31 Comforting Songs About Losing Your Mother

Written by Dan Farrant

Losing a mother is an experience that leaves a mark on the heart, one that never fully heals. Songs about this loss resonate deeply with those who’ve felt it.

These melodies connect us to the memories, the love, and sometimes the unresolved feelings we hold toward the mothers we’ve lost.

So, in this article, we’ll explore 31 comforting songs about losing your mother. Continue reading to discover music that speaks of this experience.

1. “Bye Mom” By Chris Janson

Our first song is a poignant and deeply moving piece by Chris Janson. “Bye Mom” captures the heartache and beauty of saying goodbye to a mother.

Through its narrative, the song tells the story of a person reflecting on the lessons and love shared by their mother throughout her life, leading up to the moment of her passing. It taps into feelings of grief, reminding listeners of the lasting mark a mother leaves on her children’s lives.

“Bye Mom” resonates with anyone grieving their mother. It encourages them to value her memories and the ways she continues to affect their lives.

2. “If Heaven” By Andy Griggs

Next, Andy Griggs‘ song “If Heaven” is a heartfelt piece about yearning to be with loved ones who have died, especially mothers.

Its lyrics wonder about heaven and what it’s like. Griggs’ tender voice and the soft, melodic instrumentation set a mood of reflection and hope, offering comfort to those missing their mothers.

The song suggests heaven is a place one shouldn’t be afraid of. It’s where families come back together, and pain is healed. “If Heaven” comforts those mourning by saying love lasts forever, and a mother’s spirit continues to look after her children.

3. “If I Could Be Where You Are” By Enya

In “If I Could Be Where You Are,” Enya deeply touches on the pain of losing a loved one. Her voice, along with calming music, offers comfort to those who are grieving.

The song especially resonates with those missing their mothers. It expresses the wish to be reunited, even if just for a fleeting moment. It provides a space for reflection on the cherished memories and lasting impact of a mother’s love.

What makes “If I Could Be Where You Are” powerful for those who have lost their mothers is that it vocalizes the intense longing felt during mourning. It also acknowledges both the sorrow of loss and the unbreakable bond that remains.

4. “Everything I Own” By Bread

Up next is a song not explicitly about losing a mother. However, “Everything I Own” by Bread touches those who’ve faced such heartache. It conveys a profound longing and grief, with lyrics that speak of sacrificing everything for one more moment with the departed.

The song beautifully combines a gentle melody with lyrics that tug at the heartstrings. This strikes a balance between vulnerability and strength as it honors the memory of a lost one.

It provides comfort to those grieving, capturing the pain of loss and the wish for a reunion: “I would give everything I own / just to have you back again.”

5. “Roses For Mama” By C. W. McCall

Recorded by C. W. McCall in 1977, “Roses for Mama” tells a story about remembering and honoring a mother who has passed away, but in a unique and heart-tugging way.

The narrator wishes to buy roses for his mother. In the shop, he finds a little boy crying. The boy tells him he wanted to buy his mother roses because it was her birthday and he had not seen her in a year, but he couldn’t afford it. Touched, the narrator buys him the roses, only to later find the boy placing the flowers beside his mother’s grave.

“Roses for Mama” is powerful in its simplicity, telling a heartfelt story that some can relate to. Through its narrative, the song conveys the experience of grieving a lost parent while also depicting acts of kindness.

6. “A Song For Mama” By Boyz II Men

Many of the songs on this list focus on loss. But “A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men celebrates the bond between a mother and her children.

The song expresses gratitude and admiration for all the sacrifices a mother makes. It acknowledges her role as a source of love, guidance, and comfort.

It also captures moments of nurturing care, from childhood through adulthood. This illustrates how a mother’s love remains a guiding force in one’s life. As a song of celebration, acknowledgment, and thank-you note wrapped into one, it is a popular choice for occasions that honor mothers, even those who have passed on.

7. “Mama Sang A Song” By Bill Anderson

When we lose someone, we often reminisce about the moments we had with them. “Mama Sang a Song” by Bill Anderson is one such song.

The core of “Mama Sang a Song” revolves around the memories of the mother singing gospel hymns during times of hardship and joy. Her songs are depicted as a beacon of light, guiding the family through life’s challenges.

The narrative takes a turn when the mother passes away, leaving the family to face the world without her physical presence. However, the essence of the story lies in the realization that while the mother may be gone, the songs she sang — the lessons of faith, resilience, and unconditional love — remain with the family.

8. “Heaven’s Garden” By Kieran Brennan

In 2015, Kieran Brennan released “Heaven’s Garden.” Working with lyricist Paul Kealy, the singer created a narrative filled with deep emotion and reflection.

The song asks a touching question about the afterlife, wondering if there could be a garden in heaven for a departed mother. This idea of a heavenly garden is portrayed as a comforting place of peace and beauty, offering solace to those grieving.

“Heaven’s Garden” has earned recognition as a heartfelt homage to mothers and other loved ones who have died. It stands out as a meaningful song that provides comfort in times of mourning.

9. “Mama” By Il Divo

Released as part of their self-titled album, Il Divo‘s “Mama” has since touched the hearts of many listeners. It is a moving tribute that those who have lost a mother can relate to. It acknowledges the sacrifices mothers make and the unconditional love they provide.

Il Divo is a quartet known for remarkable vocal harmonies and crossover classical music. They deliver this song with intense emotion and tenderness. This adds to the already poignant lyrics, making “Mama” a powerful and heartfelt song.

In essence, “Mama” has become a shared emotional journey that acknowledges the pain of loss. It also highlights the enduring presence of a mother’s love in the lives of those she leaves behind.

10. “One Sweet Day” By Mariah Carey And Boyz II Men

Released in 1995, “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men was born out of personal grief and loss experienced by the artists. Though the song’s genesis was not because of the loss of a mother, its message still conveys sentiments that anyone who has lost a loved one can relate to.

The lyrics articulate one’s feelings of loss and the hope of reunion in the afterlife. It speaks directly to loved ones who have passed away, expressing regret over unspoken words and the belief in a future meeting in heaven.

The gentle melody of “One Sweet Day,” combined with the harmonies of Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey’s beautiful voice, offers comfort and solace to listeners grieving the loss of their mothers.

11. “Supermarket Flowers” By Ed Sheeran

From his ÷ (Divide) album, Ed Sheeran gives us a beautiful and touching song in “Supermarket Flowers.” A personal and poignant work, it offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s experience of grief.

The ballad is a tribute to Sheeran’s late grandmother, making it a song about the loss of a maternal figure. Its lyrics, vivid and tender, deal with the aftermath of a loved one’s death, touching on themes of love and the process of letting go.

“Supermarket Flowers” was not released as an official single. Yet, it received widespread attention for its emotional impact and reliability. Its ability to articulate the pain of parting, the beauty of cherished memories, and the enduring love for a departed matriarch has cemented its place as a touching homage to maternal figures gone too soon.

12. “Mama Liked The Roses” By Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, gives us a beautiful musical tribute to this list. “Mama Liked the Roses,” released in 1970, is the B-side to “The Wonder of You.”

Its lyrics reflect a son’s memories of his late mother, focusing on her love for roses. For anyone who has lost a mother or a loved one, the song resonates deeply. It offers a musical expression of grief and remembrance that is both personal and profoundly relatable.

Presley delivers “Mama Liked the Roses” with a gentle reverence that speaks to his own relationship with his mother, Gladys Presley. He was famously close to his mother, and her death had affected him deeply.

13. “A Mother’s Love” By Jim Brickman Ft. Mark Masri

Our next song, “A Mother’s Love,” stands out as a heartfelt tribute to mothers everywhere. It was a collaboration between Mark Masri, a Canadian singer known for his powerful tenor voice, and Jim Brickman, an American songwriter and pianist celebrated for his romantic lyrics and melodies.

Together, these artists created a piece celebrating a mother’s love. Its lyrics speak of the universal experience of having a figure in one’s life who offers boundless love and understanding. It highlights the role mothers play in providing guidance and comfort.

Technically, it’s not a song about losing one’s mother. Nevertheless, it still resonates with those who have experienced the loss of a maternal figure. Its lyrics remind listeners of the enduring impact a mother’s love has on her children, even after she is gone.

14. “Like A River” By Carly Simon

Singer-songwriter Carly Simon provides us with our next song. “Like a River” is a tribute to Simon’s mother, Andrea Heinemann Simon, who passed away in 1994.

Simon’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of loss and reminiscence. They touch upon themes of grief, memory, and the enduring bond between a mother and daughter. The imagery of the river — ever-flowing and nurturing — parallels the ongoing impact a mother has on her child’s life, even after she is gone.

For those grieving the loss of a mother, “Like a River” offers a form of solace and understanding. It articulates the complex feelings of missing someone who played an irreplaceable role in one’s life, while also celebrating the lasting impact they leave behind.

15. “Sissy’s Song” By Alan Jackson

The inspiration for our next song, “Sissy’s Song” by Alan Jackson, might not be from the loss of a mother, but a loss nonetheless. Jackson wrote it after the sudden and tragic passing of Leslie “Sissy” Fitzgerald, a lady who worked as a housekeeper for Jackson and his family.

The narrative within “Sissy’s Song” does not specifically address losing a mother. Nevertheless, it deals with the broader theme of loss and the emotional turmoil experienced by those left behind. The lyrics reflect on the pain and confusion that comes with sudden loss, as well as a message of hope that the departed found peace in the afterlife.

16. “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground” By Beth Rowley

Originally by Willie Nelson, “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground” tells a touching story of love and loss. Covered by many artists, including Beth Rowley, the song deeply moves listeners with its emotional depth.

It talks about loss and love in a way that many people find relevant to the experience of losing a mother, even though it doesn’t directly say so. The idea of an “angel” who has fallen and needs care until they can leave again speaks to the heartache and healing process of losing someone very close.

The song beautifully captures the mix of pain in seeing someone you love suffer, the comfort you try to provide, and finally, the tough act of letting go. These themes mirror the feelings and steps one goes through when grieving for a mother, making the song resonate on a personal level for those who’ve faced such a loss.

17. “On Angel’s Wings” By Karen Taylor-Good

Up next is Karen Taylor-Good‘s “On Angel’s Wings.” This beautiful piece is about finding comfort and hope after losing someone very close.

This song doesn’t specifically talk about losing a mother. However, its message deeply touches anyone going through such sorrow. The song talks about grief and finding comfort. It uses the idea of being lifted by an angel to bring a feeling of peace and the thought that our loved ones still look out for us from beyond.

Taylor-Good’s tender delivery enhances the song’s emotional impact, making it a powerful anthem for healing and remembrance. Its gentle melody and lyrics help listeners feel a connection with those they’ve lost. These comfort them with the thought that those who have passed on are in a place of care and peace.

18. “How Could You Leave Us” By NF

When the one we love passes away unexpectedly, sometimes we feel betrayal and pain. This is what NF‘s “How Could You Leave Us” is about. It explores the feelings of hurt that come with losing a loved one.

The song especially focuses on the singer’s own experience of his mother’s death due to a drug overdose. Despite its specific story, the song’s feelings of grief, confusion, and seeking answers are something many can relate to after losing a mother for any reason.

Listening to this song can be a healing experience for those grieving their mother, particularly if they’ve lost her to addiction. It puts into words the challenging process of holding onto the good times while also dealing with the painful realities and unanswered questions that such a loss leaves behind.

19. “Mama” By Connie Francis

Some songs may deal with grief through metaphor or indirectly address the pain of loss. “Mama” by Connie Francis is forthright in its portrayal of a child’s love and longing for their mother.

While it doesn’t explicitly talk about death, the intense longing and sense of loss conveyed in the lyrics can deeply resonate with those who have lost their mothers.

The lyrics express gratitude for a mother’s love and guidance. They reminisce about past kindness and warmth and a deep sense of missing that nurturing presence: Safe in the glow of your love / sent from the heavens above / Nothing can ever replace/ the warmth of your tender embrace.” This nostalgia and appreciation for a mother’s love are emotions that anyone mourning their mother can relate to.

20. “Dancing In The Sky” By Dani And Lizzy

Sisters Dani and Lizzy present “Dancing in the Sky.” This comforting song touches on the feelings of loss and wondering about the afterlife for those who have passed away.

The song addresses the pain of separation and the longing to know that the loved one is at peace, free from pain, and experiencing joy — perhaps even “dancing in the sky.”

This imagery provides a comforting thought for those grieving. It suggests a serene and happy existence for their loved ones after death. It captures the hope that, beyond life’s struggles and suffering, there’s a place of beauty and happiness where our loved ones watch over us.

21. “Angel” By Sarah McLachlan

For our next song, let the beautiful voice of Sarah McLachlan soothe you with her song “Angel.” This ballad captures the essence of solace and the longing for relief from pain and suffering.

While the song’s lyrics are open to interpretation, they speak to various forms of loss and sorrow. The gentle melody and compassionate deliverance can deeply resonate with those who have experienced the loss of a mother.

The song truly speaks to the soul. For someone mourning the loss of their mother, “Angel” can evoke feelings of being watched over and protected. It’s as if their mother’s love continues to guide and support them from beyond — “You’re in the arms of the angel / may you find some comfort here.”

22. “Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word)” By Céline Dion

Knowing that your mother’s time is almost coming is equally as painful as losing her. In Céline Dion‘s “Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word),” the lyrics capture the dread of saying goodbye to a mother. It deeply resonates with anyone who has faced or is facing the loss of their mother.

In the song, the narrator acknowledges her mother’s role as a lifelong source of love, comfort, and guidance: “Mama, you gave life to me / Turned a baby into a lady.” In return, she promises to always be there for her mother, especially when the time is near.

The song acknowledges the inevitable goodbye while also celebrating the everlasting influence of a mother’s love. For someone mourning their mother, this song can be particularly moving. After all, “Goodbye’s the saddest word [you’ll] ever hear.”

23. “Time To Say Goodbye” By Sarah Brightman And Andrea Bocelli

The song “Time to Say Goodbye” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, is not specifically about losing a mother. But it beautifully captures the feelings of saying goodbye that many can relate to when they lose their mother.

With its rich music and emotional vocals, the song touches on the pain of leaving someone behind. At the same time, it highlights the importance of keeping their memory alive. It can deeply connect with listeners.

For someone grieving the loss of their mother, the song can symbolize the struggle of parting with a central figure in their life while holding onto the love and memories shared.

24. “Gone Too Soon” By Simple Plan

Released in 2011, “Gone Too Soon” by Simple Plan explores the emotions felt after suddenly losing someone important and the impact it leaves on those left behind. The song’s lyrics relate to many types of loss but can deeply connect with those who’ve lost their mother.

It expresses feelings of shock, sadness, and the tough reality that the person has left too early. It highlights lines like “In the blink of an eye / I never got to say goodbye.” This captures the heartache of losing a crucial figure in one’s life sooner than expected.

“Gone Too Soon” touches on the various stages of grief. It offers listeners a chance to reflect on their loss, feel their pain is recognized, and remember their loved ones warmly, despite missing them deeply.

25. “So I Sang” By Daniel Rucker

Our next song, “So I Sang” by Darius Rucker, is not explicitly about the loss of a mother. However, the lyrics do touch upon the passing of the narrator’s mother.

The act of singing, as Rucker does in tribute to his mother found in the fifth stanza, symbolizes a way to cope with grief, honor a loved one’s memory, and acknowledge the lasting influence they leave on our lives.

Rucker’s reflections on his mother’s belief in him and his desire to make her proud serve as a poignant reminder of the bond between a mother and her child, even after she has passed away.

27. “Marjorie” By Taylor Swift

In “Marjorie,” Taylor Swift delivers a personal song about the emotions felt after losing a loved one. She was inspired by her own grandmother, Marjorie Finlay. Featured on her album Evermore, the song beautifully captures the pain and memories that come with such a loss.

Swift uses “Marjorie” to explore the enduring impact of her grandmother’s life and legacy. It emphasizes the lessons she taught and the love she shared.

The lyrics “And if I didn’t know better / I’d think you were talking to me now” suggest an ongoing presence and influence. This idea can be incredibly comforting for someone mourning their mother, offering a sense of closeness despite the physical separation.

27. “Goodbye” By Kenny Rogers

If you’re not sure how to say goodbye to your mom after she’s passed away, Kenny Rogers‘ “Goodbye” might be for you. This is not explicitly about the loss of a mother. But the lyrics are about the bittersweet feeling of having to say goodbye to someone you love and holding onto their memory forever.

The lines are imbued with a sense of gratitude for the time shared and the lessons learned from the person who is no longer present. This could easily echo the feelings of someone mourning the loss of their mother. It touches on the appreciation for the nurturing and guidance provided by a maternal figure throughout one’s life.

28. “There You’ll Be” By Faith Hill

Up next is “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill. It was featured on the soundtrack for the film Pearl Harbor. The powerful ballad encapsulates the enduring nature of love and the impact of loss, making it a poignant anthem for those who have lost their mother.

The lyrics beautifully articulate the feeling of carrying forward the memory and essence of someone who has passed away. “In my dreams, I’ll always see you soar above the sky / In my heart, there will always be a place for you for all my life” can be interpreted as a tribute to a mother’s everlasting influence and the space she will always occupy in one’s heart.

“There You’ll Be” achieved notable success in the charts. It became Hill’s highest-charting single in the United Kingdom and Ireland, reaching #3 and #4, respectively. In the United States, the song had a significant presence on the Billboard Hot 100, where it reached a peak position of 10.

29. “If I Would Have Known” By Kyle Hume

From the album Sad Song Demos comes “If I Would Have Known” by Kyle Hume. This is not specifically about the loss of a mom. However, it reflects feelings of regret, longing, and reflection that accompany any significant loss.

The narrative could easily be interpreted as expressing the sorrow and yearning for just one more moment with a loved one.

The phrase “If I would have known” speaks to the desire for foresight or the opportunity to cherish the moments with a loved one a little more before their passing. This sentiment encapsulates the regrets often felt in the wake of loss, wishing for the chance to say more, love more and share more.

30. “Mama (Afraid To Say Goodbye)” By Lynyrd Skynyrd

Next to last on our list is “Mama (Afraid to Say Goodbye)” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, from their self-titled 1991 album. This song captures the vulnerability and pain of losing one’s mother, making it perfect for this list.

The title itself speaks volumes about the song’s content and emotional depth. It suggests a reluctance to face the finality of death and the difficulty of accepting that a loved one — especially a figure as central as a mother — might soon be gone.

The song can serve as a cathartic release, allowing listeners who have lost their mom to feel that they’re not alone. The song brings comfort because it acknowledges the fear and sadness that accompanies loss, showing that these feelings are normal and okay.

31. “Never Get To Say Goodbye (To My Mom)” By Lil Forbes

Closing this list is a rap track by Lil Forbes. “Never Get to Say Goodbye (To My Mom)” is deeply rooted in the pain and regret that comes with losing one’s mother without having the chance for a final farewell.

This track explores the emotional turmoil and profound sorrow tied to such a significant loss. It’s strongly relatable to anyone who has experienced the death of their mother under similar circumstances.

The lyrics convey the narrator’s longing for just one more moment to express love, gratitude, and perhaps unspoken words. The title itself directly highlights the core theme of the song: dealing with the heartache of not being able to say goodbye.

Summing Up Our List Of Songs About Losing Your Mother

In wrapping up, we’ve touched upon the heartfelt emotions and universal experiences captured in music.

From raw grief to tender reminiscence, these songs offer solace and understanding to those who have faced similar journeys.

Yet amidst this vast musical landscape, there may be hidden gems awaiting discovery. So, dear readers, let us know the songs we have missed so we can add them here!

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