13 Of The Best Songs About Brothers

There’s no bond like that between brothers. You grow up together, learn from each other, and share many of the same circumstances.

Sometimes, blood does not dictate brotherhood. But you foster this close bond with another person to the point that you’re willing to protect, love, and fight for them.

It’s no surprise that brotherly love has been the inspiration for a ton of songs. That’s because it’s a beautiful relationship that’s worthy of singing about. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 13 of the best songs about brothers. Read on!

1. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” By The Hollies

First up on our list, we have a classic song about brothers from the Hollies. This work debuted in 1969 and talks about the struggles that people have to go through in life.

The song’s protagonist talks about how relationships with others make life worth living. Sometimes his brother is going through difficulties. Other times, his brother supports him through his struggles.

It’s just that life is better when his brother shares his burdens. Taking care of his brother is no problem either. Because of their familial love, it doesn’t feel taxing or draining to provide help when needed.

2. “Hey Brother” By Avicii

This upbeat electronic piece was on Avicii‘s debut studio album in 2013. The song talks about how life can change from when you were a kid, but the love you feel for your siblings will last forever.

Sometimes it isn’t convenient to lend a hand to your family. Life gets busy, and people may move far away when they grow up. Whether they need help with a disaster or a small bout of sadness, he thinks that siblings should stick together.

This song contains a promise that no matter what happens, the singer will be a good brother to his siblings. He also gives his brother advice. He tells him to still look for love in the world, even if it may sometimes seem like a cruel place.

3. “My Little Brother” By Art Brut

When you’re an older brother, it’s an ingrained habit to worry about your younger siblings. You’re like a second parent to them. That’s what “My Little Brother” by Art Brut wants to show.

This song is about an older sibling’s concern when his little brother is going through tough times. It started when the younger sibling discovers rock and roll. From then on, he only listens to it, and his life has made a turn for the worst.

It seems like a cry for help to their parents, though their parents don’t notice. The older brother wants to help out. But all he knows how to do is try to mitigate damage.

4. “Brother” By Kodaline

The next song on our list isn’t about traditional brothers, but it’s still about brotherhood. “Brother” is featured on Kodaline‘s 2018 album, Politics of the Living. The lyrics tell the story of two men who grow up together and both joined the military.

They do not fight in the same battles, but they are always there for each other when they could. The singer promises that he’d trade his life for his brother-in-arms and that they will be like family for as long as they’re alive.

The music video for this one goes a little astray from the lyrics. It tells the story of a big brother who comes back as a ghost to play with his younger brother after his funeral ends.

5. “I Drive Your Truck” By Lee Brice

This song by Lee Brice from 2012 is based on the real story of a soldier who doesn’t come home from war. It talks about being the sibling who lived and trying to keep his brother’s memory alive.

Which, in his case, involves using the truck that his brother left when he went out to war. It isn’t worth a lot of money. It’s beaten up and has horrible gas mileage. However, many little things about the car reminded him of his lost brother.

“I Drive Your Truck” is a beautiful song that depicts a unique perspective on working through grief. It’s a long process, but it’s his way of coping with his brother’s absence.

6. “Blood Brothers” By Luke Bryan

Next up on our list is Luke Bryan‘s “Blood Brothers.” The song debuted in 2013 on Bryan’s fourth studio album, which reached #1 the first week after it came out.

This song talks about the special relationship between brothers. It points out how different blood brothers are from any other familial bond. Brothers are inseparable and are always there regardless of the circumstances.

Blood brothers love each other like family. To the point that they can “take a bullet for each other.” This goes to show just what one is willing to go through for his brother.

7. “Brother Mine” By Suzanne Vega

Here’s a song written from the perspective of a big sister for her younger brother. This is such wonderful work, showing just how much a female sibling cares for the younger ones.

Suzanne Vega‘s “Brother Mine” recounts the story of an older sister trying to help her younger brother navigate life. Her little brother is rambunctious, doesn’t take care of his things, and worries more than he should.

However, she is always there to help. She knows that as long as they’re both happy, they can make it through anything together.

8. “Boss Of Me” By They Might Be Giants

You might recognize the next track on our list as the theme song from the early 2000s hit TV sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle. This song from They Might Be Giants comes from the perspective of a younger brother who finally becomes an adult.

Now that he’s a certain age, his older brother isn’t allowed to tell him what to do anymore. However, the younger brother is new enough in adulthood that he doesn’t always manage to get everything right by following his own mind.

The song was a good match for a show about growing up and discovering your place in the world. “Boss of Me” is a good reminder, though, to respect your older siblings.

9. “Little Brother” By Hootie And The Blowfish

Whether you are the older or the younger one, you can learn something from Hootie and the Blowfish‘s “Little Brother.” The track is on the band’s 2003 album and talks about how to achieve success in the world.

Specifically, “Little Brother” is a song about an older brother advising his younger sibling. The latter is afraid to try new things. He also resents that the work he’s putting into life isn’t enough to accomplish his dreams.

He gets the advice that he needs to seize life and not let important moments pass by. If he wants to be someone great, he can, but he’ll need to go above and beyond to get there.

10. “Baby Brother” By War

This 1971 hit song was featured in the movie Young Soul Rebels. “Baby Brother” by the rock band War explores the changing dynamic between the two brothers over time.

When they were young, they played and spent time together. As they grew up, the brothers learned to support and help fight battles for each other.

However, now his brother is in a tough spot and on the wrong side of the law. The song ends with a plea for his baby brother to go back to how they were before.

11. “Big Brother” By Ye (Formerly Kanye West)

The brotherhood between men who come from different parents is simply amazing. Perhaps it’s the experiences of the past that brought them together. But when brotherhood is formed, sometimes it’s stronger than blood relations.

“Big Brother” by Ye is another song about non-traditional siblings who are brothers regardless. It’s fitting that the song talks about someone who is like a big brother to aspiring rappers.

This song gives us insight into the hip-hop scene at the time. Ye’s mentor was a brother-like role model with whom Ye had a friendly rivalry. The moral of the story is that despite the rivalry, you should make sure that those you admire understand their value to you.

12. “Severus and Stone” By Radical Face

While “Severus and Stone” isn’t as popular as some of the songs on this list, the lyrics are hauntingly beautiful. Radical Face tells the story of a set of twins. One brother is sick and the other one is healthy.

The healthy brother recalls seeing his twin suffering. There are references to what the disease does to the sick twin, such as “his bony hands cold and white” and “ragged breathing.”

The sickly twin finally succumbs to the disease, telling his brother not to worry as things happen as they should. The remaining twin decides that he will have to live a good life for both of them.

13. “Brother” By Madds Buckley

Who would have thought that a popular anime-inspired the last song on our list? Madds Buckley‘s “Brother” gained popularity on TikTok. It tells the story of siblings living in abusive households.

The older sibling leaves home and his younger brother behind. Perhaps the saddest line in the song is “I left you alone in a house, not a home.” It could mean that the people who live there don’t care about the younger sibling.

The song is poignant in that the older one knows he has to leave. He felt guilty when he had to leave his brother behind.

Summing Up Our List Of Brother Songs

As you can see from the songs above, brotherhood isn’t only about blood siblings. It also encompasses the relationship between people who are not blood-related. But what’s beautiful about it is this brings beautiful moments into our lives.

So if you have a brother, make sure to share these songs with him. While this list doesn’t contain all songs about brothers, it does have some of the best!

We hope you enjoyed reading and found yourself some beautiful songs to listen to.

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