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Ah, Sunday—the day of rest. It’s the time to slow down and relax. We all deserve a much-needed respite from the activities of our daily lives.

Over the years, there have been countless songs written about Sunday. From old classics to contemporary hits, artists in nearly every genre have taken a turn in writing about this special day.

Today, we have come up with a compilation of some of the most popular and beloved songs about this particular day. So get comfy and enjoy our list of 15 of the best songs about Sunday!

1. “Sunday Morning” By Maroon 5

Opening our list is Maroon 5‘s “Sunday Morning.” It is a catchy tune that perfectly captures the vibes of a Sunday morning. The keyboard backing and floaty chorus instill calm feelings reminiscent of relaxing at home.

The song begins with that ideal Sunday morning vibe: staying in bed while it’s raining. As the song progresses, we find out that the singer is longing for the past and calling out to his lover. He misses her and only has memories of their time together.

Despite the sadness behind the tune, “Sunday Morning” has undoubtedly become synonymous with lazy days that allow us all to recharge for the busy week ahead.

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2. “Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon” By Queen

Even with very short lyrics, “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” by Queen is possibly one of its era’s most iconic and memorable songs. Released in 1975, it was part of the album A Night at the Opera.

Lyrically, this song details a man’s week, starting on a Monday morning when he goes to work. But his favorite day of the week is Sunday when he can do nothing and just rest.

The song, surprisingly, has a paradox near the end. The singer claims he’s “just an ordinary guy.” Later on, he says he goes “painting in the Louvre.”

3. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” By U2

Up next is a song with “Sunday” in the lyrics. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2 is one of the most popular songs in the band’s catalog. It has become synonymous with the struggle of Northern Irish citizens.

Notably, the song has a deeper meaning than just music. It depicts a tragedy in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1972 when British soldiers shot unarmed marchers. In the song, the singer describes a gruesome scene consisting of “bodies strewn across the dead-end street.”

The song’s title came from the fact that it was a Sunday when it happened. The enduring lyrical relevance speaks to the heart of human suffering. It also shines a light on complicated political issues beyond borders.

4. “Everyday Is Like Sunday” By Morrissey

Don’t be fooled by this song with “Sunday” in the title. At first, you’d think “Everyday is Like Sunday” is a happy song celebrating this day of the week. But once you hear Morrissey‘s lyrics, you’ll discover they’re the opposite.

“Everyday is Like Sunday” is about the dreariness of a town situated by the sea. The boringness is largely due to it being off-season, so there might not be a lot of people around. This further means not much activity to do.

Surprisingly, Sunday is “silent and grey” for the singer. And every day is like this for him. The boredom is so intense that the singer wishes for Armaggedon to come and destroy the town.

5. “That’s What I Love About Sunday” By Craig Morgan

The 2004 song “That’s What I Love About Sunday” by Craig Morgan is a classic country love letter to this special day of rest. The song was released from his album, My Kind of Livin’, and has since become one of his biggest hits.

The song outlines a story of relaxation and family fun on a Sunday. The singer shares with us his observations while at the church, after which he goes home to have a nice meal. He relaxes with a cup of coffee and even has time to check out the newspaper.

Another thing that he especially loves about Sunday is doing fun things with his lover. They take a walk, carve their names on a tree, and even “steal a kiss as the sun fades.” All of these things make Sunday special for him.

6. “Another Park, Another Sunday” By The Doobie Brothers

Breaking up with someone is like “Another Park, Another Sunday,” according to The Doobie Brothers. This is a classic rock song from 1974 with a charming combination of folk and country-rock qualities.

A lot of people will be able to resonate with this sad song. The singer finds himself going through a pointless day after losing someone special. He calls out for her, crying, “Where have you gone?”

Each day seems to remind him of her. He can’t help wondering why, when everything seems so good, it suddenly goes downhill. And now, without her, “another park” and “another Sunday” both feeling empty and dark.

7. “Sunday” By Sonic Youth

Released in 1997, “Sunday” by Sonic Youth is a song that has become a beloved staple of the post-punk movement. Loosely based on the day of the week, the song overflows with emotion and nostalgia.

In its entirety, “Sunday” is about falling in love. It describes how it feels when the person we love is around. The singer can’t help saying, “I see new morning round your face.”

Though others think that he’s just going through “another phase,” what he feels is real. Sundays usually “move so slow,” but with this person, life seems better. A Sunday becomes a perfect day, and it never seems to end.

8. “A Sunday Kind Of Love” By Etta James

Published in 1947, “A Sunday Kind of Love” has been covered by various artists. But Etta James‘ version stuck, thanks to how the emotions came through her smooth but strong voice.

The song is a classic blues ballad about yearning for someone we don’t have. The line, “A love to last past Saturday night,” reflects our desire for stability in relationships. We want someone who’s beyond love at first sight.

Unfortunately, the singer has not found this person yet. Still, it doesn’t stop her from yearning for a Sunday kind of love, someone who’d keep her warm all days of the week. But it should be someone who would love her for all her life.

9. “Another Sunday In The South” By Miranda Lambert

Capturing the spirit of life in the southern United States is “Another Sunday in the South” by Miranda Lambert. The song was released in 2014 from her album Platinum.

The song starts with how the usual day starts in this part of the world. We can say that the singer is not used to the heat, feeling like a blowtorch is heating her house. Even at 11:30, she’s so thirsty that she needs something really cold.

The singer references the Shenandoah band, which has its own song titled “Sunday in the South.” She sings about playing the band’s song really loud as it reflects how she feels in her new home.

10. “Sunday Best” By Surfaces

If you want to feel positive, you should be listening to “Sunday Best” by pop duo Surfaces. This is an upbeat and uplifting song that simply oozes positivity. With its catchy melody, it’s no wonder the tune gained worldwide traction.

You might find yourself smiling as you listen to the song with its introductory line, “Ay, feeling good, like I should.” The rest of the lyrics are a reminder to make the most out of every day. That even on our worst days, we can find something to be grateful for.

The bouncy tone foreshadows the hopeful message within. That if we look at things in life through a brighter lens, we can make any day feel like our Sunday best.

11. “Sunday Sunday” By Blur

The English rock band Blur‘s “Sunday Sunday” is an excellent example of the band’s iconic fusion of Britpop, rock, and electronica. Released as a single in 1993, it became an instant classic with its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics.

Quite simply, the song describes a Sunday in England. It’s the day when you wear your best attire, relax and have a decent meal with your family.

In the middle of the song, the singer recollects meeting a soldier while taking a walk in the park. From your conversation, you find out he fought in two world wars. Sadly, he does not recognize England anymore.

12. “Sunny Sunday” By Joni Mitchell

Short and mysterious. That’s how Canadian-American musician Joni Mitchell would describe her “Sunny Sunday.” This song was released in 1994 from her album Turbulent Indigo.

The song mentions “Sunday” immediately in the beginning. It’s a sunny Sunday but she waits for the night to come.

From here, the lyrics become mysterious. The singer says something about aiming a pistol at the streetlight outside the door. She misses this time like she always does. But once she hits it, she’ll leave. This reflects her desire for a change, anything to give her new direction.

13. “Blue Sunday” By The Doors

No love song is as straightforward as The Doors‘ “Blue Sunday.” With only three verses, the singer is able to tell us a little story about a girl he finds.

In the lyrics, the singer says he found his true love on a blue Sunday. It’s safe to say it was love at first sight, with the woman telling him he “was the only one in the world.”

And now, with her in his life, she becomes his world. It’s so easy to resonate with the message of this song. Once we find that person to love, our world revolves around them.

14. “Sunday Girl” By Blondie

There is more than one way to interpret punk band Blondie‘s “Sunday Girl.” But the ending is the same: the girl is hurt by her cheating lover.

The singer already notices this lonely girl who, despite her coldness, is a sweet soul. She finds out that the girl’s boyfriend is cheating on her. The line “looks like he’s in another world” refers to him being with a full-time girl while only seeing the other girl on Sundays.

The singer warns her to “run and hide,” meaning to break up with him. There’s no reason for her to continue being his Sunday girl.

15. “Easy” By The Commodores

We’re wrapping up our list with a sad song from the Commodores. “Easy” has been a hit since it was first released in the late 1970s. It has remained a favorite of classic pop-soul fans. Its easy-listening groove is often seen as ushering in the new soul sound of the late 1970s.

The lyrics explore the ending of a relationship because the singer is constantly brought down by his lover. He can no longer “stand the pain,” and that’s why he’s leaving her soon.

In the chorus, he says, “I’m easy like Sunday morning.” This prompts him to wonder why she would put him in chains or control him. It’s difficult for him to be someone he’s not.

Summing Up Our List Of Sunday Songs

After reading and listening to our list of songs, we take it that you love Sunday more than ever. Can’t blame you if you do. Sunday is the perfect day to unwind, relax, and even meet new people!

Whether you go out or spend this day at home, we recommend that you put the songs above in a playlist. Just so you have something to go back to when you feel the need to enjoy this day more.

These tried-and-true Sunday-themed hits provide the perfect accompaniment. So crank up the volume and make the most of your day off!

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