13 Of The Best Songs About Saturday

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Who doesn’t like Saturdays? For children, this day means rest from their week of school activities. For adults, Saturday is an excellent night for partying because most people are off work and feel like celebrating the end of another week.

It’s great to have a day off and do whatever you want. And while you’re at it, you can spend the day listening to songs with upbeat tunes that talk about the fun things people can do on a Saturday.

With that in mind, we have compiled 13 of the best songs about Saturday. Read on!

1. “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” By Panic! At The Disco

Have you been to a point in your life when your past contradicts how you want to live your life now? Then you can relate to Panic! at the Disco‘s “Say Amen (Saturday Night).”

For lead vocalist Brendon Urie, the song is his way of reconciling his career with his early Mormon upbringing. The words in “Say Amen” are his new mantra in life. It’s about giving up his past traditions to live a new lifestyle.

Though it contradicts his upbringing, this lifestyle is closer to the person he believes to be now. And for him, there’s no better way to live than to treat each night like a Saturday night.

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2. “American Saturday Night” By Brad Paisley

If you’re looking for a fun song, listen to “American Saturday Night.” Country musician Brad Paisley recorded it for his 2009 album of the same name.

This song is perfect for a Saturday night when you’re just chilling. The upbeat tune will surely get your head bobbing. And when you listen to the words, you’ll find out how it shows cultural diversity across America.

The lyrics list various foreign-themed items, starting with Brazilian leather boots. The song also mentions a German car, The Beatles, Canadian bacon, toga parties, Little Italy and Chinatown.

3. “Saturday Nights” By Khalid

The main focus of Khalid‘s “Saturday Night” is a lonely life and the ups and downs of youth in America. It contains heavy themes that show how tough it can be for young people to make their way in this world.

Specifically, “Saturday Nights” describes people who are trying to escape their troubled environment. It says that a person’s life can be ruined by bad luck.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an equal chance of success in this situation. It reduces the singer into asking whether to keep the dreams to himself or share them with others.

“Saturday Nights” was #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2018. It is included in Khalid’s Suncity album.

4. “Saturdays” By Chevelle

Saturdays are kind of special, at least to some people. But not in Chevelle‘s “Saturdays.” The track was released in 2007 from the band’s fourth album Vena Sera. This rock song is a look back into the good old days, which aren’t so good after all.

As it turns out, growing up is difficult for some people. They feel lost between their childhood world and the confusing present time.

Listening to the song, you’ll find the lyrics very poignant and touching. They tell a story of longing for something that can never be returned. The song also talks about lost innocence and the passage of time.

5. “God Bless Saturday” By Kid Rock

In 2010, Kid Rock released “God Bless Saturday,” featured on his album Born Free. It perfectly captures how most people feel at work throughout the week.

According to the lyrics, getting through the week is an annoyance. That is, until Saturday comes around. It’s a special day because people can unwind, drink and be merry. It’s the day for people to come together and celebrate.

The song acknowledges that Mondays can be difficult. Still, it is an opportunity to experience the American dream. And since Saturdays are a chance to relax and enjoy, working during the week is not always so bad.

6. “Saturday” By Twenty One Pilots

Here’s another song that celebrates Saturdays. American musical duo Twenty One Pilots released “Saturday” on May 18, 2021.

The song begins with the chorus, which describes a typical week of life before the pandemic. It suggests that time has stood still since then. But many people can relate that Mondays come around so fast that the weekend is over before you know it.

Then we all plow through Wednesday, and the excitement grows when Friday arrives. But Saturday is different because the celebrations happen on this day.

7. “Another Saturday Night” By Sam Cooke

Saturdays can get lonely. That’s what Sam Cooke‘s single “Another Saturday Night” is saying.

The song’s opening with a chorus and drum is based on an incident during Sam Cooke’s 1962 London tour with Little Richard. “Another Saturday Night” was written after the two artists left a party, unable to find love that night.

The lyrics is from the point of view of a person who has money but no honey. In short, it is a song for lonely hearts. Sam Cooke created a great hit that allows us to lament our sadness from time to time. Listen if you’re looking for some solace in being alone!

8. “Saturday In The Park” By Chicago

Good things are bound to happen when it’s the Fourth of July and a Saturday, as Chicago‘s “Saturday In The Park” will tell you. Released in 1972 from their fifth studio album Chicago V, this was their highest-charting song.

No wonder, as it perfectly captures a summer day spent in the park with friends and family. It’s nostalgic. It brings back those happy memories that we just love.

So give this song a try and imagine happy people, ice cream, and someone playing a guitar and singing. Chicago truly has a way of taking us back in time!

9. “Saturday Love” By Cherrelle Ft. Alexander O’Neal

What is it between love and Saturdays? It’s not hard to tell. Just listen to “Saturday Love” by Cherrelle featuring Alexander O’Neal and know why it appeals to listeners.

The song is a bittersweet look at what happened to a relationship. The couple has parted ways, but the man is still longing for her. When they meet again after a long time, he still feels the pain. Perhaps it pertains to their breakup.

The man is taken back to their courtship, back when things are simpler. All he’s got now are memories of their time together. But he will always see her as his Saturday love.

10. “Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)” By Frank Sinatra

While some people think of Saturday as a day to celebrate, some remember it with sadness. Just listen to Frank Sinatra‘s “Saturday Night”. This song was released in 1958 and included in his album Love Is A Kick.

The lyrics says that Saturday “is the loneliest night of the week.” Sundays are bearable because friends drop by. Mondays to Fridays are over quickly. But Saturday reminds the singer of his lover.

Sinatra conveys the emptiness and loneliness of a Saturday night spent alone. His voice expresses his feelings so well that you can feel how much they move him.

11. “Saturday Night Special” By Lynyrd Skynyrd

When you hear “Saturday Night Special,” you’ll probably think it’s got to do with a love song. Far from that. The song is dark and catchy, but not many people can tell at first what it’s about.

This 1975 single is by the American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, one of the greatest bands ever. Their ability to tell stories has no equal, and they showcase that in this song.

Did you know that it is about a handgun that was known, surprisingly, as Saturday Night Special? Specifically, the lyrics talks about incidents where some people are shot due to cheating and gambling.

12. “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” By Elton John

Saturday can be about a lot of things, including a bar fight. Elton John‘s song “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” was released in 1973 from the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Elton John’s performance of this song on the piano is enough to set even the most reserved listeners toe-tapping. As it turned out, the song was banned from many radio stations because of concerns that it would provoke violence. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll know.

This is a party-going song for sure that seems to always end up in a fight. But whether or not it’s intentional depends on the listener’s perspective.

13. “Saturday Night” By The Bay City Rollers

If there’s one thing you can do on a Saturday night, it’s partying and just having a good time. That’s the message of the Bay City Rollers’ single “Saturday Night.” This song was released in 1975 and is an example of a one-hit-wonder.

This will surely put you in a happy mood and just have fun. It’s the perfect song to listen to if you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up. The lyrics tell you to get out of the house on a Saturday night and have a good time. Maybe even find a date.

Summing Up Our List Of Songs About Saturday

Saturday is arguably the best day of the week. It signals the end of a normal work week and the start of the weekend when people can relax. And while you’re relaxing, we suggest that you listen to the list above.

Some of these songs are about spending time with family and friends. Others are about escaping the boring parts of everyday life.

One thing’s for sure, though. There are so many great songs about Saturday that we had a hard time narrowing it down to 13! Did we leave any out? Let us know and we’ll add it in.

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