21 Of The Best Songs About Grandmas, Grandmothers And Nanas

Written by Dan Farrant
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Grandma, granny, nana, grammy… There are so many affectionate ways to call this woman who holds a special place in our hearts.

Indeed, it’s a huge blessing to have a grandmother who you can run to for your favorite pot pie or for a listening ear after a fight with Mom or Dad. They are the nurturing, caring, and loving matriarchs of families.

As a way to celebrate these amazing women, we have pulled together 21 of the best songs about grandma. Enjoy reading!

1. “Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise)” By Alicia Keys

Time is fleeting. Sooner or later, there will be no more chances to spend time with your grandmother. Before that happens, Alicia Keys plans to bond with her grandma. “Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise)” details how she wants to do it.

We can tell from the song of a deep relationship shared between a granddaughter and her grandma. But the younger woman recognizes that her grandma doesn’t have long to live.

And so she won’t let things come in the way of their time together. She will have as many conversations as she can with her. She will give her gifts. But above all, she will be there as much as she can.

2. “marjorie” By Taylor Swift

There’s no doubt how important mothers are to us. But grandmas are special. Taylor Swift shared with us just how special her grandmother is in “marjorie.”

The song is a tribute to her grandma, Marjorie, whom she didn’t have the chance to know fully. However, their times together made way for some important lessons that Swift would go back to years later.

Throughout the song, the singer lists all the little nuggets of wisdom she learned from Marjorie. And even years later, after her death, Swift feels as if her grandma is still around, guiding her.

3. “Grandma’s House” By Killer Mike

In 2008, Killer Mike released his third album, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II. One of his most famous songs, “Grandma’s House,” came on this record. Years later, it still has a solid following of listeners who appreciate the song and message.

In a song with “grandma” in the title, there’s a boy who has to grow to be a man sooner than others. While under the care of his grandma, he commits acts that he knows she wouldn’t be okay with him doing.

In fact, he knows she’s going to be heartbroken if she finds out what is happening. So he works quietly and quickly to finish the work without her knowing.

4. “Grandma’s Hands” By Bill Withers

From the album Just As I Am came Bill Withers‘ hit single “Grandma’s Hands.” Categorized as R&B and Soul, the song resonated with many listeners the year of its release and for several years afterward.

The lyrics paint a story of all the memories in which the singer’s grandmother showed up positively. He takes special notice of her hands and how she uses them to comfort others and protect her loved ones.

At the end of the song, the singer reveals that Grandma is no longer around. He resolves that the first thing he’d do once he gets to heaven is find her hands.

5. “Grandma” By A$AP Ferg

American rapper A$AP Ferg released his album Always Strive and Prosper in 2016. One of his most acclaimed songs, “Grandma,” is on the album. This song and the lyrics behind it are deeply impactful for many listeners.

The underlying concept of this song is the overwhelming desire to make his grandmother proud of all of his accomplishments. Knowing that she had a hard time before she passed away, he wants to have just a few minutes to tell her that he made something of himself.

Many people can understand this same emotional pull to want to reconnect with a loved one who has passed.

6. “Grandma’s Garden” By Zac Brown

Singer-songwriter Zac Brown released a song titled “Grandma’s Garden” and an album of the same name. Both were released in 2016 and were an instant hit among fans.

The lyrics tell a story of how the work that Grandma put into her garden resembled how she dealt with life. Not only did she put a lot of work into creating the perfect plants, but she also made sure to weed out the negativity in her life.

Therefore, she was surrounded by beauty in a garden and beauty in the people who surrounded her on earth.

7. “Grandma’s Song” By Gail Davies

Another beautiful ode to a grandma is Gail Davies‘ “Grandma’s Song.” It is evident from the lyrics that the song is about an individual that meant a lot to the singer.

No wonder there, as Davies wrote the song as a tribute to her own grandmother. According to her, her grandma was “a gentle old soul.” She didn’t have a person she didn’t love with her whole heart.

Her grandmother taught her a lot about life and music, which made her into the person she is today. The only thing she can wish for is to inherit her Grandma’s gentle soul.

8. “Nan’s Song” By Robbie Williams

In our next song, Robbie Williams explains his deep love for his grandmother. “Nan’s Song” was included in his Escapology album.

In this emotional ballad, Williams recounts the memory of his Nan. She told him that when she died, she would still walk alongside him in his life. He didn’t like to hear her say such things at the time, but now he knows she is still with him.

His Nan makes good on her promise, making her presence feel known. He believes that though she found a home in heaven, they let her down so she could look after him.

9. “Grandma’s Feather Bed” By John Denver

From the folk album Back Home Again, John Denver introduced the world to his song “Grandma’s Feather Bed.” Released in 1974, it’s a familiar song that many know today.

Denver recalls the times in childhood when the family would gather at Grandma’s house for a good meal and quality time together. But at the center of these memories is the feather bed that belonged to his Grandma.

The massive size of this furniture is the highlight of every visit. The bed can fit eight children, four dogs, and a piggy. As what happens when cousins are around, they don’t have much sleep. But it’s always a fun time.

10. “Sunday Candy” By The Social Experiment

For some people, their grandmothers have a huge influence on their life. Such is the case in “Sunday Candy” by the Chicago music collective The Social Experiment, from their Surf album. Specifically, the song is a tribute to member Chance the Rapper’s grandma.

The song intertwines themes of family, faith, and love. The title itself refers to the candies that Chance’s grandma gives to children who come to church. The Sunday candy is used as a metaphor to show the deep bond between Chance and his grandmother.

In essence, “Sunday Candy” is a moving homage to all grandmothers. The song illustrates how they have significant roles in our lives.

11. “Grandma” By Gretchen Wilson

Another song with “grandma” in the lyrics is Gretchen Wilson‘s “Grandma,” which was released in 2013. Like some of the previous songs, “Grandma” is Wilson’s tribute to her own grandmother.

This song is a little different as it takes a different approach to the typical memories we have seen in other songs. This one documents how the singer’s 92-year-old Grandma regrets never being high.

The Grandma also regrets not trying things when she was younger. It’s always too late to realize that things pass away. To prevent this, the singer gives her a joint. This memory is what’s left of her grandma, who “slipped to the other side” with a smile on her face.

12. “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” By Dr. Elmo And Patsy

In 1979, the musical duo of Elmo Shropshire and Patsy Trigg released the humorous Christmas song “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”

This song is a hit on the radio every Christmas holiday with its funny lyrics. So we find Grandma getting drunk on eggnog on Christmas Eve. Despite her family begging her not to go, she steps out of the house. The family finds her the next day, with obvious clues that one of Santa’s reindeer ran her over.

While everyone mourns her death, Grandpa celebrates Christmas as if nothing is out of the ordinary. He watches football, drinks, and plays cards.

13. “Grandma Plays The Numbers” By Wynonie Harris

Since 1949, listeners have been enjoying “Grandma Plays the Numbers” by Wynonie Harris.

This is a song that mentions “Grandma” participating in a lottery game. Perhaps, at this time, the lottery was still illegal. So playing the numbers has a certain excitement to it.

Still, the singer’s Grandma couldn’t hide what she does, and so her grandson and family find out about it. The lyrics suggest that she gets the numbers from the price tags of the bananas she buys at the fruit stand.

14. “Step-Grandma” By Salvatore Ganacci

You don’t often hear about songs devoted to a step-grandma. Additionally, it’s even rare to find an entire album of that name. However, Salvatore Ganacci accomplished both in 2021 with “Step-Grandma” and an album of the same name.

The lyrics to “Step-Grandma” are straightforward. Although the song isn’t in English, there are translations available. The words say “Don’t Let Go” repeatedly to a dance beat.

You can take the lyrics in many ways, but it boils down to not letting go of someone who was a massive part of your life.

15. “Grandmother Song” By Sheffy Oren Bach

Up next, we have Sheffy Oren Back‘s “Grandmother Song.” This was released in 2018 from the album of the same name and is a call to women everywhere to be strong.

In the lyrics, the singer begins by saying that she hears the message from the grandmothers in her life. They are calling her to “stand in your power,” “give birth, give life,” and “teach them, be wise.”

We can tell that these are the lessons that they’ve learned during their time and wanted to impart to their granddaughter. They implore her to heed their advice as it will guide her in her own journey.

16. “Grandma Harp” By Merle Haggard

Country music artist Merle Haggard was a well-known musician. His album, Let Me Tell You About a Song, which he released in 1972, helped to solidify his place in the ranks. The song that brought him a lot of popularity from the album is “Grandma Harp.”

Telling the story of his grandmother in just a few short lines is an impossible feat, as he says in the song. However, the singer does his best to put forth a great impression of the woman who helped to form his life.

Haggard speaks highly of his Grandma Harp. She lived up to 90 years of age and witnessed how much the world has changed during her time.

17. “All That Matters” By Tom Walker

We can learn so much from our grandmothers, who have seen and experienced a lot. Tom Walker‘s grandma has an important lesson to share with him in “All that Matters.”

The singer’s grandma tells him that “Love is all that matters in the end” and proceeds to show why. She recounts all the challenges she faced, including her husband leaving her. But after raising children and now her grandchildren, she learned that love is all we have that can’t be taken away.

That’s why it’s important to live life fully because there’s only one life. Chase your dreams, and do what you want. Otherwise, you’ll end up regretting them when you’re in old age.

18. “Better Days” By Dianne Reeves

Our next song is as old as our grandmothers. But “Better Days” certainly left a lasting mark when it comes to appreciating our grandmas. The song was released in Dianne Reeves‘ album Welcome to My Love.

The lyrics are from the perspective of a granddaughter, showing us important parts of her life where her Grandma taught her about love and life. One of the most important lessons the old woman imparted to her was learning to be patient to get to better days. Sometimes it means going through a dark night.

Years later, after her Grandma died, the singer still remembers what she used to say. That even though she stumbles and falls, she’ll eventually see better days.

19. “Clancy’s Tavern” By Toby Keith

In another ode to a grandmother, country music artist Toby Keith has “Clancy’s Tavern.” This song was released in 2011 as the title track of an album of the same name.

While it wasn’t her real name, Keith’s grandmother was nicknamed Clancy due to being a saloon owner. She ran a supper club for most of her life, and the singer has fond memories of being at the tavern during his childhood.

This song speaks to the good times spent at the place that made his grandmother smile. Many can understand the happiness those memories bring to you over time.

20. “Helena” By My Chemical Romance

The rock band My Chemical Romance often releases music that resonates intensely with emotions. One such is “Helena” from their album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

Helena is a tribute to the grandmother of two band members. The lyrics show she was supportive of their music career, and they attribute much of their success to her. The singers emphasize regret for not spending enough time with her in her final days.

The grief many feel during this time is similar to what the singers portray in “Helena.” The band does a great job of putting the emotions into words for all to understand.

21. “My Angel” By Kellie Pickler

We often use the endearment “my angel” for someone important to us. For Kellie Pickler, “My Angel” is her grandmother, with whom she fostered a strong relationship.

In the lyrics, the singer talks about the challenges she faces with no longer having her in her life. The old woman had such a huge impact on her that her death left a hole in the singer’s life.

The singer looks up to her grandmother and is grateful that the latter loved her like no one else did. Even with the old woman gone, the singer wishes she could be like her angel.

Summing Up Our List Of Grandma Songs

Grandmas are truly life’s blessings. The ones referred to in the songs above proved how loving they are to their families and grandchildren. Most especially, they nurtured the people around them and brought the family together.

Finding the right words to adequately express our emotions toward them can be difficult. But let our songs above serve as the bridge.

If you still have a grandma, you’re more lucky than you’ll ever know. So show some appreciation and love today by telling them how much you love them.

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