17 Of The Best Songs About Blue Eyes

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Don’t get us wrong. Any color of eyes is beautiful. But there is something incredibly mesmerizing about blue eyes. These remind you of the ocean or the sky on a bright day.

To celebrate this color, we’ve compiled a list of songs that honor the beauty of blue-eyed humans everywhere. From folk to pop, this list has it all.

We’re pretty sure you’ll find something to fit your musical tastes and satisfy your desire for blue-eye celebratory bops. So read on to learn more about 17 of the best songs about blue eyes.

1. “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” By Willie Nelson

This Willie Nelson song is a timeless country classic that other artists have covered since it first came out. “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” was on the 1975 album Red Headed Stranger and became one of his greatest hits. It reached #1 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Singles Chart that year.

Quite simply, this song tells a poignant love story of heartache and loss. Here, we find the singer reminiscing about the day he parts ways with his lover. Near the end of the song, he fantasizes about seeing her again in the afterlife.

This song remains one of Nelson’s beloved works. With its calming acoustic melodies and unmistakable vocals, it deserves the top spot on our list.

2. “Behind Blue Eyes” By The Who

Moving on to our next song, we have “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who. This is a rock ballad recognized worldwide as one of the most powerful and expressive songs ever written.

The message of “Behind Blue Eyes” remains timeless and relevant. The lyrics shine a light on a man’s struggles as he is hated and shunned. No one will ever know what he feels, thinks, or goes through. The whole song creates an intense atmosphere for listeners everywhere.

Despite its complexity and intensity, it remains an incredibly popular song. It proves that you can have great music without abandoning its emotional content. No wonder this masterpiece from one of the greatest bands of all time is still loved today!

3. “Ocean Eyes” By Billie Eilish

Up next is a song that compares a lover’s eyes to the ocean. Billie Eilish came out with “Ocean Eyes” in 2016 from her album, Don’t Smile at Me.

This song is a masterpiece showcasing her unique pop vocals and emotionally charged lyrics. In the lyrics, we find the singer speaking to her love interest. His blue eyes remind her of the ocean, and she keeps falling into them.

However, it may be a toxic relationship, driving her toward being emotional. Note how the singer laments, “You really know how to make me cry.” Unfortunately, his ocean eyes keep her weak in the knees.

4. “Blue Eyes” By MIKA

When you think about songs with “blue eyes” in the title, you’ll probably think of MIKA. Her single, “Blue Eyes,” is an excellent example of an effortlessly catchy pop song that still boasts plenty of substance.

Notably, the opulent and velvety production captures the romance of the song’s subject matter. Meanwhile, the danceable rhythm and bright piano melody make it just as fun to dance to as it is to analyze on a deeper level.

But when you check out the meaning behind the lyrics, you might be surprised. It’s about a woman who has her heart broken, and it makes her so sad—depressed, even.

5. “Blue Eyes” By Elton John

The classic hit “Blue Eyes” by music icon Elton John is a sentimental yet enchanting tune that generations will remember. It paints a vivid image of longing and sadness.

When you first listen to this track, you might think it’s a feel-good song. The first verse finds John comparing his love interest’s eyes to the “deep blue sea on a blue, blue day.” But in the third verse, we find out that she’s going through some tough times.

Near the end of the song, all seems well, as she’s “laughing in the sun,” and he feels at home. The title of the song refers both to the girl having blue eyes and being in a sorrowful state.

6. “Fast Cars And Freedom” By Rascal Flatts

Released in 2005, “Fast Cars and Freedom” by Rascal Flatts is another way of showing your appreciation for your blue-eyed girl. The title of the song may be misleading about what the song means, but read on to find out.

In the first verse, the singer talks about looking at his woman as she removes her makeup. It makes him wonder why she even puts it on. Perhaps the line that stands out the most in this song is, “You don’t look a day over fast cars and freedom.” In other words, he thinks she’s beautiful.

The title can also refer to the life that the singer had before he met her. It was all about fast cars and freedom, but all that changed when she came. He is saying that his life with her now is better than before.

7. “Shades Of Cool” By Lana Del Rey

The song “Shades of Cool” by Lana Del Rey is an excellent anthem for all blue-eyed lovers out there. Through her soulful lyrics, Lana reveals all of the pros and cons associated with someone who is never fully committed to you.

The song begins with the line, “My baby lives in shades of blue,” and goes on to say he’s got blue eyes and attitude. From the rest of the lyrics, we can tell he’s an independent guy, and she thinks this is cool.

However, he seems to be a self-destructive man. The singer ends up saying, “But I can’t fix him, can’t make him better.”

8. “Baby Blue” By George Strait

More often than not, songwriters pull inspiration from their own experiences, whether sad or not. Many say that George Strait’s iconic country ballad, “Baby Blue,” is about his daughter, who died when she was young.

That, or this song, could also just be about a woman with blue eyes. He compares her eyes to the color of Colorado skies. She mesmerizes the singer, despite him knowing she’ll leave eventually.

But despite how brief she stayed, she touched his life in ways he couldn’t imagine. “She brought colors” to his life and taught him to care. In her absence, only her memories remain.

9. “Pale Blue Eyes” By The Velvet Underground

A song with “blue eyes” in the lyrics, this hit by The Velvet Underground is the perfect indie-pop anthem. “Pale Blue Eyes” captures the beauty and sadness of star-crossed love in surprisingly short three-and-a-half minutes.

The song isn’t about unrequited love but about impossible love. Obviously, the singer and his love interest are into each other. But at the end of the song, we discover that the woman is already married.

That’s the reason why he sings, “Thought of you as everything I’ve had, but couldn’t keep.” She won’t be fully his because she’s someone else’s wife.

10. “Hey Blue Eyes” By Bruce Springsteen

Released in 1993, “Hey Blue Eyes” by Bruce Springsteen may, at first listen, sound like a song about dark romance. But it isn’t what you think it is. No, it is not a love song for the singer’s love interest. Nor is it an ode for someone with blue eyes.

Springsteen wrote the song as a political commentary during the Bush administration. It’s a criticism of things that took place at this time. He observes, “In this house, there are no laws.”

The blue eyes the singer refers to are the administration. The victims have suffered and died, yet it looks the other way.

11. “Grey Blue Eyes” By Dave Matthews

Here’s another song that mentions “blue eyes” and is open to different interpretations. “Grey Blue Eyes” by Dave Matthews hits close to home for many people worldwide, especially those with blue eyes.

Starting with a starkly honest tone of voice, Matthews bravely shares an intimate journey with his listeners. Not many people know, but Matthews had a sister who was killed by her own husband in 1994.

This song could be his outlet for his emotions. The line “You’re gone, and I know I’m dead” speaks of the pain one goes through when faced with the death of a loved one.

12. “Blue Eyes Blue” By Eric Clapton

Feeling a little down in the dumps and needing some good ol’ fashioned classic to perk you up? Eric Clapton’s “Blue Eyes Blue” is the perfect song to listen to.

This isn’t a happy love song, though, but listening to this song might help you accept that some things aren’t meant to be. In the lyrics, we can feel the singer’s hurt from a love gone wrong. He thought she was the one for him. Oh, how wrong he was.

At the end of the song, we find out she just played him. She broke his heart and made him cry. She was the reason why he sings, “It was you who made my blue eyes blue.”

13. “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” By Dustin Lynch

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway song, try Dustin Lynch’s “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes.” It instantly transports listeners to the heart of small-town America, taking them on a trip down memory lane. Though it has been out since 2020, its nostalgic vibes and upbeat riffs have staying power.

The lyrics, written by Lynch himself, are about a man wanting to get away with his lover. He thinks about a place “where corn grows tall,” and the road has no name. He imagines them having a picnic by the river and just staring into her blue eyes.

Staying in one place can get tedious, just like being in a relationship. Their little getaway might be a way for them to rekindle their romance.

14. “I Still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes)” By Stevie Nicks

For those who have a broken heart, you will resonate with “I Still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes)” by Stevie Nicks. Not that you need to have blue eyes for it to strike your soul. This song is a cover of the one written by Johnny Cash and his wife June, who was not-so-coincidentally blessed with beautiful blue peepers.

In the lyrics, Nicks shares her sadness over the end of a relationship. The falling rain and “a cold, wild wind” are indicative of her somber mood after he breaks up with her. She can’t get over his blue eyes and still misses him.

Stevie Nicks’ version of the track stays close to the original in its haunting melody. It allows her signature soaring voice to eloquently carry its lyrics about longing for someone you still miss. Talk about hitting home!

15. “Baby Blue Eyes” By A Rocket To The Moon

Our next song is a 2009 hit by the American rock band, A Rocket to the Moon. “Baby Blue Eyes” is a classic ballad that offers a modern perspective of love and longing.

The song’s lyrics are somber and reflective, telling us what the singer feels with the presence of this woman in his life. He’s telling us that he’s deeply in love with her and implores his “baby blue eyes” to stay with him.

Though there’s no indication that they have separated, the lyrics still give us that feeling. That somehow, something is amiss. Perhaps it’s the fact that the singer is telling us how she affects him, but he doesn’t make it clear how she feels about him.

16. “Pretty Blue Eyes” By Steve Lawrence

For your girl-next-door anthem, check out “Pretty Blue Eyes” by the American singer Steve Lawrence. This is one of the most beloved songs about blue eyes – and no wonder. It offers a simple but intimate description of this unique eye color and how it captures everyone around with its beauty.

The lyrics in the chorus paint a vivid image: A new girl with “pretty blue eyes” moves in next door to our singer. She’s instantly the talk of the town – or rather, the guys in the neighborhood. And so he waits outside for a chance to meet this girl.

Generations have loved this classic hit, and its message still resonates today. Blue-eyed gazes still have the power to make us fall in love.

17. “Blue Ain’t Your Color” By Keith Urban

We are wrapping up our list with Keith Urban’s hit single “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” It certainly sets off a sultry vibe that resonates with his predominantly female fan base.

The song is not only about a steamy love affair between Urban and an unnamed woman, as many assume. It talks about a sad woman he sees at a bar, obviously unhappy about her relationship. Otherwise, why would she be alone?

Urban sings about what a woman like her deserves. Namely, being happy, smiling, and having fun. He tells her that blue “looks good on the sky,” but it sure doesn’t suit her eyes. In other words, she shouldn’t be unhappy.

Summing Up Our List Of Blue Eyes Songs

Music has been a timeless way to speak from the heart, and blue eyes have inspired countless lyrics. Hopefully, this list of songs about blue eyes has made that point more apparent.

Blue eyes will forever remain a subject for the many talented songwriters out there. They are beautiful to look at, magical, and bring back memories.

So, cue up your favorite tracks. Let the sweet sounds of songs about blue eyes add a little something extra to your day!

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