13 Of The Best Songs About Clouds In The Sky

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There’s something both calming and awe-inspiring about clouds in the sky. Whether you’re looking up at fluffy white clouds on a clear day or watching dark storm clouds roll in, they never fail to capture our attention

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 13 of the best songs about clouds and discover what makes so many songwriters use them in their lyrics.

So, whether you’re looking for a relaxing song to listen to while watching the clouds pass by or a powerful anthem about the majesty of nature, these songs have you covered. Let’s get started.

1. “Just a Cloud Away” by Pharrell Williams

Up first is the catchy, cheerful tune “Just a Cloud Away” by Pharrell Williams that came out in 2013.

This song is the official soundtrack for the film “Despicable Me 2” and was an instant hit.

The lyrics of the tune are uplifting and full of hope during rainy days. Bad days and negative feelings do not last forever, as “Just a Cloud Away” is a reminder of the sun that will chase the clouds away.

It inspires everyone to remain hopeful during tough times, even if the circumstances around them seem hopeless. 

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2. “Clouds” by Børns

Infatuation brings our heads into the clouds, and it makes Børns head cloudy in this romantic song “Clouds,” which is from his debut album that was released in 2015.

The cloud of love makes the singer oblivious and forgetful of everything else in life while he thinks of that special one he loves.

He sings about even though he’s forgotten about all of his dreams, time, and space, and he remembers the subject of the song’s face. 

3. “Cloudy Day” by Tones and I

Up next, we have the uplifting song “Cloudy Day,” which was released in 2021 by Tones and I, who sings of the beauty within the gray days of life.

The singer questions her life and the choices she has made. The doubt reminds her of her mother’s reminding her to try and find the sun even on cloudy days- physically and metaphorically. 

The lyrics and clouds of the song are a metaphor to look at the bright side and consider the sun and rainbow hiding behind the dark clouds whenever you are feeling lost or confused.

4. “Thunderclouds” by LSD, Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth

Sia and Labrinth sing the vocals to this dance tune titled “Thunderclouds,” which encourages you to trust your partner and release any fear or anxiety you might have with the relationship. 

The singers reassure their significant other of their love for one another and sing that they shouldn’t fear the storms that come their way.

The storms referenced are nothing catastrophic, and the subject is encouraged to view them as clouds on the horizon that will eventually yield to the sunlight. 

Love and uncertainty can make us anxious during difficult times in our relationship, but the artists of “Thunderclouds” inspire us to hold on and make it through the thunderclouds of love.

5. “Clouds” by NF

The powerful song “Clouds” by American rapper NF was released in 2021 and talks about clouds as a metaphor for the things weighing him down.

The lyrics to the song are representative of the struggles of anxiety and are very relatable for anyone suffering from an overwhelming anxiety disorder. 

NF uses an underlying message to introduce the message of his song. He says the phrase “head’s in the clouds” in reverse as a symbol of his mental state in the clouds. 

The lyrically talented rapper goes on to discuss his ambitions with his head finally out of the clouds, stating he’s more prepared than ever to take on his journey.

6. “King of the Clouds” by Panic! At The Disco

Next, we look to the band Panic! At The Disco and their song “King of the Clouds,” which is one of their most popular songs.

The uplifting track is from their “Pray for the Wicked” album and was released in 2018.   

The tune inspires listeners to follow their dreams, get lost in their thoughts, and thrive in their imagination. 

Lead singer Brandon Urie states that while some live their lives without accomplishing anything, he aims to climb ever higher and achieve everything he sets out to.

Urie expresses the ambitions and dreams he wishes to fulfill. He keeps his head as high as the sky to reach the top where he hopes to one day be.

7. “Cloud Nine” by Evanescence

Evanescence is not floating on “Cloud Nine” in this indie-metal song that was released in 2006. 

The song is a gloomier representation of cloud nine. Rather than feeling in love, the singer is falling off cloud nine to the harsh reality of the world below. 

“Cloud Nine” is a heartbreaking song where Evanescence makes the realization that one can live without the other person in their life.

8. “Clouds” by Prince ft. Lianne La Havas

Next, we have another song named “Clouds” by the late great, Prince was released in 2014 on his album “Art Official Age.”

Small acts of love have Prince floating in the air as he and Lianne La Havas sing about random kisses to flowers in the shower keeping the love alive.

Prince states that one should never underestimate the power an unexpected kiss can have on a lover and that “we don’t need no clouds.”

9. “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush

Next, we have a song that was released in 1985 by Kate Bush on her album “Hounds of Love.”

Bush’s take on clouds is rather a unique one. The song was inspired by Peter Reich’s “Book of Dreams.”

In the story, Peter’s father is a psychoanalyst who uses a cloudbuster to control the weather and make the clouds rain.

The inspiration of Bush’s views from the book expresses admiration and courage for a father who taught their child to have confidence, and courage, and to do good in life.

10. “Get Off My Cloud” by The Rolling Stones

After pressure to release another hit single, The Rolling Stones released “Get Off My Cloud” in 1965.

The rock song was a response to the demands of creating another song similar to their previous hit, “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”  

The singers express their desire to be left alone in this song. The artists do not want to be bothered and want to be left alone on their cloud, stating that there’s no room on their cloud for anyone but them.

11. “Feet in the Cloud” by Paul McCartney

Next is Paul McCartney’s mellow “Feet in the Clouds,” which was released in 2007 on his album Memory Almost Full.

In the lyrics, McCartney reflects on his school days when the teachers told him he had his head in the clouds. He opposes the idea and insists his feet are in the clouds, implying he has become level-headed and down to earth. 

McCartney found the song based on his school experience to be therapeutic as the clouds in this song relieved the artist of his past.

12. “Heavy Cloud No Rain” by Sting

The legendary British singer Sting uses clouds to encourage listeners to remain hopeful during difficult times of life in his song “Heavy Cloud No Rain.”

It’s from his album “Ten Summoner’s Tales” and was released in 1993. 

The lyrics, like a lot of the other songs on this list, as they say how life can be difficult, but that does not mean it will always be that way.

The storm will come and go, and the sun will come out when it is meant to.

13. “Cloud Nine” by The Temptations

And finally, “Cloud Nine” by The Temptations is a Grammy award-winning song that came out in 1969.

It’s a soulful, psychedelic funk track that is unlike the band’s typical style yet became a massive success with its upbeat tune. 

The lyrics remind the listener that they are freer than a bird taking flight and that there’s so much more for them to explore in the world than they realize. 

The Temptations are feeling euphoric, happy, and free of the world as they float on cloud nine.

Interpretations of the lyrics were mixed, and some listeners found them to be controversial. Regardless of the negative critics, the song became one of the greatest hits of the year.

Summing Up Our List Of Cloud Themed Songs

That’s it for our article on songs written about clouds. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed researching and writing it.

The lyricists of these songs have an insightful view of the clouds in their lives. The singers use the symbol of clouds to express their feelings of happiness, love, hope, sadness, loss, and so much more.

They communicate their views on life and inspire their listeners to see the bright side of a cloudy day.

Clouds are more than a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the air. They are deeper representations of our lives. 

Which cloud songs did we miss off? Let us know, and when we update this post, we’ll add yours in!

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