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Sunflowers are one of the brightest and happiest flowers in the world. They’re known for their beauty, cheeriness, and uplifting nature. With the sun in the name and meaning, it’s apt to use it to describe someone special.

Truly, sunflowers are very symbolic flowers. It’s no surprise that they find their way into songs that celebrate people who bring light and happiness.

In the same way, songwriters find sunflowers as the perfect symbol for the love and appreciation they hope to evoke in their songs. Below you will find 10 of the best songs about sunflowers. Read on!

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1. “Sunflower” By Post Malone And Swae Lee

The first song on our list is “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee. It focuses on a relationship between the singer and his significant other, his sunflower. In this song, the sunflower fights for his love, who isn’t sure he deserves it.

It’s because the sunflower is so bright and good that he is afraid of opening up. This fear of opening up to someone at the start of a relationship is relatable and happens often. There’s this thought that being open and transparent will get you hurt in the end.

On the other hand, the song is a testament to a sunflower’s symbolism of loyalty. Though the man thinks her love is too much for him, she’s still there.

2. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” By Harry Styles

Next is “Sunflower, Vol. 6” by Harry Styles. The song’s melody is as beautiful as the sunflower repeatedly mentioned in the song. We can gather from the lyrics that the sunflower represents the singer’s crush.

One reason why “Sunflower, Vol. 6” is popular is that it is a fun song about new crushes and love. This is one of Styles’ unique songs on the album Fine Line. It’s very upbeat and almost feels like a sunflower would with how loud, bright, and sweet the song is.

Additionally, Styles touches on adoration in this song. The singer desires to know the sunflower personally but is afraid to talk to her and embarrass himself.

3. “Sunflower Seeds” By Bryce Vine

When you think of sunflower seeds, it brings up words that have a positive meaning. It could mean harvest or reward. But “Sunflower Seeds” by Bryce Vine is open to interpretation.

In the song, the man seems to live a carefree life. He buys beer along with a pack of sunflower seeds. He wanders aimlessly, sleeps around, and hits bars. There is a line that says, “This is all I ever wanted in life.” Meaning, he just wants to have a good time.

The last part of the song talks about summer love. This makes the song perfect for listening to in the car or on the beach. The summertime is the best time to have fun.

4. “Sunflower” By Neil Diamond

Our list continues with Neil Diamond‘s 1977 song “Sunflower.” It’s all about how the presence of someone affects him. His sunflower can make a morning enjoyable and a lousy day sunny.

Being one of the older songs on our list, Neil Diamond’s take on a sunflower still reflects what most songs today say. That the flower stands for something that brings happiness, love, and peace.

Many listeners can relate to the concept that the presence of someone bright and lovely makes all the difference. They can make you feel better. And you’ll want nothing more than to secure that person’s love and make them yours.

5. “Sunflower” By Rex Orange County

Everyone can relate to the message of Rex Orange County‘s “Sunflower.” It is a romantic song, but the singer feels down unless he’s with his beloved.

Based on the lyrics, we can assume that the sunflower refers to the man and the sun, his lover. When she’s not around, he feels sad so he asks her to stay. He doesn’t feel complete until he can see her and be with her. She, on the other hand, tells him that she’ll love him until the day she dies.

Despite the low lyrics, the music is upbeat and catchy. This is a tribute to the happiness the singer wants to feel or present to others.

6. “Sunflower” By Vampire Weekend

There aren’t many lyrics to Vampire Weekend‘s “Sunflower,” but it is more about how it’s interpreted. The song opens with the mention of a sunflower standing in the garden long before everyone is awake.

The sunflower is something beautiful that draws you to it. However, Vampire Weekend is saying that maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Or that it’s better to stay inside than venture out into a world that is full of darkness despite its beauty.

Many people can resonate with this song for its complexity. But it’s also a very catchy, seemingly simple tune.

7. “Sunflower” By Michele Leigh

There’s a sad element to Michele Leigh‘s “Sunflower.” The flower stands for the person she’s lost and isn’t hers anymore. It could be a partner, a best friend, or even a family.

Many can surely relate to the singer’s experiences. When relationships end, we question what happened. Sometimes, we even chase after the person in an effort to win them back.

“Sunflower” has a beautiful sound but lies on the edge of pretty and melancholy. It’s a perfect way to express the feeling after we lose someone and watch them grow cold to us.

8. “Sunflower” By Lenny Kravitz Ft. Drake

Words are not enough to describe how you feel when you have someone who knows how to take care of you. And you’ll wish that they are singing to you “Sunflower” by Lenny Kravitz and Drake.

This song has different tempos and upbeat, quick music. It has an R&B edge the others don’t, which matches the lyrics about how this person is their sunflower because everything feels alright with them.

Think of yourself as that sunflower. It will make you feel better knowing you mean so much to someone else. That you are everything they need and more.

9. “Sunflower” By The Courteeners

It’s easy to see why some people liken their love interest to a sunflower. With it following where the sun is, it easily stands tall and above others. And when we like someone, that person becomes our prime focus, with everything else becoming a blur.

In “Sunflower” by the Courteeners, the singer talks about his love for that person despite his shortcomings. He cannot give her diamond rings and he feels like a teenager falling in love for the first time. But he does not shy away from expressing how much he loves her.

Specifically, he loves all the time they spend together. The girl listens to his tales and doesn’t mind being with him for hours. That’s just how love is.

10. “Sunflower” By Glen Campbell

Last but not the least, Glen Campbell‘s “Sunflower” is a long song for a significant other. The lyrics are short and simple, yet you can feel the singer’s affection for his loved one, who may or may not be aware of his feelings.

As the lyrics say, the woman he loves brings the sun into his life. It always feels like a sunny day. For that alone, he wants to make her his.

And so he wishes that she will reciprocate his feelings. From the lyrics, it seems like the woman has kept herself from falling in love, but he wants her to accept the love he offers.

Summing Up Our List Of Sunflowers Songs

Music is a beautiful way to express your love for people. And so is comparing them to things such as sunflowers. Songwriters know this so well, as you can see from our list above.

They use the flower in their songs to describe the love of their lives, crushes, and people important to them. This is because sunflowers symbolize beauty, adoration, and loyalty.

And when you think about it, it’s more romantic when you tell the other person that they are your sunflower. With that in mind, we hope you like the songs we have included on the list and find your new favorite.

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