23 Of The Best Songs About Liars And Lying

Written by Dan Farrant
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When it comes to lying and being lied to, we’ve been there and done that. And we can all agree that both are not right.

Dealing with liars is an experience many can relate so it’s no wonder many songs are about them. Most of these liar-centric songs center on betrayal and heartbreak.

Here we are able to find 23 of the best songs about liars. Let’s see what the songs have to say about lying.

1. “White Liar” By Miranda Lambert

Whoever thinks white lies are okay is in for a rude awakening. Miranda Lambert‘s “White Liar” shows that no matter how good you are at lying, you’ll soon be found out.

In the lyrics, the singer has already found out all the white lies her lover has been feeding her. His lies are like wildfire that slowly grows in time. “Slips off your tongue like turpentine” attests to the ease with which he tells the lies to her.

Too bad for him, he isn’t good at lying. But surprise, surprise. Toward the song’s end, the singer reveals that she’s guilty of lying, too. It adds a layered twist to the piece highlighting how everyone can become a potential white liar.

2. “Liar” By Sex Pistols

One thing liars do not realize is they look stupid when they lie. And, of course, they lose people’s trust. Sex Pistols‘ “Liar” is about the band’s first manager who, according to the band, was incompetent. But the meaning of the song can apply to everyone who lies.

“Liar” is about anyone who tries to manipulate others through lies. Unfortunately for them, their victims eventually see through their ruse. In the song, the singer claims, “I’m nobody’s fool” and can spot a liar from a mile away.

The line “You’re in suspension, you’re a liar” can be taken two ways. It could be hanging from something, or it could be probation, like what happens in school. The band’s original bass player came up with this idea and used it for the song.

3. “Liar” By Queen

Up next is a song with “liar” in the title. Queen‘s “Liar” is a song about a man asking for God’s forgiveness for his sins. If you’re a fan of classic rock songs, you shouldn’t skip listening to this track.

There have been many speculations as to the inspiration behind the song. Some say it was about Freddie Mercury being abused when he was young. He tried to tell a priest about it, but nothing was done. Another speculation was that Freddie had a fight with a boy and told a priest. The priest didn’t believe him.

Whatever it is, we find the singer asking for forgiveness. However, he keeps repeating the sin. The repetition of being called a liar enhances the singer’s desperation for atonement.

4. “Bad Liar” By Imagine Dragons

One of the most notable songs about liars released in the past decade is “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons. It was featured on their 2018 album Origins.

This song takes the perspective of a man whose marriage is going through a difficult time. In the pre-chorus, he acknowledges that he wanted to make things better, but he’s helpless to do so.

In the chorus, the singer admits he’s “a bad liar.” He’s basically telling his lover that their relationship is beyond saving. And now he’s telling her that she’s free to go.

5. “Little Lies” By Fleetwood Mac

Our next song, Fleetwood Mac‘s “Little Lies,” takes a different approach to incorporate liars into the song’s narrative. The lyrics reflect the singer’s desire to hear more lies from her lover when things fall apart.

In the lyrics, the singer wants to go back to the time when it was still okay between her and her lover. Their relationship has come to an end, and the truth of it hurts so bad that she implores her lover to tell her “sweet little lies.”

But she knows this can’t go on forever. She recognizes that they’re “better off apart.” But for now, little lies would do.

6. “Bad Liar” By Selena Gomez

Up next, we have a Selena Gomez song with “liar” in the lyrics. Initially released in 2017 as a single, “Bad Liar” was featured on her 2020 album Rare as an international bonus track.

The song’s lyrics describe the narrator’s feelings about dealing with a new crush. It’s easy to relate to that because, at one point or another, we’ve been in that situation.

The feelings are intense as the singer tries to act normal and tries to distract herself. But she always ends up thinking about that person. The song says that when you don’t want to admit your feelings, it makes you a “bad liar.”

7. “Liar” By Three Dog Night

Liars can leave a bad impression on anybody who falls victim to their words, especially if they claim to love you. One song that encapsulates the heartbreak caused by a liar is Three Dog Night‘s “Liar.”

The lyrics describe the singer reflecting on his lover’s meaningless promises. She told him she’d stay by his side and never let him go. And that there wasn’t anything he could do to turn her away.

But all these are simply lies. He calls himself a fool for believing them and hanging on to her every word.

8. “Lyin’ Eyes” By Eagles

You may lie your way out of a situation, but “you can’t hide your lyin’ eyes.” This is the sentiment that the Eagles sing about in their 1975 song “Lyin’ Eyes.”

The lyrics talk about a woman indulging in lies as she cheats on her wealthy, old husband with a younger man. She tells her husband that she’s going to town to see a friend when the truth is she’s going to meet with her lover.

We can see that she isn’t happy with her married life. She longs for that man “with fiery eyes and dreams no one could steal.” But the husband knows the truth from her eyes. Her mouth may say one thing, but her eyes show the deceit in her words.

9. “Beautiful Liar” By Beyoncé And Shakira

What do you do if you find out that your man is cheating on you? Worse, he told the other woman all the things he also told you? In “Beautiful Liar,” Beyoncé and Shakira think he’s not worth it.

Things could have turned for the worse after the women find out the truth. But they put aside their differences because “it’s not worth the drama” to fight over him.

The women contemplate putting this episode behind them, even laughing about it. They believe they can live without a cheating man in their lives. They leave it up to karma to do the rest.

10. “Pretty Liar” By Shania Twain

Another song about a person caught lying is Shania Twain‘s “Pretty Liar.” This upbeat song is about a woman who can tell the man she’s with is lying when he says he loves her.

The lyrics about the lover’s pants being on fire reference a common expression used when someone is caught lying. His being a liar is on “another level higher,” as he can lie to get what he wants. Case in point, being able to look her in the eye and telling her there’s no one else.

Of course, she doesn’t believe it because she knows the truth. She’s got no time for his lies and leaves it to someone else to believe him.

11. “You Lie” By The Band Perry

From The Band Perry‘s 2011 debut album, “You Lie,” is a song describing a woman’s feelings about her lover cheating on her.

Many of the song’s lyrics compare the lying partner to several objects. From a penny on the ground to a carpet on the floor, the song incorporates creative wordplay throughout the chorus.

The singer cuts ties with her two-timing lover by tossing her engagement ring in the river. At the end of the song, she realizes she doesn’t want to have anything to do with a person whose lying comes naturally. The line “It’s who you are” attests to the fact that he’s never going to change.

12. “Lie” By NF

And you thought it was over when your relationship ended. In NF‘s “Lie,” a man has to deal with his ex’s lies following their breakup.

The lyrics showcase the confusion the singer feels upon learning of the lies his ex spreads around. She tells others that he wasn’t her type and that he just wanted to control her.

The confusion stems from the actions she does that are contrary to what she was telling everyone. She wants to make it look like it was his fault when the fact is that she isn’t a good person.

13. “Liar” By Camila Cabello

Up next on our list is Camila Cabello‘s “Liar” from her album Romance. This song takes a woman’s perspective on falling in love.

The lyrics encapsulate the feeling many people experience when in love. It’s not clear whether the singer has been in a difficult relationship before. But she vows never to fall in love again or to be close to someone.

Only to find herself deeply smitten with a man. The attraction is so intense she loses control. She ends up eating her words and being a liar for not following her promise to herself.

14. “Sweetest Lie” By Goo Goo Dolls

One of the saddest that can happen in a relationship is being lied to. Goo Goo Dolls‘ “Sweetest Lies” is about that.

With its heartbreaking lyrics, we find the singer being lied to over and over. But what stands out in this song is the lie the singer believes that she is in love with him the way he’s in love with her. She makes her feel good, and so he implores her to give him love.

It turns out that the singer knows that she never cared about him. But the sad thing is, despite the lies, he still wants her back.

15. “Fear Is A Liar” By Zach Williams

Unlike many of the songs on our list, Zach Williams‘ “Fear is a Liar” takes a more symbolic approach to a liar’s impact. This song was featured on Williams’ 2016 album Chain Breaker.

In the lyrics, the singer personifies fear as a “he” and portrays several instances where fear can impact someone. Essentially, the song tells us that whatever fear plants in our minds are just lies.

The singer implores us not to listen to fear. Because if we do, then we allow it to “steal your happiness.” Instead, he advises his listeners to throw their fears into the fire.

16. “Liar” By Papa Roach

If you’re looking for a song that mentions “liar” and his struggles about trying to tell the truth, look no further than Papa Roach‘s “Liar.” It was featured on their 2022 album Ego Trip.

The song’s narrator describes how lying is tearing him apart. He is desperate to tell somebody the truth before more lies build up. The lyrics depict plenty of symbolism relating to death, such as skeletons in a tomb. He fears that the “skeletons” “ain’t gonna fit in my tomb.”

What he proposes is making room by telling the truth or letting his secrets flow away with the water.

17. “Liar” By Lil Peep

Dealing with liars can frustrate many people, as demonstrated in Lil Peep‘s “Liar.” This song was featured on his posthumous album, Everybody’s Everything, released in 2019.

The song addresses people who tell lies. One section of the song depicts the singer asking someone why he’s lying to him, a girl he used to be with, and the general public.

These lyrics reference how rapper Blackbear accused Lil Peep of stealing his image, from his music style to dating his ex-girlfriend. Lil Peep makes a statement by saying he is respected because he doesn’t tell lies.

18. “Favorite Liar” By The Wrecks

Our next song, The Wrecks‘ “Favorite Liar,” shows that sometimes, we look back on a relationship and only choose to think about the good times. The fact is, it is the difficult times that we can learn so much from.

In the lyrics, the singer desires to spend one more night with his former girlfriend. And perhaps wake up with her beside him. Despite yearning for this brief love, he doesn’t deny that she was a liar. In particular, his “favorite liar.”

Near the end of the song, the lyrics sound vindictive. He wants her to know that he’s not lonely after their breakup. In fact, he’s got girls who are willing to take him home.

19. “Liar” By Walker County

Not all songs about liars portray the liar as cruel. Walker County‘s “Liar,” featured on the 2021 album of the same name, is a song about a woman lying about her reaction to a breakup.

The song opens up with the singer declaring she’s not missing or thinking about her old flame. Does she wish he was beside her? No. Does it hurt? No. And she prefers to be alone.

But everyone knows she’s lying about her feelings. She puts on a false smile to make others think she’s okay. But she doesn’t care if everyone knows she’s lying to herself or to everyone.

20. “Better Liar” By Julia Cole

Up next on our list is Julia Cole‘s “Better Liar.” This is an empowering song about a woman who won’t fall for the lies of a man she’s dating. This song is the title track on her 2023 album of the same name.

The singer tells her man that their relationship would’ve lasted longer if he had always been honest with her. But no, he has to lie about his whereabouts or about who he is with. She can easily tell he’s lying because it’s written all over his face.

She expresses how he should improve his lying skills or be with someone else who’ll believe his lies.

21. “Liar” By Davina Michelle

We’re almost at the end of the list with Davina Michelle‘s “Liar.” The song is an anthem for anyone whose loved one’s lies affected them significantly.

The lyrics can be interpreted as the singer’s message to the man who hurt her. Despite doing everything for him, he had to deceive her. He had to build a home with someone else. She asks him what she’d done to deserve the pain.

Even then, she had faith in him, believing that a liar could change. But her hopes are for naught. When he returns to her, begging for mercy, she ignores him and moves on from her pain.

22. “Liar, Liar” By The Castaways

Lying is a tricky thing. And no one can imagine how painful it is to be lied to. That’s what The Castaways‘ one-hit-wonder “Liar, Liar” wants to tell us.

The song takes the perspective of a young man confronting his girlfriend about her lying habits. She lies about what she does when she’s away and cheats on him. He is very much aware of the truth.

It pains him to the point of imploring her to “come kill me.” He couldn’t figure out why she has to do what she does when he loves her. He gives her an ultimatum that if she continues cheating, he’ll quit seeing her.

23. “Liar Liar” By Cris Cab

Ending our list is Cris Cab‘s “Liar Liar,” initially featured on his 2013 album Where I Belong. The song follows a man who finds out too late the real personality of the girl he loves.

He finds out real soon that she sneaks out in the middle of the night whenever she thinks he’s asleep. So he follows her and finds out what she’d been doing behind his back: cheating on him.

What hurts is he trusted her too soon, but she repaid that by breaking that trust. Not only is she a good liar. She is able to manipulate him, and he ends up “swimming through” her lies.

Summing Up Our List Of Liar Songs

As you can see, being lied to is a painful experience, especially when the liar is someone we trusted. The songs above are proof of the heartbreak and betrayal liars bring to the table. It’s just not fair that they play with our feelings.

The good thing is we are better off without these people in our lives. We may go through a painful and difficult time moving on. But eventually, we heal and learn not to trust liars again.

We hope that our list helps you be more aware when trusting and dealing with people whose lying is second nature.

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