10 Of The Best Songs About Oklahoma: Sooner State Playlist

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There are only a handful of U.S. states that have songs made about them. Oklahoma is one. This is a popular southern state known for its cowboy culture, beautiful places, and rich Native American history.

Surely you are as excited as we are to know what songwriters find in Oklahoma to write a song about it. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of Oklahoma songs out there.

To make it easier, we collected 10 of the best songs about Oklahoma for you to cue up on your favorite device. See if you know these popular songs already.

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1. “Oklahoma Morning” By Charley Pride

Starting our list is one of the more popular Oklahoma songs by an equally famous entertainer. Charley Pride was an American singer inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He is also part of the elite group Grand Ole Opry as one of three African-American members.

Pride’s song, “Oklahoma Morning,” is one of many well-loved tunes throughout his career. It describes an early autumn day in Oklahoma as the morning breeze helps bring the sunshine up.

You can imagine being right there in Oklahoma. Especially as the lyrics talk of the golden yellow leaves falling from the trees and how Mother Nature helps drown out the sounds of the city. This song also says how relaxing on an Oklahoma morning will help you forget everything else.

2. “Okie From Muskogee” By Merle Haggard

One of the more iconic songs about Oklahoma is “Okie from Muskogee.” Merle Haggard and his drummer Roy Edward Burris from their band The Strangers wrote the song. Released in 1969, it immediately grabbed the attention of listeners around the world.

Okie is a slang term to describe someone from Oklahoma. Muskogee, on the other hand, is the 11th largest city in Oklahoma. Haggard describes Oklahoma as a location where people can enjoy life doing right. It won’t be a surprise for people to be proud of their heritage and hometown.

This song has become an anthem for many Oklahoma residents throughout the years. It easily depicts the good nature of the citizens of this state.

3. “Oklahoma Sunday Morning” By Glen Campbell

In a touching tribute to Oklahoma, Tony Macaulay, Albert Hammond, and Lee Hazlewood wrote “Oklahoma Sunday Morning,” and Glen Campbell recorded it in 1971. This country music was a hit in the United States and Canada.

“Oklahoma Sunday Morning” describes a traveler who has been far and wide across the country. However, his memories in Oklahoma follow him. It makes him miss the place so much that he decides he’s “going back to find me.”

Indeed, you are whole when you are home. Home, in this song that mentions “Oklahoma” in the title, refers to the state.

4. “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” By David Frizzell & Shelly West 

This romantic ballad, “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma,” came out in 1980 but is still a popular song. It was one of several popular songs by the iconic duo David Frizzell and Shelly West.

In the lyrics, listeners get a feel of this southern state, and its landscape as the lyrics compare its beauty to lost love. The singer describes “a full moon over Tulsa” and cold nights in Cherokee County.

But the thing is, he misses her. He remembers her every time he looks around Oklahoma. Even when he works “10 hours on a John Deere tractor,” he keeps thinking about her.

5. “Oklahoma Hills” By Jack Guthrie

Let’s move on to another song with “Oklahoma” in the lyrics. “Oklahoma Hills” was appointed the official Folk Song of Oklahoma in 2001. Woody Guthrie wrote the original version. But the slightly altered version by Jack Guthrie is the more familiar song that people recognize today.

This song is about a man born in Oklahoma but has to leave to work as a cowboy “in the Indian Nation.” It’s not clear how long he is away, but he still feels that he belongs in the place.

He reminisces about riding through the hills, enjoying the prairie breeze with oak and blackjack trees all around. Mentioning black oil and the cotton fields of Oklahoma, this song emulates all that this state is famous for. And so he makes a decision to come back to his birthplace.

6. “Oklahoma Sunshine” By Waylon Jennings 

Some places really carve their spot in our hearts. And no matter where we go, we always go back to it. Or dream about going home. It’s a feeling Waylon Jennings knows too well in “Oklahoma Sunshine.”

In the lyrics, we discover that the singer is in New York. He wants to “leave this God-forsaken city,” but something keeps him from doing so. And so, at night, he dreams of riding the bus back home to Oklahoma.

We can only imagine the happiness he feels standing under the Oklahoma sunshine. And most of all, seeing his parents again. At least, even in his mind, he’s away from the place he hates and back home with his loved ones.

7. “My Oklahoma Home” By Bruce Springsteen

Our next track on the list is a song that mentions “Oklahoma” in a sad light. “My Oklahoma Home” is by Bruce Springsteen, one of the iconic rock and roll entertainers. A song like this is uncommon in his genre but still came out popular.

Now let’s talk about what the song says. According to the singer, it’s a green and fair landscape where he built his home and planted crops. He aims to create a viable farm life in Oklahoma.

However, the strong winds blow away his crops and home. At the end of the song, he can only sing, “My Oklahoma home is in the sky.”

8. “If You’re Ever In Oklahoma” By JJ Cale

Unlike other songs that talk of big skies and landscapes, this one covers a different take on the Oklahoma region. “If You’re Ever in Oklahoma” by JJ Cale is a warning.

As you can tell from the lyrics, the song has something to say to those who end up in the state. The Oklahomans don’t care about the rules in Texas or Wichita. Visitors should be aware of the law in Oklahoma and follow the rules or risk getting fined.

In addition, the singer warns that one has to avoid inviting suspicion. Because if he’s apprehended, he’ll be detained for days. Worse, he will be threatened and his money taken away.

9. “Oklahoma Dust” By The Notorious Cherry Bombs

The American supergroup The Notorious Cherry Bombs has its own ode to Oklahoma. It is their 2004 single, “Oklahoma Dust.”

The song begins with how people think of the singer. They say he sounds blue, probably because they know of the hardships and struggles he experienced.

In the second verse, the singer says, “that’s Oklahoma dust in my blood.” He is proud to say so, saying that “in that Indian nation,” he got his education. He then recounts the historical struggles of residents due to extreme weather conditions and how they persevered then and now.

10. “Oklahoma Christmas” By Blake Shelton Ft. Reba McEntire

As “Oklahoma Christmas” by Blake Shelton featuring Reba McEntire will show you, occasions, we usually do in one place sometimes make a mark in our lives.

In the lyrics, we discover that the singer is stranded in Tennessee due to snow. The downed power lines and icy roads keep him and his loved one from leaving their house to go to Oklahoma.

He’s looking forward to an Oklahoma Christmas but plans to make do somehow. Instead of “Aunt Bea’s pecan pie,” they’ll have “chicken fried steaks.” And they’re going to listen to some Bob Wills’ songs. Nothing will stop them from having an Oklahoma Christmas in Tennessee.

Summing Up Our List Of Oklahoma Songs

For people born or living in Oklahoma, the place will be forever a part of their lives. From the landscape to the residents, Oklahoma is home. And for those who haven’t stepped foot in this place, we have songs to give us a taste of Oklahoma.

We hope you had a great time learning a little bit about our songs above. Although many popular songs will fall into the country or folk genre, some are versatile to span across rock and pop niches.

Which is your favorite song about Oklahoma? Is there one that you love that didn’t make our list? We suggest you create your own playlist and listen to the songs when you want to remember Oklahoma.

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