winter and songs about it, we hope you enjoyed this list. If you think we missed a song that should be included, let us know and we’ll add them!

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