23 Of The Best Songs About Grandpas, Grandads And Papas

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Each one of us probably has a special place in our hearts for our grandfathers. If you do, then you’ll relate to the songs on this list. Below, we’ve compiled 23 of the best songs about grandpas that will move you.

So whether you’ve lost your grandpa or still have him around to cherish, these songs highlight how beautiful grandfather-and-grandchild relationships can be and the impact granddads make. Let’s get started.

1. “Grandpa Told Me So” By Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is a popular American country artist with over 20 albums and dozens of top singles. He sings about love, life, pain, and everything in between, including this meaningful song about a grandfather.

This folksy song has all the classic elements of a country song and focuses on all the little things the narrator’s grandfather taught him, like knowing when fish will bite just by the moon.

These small pearls of wisdom add up to a lifetime of insight and encourage the narrator not to let fear hold them back from living life to the fullest and enjoying every adventure that comes their way.

2. “I’m My Own Grandpa” By Willie Nelson

Country singer-songwriter Willie Nelson is one of the most iconic American singers there is. He developed the country subgenre called outlaw country, which breaks many rules and follows its own path. The title of this song, “I’m My Own Grandpa,” is more literal than you may think.

People often think it’s about the complexity of raising and caring for yourself. But the song is actually about a very weird and convoluted story of the narrator’s dad marrying the daughter of the narrator’s new wife.

Following the lyrics will definitely confuse you, and you’re not alone in that. However, the playful and humorous lyrics are catchy and hard to resist.

3. “In Color” By Jamey Johnson

Jamey Johnson is an American country singer and songwriter. He’s not the most famous artist, but he has a few hits that put him on the map. “In Color” is a hidden gem of his, a lovely and powerful song about a grandfather sharing his memories with his grandson.

Looking at old black-and-white photos with the narrator, the grandfather tells stories of his life and how it felt to be there. He states that the “shades of grey keep covered” what you can’t see in the picture, and his grandson should have seen it in color.

The song captures the power of a single photograph while touching on the beautiful wisdom grandfathers can pass on thanks to their rich experiences.

4. “Afire Love” By Ed Sheeran

There are very few people who don’t know Ed Sheeran, as he is one of the most celebrated contemporary singer-songwriters. The English artist is world famous for his poetic lyrics and deeply emotional messages and stories, and “Afire Love” is another one of these heartbreaking ballads.

The song is about his grandfather having dementia and losing his memory, which held so many beautiful stories. The narrator even recalls the song his grandpa used to sing to his grandma.

The lyrics discuss the pain of having someone you love not recognize your face and that you can’t reminisce and fully engage with them in their last moments. Nevertheless, his love for his grandfather persists powerfully, even after his passing.

5. “Grandpa” By Justin Moore

A song with “Grandpa” in the title is obviously about a grandfather. And for country music singer Justin Moore, this is about his loving relationship with his grandpa.

The lyrics are about his grandfather being there for him through every moment of his life, big and small, from his baptism to his high school football games to his marriage and more. His grandfather was a simple American man.

Released in 2009 in Moore’s eponymous album, “Grandpa” captures the quintessential country vibe that makes him a hero and monument in the narrator’s eyes.

6. “Granddaddy’s Song” By Kyle Bennett Band

The country music group Kyle Bennett Band isn’t topping the charts yet but has many loyal fans who adore their music. “Granddaddy’s Song” is a tribute to the narrator’s deceased grandfather and how great of a man he was. His grandfather taught him to be a confident but respectful man.

He showed the narrator how to stay confident and honorable, even in the worst times when everything is falling apart. The grandfather died when the narrator was only ten, but he still instilled love and strength in him that he carries with him every day.

7. “The Grandpa Song” By Cody Johnson

Another American country singer, Cody Johnson, has released six albums and collaborated with several big names. Many of his songs have charted, while others, like “The Grandpa Song,” are not so well known.

“The Grandpa Song” has folksy and strong lyrics where the narrator wishes his grandfather was still around to instill wisdom, but he also knows his grandfather would be disappointed with how the world is.

The song has political themes, which can be divisive, but the message of missing a dead loved one is universal. He sings about how his grandfather was one of a kind, and the world will forever miss him.

8. “Grandpa’s Groove” By Parov Stelar And AronChupa

Next, we have a song from European singers Parov Stelar and AronChupa. Together, they’ve created experimental sounds with a blend of jazz, electronic, pop, and hip-hop elements. Released in 2016, “Grandpa’s Groove” is one fun example.

The two artists have said that the song was inspired by the story “The Old Man and the Sea” and follows the tale of an unlucky old man named Santiago trying to catch a fish for several 85 days in a row and failing.

While there is not a grandpa-and-grandchild relationship in the song, Santiago is known by all as Grandpa, and they sing about his unlucky streak that they call his groove.

9. “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)” By The Judds

We love our grandpas because of everything they’ve experienced in life and the sage advice they can give because of it. The Judds‘ country ballad “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)” perfectly captures this.

This song is about wishing things in the world weren’t so complicated, and the narrator longs for simpler times. They sing to their grandpa, asking him to talk about the old times and wondering if things have always been this tough, unfair, and sad.

“Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)” has some mild political themes, touching on the loss of religion and commitment in the modern world. On a deeper message, the narrator just wants her grandpa’s opinion on events, old and new.

10. “The Rocket That Grandpa Rode” By Jimmy Buffett

Does Jimmy Buffet even need an introduction? He’s one of the most iconic country singer-songwriter in America. He often uses themes of island escapism and letting go, but “The Rocket That Grandpa Rode” is a little different.

The song still has whimsical and playful lyrics, but the message is more about how amazing America’s exploration of space is inspiring and sensational. He croons about Neil Armstrong and other spacemen and women!

The inspiration for this song came from Armstrong’s actual grandchildren, as they uttered the title of this song behind Buffet, which inspired him to write this tribute to the great men and women of NASA.

11. “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” By Riley Green

Singer-songwriter Riley Green has written many country love songs and upbeat tracks. However, “I Wish Grandpas Never Died,” released in his album Soundtrack to Summer 2019, is more sentimental and meaningful.

The title of the song says it all. But along with wishing grandpas could live forever, the narrator also laments about other unfair things in the world, like dogs getting old, gas prices going up, and running out of beer.

Some of these sound silly, but the song is heartfelt and sweet. Life moves quickly and is far from perfect, with plenty of hurt and sadness, and the narrator vents about all this in the song.

12. “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” By Justin Moore

Next up, we have another song about grandpas from Justin Moore, exemplifying the singer’s sentimentality and thoughtfulness when it comes to family and death. In “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” Moore sings about wishing he could just visit heaven to hang out with his beloved grandfather, who passed away.

He wishes his kids could play with his grandpa and drive around in his truck, but heaven is too far. The narrator goes on to lament about other people he’s lost in his life and how hard it is not being able to see them.

Featured in Moore’s 2011 album Outlaws Like Me, the song beautifully and painfully captures how the sting of loss never truly goes away, no matter how much time passes and what changes.

13. “Grandfather” By Stephen Lynch

Pennsylvanian musician and singer Stephen Lynch is known to utilize the common elements of country music but put a funny spin on each song. “Grandfather,” from his 2003 album Superhero, is no different.

The lyrics open with the narrator saying how odd life would be when his father and grandfather die, but the message quickly devolves into a materialistic and desperate pleading.

He begins to wish his grandfather would die so he can collect his inheritance and pay off all his bills. It’s supremely morbid and uncomfortable, but at the heart is humor, so don’t take it too seriously.

14. “That’s What Grandpas Do” By Gord Bamford

Released in 2018 in Gord Bamford‘s album Neon Smoke, we have another sentimental classic called “That’s What Grandpas Do.” As the title suggests, it references all grandpas in the lyrics and everything they’re known to do.

The narrator sings about some of the wonderful memories we might have had with our grandfathers, like learning how to drive, going fishing, and more. It beautifully expresses the special bond between grandfather and grandchild.

“That’s What Grandpas Do” ends by reminding the listener to love their grandpa while they can because sooner or later, their sweet grandfather is not going to be there with them anymore.

15. “The Grandpa That I Know” By Patty Loveless

The melancholic lyrics of “The Grandpa That I Know” is one that can bring tears to your eyes, and Patty Loveless‘s gentle voice adds even more depth as you listen to this soft country song about her grandpa.

“The Grandpa That I Know” takes place at the funeral of the narrator’s grandfather. She sings about this day—how they’re not playing his favorite song, how he’s wearing a suit instead of his overalls, and she worries God may not recognize him because of that.

She swears to forget the day of his funeral and only remembers him as who he truly was, a kind, modest, hardworking man who loved his family dearly.

16. “They Don’t Make Em’ Like That Anymore” By Jason Blaine

For some reason, grandfathers are just built differently. Perhaps it’s because of their upbringing or the harsher times of the past, but whatever the reason, Canadian country singer Jason Blaine put these same thoughts into the song “They Don’t Make Em’ Like That Anymore.”

From his 2011 album Life so Far, Blaine laments the difference between men before, grandfathers in particular, to men now. He mentions grandpas of old as someone who was a kind, respectful, and dedicated gentleman.

The lyrics go on to talk about how the narrator’s grandfather loved his grandmother, how he was there for his children, and even his unwavering kindness toward strangers. That’s not something we often see nowadays.

17. “He Walked On Water” By Randy Travis

Everyone probably has high opinions of their grandpas, and Randy Travis, in his 1990 song “He Walked On Water,” says he’s no different.

In this song, Travis sings about how his grandfather may have been flawed, but he still saw him as a hero. He admires that his grandfather was a hard worker but a loving man. The song ends with a few emotional stanzas about the grandfather’s passing.

“He Walked On Water” received critical acclaim when released. It topped Canada’s country chart and landed on #2 on Billboard‘s Country Songs chart, continuing the singer’s iconic status.

18. “Immigrant Eyes” By Willie Nelson

It’s not surprising that Willie Nelson has another song about grandpas, as many of his songs revolve around family and history. In “Immigrant Eyes,” Nelson describes the difficulty his grandfather had coming to America and going through Ellis Island.

Reflected in his grandfather’s eyes, the narrator can see the long road the old man took to get here. It’s full of emotions, both positive and negative. Even as his grandfather ages, his eyes still hold the strength of an immigrant.

Nelson sings about his appreciation for all his grandpa has done for the family and about his own responsibility to carry on his grandfather’s legacy.

19. “Grandfather’s Grandson” By John Baumann

Though John Baumann‘s 2020 song “Grandfather’s Grandson” talks more about the grandson, it touches upon the narrator’s grandpa’s hard work of making a great farm in the past.

The sweet lyrics describe how the narrator knows he is just like his grandfather, and he’s proud to be that way. He sings about protecting his grandpa’s land and legacy from big corporations and the rest of the world.

“Grandfather’s Grandson” has a rich sentimentality along with some edginess that comes from the defiant theme. It also has elements that reference the American dream, which his grandfather achieved.

20. “Big Sky, MT” By Said The Whale

The Canadian indie rock band Said the Whale also had something to say about their grandfather in their song “Big Sky, MT.” Released in 2012 in their album Little Mountain, the song fits the theme of this list in that it regales us with the things their grandpas taught them.

The beautiful poetic lyrics of “Big Sky, MT” is layered and cryptic, but the narrator’s grandfather in nature is a theme throughout. The old man is a gentle soul who teaches him how to fish and identify flowers.

A deeper interpretation, however, is a reminder to us listeners to appreciate every tiny moment of our lives. We should take the time to stop and smell the roses, pick wildflowers, and gaze at the stars.

21. “Alabama Sky” By Alabama

Country music group Alabama is from, you guessed it, Alabama. Though they’re not the biggest name in country music, they’ve released some delightful songs, including this 1983 track about a grandpa called “Alabama Sky.”

The lyrics focus on the immense dignity the narrator’s grandfather had and what an honorable working man he was. Beneath the great Alabama sky, his grandfather tells him about his life and drops pearls of wisdom.

The narrator continues to sing about how much he loved his grandfather and how much he could feel his grandfather’s love for him as he reminisces the moments he had with his grandfather under the Alabama sky.

22. “The Journey Of Your Life” By Jake Owen

Most of the songs we’ve listed have one theme in common: the hard work and experiences their grandpa’s been through and the words of wisdom he’s shared. And Jake Owen‘s “The Journey of Your Life” is no different.

This song is one of his most beautiful ones lyrically, starting with imagery of a tough old grandpa experienced in the war. Owen continues with all the advice the old man imparted to him and how he misses his grandfather, but he knows that he’s still with him, watching him grow and change.

From Owen’s 2011 album Barefoot Blue Jean Night, “The Journey of Your Life,” is a lovely reminder that the loved ones we lose are always with us in some way.

23. “Granddaddy’s Chair” By Kane Brown

We end this list with “Granddaddy’s Chair” by country pop singer Kane Brown. The song was included in Brown’s eponymous debut album in 2016, which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums.

Like so many other songs about grandpas, Brown sings about remembering his grandfather rocking in his chair and playing with the grandkids. It focuses on missing the deceased grandfather and wishing he could come back.

A major theme in this track is wanting to make his grandfather proud. Brown wants to live a life the old man would admire were he alive.

Summing Up Our List Of Grandpa Songs

There are so many songs about grandpas out there, but one thing in common about them all is how they can resonate with listeners, whether we’ve lost a grandfather or are still enjoying their presence.

While most are country songs, songs about grandpas come from many genres. After all, almost everyone has a grandfather they admire and love.

Have we missed a song about grandfathers that should be on this list? Let us know and we’ll add them!

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