15 Of The Best Songs About Wind And Windy Days

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The wind has long been a source of inspiration for songwriters. Its powerful and unpredictable nature easily captures the imagination.

From the gusts of a storm to the gentle breeze of a summer day, the wind is a metaphor for our lives in countless ways. It can be soothing to us, or it can be destructive.

So we’ve put together a list of 15 of the best songs about wind. These are the best we can find that tackle this topic, so we hope you like them!

1. “The Wind” By Cat Stevens

Our first on the list is a song with “wind” in the title. Cat Stevens‘ “The Wind” was released in 1971 and was featured in the 2016 movie Sing.

“The Wind” is a song that reflects on the unpredictable nature of life. The lyrics explore the idea that we are at the mercy of forces over which we have no control. As such, we must change and adapt to stay alive.

The song speaks to the notion that we must embrace uncertainty and life’s journey. That is, even when it takes us in unexpected directions. Ultimately, “The Wind” is a reminder of the importance of letting go and surrendering to the flow of life.

2. “Summer Breeze” By Seals And Crofts

Can there be anything more straightforward than “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts? Quite simply, this is a romantic song about how carefree and happy summer makes you feel.

The lyrics describe the singer’s ideas of spending time with a loved one. Enjoying the warmth and beauty of nature, and feeling the cool summer breeze are simple pleasures.

The song reminds us how quickly youth goes by. It is important to enjoy and appreciate every happy moment. With its smooth, laid-back sound and uplifting message, the song captures the essence of summer and the magic of falling in love.

3. “Wind Of Change” By Scorpions

Sometimes, it is through songs that people can make a statement about what’s going on. Scorpions‘ “Wind of Change” is just that.

The accompanying music video shows footage of the fall of Berlin. However, the song also reflects the turbulent times during the fall of the Soviet Union. Certain clues from the song attest to this, starting with “Moskva,” a colloquial term for Moscow. Another clue is “Gorky Park,” referring to a concert that took place in Moscow.

The lyrics speak to the idea that change is inevitable. What we must do is embrace it and adapt to the winds of change. The song also urges us to seize the opportunity for a better future and embrace the possibilities that come with it.

4. “Wind Beneath My Wings” By Bette Midler

Our next song was written in 1982 and sung by Bette Midler. “Wind Beneath My Wings” has lived on and become an anthem for loved ones who stick with us through thick and thin.

“Wind Beneath My wings” is a story about gratitude and appreciation. May it be a lover, a family, or a friend, this song celebrates the guidance they have in our lives.

With their love, they help us soar and reach new heights. Their encouragement serves as a wind beneath our wings. It gives us steady support to achieve more than we can imagine.

5. “The Wind Cries Mary” By Jimi Hendrix

In our list, we come across a song that has a multitude of ways to interpret. At its simplest, “The Wind Cries Mary” by Jimi Hendrix talks about the heartache and pain of lost love.

No wonder, as the inspiration behind this song was Hendrix’s fight with his girlfriend at the time. The lyrics describe a relationship that has fallen apart. Here, the wind symbolizes the sadness and loneliness that come with it.

The song reeks of longing and regret. Despite these themes, the powerful guitar work and expressive vocals make it a timeless classic.

6. “The Wind” By Zac Brown Band

Moving down the list, we have “The Wind” by Zac Brown Band. The song is a pop bluegrass song with country and rock music elements.

The lyrics reflect the restless nature of the wind and the love of his life. He regrets how they separated and hopes he’ll have another chance at love with her. He almost wishes they had never met because he didn’t want to break her heart.

But despite the pain and loss of the past, the singer looks forward to the future and hopes that he will see his love again. He is confident that she will return to him someday, and they’ll be able to start over again.

7. “The Wind Blows” By All-American Rejects

Our next song with “wind” in the lyrics is one that tackles the end of a relationship. “The Wind Blows” by the All-American Rejects shows how the singer struggles to keep the relationship afloat in the face of adversity.

However, there seems to be no happy ending for him and his lover. He knows her has to give up on her because there’s no point in waiting for someone who’s not going to be his.

He slowly gives up on her, as the line says, “I’ll pass by, but I’ll go slow, I’ll leave when the wind blows.” Despite the pain, the song reminds us to accept when a relationship ends.

8. “Dust In The Wind” By Kansas

Who wouldn’t recognize Kansas‘ “Dust in the Wind”? The song was released in 1977 but it has lived on.

There’s something sad about this song. Perhaps it’s the haunting melody. Or the melancholic lyrics. All in all, this is a touching ballad about death and how short life is.

The lyrics make you think about how temporary life is and what will happen to us in the end. The song says that we can’t hold on to material possessions. Money can’t even buy another minute.

Despite its sad message, the song also offers hope and resilience. It encourages us to make the most of our time and live our lives to the fullest.

9. “She’s Like The Wind” By Patrick Swayze Ft. Wendy Fraser

Up next is a song that mentions “wind” and is an ode to a lover that’s beyond one’s league. American actor, singer, and dancer Patrick Swayze penned “She’s Like the Wind,” which was featured in his 1987 movie Dirty Dancing.

“She’s Like The Wind” is a romantic ballad where the singer likens his romantic interest to the wind. Perhaps this is because he can’t tie her down. He acknowledges how his love for her consumes him, but she’s an unstoppable force like the wind.

The song captures the intensity and passion of love and how it can be both beautiful and destructive.

10. “Hasten Down The Wind” By Warren Zevon

Sadly, some relationships are not meant to last. Warren Zevon‘s “Hasten Down the Wind” is a testament to that.

The song talks about a man’s turbulent relationship with a woman. “She thinks she needs to be free” is a reference to her desire to break up with him. According to her, their relationship is not working out the way they planned it.

In the end, he agrees to let her go, but now she doesn’t want to. He realizes she just wants to “keep him on the limb.” He only has half of her heart, and he no longer recognizes the woman he has loved.

11. “Against The Wind” By Bob Seger

Quite simply, Bob Seger‘s “Against the Wind” is about growing old. He was inspired by his experience of running track and cross country when he was young. He was literally running against the wind. However, pushing on despite the force took him further in his journey.

Like in the song, the singer shares with us his experiences from his younger days when it felt like he was running against the wind. He goes through young love and feels strong enough to face anything head-on.

Then he finds himself a little older and alone. Life takes him places, and he’s yearning to find his home. Now in his old age, he’s still running against the wind.

12. “Candle In The Wind” By Elton John

English musician Elton John co-wrote “Candle In The Wind” as a tribute to the American actress Marilyn Monroe. The first line of the song goes, “Goodbye, Norma Jeane,” referencing Monroe’s real name.

The lyrics explore the themes of fame and the fleeting nature of life. The song shows how Monroe’s fame and beauty burned brightly like a candle in the wind, only to be snuffed out far too soon.

The song also touches on how society idolizes celebrities. This adds to the pressures and expectations of being in the public eye. Ultimately, “Candle In The Wind” serves as a poignant tribute to Monroe and how her memory has lived long after her passing.

13. “Ride The Wild Wind” By Queen

Life is short, and no one knows what tomorrow has in store for us. So embrace life and all that it offers. Or so, according to Queen‘s “Ride the Wild Wind.”

Basically, the song explores the theme of living life to the fullest and taking risks. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their wild side. To not be afraid to push the boundaries and experience all that life has to offer.

The song speaks of the thrill of adventure and the freedom of letting go and following one’s passions. It urges listeners to ride the wild wind and not let fear hold them back.

14. “Summer Wind” By Frank Sinatra

Up next is a nostalgic and romantic song about how summer love is short-lived. In “Summer Wind,” Frank Sinatra recalls a lover who’s gone too soon.

The lyrics follow a man reflecting on a past summer affair. He pulls from his memories to remember all the things they did, such as singing and strolling “on golden sand.”

In the middle of the song, the singer laments how he lost her “to the summer wind.” It shows how love can slip away as quickly as it came. The singer is sad that the summer wind is gone and his relationship is over. He can only reminisce about their warm, carefree days together.

15. “Blowin’ In The Wind” By Peter, Paul, and Mary

Our last song on the list is one that Bob Dylan wrote but performed by Peter, Paul, and Mary. “Blowin’ in the Wind” eventually became a protest song. But it went beyond time and its meaning is still relevant today.

In the lyrics, the singer poses questions about peace, war, slavery, freedom, and poverty. The answer to these questions, according to the singer, is “blowing in the wind.” In other words, it’s right there in your face.

The lyrics ask how these issues can be solved and if they will ever truly be resolved. The also song encourages listeners to think critically about the world’s issues and seek solutions.

Summing Up Our List Of Wind Songs

From rock and pop to folk, the songs on this list demonstrate the enduring appeal of wind as a theme in music.

It could be a driving force for change. Sometimes, it’s a symbol of freedom and liberation. Or perhaps it’s simply a source of beauty and wonder.

It’s not surprising that musicians have come up with the songs above—some of these transcended time to take their place in the annals of music history.

So if you appreciate the wind, literally or what it represents in your life, listen to the songs above. You’ll likely find new favorites.

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