13 Of The Best Songs About Stars And Starlight

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When you hear the word “star,” what comes to your mind? Sparkling, bright, twinkling? Or distant, elusive, dim? Either way, stars are fascinating balls of light. Even if you don’t like the nighttime, you have to admit that these tiny sparkling jewels make the night sky entertaining.

And with all these big words we associate with stars, artists will have endless inspiration. They will continue to write star-themed songs as long as there are billions of stars up there.

And so we took it upon ourselves to scout the vastness of the sky-err, the Internet, for songs you can listen to. It wasn’t easy, but we came up with a list of 13 of the best songs about stars. Have fun reading!

1. “Counting Stars” By OneRepublic

We’re pretty sure that every person with a smartphone has heard OneRepublic‘s “Counting Stars.” This pop hit was the anthem of mid-2010. The song is an ode to a life filled with love, happiness, and unforgettable experiences.

Ryan Tedder, the main vocalist, croons about how much he is losing sleep dreaming of what he and an unnamed girl can be. He goes on to say that they won’t be counting dollars. They will be counting stars.

The entire song is about living a life you love. It also says that we should focus on loving hard, living fully, and making beautiful memories.

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2. “Rewrite The Stars” By Zac Efron And Zendaya

One of the most popular songs from The Greatest Showman is “Rewrite The Stars.” Many talented musicians, including Zendaya and Zac Efron, have covered this song multiple times.

This poignant and powerful love ballad tells of an irrevocable love. However, things keep them from being together. They explore the idea of rewriting the stars, which means choosing to be together despite the circumstances.

This song vocalizes that hopeless feeling of loving someone so hard but knowing you cannot be together. It is beautiful in its sadness, and the melody will make you want to waltz with a lover who got away.

3. “All Of The Stars” By Kendrick Lamar Ft. SZA

A prolific rapper of this generation and a stunning, talented vocalist. Kendrick Lamar and SZA worked together to make this beautiful and melodic rap song. Most of you would recognize “All of the Stars” as one of the soundtracks from Black Panther.

“All of the Stars” deals with love and fame. The love discussed here is not in the romantic sense but in the general understanding of what all humans seek. Being famous, on the other hand, comes with misfortunes.

Lamar further discusses the pressure of living life for others and the difference between real and fake people. He says that real people are few and far between. But he knows how to differentiate them from the many counterfeit people around.

4. “All Of The Stars” By Ed Sheeran

One of the best male singers to ever grace our ears is Ed Sheeran. He has always been known for his ability to sing about love beautifully. His melodic voice and mind-blowing lyricism are indeed on display in “All of the Stars.”

This song is featured in the heartfelt movie The Fault In Our Stars. In fact, the song follows the lives of the main characters in the movie, Hazel and Augustus. It’s a sad movie and an equally sad song that show us how one person is like a guiding star for us.

Ed Sheeran puts into words that feeling of constantly missing and needing the one you love. He captures the grief of being apart and the hope that love will conquer all. Even death.

5. “A Sky Full Of Stars” By Coldplay

Up next is a song with “stars” in the lyrics. Coldplay’s melodic dance music always sets an energetic atmosphere. This song, in particular, is deeply nostalgic.

Chris Martin, the lead singer, sings about a person he describes as “a sky full of stars.” He sings of how he wants to give her his heart, knowing she brings happiness to his life. He loves her passionately and is ready to “die in your arms.”

The upbeat vibe of the song and the romantic lyrics make this a great addition to your playlist. It added to the “stars” theme of the year 2014 and gave Coldplay a lot of nominations, including the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

6. “Shining Star” By Earth, Wind & Fire

Continuing with our songs with “star” in the title, Earth, Wind & Fire gave us a masterpiece with “Shining Star.” The song features the classic 70s disco beat and flow and invites you to let loose and dance.

In the lyrics, the song encourages us to dream and become who we want to be. It reiterates that we are all shining stars, no matter who we are. It’s a constant reminder for us to dream big, chase our dreams and make life work for us.

The encouraging lyrics and groovy beat were a hit and earned Earth, Wind & Fire #1 on both the US Hot 100 and R&B charts.

7. “City Of Stars” By Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone

Here’s another beautiful song that was written for a film, “City of Stars,” and sung by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It leaves a beautiful and lasting message about hope.

The song starts with “City of stars/Are you shining just for me/City of stars/There’s so much that I can’t see.” This pertains to the vastness of the universe. So vast that we are just a speck. Then the song goes on to say that just one embrace and dreams may come true.

That’s how we feel when we meet our soulmates. Out of all the people in the universe, there is someone meant for us. The line saying “I’ll be here” promises that we’ll no longer be alone.

8. “Starlight” By Muse

One of the songs that mention “stars” in a sad way is Muse‘s “Starlight.” The band gets raw and honest about life on the road in this song.

“Starlight” shows that the glamor of success can often come at the expense of losing touch with family and friends. The song talks about missing someone and simply wanting to hold them in your arms.

Another way of looking at the song is from the perspective of someone going through depression and wanting to get out of it. He says, “I will be chasing a starlight,” which could mean a person or something that would bring light to his lonely life.

9. “Falling Like The Stars” By James Arthur

One of the most beautiful love songs of the last five years, “Falling Like the Stars” talks of lifelong love. James Arthur shows his masterful vocals and poetic lyricism with this song.

Despite the lyrics being simple, they talk about his love for a woman and his desire to grow old with her. He talks of how she pulls him in, and like a river, leads him home.

The song covers all the small and significant life moments and the beauty of building memories with one person. It talks of falling fast, as proven by “We’re falling like the stars,” and deeply in love. If you want a star-themed song to slow dance to at your prom or wedding, we can’t think of a better one than this.

10. “We’re All Made Of Stars” By Moby

Inspired by the New York City attacks on 11th September 2001, this song by Moby was meant to bring hope and life. At the same time, it mentions the weakness of humans to fall apart.

From the song, we can compare humans to stars. We are vast in numbers, just like the stars in the sky. Stars manifest in different colors. Some shine brightly, and some do not. We are like that in some ways. We shine differently.

However, just as people can quickly unite, it’s also easy to fall apart. We hurt others through our selfishness and wrong decisions.

11. “There’s A Star For Everyone” By Aretha Franklin

Most of us know what it feels like to be lost and heartbroken. If you do, you can certainly relate to Aretha Franklin‘s “There’s a Star for Everyone.” The song was released in 1981 and showcased Franklin’s incredible vocals.

In the song, she asks if the person can truly love her or is simply stringing her along. She laments the feeling of confusion and abandonment every time the person gives her excuses.

Franklin further asks when she’ll get her rainbow or sunny day because the person keeps her in the dark. Sadly, her lover just leaves her feeling lost time and time again.

12. “Another Star” By Stevie Wonder

Our next song is another heartbreaking ballad that will simultaneously make you cry and smile. In “Another Star,” Stevie Wonder explores the pain of losing someone he loves deeply.

The music is surprisingly upbeat, which can mask the sadness behind the lyrics. Listen to the words, and you’ll find that they speak of a love that cannot be replaced or replicated.

Stevie Wonder sings about how this person may move on and love another star, but he never will. This song explores that unrequited love, and the beat helps you not to cry in overwhelming sorrow.

13. “Lucky Star” By Madonna

If you’re familiar with the nursery rhyme “starlight, star bright,” listen to Madonna‘s “Lucky Star.” Her single was based on that children’s children. Surprisingly, her debut single didn’t get as much love as it deserved until later.

Quite simply, “Lucky Star” talks about a person whom she sees as her lucky star. She observes, “‘Cause you shine on me/Wherever you are.” She only has to think of him to make her day right.

And just like a star in the sky, her special guy chases the darkness away. Pretty sure everyone can relate to this feeling when the one we love is around.

Summing Up Our List Of Star Songs

There you have our selection of songs about stars. Did you have a new favorite? We hope you do because we think that these songs perfectly show the beauty of stars, whether literally or figuratively.

You may have someone you consider your lucky star right now. A partner, a child, or a friend. And true enough, they’re like stars that shine brightly.

May it give you a warm feeling knowing that these “stars” are just within reach. Just a smile from them is enough to make your day.

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