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October may not be as celebrated as December, but there’s something different about it. This is the time of the year when fall is in full swing. The world becomes even more beautiful with the changing color of the leaves.

Understandably, October may not stir the same feelings in some people. October is several months away from the dreary days of winter.

But whatever the case, we’ve found 10 of the best songs about October. We would like to share them with you and show you why October is special (or not) for some people. Read on to find out more.

1. “October” By U2

Let’s start this list with a song with “October” in the title. U2‘s single, “October,” is different from their other songs as it is quieter and almost instrumental. With only two verses, this song has an unexpectedly profound and spiritual theme.

“October” is most prominently a critique of the materialism of the 1980s. There seemed to be an emptiness and hollowness that made the band feel bereft of an earlier idealism.

Hence, the theme of October and fall. The fall is after the abundance and life of spring and summer. The band saw the past two decades as a time of vitality, while the 1980s was a time of spiritual emptiness.

2. “October Song” By Amy Winehouse

It was in the spirit of loss and reflection that we experience each fall. The late English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse has a lot to say about it in her 2003 single “October Song.”

When you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear Winehouse singing about Ava, her pet canary named after the actress Ava Gardner. The line “Ava was the morning” refers to the bird waking her up in the mornings. But “now she’s gone.”

It’s clear how much she loved Ava and mourned this death. According to the song, she buried her bird while singing “Lullaby of Birdland.” October is presumably the month that the bird died.

3. “October” By Evanescence

Notably, many of Evanescence‘s songs have titles that are barely sung in the lyrics. One of them is “October,” a song from their 1998 Evanescence (EP) that doesn’t contain the month anywhere. Some assumed that the song was written in October and that it wasn’t meant to make sense.

Listening to the lyrics, one can think of many interpretations. The lyrics can be romantic or spiritual, depending on how you look at the song. Here, we can tell that the singer is tired of running. She is cut too deep that straying is not an option.

She has nothing left and goes back to her love interest, or God, for strength. She’s surrendering herself to someone or a divine being whom she considers “my only power, my only life, my only love.”

4. “We Fell In Love In October” By Girl In Red

When a song is about a certain month, it’s because songwriters are inspired by memorable events. For example, Girl in Red‘s “We Fell in Love in October.” This singer-songwriter from Norway writes all her songs and is known for her introspective lyrics and sounds.

Girl in Red showed her talent early on. She wrote this song when she was still just a teenager. It was inspired by the first time she fell in love with a girl.

In the lyrics, she remembers, “We fell in love in October.” That’s why this month will always be special for her. Good for her that her feelings are reciprocated. She promises the girl that she’ll be here to stay.

5. “October Road” By James Taylor

One of the most legendary singer-songwriters of the 20th century is James Taylor. He is known for writing songs inspired by his life. Among them is “October Road,” the title song from the album October Road, which came out in 2002.

In the song, the singer talks about going back home, traversing what he calls the October road. The song mentions “October” to be a metaphorical representation of the spirit of autumn.

It’s about embarking on a journey that may involve loss and calls for courage. It’s a story of someone going through hardship who has to move forward.

6. “October” By The Helio Sequence

Like other autumnal-themed songs, “October” by The Helio Sequence has lyrics with tones of regret and yearning. While the word October isn’t mentioned in the lyrics, its title and its emotional resonance set the tone for the song.

From the lyrics, we can tell that this is a song about a relationship. We learn from our mistakes in the past, but we don’t have to let them affect our future.

The lines “…go if you wanna go” and “…stay well, you never know” tell us that we must always try and work on our relationships.

7. “October Nights” By Yellowcard

Up next is a song with “October” in the lyrics. “October Nights” appears on American rock band Yellowcard‘s album, One for the Kids.

At its core, “October Nights” is an ode to a loved one. Here, the singer relishes those warm October nights when he and his lover sleep side by side. While she’s off to dreamland, he spends the night just observing her.

We can tell how much he loves her as he lays everything on the line, even to the point that he’d allow her to break his heart. He hopes in his heart that they’d make it.

8. “October Trees” By Ron Pope

In our next song, Ron Pope explores a relationship that’s on its end. “October Trees” came from his 2012 album Atlanta.

The song begins with a slightly somber feel, in line with the autumnal October theme. As you’d expect, this song centers on and evokes themes of loss. In the lyrics, the singer reflects on a difficult part of his and his lover’s relationship.

We can feel his frustration as he sings, “You know I love you, what else do you want from me?” It’s not clear the reason for the souring of their love, but the line “It is winter in your heart” is more than enough clue.

9. “October Sun” By Matt Berry

We are almost at the end of the list, and we’re including singer-songwriter Matt Berry‘s “October Sun.” The song was featured in his 2013 album Kill the Wolf.

In the lyrics, we sense something ominous about to happen. The singer observes “a black cloud that swirls above the bay” as he goes fishing. He compares it to a bad dream that keeps coming back.

The singer also talks about the harsh October sun at a time of year when we can have brisk and cool, sometimes even ominous weather. From these, we can say that the song was inspired by a challenging or painful experience in Berry’s life.

10. “October” By Alessia Cara

Our list will not be complete without Alessia Cara‘s “October.” The song was released in 2020 from her album, This Summer: Live Off the Floor. This was inspired by Cara’s experience going on tour with another singer. In a way, this song was meant to capture her feeling regarding that memorable experience.

This song has a fast and catchy beat and centers on a late summer (actually early fall) road trip. The singer evokes the idea of making memories with friends that you always remember.

The singer admits that she will miss the experience once it’s over. The line, “I hope we never see October,” is another way of saying that.

Summing Up Our List Of October Songs

So, there you have it! Of all times of the year, autumn is perhaps the most evocative and calls up the most memorable emotions. That is why there are so many legendary songs with the October theme.

No matter what kind or style of music you love the most, you’ll find something to listen to on this list. Which one is your favorite?

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