21 Of The Best Songs About Insecurity And Feeling Insecure

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Our insecurities play a role in every aspect of our lives. When they spiral out of control, our friendships, careers, and romantic relationships suffer.

Insecurities manifest in many different ways and can feel very alienating. We might obsess over our appearance, weight, or our behavior. We might have this unending desire to fit in or wish we could be unique.

Songwriters know this feeling all too well. In fact, they are able to capture elusive emotions in our songs below. So read on as our list of 21 of the best songs about insecurity will make you feel understood and appreciated.

1. “Don’t Let Me Get Me” By Pink

When our insecurities go unchecked, we often notice the beauty in everyone else but the worst parts in ourselves. In “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” Pink captures the desire to be anyone but yourself. When the pressure builds, it seems as though life would be easier in someone else’s shoes.

Pink describes herself in the lyrics as the one who is always causing trouble. She is never in the first place, can’t follow directions, and fights too often. When she begins rising to fame, she is told to change everything about herself.

She is so frustrated that she endangers herself. So many of us can relate to Pink when she describes herself as her own worst enemy.

2. “Drew Barrymore” By SZA

Our next song shines a light on insecurities in a relationship. In “Drew Barrymore,” SZA describes her relationship with a man who brings another woman to a party. The man says he will love her, but she does not trust him.

When we feel insecure, we let those around us treat us poorly. It’s mainly because we don’t think we deserve better.

She goes as far as apologizing for being clingy and less attractive than the other girls. She recognizes that he does not treat her right and may not love her, but she is too lonely to break up with him. We can see her struggle to let go of this toxic relationship because of her insecurities.

3. “All By Myself” By Eric Carmen

In our next song, Eric Carmen expresses insecurities that develop as we age. “All By Myself” is a sad song that reminds us that things change, though not for the better all the time.

Carmen describes himself as a young man who believes he doesn’t need anyone but himself. Perhaps he goes from one relationship to another, never seeing the importance of keeping people.

In a song with “insecure” in the lyrics, a line says, “Sometimes I feel so insecure.” And as he grows up, he becomes lonely. He lives alone, and none of his friends answer his telephone calls. This beautiful ballad truly hits the listener where it hurts.

4. “Cool Kids” By Echosmith

All the students who feel like they do not fit in now have an anthem in Echosmith‘s “Cool Kids.” When we are in middle and high school, our insecurities seem to take control more than ever.

We see the cool kids and assume that they have everything figured out. The truth is, they don’t. For instance, they drive fast cars, but they might also be clueless about what path they want to take in life.

In the song, Echosmith tells the story of two students who dream of being cool kids. The girl feels invisible, and the boy is jealous of their extravagant lives. Both students crave the fearlessness with which the cool kids go through life.

5. “Liability” By Lorde

One of Lorde’s most famous songs, “Royals,” describes the feeling of loving yourself for being unique. “Liability,” on the other hand, examines the flip side.

This slow-paced hit follows a girl who struggles with relationships. She explains that everyone leaves her because she is too much. One man even describes his relationship with her as poison.

Crushed, the girl goes home and tries to convince herself that she is enough. She finds herself thinking about the people who use her for fun until her wild nature overwhelms them. Finally, the girl decides that she must be too hard for anyone to handle.

6. “Unwell” By Matchbox Twenty

Sometimes, we all feel crazy. In “Unwell,” the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty explains his battle with anxiety, and many of us can resonate.

When a man hears voices and talks to himself in public, he knows that many would consider him crazy. He expects that, soon, he will be locked up for acting insane. Desperate to be understood, he begs the listener to recognize that he may seem crazy, but he is only unwell. And he needs help.

Vocalist Rob Thomas describes the feeling that he is in the middle of a breakdown. He knows that he has changed, but no one seems to care.

7. “Stressed Out” By Twenty One Pilots

In our next hit, “Stressed Out,” Twenty One Pilots describe a longing to turn back time. The band describes the good old days as the time when we were kids. It was so simple when our mothers took care of us while we played with friends.

The song is all about the transition between childhood and adulthood. It shows us that as we age, we become riddled with anxieties about ourselves and the world around us. A line says, “But now I’m insecure, and I care what people think.” We shouldn’t care what others think, but we always do.

Another line in the song is notable. It says, “My name’s Blurryface, and I care what you think.” The singer tells us that he values others’ opinions of him. This could be good, but this could also feed our insecurities because it means forever pleasing the people around us.

8. “Unpretty” By TLC

Many women would certainly relate to the message of TLC‘s “Unpretty.” It comes to a point when, in a woman’s desire to please her man, she changes herself. But all she accomplishes is losing herself and feeling insecure.

As shown in the lyrics, “My outsides look cool, My insides are blue.” She may look attractive in her makeup and beautiful clothes. But when she smiles, it doesn’t reach her eyes.

TLC also comments on modern beauty. They describe how women can change their physical appearance. They can go to a salon to get hair extensions, and they can get plastic surgery to fix a body part. Still, these are not enough.

9. “If I’m Insecure” By James Blake

Many of the songs on this list have examined toxic relationships as the result of insecurity. But James Blake describes a healthy relationship despite feelings of insecurity in “If I’m Insecure.”

In this song with insecure in the title, Blake explains that he is unsure about most situations. However, the person he loves brings the sunshine in by being loyal and listening.

“If I’m Insecure” also lists contradictions that often plague us. Blake explores feeling happiness while being unable to sleep. He also recognizes that life is precious but finds himself wasting it. Despite all of this frustration, Blake embraces the confusion when he is with his loved one.

10. “Scars To Your Beautiful” By Alessia Cara

Oftentimes, we are the most unforgiving to ourselves. Alessia Cara‘s “Scars to Your Beautiful” is a beacon of hope for those who can only see their own shortcomings.

In the lyrics, Alessia Cara describes a girl who will do anything to be pretty. She cuts herself, starves herself, and refuses to cry. This girl cannot see that she is beautiful, perhaps because society has such high expectations for women.

Cara promises her listeners that they do not need to change. If the world does not like them, the world should change. This song sends a powerful message about finding your inner beauty, even when the world overlooks it.

11. “Cry Pretty” By Carrie Underwood

It’s liberating to be able to fully embrace yourself, flaws and all. Carrie Underwood would surely agree, as shown in her song “Cry Pretty.”

She makes a powerful statement about accepting your imperfections. She begins the song by explaining that she works hard to hide her emotions regardless of the repercussions. Then, she apologizes to anyone who does not like to see her cry.

Underwood emphasizes that crying is one of the only things you cannot hide. And when you cry, it is never pretty. She tells the listeners to accept the pain and “let it flow like a river.”

12. “Things I’ll Never Say” By Avril Lavigne

Our next song mentions insecurity in the context of a serious relationship. In “Things I’ll Never Say,” Avril Lavigne emphasizes the desire to be perfect for her lover.

There are many things she wishes she could say, but the words will not come out of her mouth. Why? Because she feels nervous. That keeps her from saying all the things that matter.

Many of us can relate to this struggle between being honest with a significant other and scaring them away. Perhaps we are worried that we are being clingy, or we might end up saying the wrong things. But sometimes, it’s just the insecurity getting the best of us.

13. “Lies” By Lee Brice

There are a lot of thought-provoking messages in Lee Brice‘s single, “Lies.” When you listen to the song, you’ll find out how insecurity makes us think about ourselves.

In the song, Brice shines a light on marketing that targets our insecurities. TV ads promote pills and products to ‘fix’ anything. People believe that they are broken and crazy because nothing can fix them. Then, he describes a couple on the verge of divorce. But they decide that they are not quitting.

Brice leaves us with the truth that we are strong and redeemable and that we can struggle without failing. We just don’t give ourselves credit where credit is due.

14. “Wish I Could Be Her” By K. Michelle

In K. Michelle‘s “Wish I Could Be Her,” she explores self-esteem and identity in the context of comparison and perceived inadequacy. She addresses feelings of insecurity, using the metaphor of wishing to be someone else as a way to escape these feelings.

The lyrics find the narrator longing to be like another woman, suggesting a dissatisfaction with her own identity. Her desire to be someone else is a direct manifestation of her insecurities and lack of self-love. She feels she is not good enough and that she fails in comparison to this other woman.

In essence, the song shows us how discontentment with oneself can fuel feelings of insecurity. It reminds us of the damaging effects of comparison and the importance of accepting and loving oneself.

15. “Insecurities” By Jess Glynne

Our next song, “Insecurities” by Jess Glynne, addresses insecurity from a personal level. The narrative delves into one’s journey of belongingness and understanding in a chaotic world.

In the lyrics, we find the narrator grappling with self-doubt and inadequacy. She stretches herself “too thin” in an attempt to fit into societal expectations. This struggle forms the core theme of the song.

In addition, “Insecurities” highlights the process of overcoming insecurities. The narrator recognizes them as part of her identity and learns to navigate life despite them. The song reminds us that everyone has insecurities, and it’s okay to acknowledge them.

16. “Guess I’m Dumb” By Glen Campbell

Let’s explore insecurity in the context of a romantic relationship in Glen Campbell‘s “Guess I’m Dumb.” Aside from insecurity, the song also explores themes of self-doubt, regret, and self-deprecation following a breakup.

The narrator reflects on his inability to make sound decisions, evident in the phrase “Guess I’m dumb.” This self-deprecating admission reveals a deep-seated insecurity about his judgment abilities and self-worth. especially where love and relationships are concerned.

Another aspect of insecurity that the song highlights is the narrator’s struggles to express his feelings. This further fuels his feelings of inadequacy and regret.

17. “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” By Patty Loveless

Another song that delves into insecurity within the context of a failing relationship is “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” by Patty Loveless. In particular, it addresses feelings of being misunderstood and overlooked. Both of these are common manifestations of insecurity.

The narrator feeling unseen and unknown by her partner leads to a profound sense of isolation and self-doubt. These emotions can be unsettling and fuel feelings of insecurity.

In addition, she struggles with her identity as a result of feeling that her true self is not appreciated. The lack of recognition leads to further insecurities about her worth and value in the relationship.

18. “I Suck” By Mark Ronson

Sometimes it’s difficult to openly confront feelings of insecurity, particularly those related to self-doubt and low self-esteem. But in “I Suck” by Mark Ronson featuring Rivers Cuomo, the narrator bluntly admits his negative self-perception.

Ronson and Cuomo are able to capture the raw emotions that come with struggling with anxiety and depression. The lyrics paint a picture of the narrator’s internal battle as he experiences feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.

“I Suck” also focuses on the insecurities that arise from a broken heart. It indicates that failed relationships can lead to a sense of self-doubt and heightened insecurity.

19. “Don’t Delete The Kisses” By Wolf Alice

The 2017 single “Don’t Delete The Kisses” by Wolf Alice explores insecurity in the realm of love and relationships. It perfectly captures the doubts, fears, and anxieties that accompany the early stages of falling in love.

The line “What if it’s not meant for me? Love” reflects the narrator’s struggle with uncertainty and doubt. It illustrates her deep-seated insecurity about her worthiness of love and her place in the relationship.

The title serves as a metaphor for her fear of rejection and her desire for validation. It also symbolizes the small gestures of affection in a relationship that can be overlooked when one is feeling insecure.

20. “My Stupid Mouth” By John Mayer

In the context of insecurity, John Mayer‘s “My Stupid Mouth” pertains to communication within interpersonal relationships. The narrator finds himself saying the wrong things at the wrong time. This leads to awkward situations and misunderstandings.

The repeated pattern of verbal missteps unfortunately leads to insecurity about his ability to communicate. This is directly addressed in the lines “I’m never speaking up again, It only hurts me.” His fear of saying something wrong is a form of social anxiety, a common aspect of insecurity.

Furthermore, the song reflects on the insecurities that arise from the fear of rejection. His constant worry about how his words are perceived by others illustrates his fear of being misunderstood due to his communication style.

21. “Insecure” By Jazmine Sullivan And Bryson Tiller

Lastly, we have “Insecure” by Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller. Released in 2017, the song explores the insecurities that arise within romantic relationships.

At its core, “Insecure” is a commentary on the emotional vulnerabilities that people often struggle with in their relationships. The narrators in the song deal with issues arising from insecurity and lack of trust.

In particular, Sullivan’s character is overwhelmed by her partner’s controlling behavior. Tiller’s character, on the other hand, experiences insecurities that fuel the cycle of mistrust and control.

In essence, “Insecure” captures the tension and emotional turmoil that occur when insecurities remain unaddressed. These insecurities can lead to destructive behaviors such as control and suspicion.

Summing Up Our List Of Insecurity Songs

Overcoming insecurity can seem impossible. There will always be those who build us up and those who criticize us. Unfortunately, the criticism often sticks with us longer.

To make matters worse, our biggest enemy is ourselves. Sometimes, we are more unforgiving than others where our welfare is concerned. But this should not be the case. More than anyone else, we owe it to ourselves to be our number one fan.

If you find yourself feeling insecure, try listening to some of the songs listed above. Remember that everyone struggles with insecurity, and you can overcome it.

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