10 Of The Best Songs About Delaware: The First State Playlist

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Tucked between Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware is a beautiful state that has been the subject of many songs. It’s known for its beaches, for its air force base, for being one of the only states without sales tax, and for being the first official state of the United States!

The many songs about it are often written by or about artists from the state, ensuring they are honest about its character and beauty. Other songs discuss finding love in Delaware or honoring the fallen troops brought home through Dover Air Base. 

And in this post, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best songs about Delaware. Let’s get started.

1. “Delaware Slide” By George Thorogood And The Destroyers

Released on George Thorogood and the Destroyers’ debut album, “Delaware Slide” is a blues-rock song that lasts nearly eight minutes (but doesn’t feel like it). It only has one verse that repeats throughout the song.

Thorogood, who grew up in Delaware, drives the song forward with his rockin’ blues guitar. The song seemingly takes place right after a breakup, describing riding a “streak of lightning” the night their relationship ended.

The singer gets told that the blues would follow them wherever they go, but they didn’t understand what that would mean until now. 

2. “Delaware” By Arbour Season

Released on Arbour Season’s album Odyssey, “Delaware” is a calming, peaceful love song about finding love in the state. According to the band’s official YouTube page, it is inspired by the meeting of the two songwriters while one of them was performing at a Delaware bar.

The song describes the state as a perfect place to escape and feel love in its truest form. It was released one year after Arbour Season’s song “Leaving Delaware,” which painted the state in a slightly different light.

In contrast, this song looks back at the state fondly and makes the listener feel like they’re also there. 

3. “Dover” By John Flynn

Our third song is John Flynn’s “Dover,” which salutes the troops who died in service to their country. The song depicts various fallen soldiers and their grieving family members.

Its haunting chorus describes an airplane descending from the Delaware skies to bring the fallen home. “Dover” closes by asking the airplane to bring the fallen soldiers down easily. 

The song title references Delaware’s Dover Air Force Base, which Flynn later performed at.

Released on the album Two Wolves, this is one of the most passionate and emotional songs in Flynn’s portfolio.

4. “Our Delaware” By George Beswick Hynson

The state song of Delaware since 1925, “Our Delaware” is an upbeat number based on a poem celebrating the state’s beauty and uniqueness.

Delaware is the only state in the US to consist of just three counties. The original three verses are, appropriately, dedicated to each county.

In 1976, a fourth verse got added to the song for the United States Bicentennial. That is less about Delaware’s landscape and more about liberty and freedom.

Covers of “Our Delaware” have been recorded by Rick Pickren, Small Signals, The Crash, Charles Szabo, and Bobby Dime$.

5. “Is This Thing On?” By The Promise Ring

Halfway through the list, we have “Is This Thing On?” It is a catchy rock song that seemingly pays tribute to the band Air Supply. The lyrics repeatedly ask the state of Delaware questions, wondering if they’re aware of the group and asking the state if they’re even still there.

The song appears to be in the style of a repeating phone answering machine, performed by the band the Promise Ring, who was notable for pushing emo’s second wave in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Despite “Is This Thing On?” being upbeat, it still conveys a rock-emo vibe the Promise Ring is known for.

6. “Delaware” By Perry Como

If you want a song filled to the brim with state-themed, “Delaware” is the one for you. The upbeat number opens by asking what Dela wears, then continues with puns about New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Arkansas, Florida, and nine other states. 

Interestingly, it performed better in the UK than in the US. The song reached #3 across the Atlantic but only reached 22 in the country it’s about.

Songwriter Irving Gordon wrote “Delaware” as a follow-up to his equally pun-heavy song “Mister And Mississippi.”

7. “Hello, I’m in Delaware” By City And Colour

Written and performed by Dallas Green under the name City And Colour, “Hello, I’m In Delaware” is a song about getting lost and winding up in Delaware.

The singer feels like their life is over after parting ways with someone. They now drive the highway aimlessly and sleeplessly through the night.

“Hello, I’m in Delaware” was originally released on City And Colour’s first EP, The Death of Me, which only had 2,000 copies made.

Copies of the CD were so rare that Green himself did not own one. Reportedly, he was surprised when a fan asked him to sign a copy at a show and asked them how they got their hands on it.

8. “Hot Time In Delaware” By Saves The Day

Unlike the other songs on this list, “Hot Time in Delaware” is a hardcore rock number from 1998. It was released on Saves The Day’s debut album, Can’t Slow Down, recorded while the band members were still in high school.

The band grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, less than a two-hour drive from the Delaware border.

The song opens with dialogue from A Streetcar Named Desire. Lyrically, “Hot Time in Delaware” reflects on a relationship from over the summer and wonders if the love is worth being reignited.

They are somewhat skeptical, acknowledging that the other person has changed a lot while they have barely changed at all.

9. “I’m From Delaware” By Todd Chappelle

Released on Todd Chappelle‘s album Moderately Funny Songs in 2009, “I’m From Delaware” is a parody song about the First State that is certain to get stuck in your head. The album parodied many popular songs, with nearly half set to James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful.” 

This song is set to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere.” It lists memorable locations across Delaware from cities to corner markets. It complains about traffic, construction, and a shortage of towns but still stays mostly positive about this humble home. 

“I’m From Delaware” has become somewhat popular on TikTok, played over footage of some interesting Delaware residents.

10. “His Favorite Christmas Story” By Capital Lights

And finally, “His Favorite Christmas Story” is an up-tempo holiday song by Christian pop band Capital Lights.

It tells the story of when two lovers met on a magical Christmas Eve night in Delaware in 1937. This charming tale is told again and again to their children and grandchildren.

The storyteller who met his love lies on his deathbed at the end of the song. He asks his beloved to tell the story one last time.

“His Favorite Christmas Story” was released on the band’s album X Christmas, which featured holiday songs by artists signed to BEC Records.

Summing Up Our List Of Delaware Songs

As you can see, songs about Delaware can take the listener to a state they may never have been. These may even have the power to transport a Delaware resident home.

No matter where a listener is from, these songs are a testament to uniqueness of the First State. Which ones are your favorite?

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