18 Of The Best Songs About The Color Orange

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Whether you like the color orange or not, you’ll agree that it is a vibrant, energetic, and cheerful color. It is often associated with happiness due to its sunny hue.

Did you know that orange represents a myriad of things? It means caution and danger. That’s why there are orange cones, vests, and hard hats. On a more positive note, the orange symbolizes spirituality and royalty.

In addition, the color orange inspires and excites. That’s why we are excited to bring you this list today. These 18 of the best songs about the color orange may make you happier, so read on!

1. “Orange Sky” By Alexi Murdoch

It’s only fitting that we begin this list with a song with “orange” in the title. In Alexi Murdoch‘s “Orange Sky,” the color is a metaphor for various aspects of life and emotions.

In the song, the orange sky refers to sunset. It signifies the end of something, much like the sun going down to end the day. This aligns with the song, where the singer explores familial relationships and deals with the aftermath of losing family members.

Another interpretation could be unity, as shown by the singer standing beneath the orange sky with his brother and sister. They have gone through tough times together and came out strong with each other’s help.

2. “Orange Colored Sky” By Nat King Cole

If you need a feel-good song that makes you happy, give “Orange Colored Sky” a try. This jazz classic performed by the legendary Nat King Cole beautifully captures the vibrancy and unexpected joy that the color brings.

In the song, the color is used to represent surprise and sudden change. The singer is walking along when “flash, bam, alakazam,” a woman suddenly appears and changes everything. He falls in love at first sight!

The color orange is just perfect to symbolize the shock and awe he feels upon seeing this woman. It’s like when we see an orange sky, and we stand in awe of its beauty. It leaves us feeling happy and excited.

In the same way, it can be shocking when love hits us all of a sudden or when we least expect it.

3. “Tangerine” By Led Zeppelin

Up next, we have “Tangerine” by Led Zeppelin from their album, Led Zeppelin III. This ballad is a reflection of lost love, with tangerine signifying a lot of things. It can be something sweet and sour, much like love and heartbreak. Or it can represent the sun and time, specifically the passing of time.

In the lyrics, songwriter Jimmy Page recalls a past love that now brings him pain. He remembers what it was like to fall in love and, eventually, out of it. It sends him “thinking how it used to be.”

Throughout the song, we feel the singer’s longing for the past. He wonders whether his ex-lover remembers their time together, just like he does, and wishes they are together again.

4. “Orange Blossom Special” By Johnny Cash

The fiddle tune “Orange Blossom Special” is a country and bluegrass song written in 1938. Johnny Cash released his upbeat and lively rendition in 1965.

The song revolves around the Orange Blossom Special train that ran from Miami to New York. Its narrative involves a man whose girl is coming home aboard the train.

He also plans to leave town for a while to “lose these New York blues” and go somewhere where is a beach, such as Florida or California. And the only way to travel is through the Orange Blossom Special, the fastest train around.

5. “Orange Moon” By Erykah Badu

Next, we have a song with “orange” in the lyrics that paints a picture of the color orange and its symbolic meaning. Erykah Badu‘s soulful and captivating voice shines in her song “Orange Moon.”

This song uses the color orange as a metaphor for self-identity, self-love, and inner strength. The singer sees herself as an orange moon as she reflects the light of the sun. This can be seen as her way of reflecting the greatness of those around her, particularly a love interest.

The lines “I’m an orange moon, I’m brighter than before” suggest growth and transformation as she goes from a dim state to a vibrant one.

6. “Orange Skies” By Love

From the 1966 album Da Capo comes the song “Orange Skies.” Written by Bryan MacLean and recorded by the rock band Love, it paints a picture of a sunset sky filled with vibrant shades of orange.

The lyrics perfectly evoke certain emotions and imagery as they describe fun in the summertime. The singer declares his love for his girl, saying she makes him happy, just like orange skies, carnivals, and cotton candy do.

Here, orange is associated with enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, and warmth. The orange skies represent the singer’s state of mind or a specific time in his life. These are the themes that the song conveys.

7. “Orange” By The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

The energetic “Orange” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is a song that mentions orange as a symbolic element.

Specifically, the color is used to symbolize a state of high energy. We can see that in the following lines: “Orange, Shout, I’m movin’, baby, To the side of your mouth, I scream.”

Despite the abstract lyrics, orange seems to represent encouragement and enthusiasm, which corresponds with the band’s energetic and intense music. It also hints at vitality and dynamism, in keeping with the band’s musical style.

8. “Orange County Girl” By Gwen Stefani

Let’s get to know Gwen Stefani a little better in “Orange County Girl.” This catchy and nostalgic tune pays homage to her Southern California roots.

In the song, Stefani reflects on her journey from being “just an Orange County girl” to her current success as an artist. The orange in the title does not symbolize anything. It is merely a reference to her hometown in California.

Nevertheless, the lyrics showcase Stefani’s pride in her hometown. Through this song, Stefani shows that she remains the same despite her status in life. Wherever life takes her, making music is still in her blood.

9. “Orange Blossoms” By JJ Grey & Mofro

In our next song, “Orange Blossoms,” JJ Grey & Mofro uses the color orange to evoke a sense of place. The title references the orange groves commonly found in Florida.

With its heartfelt lyrics, this track is a nostalgic look at young love. The song works on sense memory, where the scent of orange blossoms transports the singer to a particular time and place. In this case, that one springtime from where he lived in Florida.

The story unfolds as he asks his love interest to meet him at the back of the orange grove. Here, the orange blossoms symbolize growth, innocence, and purity.

10. “Oranges On Appletrees” By A-ha

Who wouldn’t like A-ha‘s “Oranges on Appletrees” with the seemingly nonsense lyrics that get stuck in your head?

On the surface, the words may not make sense. The song throws random phrases together, such as “multigender wannabes.” But when you look at the song in general, it appears to be a commentary on the natural world and how it is interconnected, with the image of oranges growing on apple trees.

In addition, the song carries the idea that everything changes and evolves, such as when “people come, and people go.” The flood imagery is another proof. It shows how it can change the landscape and move even the most stable structure.

11. “Orange Amber” By The Vines

Another orange-themed song is “Orange Amber” by The Vines. Released in 2008, this fan favorite falls under the energetic and raw musical genre that has deftly earned The Vines their respected spot among Australian bands.

In the song, the band uses color to show imagery and emotional resonance. Just look at the following lines: “Orange amber in the sun, Shinin’ ’til the day is done.” By using orange, the words paint a clear picture that we can see in our minds while we listen to the song.

In the context of the song, orange represents warmth and a glowing sunset. Here, the singer is reminiscing about a past when he observed that “orange world.” He believes that orange amber is the color of his soul, which stands for the passion within himself.

12. “Orange Airplane” By Screaming Trees

The American rock band Screaming Trees catapulted onto the alternative rock scene in 1986 with their distinctive song “Orange Airplane.” As the leadoff track on their first formal LP, Clairvoyance, it set a vibrant and energetic tone for the album.

The color orange, vividly expressed in the title and lyrics, brings visual stimulation to listeners. We can say that the singer is reminiscing a childhood memory and freedom, symbolized by an orange toy airplane.

The song further explores themes of escape and yearning. The singer longs to be taken “to a new day” to experience something beyond a mundane life.

13. “Orange Hoodie” By Angus Maude

In Angus Maude‘s “Orange Hoodie,” the color symbolizes love and comfort. He owns this orange hoodie that his love interest wears as she falls asleep slowly.

In this moment of intimacy, he falls in love deeper with her. The orange hoodie provides comfort and security to the girl wearing it. This shared moment testifies to the bond that they share.

This particular color is associated with warmth and happiness, which aligns with the themes of the song. The song paints a picture of a couple secure in their relationship, with the singer realizing that he has fallen for someone he considers his best friend.

14. “Orange Crush” By R. E. M.

Another song using the color orange as a metaphor is “Orange Crush” by R.E.M. This alternative rock song serves as a commentary on the Vietnam War.

“Orange Crush” actually refers to the defoliant Agent Orange. The US used this chemical to defoliate the Vietnam jungle during the war. This proved to be harmful, as those who were exposed to it developed cancer years later.

In the song, the title is a metaphor for the destruction and chaos that the war caused. It’s about the war’s impact on soldiers returning to what was supposed to be their home, but they were blamed for the war.

15. “Lady Marmalade” By LaBelle

Our next song does not reference the color orange anywhere in the lyrics. But the title “Lady Marmalade” shows a connection. This disco hit, released in 1974, was popularized by the R&B group Labelle.

Marmalade is a preserve made from oranges and is associated with a bright orange color. Hence, we can say that the title uses the color orange symbolically.

Lyrically, the song is about the “ladies of the evening,” or in particular, a woman named Marmalade. Its saucy lyrics in French and daring undertones that hint at prostitution have brought Labelle backlash. But that only added to the popularity and allure of the song.

16. “Orange Magic” By Julia Michaels

In our next song, Julia Michaels talks about “Orange Magic” as an ode of sorts to her relationship with her boyfriend. The song revolves around the transformative power of love and the intense emotions associated with it.

The color orange is used in the song to represent how captivating love is. Michaels goes back to their first date and how they fell in love, recounting how she didn’t know she needed someone like him until he came along.

Indeed, it feels like magic when you’re in love. Specifically, it seems like orange magic, the kind where it feels like you have butterflies in your stomach. Michaels sees orange magic as the perfect way to describe the charm and allure that their love holds for them both.

17. “Something In The Orange” By Zach Bryan

The country hit “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan was inspired by one beautiful sunset that he witnessed one night. The song that came out is one that talks about longing and heartache.

The color orange represents the sunset, which symbolizes the end of a relationship. The singer has come to terms with it, though he’s still holding on to that glimmer of hope.

However, it still hurts him to know that she doesn’t see him the way he sees her. He’s just another man for her when she’s his world. This makes him realize that she’s “never coming home,” and they’re over.

18. “Orange Juice” By Noah Kahan

Up next is Noah Kahan‘s “Orange Juice,” released in 2022 from his album Stick Season. The song follows a conversation between two people who see each other after one of them got sober.

Kahan’s talent for storytelling is at work on this song about alcoholism and addiction. He shows how difficult it is to experience something painful with another person. Something should bring you closer, but it only pulls you apart.

But the singer longs to have back his old friend and invites him over to partake in the celebration. The orange juice that he offers his friend symbolizes refreshment, showing the transformation that his friend has gone through.

Summing Up Our List Of The Color Orange Songs

What we like about our compilation today is it offers a rich and unique musical experience. From R.E.M.’s energetic “Orange Crush” to Noah Kahan’s “Orange Juice,” these tunes capture orange and all its associations.

As we have other lists of songs about other colors, we strongly recommend you add all the songs above to a new playlist. Anytime you feel like enjoying the color orange, you have a lively collection to listen to.

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