13 Of The Best Songs About Roses

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Roses can make any garden lively with their various colors. They are so beautiful, literally and figuratively, that even former US President Ronald Reagan declared them the floral emblem of the country in 1986.

Not only that. Roses are symbolic of love and affection. It’s no surprise that roses have been the subject matter for many musical artists over the years. To prove that, we have here 13 of the best songs about roses. Read on!

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1. “Bed Of Roses” By Bon Jovi

Let’s start the list with Bon Jovi‘s “Bed of Roses.” Many fall in love with this song, even after three decades since its release.

People say that this is about Bon Jovi’s experiences. It starts with him having a hangover after a night of drinking and being with a woman he doesn’t know. The woman he loves could be away, or they have broken up.

The bed of roses is a metaphor for a peaceful life. But the mistakes he made in the past get in the way. Added to that, he is away from her, and it hurts him, thus prompting him to sing, “I’ll sleep on a bed of nails.”

2. “Roses” By Saint Jhn

While the rose has a generally positive symbolism, Saint Jhn‘s song has a dark vibe to it. “Roses” came out in 2016 and was inspired by the Hungarian film Werckmeister Harmonies.

Saint Jhn came up with “Roses” as his reaction to the movie. The song was mainly based on how he felt while watching it. In the lyrics, “roses” appears as the singer’s expression to celebrate his person. He also looks at himself as a wild guy, even bragging about his ability to pick up women.

The lyrics are moody and indicate that the narrator has been through a lot. Still, he knows that love is possible and that there are women who won’t take advantage of his wealth.

3. “Roses” By Outkast

This is another song where the rose is used to depict something negative. Outkast‘s “Roses” is about Caroline, a beautiful woman with an ugly attitude to match. He resents her because she thinks highly of herself.

The lyrics go on to show a comparison between Caroline and a rose that smells foul. There are also insults throughout the lyrics, and he hopes that she speeds on the way to the club.

The accompanying music video of “Roses” takes inspiration from Grease and West Side Story. The song brought Outkast to the top tens of multiple charts.

4. “La Vie En Rose” By Édith Piaf

Its literal meaning being “life in pink,” “La Vie en Rose” is one of the most iconic songs by the legendary French singer Édith Piaf. The rousing track is sung from the perspective of someone who views life through rose-colored glasses.

In this context, “La Vie en Rose” is about how life can be much more beautiful when you’re in love. And perhaps this was inspired by Piaf’s long-term relationship with the song’s composer, Louiguy.

It was released in 1946, becoming one of Piaf’s signature songs and being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. Many artists have covered the song over the years, most notably Madonna and Lady Gaga.

5. “Kiss From A Rose” By Seal

Did you know that “Kiss from a Rose” launched Seal into a household name? This track was one of the most popular power ballads of the 1990s.

Over the years, people attached their own understanding to the song’s meaning. But even Seal did not explain what it exactly meant.

But let’s look at the lyrics, which are evocative and intricate. It’s safe to say that one way to look at the song is the comparison of a lover to a kiss from a rose. Everything about this person can chase the gloom away and bring happiness.

6. “Roses” By Gashi

Is there a girl who doesn’t like roses? You’ll find her in Gashi‘s 2019 song. “Roses” is about a love-and-hate relationship between the narrator and a girl. The narrator is a bad boy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship and isn’t serious about the girl.

As a result, the girl ends up preferring tulips over roses because the latter reminds her of him. “Roses” reveals that the guy is aware of his poor behavior and suggests he wants to change.

Indeed, the guy pleads for forgiveness from her, going so far as to bring her tulips when he messes up again. “Roses” ends with the implication that she’s done with him, with the guy lamenting how much he misses her.

7. “Red Roses For A Blue Lady” By Vic Dana

Roses seem to do the trick when a couple fights. With these flowers, along with the apology, it’s easier to win a woman’s heart.

That’s what “Red Roses for a Blue Lady” by Vic Dana is all about. It opens with a man singing about how he wants to buy red roses for a sad woman. He tells the florist they had a bad fight and hopes the flowers will make up for everything.

The narrator is deeply in love with her. So much, in fact, that he intends to stay friends even if their relationship doesn’t work out. He still longs to marry her and hopes that will become a reality if the flowers bring her back to him.

8. “Red Roses” By Lil Skies Ft Landon Cube

Oddly, “Red Roses” by Lil Skies talks about the fast life. But it’s also about roses—red ones in particular. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you’ll hear that Lil Skies says he wants to be buried with a red rose on his casket when he dies.

Why? He considers it a beautiful symbol. The rapper wants to be buried with the things he loves. Even simple things such as his art and a lighter.

Besides roses, Lil Skies declares his love for money and fame. Although he acknowledges they might not last forever, they represent a constant in his life. 

9. “One Red Rose” By Frank Sinatra

We are all romantic at heart. When love is at work, we can do things we never thought we could. But sometimes, being shy gets in the way.

That’s what “One Red Rose” by Frank Sinatra says. The song tells about a romantic man who is in love with this woman. However, he is too shy to tell her how he feels.

As you listen to the song, you can almost feel how much the man loves this girl. He lets her know he loves her by giving her a single red rose. She feels the same way but doesn’t know how to express it or even if she should. We can only hope they have a happy ending.

10. “Like Red On A Rose” By Alan Jackson

If you are celebrating a special occasion with your loved one, be sure to play Alan Jackson‘s “Like Red on a Rose.” It is a romantic and sweet country song, perfect for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. It appeared on the album of the same name in 2006 and reached #6 on Billboard’s US Hot Country Songs.

The song is moving and uses the red of a rose to compare various aspects of his love for his significant other. These include her red lips when she first smiled at him, to his blood flowing with passion.

11. “Roses Will Bloom Again” By Jeff & Sheri Easter 

Married singing duo Jeff and Sheri Easter reflect on overcoming obstacles and seeing the good in bad times in “Roses Will Bloom Again.” The flowers blooming again symbolizes how hearts heal after a time.

This country gospel song touches on the grief of a man who lost his beloved after 40 years of togetherness. It shows that you may be going through a tough time in your life But it’s not always going to be like that and there’s always hope for better days ahead.

Whether someone has died or left, you can still think of them fondly and remember them as good people who gave your life meaning.

12. “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden” By Lynn Anderson

If you want a song about love life in general, give “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden” a try. This song by Lynn Anderson focuses on the ups and downs and how love can be challenging at times. It’s about embracing the good with the bad.

The singer wants her lover to realize that things can’t always be good all the time. She reminds him that she never promised him a rose garden alongside the sunshine.

The message here is that no relationship will ever be perfect. But as long as you have each other to lean on when things get tough (and they will), it doesn’t matter how dark life becomes along your journey together.

13. “Roses Are Red” By Bobby Vinton

There are many ways to interpret Bobby Vinton’s “Roses are Red.” The most common is that he is describing his love for his girlfriend. The lyrics delve into how two people have fallen in love.

The song doesn’t have a happy ending, though. The man goes away and the girl finds someone new. However, you can feel how the man still cherishes her.

“Roses are Red” has been covered by several artists, but Vinton’s remains the most enduring. His song gave him #1 in Billboard’s Top 100 and was ranked the fourth best song of 1962.

Summing Up Our List Of Songs About Roses

Roses have long been a symbol of love. There’s just something special about these flowers. It’s the reason why many people give them to the ones they love. And it’s no wonder why songwriters use them as inspiration for their songs.

So if you’re feeling romantic, or just want to spend a memorable time, check out the songs on this list.

Listen to them with a loved one. Or, if you’re up for it, dance with them to some of these songs. We hope you enjoyed reading our list.

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