25 Of The Best Songs About Fake Friends

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Friendships are threads that weave together moments of joy, support, and understanding. However, not all connections stand the test of authenticity.

Many of us have encountered the sting of betrayal, the disappointment of false camaraderie, and the realization that some so-called friends were mere illusions. It’s a universal experience that artists often capture in their music.

Join us as we check out 25 of the best songs about fake friends. When you’re ready, press play and dive into the world of musical narratives that speak to the heart.

1. “Fake Love” By Drake

The heart-wrenching experience of discovering fake friends in your circle can be brutal. The Canadian rapper Drake describes this perfectly in his 2016 track “Fake Love.”

In the song, Drake reflects on the superficiality that sometimes accompanies success. He realizes that some people in his life are there for the glitz and glamour rather than genuine connection.

With lines like “I got fake people showin’ fake love to me,” Drake makes it clear that not everyone around you may be offering sincere support. It’s a powerful reminder to stay vigilant in relationships and to value those who show genuine love.

2. “Bad Blood” By Taylor Swift And Kendrick Lamar

Collaborating with Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift gave us “Bad Blood,” which took the music scene by storm in 2015. The song’s narrative revolves around the theme of betrayal and fractured friendships.

Its lyrics suggest a fallout between friends, with Swift expressing feelings of betrayal and hurt. The catchy chorus, “Now we got bad blood, you know it used to be mad love,” captures the essence of a once-solid friendship that has disintegrated into animosity.

“Bad Blood” serves as a reminder that even in the glitzy world of fame, the struggle with fake friends and fractured relationships is an all too real and relatable experience.

3. “Careful” By Paramore

Up next is Paramore‘s “Careful,” a song about friendships and the sting of betrayal. It was released as a single from their Brand New Eyes album in 2010.

The lyrics depict the aftermath of a fractured friendship, with the singer expressing the emotional toll of being deceived. The line “The truth never set me free, so I did it myself” speaks to the necessity of self-reliance and the courage it takes to confront fake friends.

The message of “Careful” is clear: not everyone who walks into our lives with a smile is worthy of trust. It urges listeners to be mindful of the authenticity of those claiming to be friends.

4. “Enemies” By Post Malone Ft. Dababy

Next, we have a song that takes us on a journey of realizing that those who were once close friends can turn into enemies. “Enemies,” featuring DaBaby, was released by Post Malone in 2019.

The narrator sings about so-called friends who switch sides when the tide turns. They weren’t there for him when he “was shit broke.” Now that he’s rich, they’re all calling him for tickets to his show.

“Enemies” serves as a somber reminder of the potential for relationships to sour, especially in the face of success and fame. It’s a powerful anthem for anyone who’s been let down by those they thought they could trust.

5. “Real Friends” By Kanye West

The 2016 song “Real Friends” by Kanye West revolves around the theme of friendship. It’s also about the challenge of distinguishing true friends from those who are only there when it’s convenient.

The singer shares experiences of the difficulty of maintaining authentic connections in the face of betrayal and superficiality. The narrative unfolds with a sense of vulnerability as West reflects on instances where friends have let him down.

A striking line that underscores the song’s exploration of fake friends is “Real friends, how many of us? How many of us, how many jealous?” This captures the essence of the track. It questions the authenticity of friendships and highlights the prevalence of jealousy and deceit in relationships.

6. “Rolling In The Deep” By Adele

Up next is a song performed by the globally acclaimed British singer Adele. “Rolling in the Deep” is an emotionally charged anthem that delves into the aftermath of a broken relationship and the sense of betrayal that often accompanies it.

The song narrates the pain of discovering that someone she deeply trusted turned out to be deceitful. A key line that underscores this is, “We could have had it all … / You had my heart inside of your hand / and you played it to the beat.”

“Rolling in the Deep” might not directly address the theme of fake friends. However, its sentiment of betrayal and disappointment is relatable to anyone who has experienced insincerity in their relationships.

7. “Best Thing I Never Had” By Beyoncé

Our next song, “Best Thing I Never Had” by Beyoncé, is more than just a breakup anthem. It’s an empowering ode to dodging bullets in relationships of all kinds. Whether you’ve narrowly escaped a toxic love affair or cut ties with a deceitful buddy, this song strikes a chord.

It’s about that liberating moment when you realize being without someone is actually for the best. Beyoncé’s lyrics delve into the idea that missing out on something you once desired can be a lucky break. That is especially true when that something — or someone — would have brought negativity into your life.

“Best Thing I Never Had” doesn’t explicitly mention fake friends. But its message about valuing oneself and rising above mistreatment definitely hits home in the friendship arena, too.

8. “F.F.F.” By Bebe Rexha Ft. G-Eazy

In 2017, Bebee Rexha collaborated with G-Eazy for a song with “fake friends” in the title. “F.F.F.” actually stands for “F*ck Fake Friends,” and the song dives into the theme of dealing with fake friends in life.

The story behind “F.F.F.” revolves around the realization that not everyone who comes into your life is there to stay or to support you genuinely. The lines “Friends come and go, friends come and go / go like the seasons” underscores the impermanence of these relationships.

Overall, “F.F.F.” serves as an anthem for anyone who has experienced betrayal or fake friends in their lives. It encourages listeners to recognize their worth and not waste time on people who treat friendship with insincerity.

9. “Backstabber” By Kesha

Up next is a straightforward dance-pop anthem tackling the theme of betrayal by fake friends. “Backstabber,” by Kesha, revolves around the narrator’s friend, who turns out to be deceitful and untrustworthy.

The lyrics express the narrator’s frustration and disappointment. She realizes that someone she considers a friend is actually talking behind her back and spreading rumors. This person pretends to be a confidant but ends up being the source of gossip and disloyalty.

Kesha sings, “I’m sick and tired of hearing all about my life from other people / with all of your lies wrapped up so tight / So maybe you should shut your mouth.” This way, she calls out the betrayer for their two-faced behavior.

10. “Backstabber” By Eminem

Diving into the world of hip-hop, we have Eminem‘s “Backstabber.” Like the previous song, Eminem addresses issues with a former friend turned foe in his characteristic sharp-tongued style.

In the lyrics, Eminem calls out someone he trusts who has betrayed him. He uses clever wordplay and aggressive lyrics to convey his sense of betrayal and anger toward this individual.

A line that captures the essence of the song’s theme is “I shoulda been able to see that you were the one.” These words express the feeling of regret for misjudging the person’s character and being blindsided by their deceit.

11. “Don’t” By Ed Sheeran

Fake friendships can also extend to romantic relationships. Ed Sheeran expresses this in his track “Don’t.” Its lyrics dive into infidelity and broken trust, which parallels the feelings one might have toward a disloyal friend.

Sheeran’s candid storytelling paints a picture of a partner who steps out of the bounds of their relationship. He expresses his frustration with lines like “Don’t fuck with my love / that heart is so cold.”

Overall, “Don’t” captures the essence of feeling let down by someone you’ve let into your life, whether a friend or a romantic partner. It’s about the realization that the person you trusted was not genuine and the subsequent emotional fallout.

12. “Thank You” By Simple Plan

Contrary to its title, “Thank You” by Simple Plan isn’t about expressing gratitude to supportive friends. Instead, it’s an ironic thanks to those who have been insincere or let them down.

The band uses this track to sarcastically thank people who didn’t believe in them or tried to bring them down. The line “I’ll take the high road like I should” suggests that they’re choosing to move on from the negativity with their heads held high.

“Thank You” is a powerful anthem for anyone who’s ever felt betrayed yet managed to find a silver lining in the disappointment. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best revenge is living well and showing those who doubted you that they were wrong.

13. “Everybody’s Fool” By Evanescence

Released in 2004, Evanescence‘s “Everybody’s Fool” is not exclusively about fake friends. However, it touches on the pain and frustration of realizing someone isn’t genuine. This is a sentiment that can be related to encountering fake friends.

The song narrates the story of someone who is fed up with the lies and superficiality of a person who pretends to be something they’re not. The line “Perfect by nature, icons of self-indulgence” highlights the facade these fake friends present to the world.

At its core, the song captures the essence of dealing with fake friends. It also highlights the disappointment that comes with uncovering their deceitful nature.

14. “Follow Your Arrow” By Kacey Musgraves

Country singer Kacey Musgraves really struck a chord with her song “Follow Your Arrow.” The narrative encourages listeners to make their own choices. It also advises to ignore the judgment that can come from people who might not have their best interests at heart.

Musgraves highlights the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t scenarios life throws at us. This is addressed in the lines “If you won’t have a drink, then you’re a prude / but they’ll call you a drunk as soon as you down the first one.”

This sentiment extends to the realm of friendships. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone — least of all those so-called friends who never truly supported you to begin with.

15. “Lunchbox Friends” By Melanie Martinez

Up next, Melanie Martinez takes on the topic of superficial relationships in “Lunchbox Friends.” She delves into the concept of friends who are only around for certain parts of your life. However, they don’t really stick around or offer any meaningful connection beyond that.

Its lyrics speak of the desire for real, lasting friendships rather than those that are just convenient or based on surface-level interactions. The latter can be likened to “quick friendships” during lunchtime.

Martinez makes a clear distinction between lunchbox friends and true friends. She emphasizes her wish for a “friendship that would last forever.”

16. “Complicated” By Avril Lavigne

In “Complicated,” Avril Lavigne expresses frustration over trying to connect with someone who’s constantly putting up a façade. The story is about craving genuine relationships in a world that often celebrates the artificial.

“You’re trying to be cool, you look like a fool to me” is a line that packs a punch. It encapsulates the essence of dealing with fake friends. It’s the musical equivalent of where one friend says to the other, “Just be yourself, and drop the act.”

It resonates with the common wish for simple, honest relationships. As Lavigne questions the need for complications, her audience finds solace in shared experiences of navigating true versus false connections.

17. “People You Know” By Selena Gomez

In Selena Gomez‘s song “People You Know” from the album Rare, she sheds light on the bittersweet reality that, sometimes, those we once held close can become distant.

The heart of the song lies in its exploration of how connections can fray over time. This is embodied in the line “We used to be close, but people can go from people you know to people you don’t.” This line captures the poignant truth about fake friends.

“People You Know” recognizes that the bonds we form are often transient, subject to the ebb and flow of life’s tides. And within this recognition is a reminder that it’s okay to let go of those who no longer enrich our lives.

18. “All My Friends Are Fake” By Tate McRae

Our next song, “All My Friends Are Fake” by Tate McRae, carries a narrative that’s all too familiar to many of us. It’s the realization that the company we keep might not be as genuine as we once believed.

Filled with confessions and vulnerabilities, the song speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever felt the sting of deception within their social circle. “‘Cause all my friends are fake,” McRae divulges, “They just want me for the day … until they don’t.”

Through this song, McRae invites listeners to reflect on their own lives and consider the authenticity of their relationships. It’s a call to seek out those rare, real gems who will stick by your side no matter what.

19. “FAB” By JoJo Ft. Remy Ma

Like the song “F.F.F.” earlier, JoJo and Remy Ma serve a dish of unabashed honesty in their song “FAB” — “Fake Ass Bitches.” In this vibrant duet, both artists bring their encounters with deceitful individuals to the forefront.

The lyrics tell a tale of realization and empowerment. “See, I’m not gonna let you back in, think you can just stop by again?” JoJo sings, voicing out the strength it takes to recognize and shut the door on phoniness.

What makes “FAB” resonate with its listeners is its call to embrace sincerity in our lives and to bid farewell to so-called friends. It is a reminder to surround ourselves with people who are authentic, rather than those who put on a facade.

20. “Real Friends” By Camila Cabello

In a heartfelt ballad by Camila Cabello, “Real Friends” narrates a personal journey of seeking authenticity in relationships. She sings of the struggles one faces when distinguishing true companions from those who are merely superficial.

Within the verses, the narrator is tired of her friends’ duality. Lines like “I thought that I could trust you, never mind” express her disappointment in them. She goes on to wish she had real friends with whom she could talk.

The simplicity of the song’s message resonates with anyone who’s ever felt alone in a room full of people whose loyalty is questionable. It shows that friendship is not just about numbers or popularity but about quality.

21. “Case Of The Fake People” By TLC

The R&B trio TLC released “Case of the Fake People” in 1994. It tells the story of deceit and falsehood in the narrator’s social circle.

It starts with the narrator believing her friends could do her no wrong. She was disappointed to learn they were all jealous backstabbers. She eventually bids “all the fake people in [her life]” goodbye and sends them on their way.

The message of “Case of the Fake People” is still relevant today. With its upbeat rhythm, it reminds listeners to be vigilant in identifying and distancing themselves from fake friends.

22. “The Middle” By Jimmy Eat World

The 2001 hit “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World has an interesting origin story. A fan expressed feelings of alienation from the punk rock community at her school.

Considering that punk rock should be the last place where one needs to meet certain standards to belong, singer and guitarist Jim Adkins became intrigued. The song came alive as a result.

The message of “The Middle” is of inner strength and validation that doesn’t rely on external approval. It’s about realizing that the quest for acceptance, particularly from those who are unwelcoming or even from fake friends, is a hollow pursuit. It’s also a reminder that it’s okay to be oneself, even if that means standing out or walking a solitary path for a while.

23. “Without Me” By Halsey

Up next is Halsey‘s “Without Me.” It narrates the story of being there for someone who continually takes advantage of the protagonist’s kindness and loyalty.

She expresses the hurt and frustration of realizing that this person only values her when it’s convenient for them. Feeling used and unappreciated, the protagonist confronts the hypocrisy of her so-called friend.

The song captures the emotional turmoil of realizing that the friendship is built on shallow foundations. The protagonist ultimately decides to prioritize her own well-being and walk away from the toxic dynamic.

24. “Smiling Faces Sometimes” By The Undisputed Truth

From The Undisputed Truth‘s self-titled album comes “Smiling Faces Sometimes.” This soulful song is about people who pretend to be friends but harbor ulterior motives. It warns against trusting appearances and emphasizes the importance of seeing through fake smiles.

Lines such as “Beware of the handshake / that hides the snake” and “Beware of the pat on the back / it just might hold you back” are warnings of feigned friendliness. These underscore the idea that not all smiles are genuine.

In this day and age, it is a message that should be heeded more than ever. In a world where social media and filters can easily manipulate appearances, the song’s words ring truer than ever before.

25. “Fake Friends” By Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

We end this list with a Joan Jett & the Blackhearts classic: “Fake Friends.” This rousing anthem with “fake friends” in the lyrics captures the sting of realizing the people you thought had your back were only there for the good times.

The lines “When you were down, they were never there / When you’re all alone, you really get to learn” cut right to the heart of the matter. It’s a cold truth many of us have experienced after finding out who our so-called friends are.

The honesty in the lyrics combined with the driving melody makes “Fake Friends” a stand-out song. It continues to be relevant for new generations. It’s a message we all should heed as we navigate the ups and downs of relationships.

Summing Up Our List Of Fake Friends Songs

And that’s a wrap for our songs addressing fake friendships. Each one serves as a cathartic outlet for those who have experienced similar situations.

Though the theme might be disheartening, let these songs remind us to value real connections and to be wary of those who do not have our best interests at heart.

We hope you found songs to enjoy here and added them to your playlist. If you have recommendations, let us know, and we’ll add them here!

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