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Laughing is something we all do, hopefully, multiple times a day. It’s a dynamic reaction that has the power to change our entire day.

Music, like laughter, also has the power to shift our mood. Some songs are about the joy that comes with laughing. Others, though also about laughing, have more of a melancholy tone to them.

Regardless, be sure to check out and add these tracks to your playlist if you don’t already have them. We hope you’ll have fun and feel better while listening. Without further ado, here are 13 of the best songs about laughing. Laugh on!

1. “Laugh Now Cry Later” By Drake

Let’s start the list with Drake‘s 2020 hit single “Laugh Now Cry Later.” Quite simply, it’s about enjoying the good life and dealing with any downsides later.

That might be hard to see from the song’s lyrics, as it features clues about his exes and some real-life enemies. He throws jabs at several artists such as Kanye West, Ye and Lil Durk.

As with any song out there, “Laugh Now Cry Later” is open to interpretation. But its message to enjoy life now is notable. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, and there’s no point waiting before celebrating life.

2. “Who’s Laughing Now” By Jessie J

English singer-songwriter Jessie J wrote and released this single from her debut studio album, Who Are You, in 2011. This rap and hip-hop song hit #37 after its release before rising to #16 on the UK singles chart.

“Who’s Laughing Now” describes those who dismissed or bullied Jessie J. It shows how she laughed her way to the top, now living as a celebrity.

She also describes the pride she feels for all of her achievements. It hits differently because she knows she has the last laugh at those who doubted she’d ever see success.

3. “Don’t Laugh At Me” By Mark Wills

One of those humbling songs is Mark Wills‘ “Don’t Laugh at Me.” It’s a reminder for everyone to be kind and not judge people based on appearance, situation, or past.

This song talks about certain situations when laughing brings negative repercussions. It mentions a boy wearing glasses and being called a nerd. There’s a mention of a girl who doesn’t smile because she wears glasses.

Then the song moves on to a teenage mom trying to better her life, or a father who lost his wife and son. Basically, it tells us not to laugh at others just because they’re fat, poor, or with physical impairments. It’s pointless to derive pleasure from other people’s pain.

4. “Laughter In The Rain” By Neil Sedaka

For some people, the rain brings sadness. It means being cooped up, or it symbolizes tears. But “Laughter in the Rain” by Neil Sedaka is a reflective and joyful song.

The lyrics chronicle the experience of a couple who is strolling when it suddenly starts raining hard. They’re soaked and shivering, but the guy feels the warmth of her hand as she holds his.

He’s so happy that it causes him to conclude that he loves rainy days. It reminds him of his beloved’s laughter under the rain and the way she makes him feel.

5. “After Laughter” By Wendy Rene

Have you been in a situation where you pretend you’re okay but deep inside you’re breaking? “After Laughter” by Wendy Rene, an American soul singer-songwriter, is all about that sadness.

The lyrics note that when you’re in love, you are happy. However, it’s not always like that. Being in love doesn’t always mean endless sunshine. After the happy times or the laughter, tears follow.

The singer wants to hide the sadness she feels from him. She doesn’t want him to see her crying. But she’s told that she cannot avoid that day when she has to give in to her tears.

6. “Laughed Until We Cried” By Jason Aldean

Reminiscing the past always brings tears and, of course, a smile. “Laughed Until We Cried” by Jason Aldean is the perfect background when you’re going through old photos or remembering the past.

This is such a beautiful song reflecting on different periods of the singer’s life. He recounts listening to stories from his grandpa, his senior class trip, and the special moment of rocking his newborn girl to sleep.

The track spent 16 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and topped at 61. It also rose to #6 on the country music chart.

7. “Laughing” By The Guess Who

This is a well-known song by The Guess Who, a famous Canadian rock band. The bandmates said that despite its success, the lyrics only took about ten minutes to write.

The story behind “Laughing” is that the narrator pursues a relationship with someone he’s interested in. Only to realize that she’s playing with his heart to make herself feel better.

He grows tired of playing the game. Eventually, he has to let the woman go, laughing about it along the way.

8. “Between A Laugh And A Tear” By John Mellencamp

This song was on John Mellencamp‘s eighth album, Scarecrow, after he had become one of the most famous musical artists in the United States. Although he was massively successful, Mellencamp struggled with emotional struggles, like panic disorder.

Within the lyrics of this song, he shares how success can amplify emotion during the highs or the lows. But while he complains about the things that make him sad, he does not forget to take advantage of each precious moment.

He reminds us to smile, whether it’s the season of laughter or tears. Having a positive outlook can get us through a tough day.

9. “We Laugh Indoors” By Death Cab For Cutie

It’s safe to assume that many of you have fallen for the wrong guy/girl. It hurts, especially if the other person has never been faithful to you. This is one way of looking into Death Cab for Cutie‘s single, “We Laugh Indoors.”

The lyrics describe a man whose girlfriend cheats on him and the aftermath of their breakup. A line in the song is on repeat: “I loved you, Guinevere, I loved you, Guinevere, I loved you.” Guinevere, who cheated on King Arthur with Lancelot, could be an analogy for his girlfriend.

But even if she hurt him, he loved her and he had fun with her, as told by the line, “We laugh indoors.” But the relationship has come to an end.

10. “Live, Laugh, Love” By Clay Walker

With all the things that keep us busy, it’s important to take a pause. To appreciate the things that make life meaningful. This is one of the messages you can find in Clay Walker‘s “Live, Laugh, Love” song.

In the lyrics, the singer reminds himself to enjoy life. He talks about his friend who’s preoccupied with his “stocks and bonds” and forgets to have fun. The singer, on the other hand, spends all his money on one Saturday night and doesn’t care if he has no portfolio.

He also appreciates spending time with a woman who loves him, and for him, that’s all that matters. This reminds us to live, laugh and love through ups and downs.

11. “Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood” By St. Vincent

Although the story in St. Vincent‘s “Laughing with a Mouth of Blood” is fiction, there is an emotional truth to the message. It’s all about a person going through a phase and coming to terms with changes.

The song shares the story of someone young who heads to Los Angeles, lives in a cheap motel and tells her loved ones that everything is okay. Of course, not everything is okay. In fact, desperation is evident in the lyrics.

Perhaps, you could say that the story is about her journey to finding herself. She’s trying to accept what she is now and trying to be humorous about it, hence “laughing with a mouth of blood.”

12. “The Laughing Gnome” By David Bowie

In true David Bowie fashion, “The Laughing Gnome” is precisely about a laughing gnome. Although it didn’t hit any charts after its release, it topped at #6 on the British charts and #3 in New Zealand in 1973.

The lyrics describe Bowie meeting and talking to a gnome, who responds with Bowie’s sped-up vocals. This song features various gnome puns throughout such as “gnomads” and “economics.”

According to some people, the song could be about a man going crazy. References include the man walking down the street, hearing a strange voice, and seeing a vision. But even then, listen to the song and you might end up laughing at the gnome voices.

13. “Laughing” By R.E.M.

Once you listened to the lyrics of “Laughing” by the American rock band R.E.M., you might think the song doesn’t make much sense. Vocalist Michael Stipe focused on sounding the phrases in his tunes rather than creating lines that make sense.

However, listen closely. The song mentions the name Laocoon. History would tell us that he was the guy who wanted to burn the Trojan horse. Athena punished him by blinding him first before killing him and his two sons.

The chorus of the song could be Laocoon laughing at the end. Despite his fate, he knew he died believing it was for a just cause.

Summing Up Our List Of Songs About Laughing

If laughter is the best medicine, then the songs above may be just what you need. They are a reminder that even if you’re going through a tough time, don’t forget to laugh. To see the good in the bad.

All the songs on the list above about laughing are worth listening to. If you haven’t made a laughing playlist already, use these hits to start one. It doesn’t hurt to share it with friends, too.

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