10 Best Songs About Oklahoma: Sooner State Playlist

Oklahoma is a popular southern U.S. state that appears in dozens of songs through many genres. If you want to create a playlist of songs with Oklahoma as the subject, you have many choices from numerous artists.  

To make it easier, we collected the ten best songs about Oklahoma for you to cue up on your favorite device. So see if you know these popular songs already, or you might find your new favorite tune about Oklahoma from this list. 

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1. “Oklahoma Morning” by Charley Pride 

First up is one of the more popular Oklahoma songs by an equally famous entertainer.

Charley Pride was an American singer that was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and is part of an elite group in the Grand Ole Opry as one of three African-American members. His song Oklahoma Morning is one of many well-loved tunes throughout his career. 

Oklahoma Morning describes an early autumn day in Oklahoma as the morning breeze helps bring the sunshine up.

You can imagine being right there in Oklahoma as the lyrics talk of the golden yellow leaves falling from the trees and how Mother Nature helps drown out the sounds of the city. 

This song indicates how relaxing on an Oklahoma morning will help you forget everything else, if only for a moment.   

2. “Okie From Muskogee” by Merle Haggard

As one of the more iconic songs about Oklahoma, Merle Haggard and his drummer Roy Edward Burris from their band The Strangers wrote Okie From Muskogee. It was released in 1969 and immediately grabbed the attention of listeners around the world. 

Okie is a slang term to describe someone from Oklahoma, and Muskogee is the 11th largest city in Oklahoma. Merle describes Oklahoma as a location where people can enjoy life doing right and are proud of their heritage and hometown.  

This song has become an anthem for many Oklahoma residents throughout the years. It easily depicts the good nature of its citizens in this state.  

3. “Oklahoma Sunday Morning” by Glen Campbell 

In a touching tribute to Oklahoma, Tony Macaulay, Albert Hammond, and Lee Hazlewood wrote Oklahoma Sunday Morning and Glen Campbell recorded it in 1971. This country music was a hit in the United States and Canada. 

Oklahoma Sunday Morning describes a traveler who has been far and wide across the country but still remembers the welcoming feeling of his home in Oklahoma.

The lyrics say that Oklahoma holds a piece of his heart and will never forget it as he heads back to where he belongs. 

4. “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” by David Frizzell & Shelly West 

This romantic ballad, You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma, was written by Larry Collins, Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant, and Sandy Pinkard and sung by David Frizzell and Shelly West in 1980.

It was one of several popular songs by this iconic duo in the music industry. 

You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma describes the full moon over Tulsa, the cold evening in Cherokee Country, and outside working on a John Deere tractor for a living.

Listeners get a feel of this southern state, and its landscape as the lyrics compare its beauty to lost love. 

5. “Oklahoma Hills” by Jack Guthrie 

Oklahoma Hills was coined as the official Folk Song of Oklahoma in 2001. Although Woody Guthrie wrote the original version, the slightly altered version by Jack Guthrie is one of the more familiar tunes people recognize today. 

This song describes the hills of Oklahoma, where the singer was born in the Indian nation.

He reminisces about riding through the hills as a cowboy, enjoying the prairie breeze through the Oak and Blackjack trees. Touching on the black oil and cotton fields of Oklahoma, this song emulates all that this state is famous for. 

6. “Oklahoma Sunshine” by Waylon Jennings 

Oklahoma Sunshine was written by Hal Bynum and Bud Reneau and performed by Waylon Jennings in 1974.

This outlaw country tune was initially recorded in 1973 by Curtis Potter, but the Waylon Jennings version is more widely known.

This tune describes the welcoming, warm Oklahoma sunshine as the singer steps off the bus to greet his parents.

You get a feel of how Oklahoma feels like home to the artist as they describe it as coming across an entirely different world than the big city. 

7. “My Oklahoma Home” by Bruce Springsteen 

Bruce Springsteen is one of the more iconic rock and roll entertainers in the United States, so releasing a song about Oklahoma is more uncommon in this genre but still popular.

“My Oklahoma Home” was written initially by Sis Cunningham and Bill Cunningham and performed by Pete Seeger in 1961. 

This musical number describes a green and fair landscape where he built his home and planted crops. The singer aimed to create a viable life in Oklahoma with chickens and livestock.

However, the song ends by telling a story of how winds blew away his crops and home, and his Oklahoma home remains in the sky.  

8. “If You’re Ever in Oklahoma” by JJ Cale 

JJ Cale wrote If You’re Ever in Oklahoma back in 1972. This popular tune has many covers from other artists and continues to be a favorite in country and bluegrass genres.

However, unlike other musical numbers that talk of big skies and landscape, this one covers a different take on the Oklahoma region. 

This unique song describes a destination where visitors should be aware of the law and follow the rules or risk getting fines.

JJ Cale talks about moving around at night in Oklahoma to avoid slipping in and out and bringing suspicion during travels. 

9. “Oklahoma Dust” by The Notorious Cherry Bombs

Oklahoma Dust was written by Vince Gill, Joe Diffie, and Leslie Satcher and released in 2004 by The Notorious Cherry Bombs.

This supergroup in the country music niche collaborates with many famous entertainers, lending terrific vocals and memorable melodies. 

You will hear through the lyrics how Oklahoma dust runs through the singer’s veins and describes his red-dirt education in the Indian nation.

The tune continues about the historical struggles of Oklahoma residents due to extreme weather conditions and how they persevere then and now. 

10. “Oklahoma Christmas”  by Blake Shelton featuring Reba McEntire

As a festive Christmas song, Oklahoma Christmas was written by Willmon Trent Wayne, Byus Robert Kenneth, and Fleenor George Jenee in 2012 and sung by Blake Shelton featuring Reba McEntire. 

As a characteristic holiday tune, the lyrics in Oklahoma Christmas describe the state in the wintertime with downed power lines and icy roads.

In addition, the song outlines the iconic southern food choices and a good old country hometown Christmas. 

Summing Up Our Playlist Of Oklahoma Songs

The hardest part about finding songs covering Oklahoma is narrowing down your choices.

Although many popular tunes will fall into the country or folk genre, some are versatile to span across rock and pop niches. 

Which is your favorite song about Oklahoma from our selection? Is there one that you love that didn’t make our list? Let us know and we’ll add it in!

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Written by Laura Macmillan
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