15 Of The Best Songs About The Sky

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Nature has an endless supply of inspiration for songwriters. It’s usually their go-to when they need to express their feelings, regardless of how positive or negative they feel. You only need to look around and you can find something that resonates with you or your experience.

For instance, the clearest and bluest skies might invoke hope, happiness, and peace. Gray and cloudy skies, on the other hand, may stand for despair and loneliness.

Here, we have compiled 15 of the best songs about the sky from our favorite singers. Read on to find out what these songs tell us.

1. “Mr. Blue Sky” By Electric Light Orchestra

What better way to start our list than with “Mr. Blue Sky” by the Electric Light Orchestra? This song was featured on their 1977 album Out of the Blue.

This uplifting song’s lyrics reference the skies clearing after a long period of rain. The words emphasize the skies’ beauty after the deluge. The blue sky and the shining sun invoke a feeling of joy and wonder that connects everyone in the world.

The band’s frontman Jeff Lynn wrote this song after spending two weeks in a Swiss chalet and seeing clear skies after weeks of gray skies.

2. “Spirit In The Sky” By Norman Greenbaum

In 1969, Norman Greenbaum released his gospel-inspired one-hit wonder, “Spirit in the Sky,” featured on his album of the same name. This chart-topping song expresses a simple yet effective message about ascending to the heavens after death.

Some of the song’s lyrics talk about how having faith in Jesus and following His beliefs will guarantee someone a spot in heaven. The singer says that when he dies, he’ll go “up to the spirit in the sky.” Here, the sky references heaven.

The secret to going to heaven? First, “prepare yourself,” which could mean living a life in a Christian way. Second, one must be friends with Jesus. In doing so, the singer believes that Jesus will help him get to heaven.

3. “A Sky Full Of Stars” By Coldplay

Next on our list of songs with “sky” in the title is “A Sky Full Of Stars” by Coldplay. This is a featured track on their 2014 album Ghost Stories. The lyrics’ imagery of the nighttime sky enhances the song by using it to describe a person the narrator loves.

Many think about the cold emptiness of space when looking at the night sky. But the narrator compares his lover’s beauty to the star-filled sky, expressing how he wants to devote his life to her.

Despite its upbeat tone, the song invokes a bittersweet undertone, implying the narrator can’t be with his love, despite longing for her.

4. “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” By The Beatles

In our next song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” The Beatles describe outlandish imagery. For instance, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes, newspaper taxis, and marmalade skies. This song came out in 1967 on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

As far as sky-related imagery goes, one might compare the diamond-filled skies described in the chorus to the stars in the nighttime sky. Thus, it gives the song an out-of-this-world theme.

Notably, there have been speculations about the song’s title and lyrics. But songwriter John Lennon’s main inspirations behind the song came from a drawing his son made and the imagery of Alice in Wonderland.

5. “Blue Clear Sky” By George Strait

The song “Blue Clear Sky” is the title track of George Strait’s 1996 album, also of the same name. This chart-topping song tells a straightforward story about finding love unexpectedly.

A lot of people can resonate with what the song is about. In the lyrics, the singer is about to give up on love. And just when he thinks it’s not for him, a new love appears “out of the blue clear sky.”

The lyrics’ frequent usage of clear skies signifies hope and happiness. We look at the clear sky in a positive way, just as we feel happy when we’re with the person we love. From this moment on, it will be bright days and blue skies for the singer and his new love.

6. “Wheel In The Sky” By Journey

If you’re looking for hard rock songs about the sky, consider listening to Journey‘s “Wheel in the Sky.” This 1978 hit, featured on their album Infinity, is about the neverending turns one takes while on the road.

Some of the song’s lyrics imply the narrator has been traveling as a musician for over a year. He expresses missing his home and the woman he loves. But he doesn’t know when he’ll return as he continues down the path of success.

One can also interpret the lyrics as a metaphor for time passing as the sun rises and sets in the sky.

7. “Midnight Sky” By Miley Cyrus

The sky is a common motif used to symbolize freedom in many songs. Just look at “Midnight Sky,” Miley Cyrus‘ 2020 hit from her album Plastic Heart. Cyrus embraces this symbolism in her empowering song about independence.

The lyrics describe a woman ending her relationship with a man. The singer emphasizes that one doesn’t need to rely on anyone to be happy. She follows the midnight sky, dark as it may be, but she knows she’s carving a path to a new destiny.

The song’s inspiration stems back to Cyrus’ previous relationships, making it a relatable anthem for many.

8. “See The Sky About To Rain” By Neil Young

Many songs about the sky represent freedom, dreams, and hope. But Neil Young‘s song, “See the Sky About to Rain,” exhibits a more melancholy tone. Originally featured on his 1974 album On the Beach, this song delves into how we are all bound by fate that’s hard to change.

The recurring imagery of rainy skies emphasizes the song’s sad message. In the lyrics, the sky about to rain and broken clouds are a metaphor for the bad times coming.

The lyrics also describe the wheel of life. At some point, people will find themselves on top, where they enjoy a good life. But there will come a time when they will be under that wheel to experience hardship and challenges.

9. “October Skies” By Mumford & Sons

Up next, we have a song with “skies” in the lyrics. Mumford & Sons‘ “October Skies” is a slow, haunting song about moving forward after losing someone you love. The song was featured on the group’s 2018 album Delta.

The lyrics describe the singer seeing a ghostly image of someone he once knew and loved. Perhaps he’s hoping never to forget her likeness as time marches forward. The man fears his future, but he hopes to see his love again when his time comes.

With this message, the song pretty much resonates with people who experienced loss. The sky-based imagery enhances the piece by correlating October’s sky with unforgettable memories of a better time.

10. “The Big Sky” By Kate Bush

Next, we have an upbeat sky-themed song perfect for any dance party. Kate Bush‘s “The Big Sky” was released in 1986 and featured on her #1 album Hounds Of Love.

This song highlights our nostalgia for the simple things in life. Some of the lyrics describe watching the clouds and picturing their shapes as different objects. This is a simple activity we used to do as a child that leaves us in awe.

And yet, as adults, we have outgrown these things. We are busy doing adult stuff that we no longer have the free time to do the things we used to love.

11. “Blue Sky” By Hale

Blue skies symbolize hope, and no song captures this imagery better than Hale‘s “Blue Sky.” The Filipino alternative rock group included this song on their 2005 self-titled debut album.

The lyrics express that there’s always hope for tomorrow to make things better. That is, despite the challenges you face and how much you believe you don’t deserve love. The blue skies here signify a new day and “a new beginning in your life.”

The singer further encourages his lover to hold onto their happiness and appreciate life. Regardless of how much rain falls, they can count on the blue skies to break away the clouds.

12. “Sky” By Sonique

If you’re looking for songs that mention “sky” with an upbeat sound perfect for the dance floor, listen to “Sky” by Sonique. You can find the song from her 2000 debut studio album, Hear My Cry.

You’re going to love the positivity that the song’s lyrics impart. Here, we find a woman who desires to fly away with someone she loves. She expresses how she wants to hold him and be by his side as they find a place where they can be free.

The song’s lyrics emphasize the recurring theme of seeking the freedom to love someone through the imagery of flying like a bird in the sky.

13. “Light Up The Sky” By The Afters

Many spiritual songs reference the sky as they connect people through their beliefs. The Afters‘ “Light Up the Sky” is a 2010 song about God being there for you during the hardest times.

The lyrics describe how God is with the singer every step of the way. He lights up the sky to show His presence and keep him away from the looming darkness. In a way, it’s framed like a love song for those who feel alone.

Some struggles that inspired The Afters to write this uplifting song include the departure of two band members and the death of their manager. But with a universal message of going to a higher being in dark times, many will resonate with the song.

14. “Cranes In The Sky” By Solange

Sometimes, people deal with their pain by avoiding it. Listen to Solange‘s “Cranes in the Sky” to see what the singer does by way of moving on.

Solange’s lyrics reflect her experiencing a divorce and being a single mother. She does whatever it takes to push aside her negative emotions. She drinks, dances, goes shopping to her heart’s content and works hard. But nothing seems to work.

She compares her heavy burden to metal construction cranes looming over the skyline. In a way, she’s telling her listeners not to push their negative emotions away and must work to overcome their problems.

15. “Letters From The Sky” By Civil Twilight

The last song on our list is “Letters from the Sky” by Civil Twilight. This song was released in 2009 on their self-titled debut album, Civil Twilight.

Many have provided their own interpretations of this song’s meaning. But one that catches interest is from a religious perspective. Apparently, the song is about the coming of Christ. The singer expresses his hope that Christ will come for him, and so there is no reason to fear.

Another interpretation is from the perspective of a person whose loved one died. One day, he’ll die, too, and they’ll be together again.

Summing Up Our List of Sky Songs

It’s amazing how songwriters found inspiration from the endless skies to give us unforgettable and relatable songs.

As we’ve shown you, the sky can symbolize hope or showcase positive and negative life changes. This variety makes each song stand out from the others.

So depending on where you are in life or how you are feeling right now, we hope you found a song to help you get through it.

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