21 Of The Best Songs About Staying Together Through Hard Times

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 Life’s journey is not always smooth sailing. The way is paved with storms, rough waters, and dangerous terrains.

Staying together through ups and downs is a testament to a resilient and unyielding love. It involves patience, mutual respect, and the willingness to stand by each other when the going gets tough. It’s believing that together, you can overcome anything.

Musical artists have captured the heartfelt struggles and triumphs of enduring relationships. Continue reading about 21 of the best songs about staying together through hard times.

1. “Through The Fire” By Chaka Khan

Our first song off this list speaks to the power of resilience, love, and the human spirit in the face of adversity. “Through The Fire” by Chaka Khan explores themes of unwavering commitment and determination to endure hardships for love.

The lyrics follow the story of a woman who is certain she has found the love of her life. She acknowledges the challenges and risks and expresses her willingness to go “through the fire” for him. This metaphorical fire stands for the trials that they might face in the relationship.

This iconic song carries a profound message about staying together through it all. It emphasizes that love, like faith, needs to be tested and passed through the fire to become stronger.

2. “Keep Holding On” By Avril Lavigne

The power ballad “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne is filled with hope and resilience. It speaks directly to the heart, offering encouragement to couples going through difficult times.

The lyrics carry a profound message about staying strong despite the challenges. The narrator encourages her listeners to hold on, assuring them they are not alone in their struggles.

The song is a testament to the power of unity and companionship during hard times. It emphasizes the thought that together, we can overcome anything. In addition, the song serves as a beacon of hope. It’s a reminder that no matter how tough things get, it’s important to hold on and not let go.

3. “Hold My Hand” By Lady Gaga

Up next is an inspirational ballad that beautifully captures the theme of staying together through ups and downs. Lady Gaga‘s “Hold My Hand” was released as the lead single for the soundtrack of the movie Top Gun: Maverick.

The lyrics find the narrator passionately serenading a loved one who’s hurt and needs her help. She urges him to express his pain freely and, at the same time, offers unwavering support.

The phrase “hold my hand” symbolizes reaching out to someone in need and sharing a journey together. The narrator promises to stay and “ride in this life with you” no matter how hard life becomes.

4. “Stand By You” By Rachel Platten

There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that someone stands by you even through life’s storms. This is the message behind Rachel Platten‘s “Stand By You,” released in 2016 from her album Wildfire.

The lyrics convey the narrator’s promise to stand by her loved one, no matter the circumstances. The lines “Even if we can’t find heaven / I’ll walk through hell with you” indicate her intention to be a constant presence even in his darkest hours.

“Stand By You” serves as a rallying cry for perseverance. It’s a reminder that having someone to stand by us can help us navigate even the most challenging of times.

5. “Stay With You” By John Legend

Relationships work when both parties choose to stay with each other through thick and thin. John Legend‘s “Stay With You” captures this sentiment, encapsulating the essence of enduring love and commitment.

The narrator demonstrates his deep love by promising to stay by her side no matter what comes their way. He also expresses his unwavering commitment and vows to stay with her “as each morning brings the sunrise.” It signifies the start of new challenges and adventures together.

In the context of staying together, the song speaks to the strength of love. This song, which mentions staying together through anything, celebrates the beauty and joy of being by someone’s side.

6. “Hey Pretty Girl” By Kip Moore

The country ballad “Hey Pretty Girl” by Kip Moore deserves a spot on this list as it’s about the journey of love and commitment. With raw and heartfelt lyrics, it’s about the power of enduring love through life’s various challenges.

Addressed to the “pretty girl” in his life, the narrator envisions their future together. From young love to growing old, he promises to be with her every step of the way. He acknowledges that “life’s a long and windin’ ride” and implores her to “have the right one by your side.”

In essence, “Hey Pretty Girl” underscores the importance of having someone to rely on. It reminds us that love can help us navigate life through difficult times.

7. “Let’s Stay Together” By Al Green

Up next is the classic “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green, which encapsulates the essence of unwavering commitment and love. Released in 1971, this song became known for its heartfelt message and Green’s soulful performance.

In the lyrics, the narrator presents a humble proposal of lifelong commitment to his loved one. It’s not simply about romantic love. It’s a promise to stay with her no matter what life throws their way.

The line “And I want to spend my life with you” signifies his willingness to stay with her, knowing there are going to be hard times ahead. This song with “stay together” in the title emphasizes that their bond can withstand any hardship.

8. “Marry Me” By Train

In “Marry Me,” pop-rock band Train sings about commitment and enduring love that underpin a marriage proposal. When the narrator asks his partner to marry him, he expresses a lifelong commitment to be by her side throughout their lives.

Marrying someone means weathering the storms together. It also signifies choosing to stay committed to their marriage even when the going gets tough.

The lyrics express the narrator’s deep love and the desire to spend the rest of his life with her. By saying, “I promise to sing to you / When all the music dies,” he means he’s giving her his unwavering support even in the hardest times.

9. “Through The Years” By Kenny Rogers

The popular song “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers is known for its touching lyrics and Rogers’ soulful delivery. It’s about commitment and staying together through life’s challenges.

The lyrics revolve around the journey of a lifelong relationship and the power of enduring love. Here, the narrator recounts everything he and his loved one have gone through. He reflects on the good times and the bad times, appreciating his partner, who has been his steadfast support throughout the years.

The lyrics show how they have found strength in each other, enabling them to face life’s storms head-on. They continue to hold onto love, and it’s this resilience that has brought them years down the road together.

10. “I Won’t Let Go” By Rascal Flatts

Knowing you’re not alone in the dark times of your life makes all the difference in the world. This is the idea behind “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts. Released in 2010, the song is a beautiful promise of companionship and lifelong commitment.

The song tells the story of a person who is going through a tough time, feeling lost and overwhelmed. Despite these challenges, her partner promises to stay by her side and never let go. This signifies a deep and steadfast commitment to be there for one another.

“I Won’t Let Go” underscores the importance of having a person to rely on. It emphasizes that true love means being there for each other to provide strength and support in trying times.

11. “I’ll Stand By You” By The Pretenders

 If you’re looking for a song that is a pledge of loyalty, look no further than “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders. This powerful ballad explores themes of unwavering support and love during challenging times.

“I’ll Stand By You” emphasizes the importance of staying committed to a person you love. In the lyrics, the narrator expresses his support for his partner, who is going through a tough time. He creates a safe space for her where she can express her feelings without being judged or looked down upon.

He promises to stand by her and not let anyone hurt her. He encourages open communication and invites her to share her burdens and fears. This reinforces the idea that she is not alone in her struggles.

12. “You’re Still The One” By Shania Twain

In “You’re Still the One,” Shania Twain celebrates the enduring power of love. Penned by Twain and her then-husband, the song was inspired by their own relationship.

In the lyrics, Twain recounts the criticisms they faced from the people who doubted their relationship would last. But they have proven them wrong as they weathered life’s storms together through the years.

Through it all, Twain’s love remains steadfast. The song cherishes their journey of love and proves how the trials they’ve gone through made their love stronger than ever. It’s also a reminder that true love can withstand the test of time.

13. “Never Gonna Give You Up” By Rick Astley

The worldwide #1 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley is an iconic ’80s pop song. It’s a promise of unwavering loyalty and dedication to a loved one, making it deeply relevant to the theme of staying together through hard times.

The famous chorus goes, “Never gonna give you up / Never gonna let you down / Never gonna run around and desert you.” This expresses the narrator’s promise of constant support and love, suggesting his intention to always be there for his partner.

The song also embodies the spirit of steadfastness and resilience in a relationship. The narrator makes a commitment to not just stick around through the good times. He also promises to be a dependable source of support when times are tough.

14. “Both Of Us” By B.O.B Ft. Taylor Swift

Rapper B.o.B. and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift teamed up in the 2012 single “Both of Us.” It appears on the rapper’s studio album Strange Clouds and was a critical hit.

Thematically, the song explores the themes of unity, shared struggles, and resilience. It touches upon issues such as racism and bullying, encapsulating the many trials that people go through in their lives.

In the context of staying together through difficult times, the song focuses on the importance of mutual support and strength. It suggests one’s longing to be strong enough to carry not just his own burdens but also the burdens of a loved one.

15. “Never Gonna Be Alone” By Nickelback

Resonating deeply with the theme of staying together is Nickelback‘s “Never Gonna Be Alone.” In the lyrics, the narrator expresses a sincere promise of his unwavering support and commitment.

The song emphasizes the importance of being there for one another through ups and downs. The title itself conveys a pledge of steadfast companionship. It implies that no matter how hard things get, he will always be there for his loved one.

In essence, “Never Gonna Be Alone” reminds us of the power of love and companionship in the face of adversity. It encourages us to stand by our loved ones and assure them that they will never have to face their struggles alone.

16. “Stuck Like Glue” By Sugarland

Up next is one of those songs that mention staying together in the lyrics. Sugarland‘s “Stuck Like Glue” is a testament to a strong, inseparable bond between two individuals. It is about a couple who is so close and attached that they are inseparable, much like two objects glued together.

In the context of staying together through anything, the song presents a sense of unwavering commitment and resilience. In the lyrics, the narrator expresses her yearning for her loved one’s company. His presence provides her comfort and support, particularly during the difficult moments.

Overall, the song encourages listeners to hold on to their loved ones tightly. It tells us that there’s strength from being “stuck like glue” to someone special, especially in trying times.

17. “Hard To Love” By Lee Brice

In “Hard to Love,” Lee Brice pays homage to the woman who has stood by him even when he isn’t easy to love. He acknowledges his own flaws and the challenges they present in their relationship.

Through this song, the narrator reflects on him being “hard to love” due to his shortcomings. Not only is he hard to love, but he also makes things hard for his partner. However, she proves to be empathetic and understanding of his flaws and accepts him wholly.

Thus, the narrator expresses his heartfelt gratitude for her patience and persistence in loving him. It shows that despite the difficulties, there’s a mutual commitment to staying together and making their relationship work.

18. “Still The One” By Orleans

The pop-rock band Orleans released “Still the One” in 1976 from their album Waking and Dreaming. The song speaks to the strength and commitment required to maintain a relationship.

The narrator acknowledges that even through difficulties, the love between him and his partner remains unbroken. This is directly addressed in the lines “We’ve been together since way back when / Sometimes I never wanna see you again.”

This sentiment expresses that despite the hardships and frustrations, the love and connection they share persist. It rises above anything else, showing that hard times don’t necessarily diminish the love they share.

19. “Thinking Out Loud” By Ed Sheeran

Released from the album X (pronounced Multiply), “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran is a ballad about enduring love that remains strong despite the passage of time. It’s about expressing a deep and abiding love between two people.

The song shows a love they once had that continues to exist no matter how many years go by. The narrator expresses his commitment and fidelity, choosing to stay by her side despite the changes that come with age.

The lyrics suggest an unwavering bond that withstands external factors and time. In addition, the song is a testament to resilience and devotion in a relationship, two ingredients for lasting love.

20. “I Won’t Give Up” By Jason Mraz

One of the factors for a lasting relationship is when both partners choose not to give up on each other. Jason Mraz sings about that in “I Won’t Give Up,” released from his album Love Is a Four Letter Word.

The recurring line “I won’t give up on us” signifies the narrator’s steadfast resolve to persevere through difficulties. He tells us he’s not giving up on love even when things get tough. It suggests that love is worth fighting for. But it requires patience, commitment, and one’s willingness to learn and grow together.

In relation to staying together through hard times, the song talks about a relationship that endures despite adversity. It emphasizes the importance of resilience and determination to maintain a strong bond.

21. “Our House” By Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Lastly, we have “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Released in 1970, the song was inspired by the domestic bliss that Graham Nash experienced while living with singer Joni Mitchell.

In the lyrics, the narrator celebrates the simple joys of domestic bliss. The song paints an idyllic picture of a home filled with warmth and affection. It’s a place where ordinary moments become extraordinary because of the love he shares with his loved one.

The lines “Life used to be so hard / Now everything is easy cause of you” are a testimony of the hard times they endured together. These suggest that the presence of a loved one can make life’s challenges easier to bear.

Summing Up Our List Of Staying Together Through Hard Times Songs

And that’s it, we have come to the end of our post today. We believe that the songs above have shown us what staying together through hard times entails.

As we know, hard times are inevitable. But with someone who steadfastly stays by our side, we can go through anything.

In these trying times, may we learn to appreciate more the people who do not leave our side when things get hard.

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