25 Of The Best Songs About Being Confused And Confusion

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When it comes to confusion, artists often use music as an outlet to express their innermost feelings and thoughts. This allows listeners to relate and find comfort in knowing they aren’t alone in their experiences.

These songs not only serve as a testament to the artists’ personal journeys. They also act as a mirror reflecting the listeners’ own battles with confusion.

Each song, unique in its interpretation and expression of confusion, offers a different perspective on this complex emotion. So sit back and read on as we dive into 25 of the best songs about being confused and confusion.

1. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” By Charlie Puth Ft. Selena Gomez

There’s nothing more confusing than love, particularly when it suddenly goes downhill. The perfect song to portray the emotional turmoil and confusion following a breakup would be Charlie Puth‘s “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” featuring Selena Gomez.

It’s about two people who used to be close, but now, as the title suggests, they don’t talk anymore. Puth questions, “What was all of it [their relationship] for?” hinting at his confusion. Although he has acknowledged that she has moved on, he still wonders “why [he] can’t move on / just the way [she] did so easily.”

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” has enjoyed immense popularity since its release in 2016. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Puth’s third top-10 single and Gomez’s sixth.

2. “Don’t Know Why” By Norah Jones

Up next is an enchanting ballad by Norah Jones from her Come Away with Me album in 2002. “Don’t Know Why” is a tale of regret and the confusion that comes from making decisions that lead to undesired outcomes.

The lyrics express a sense of uncertainty, as the protagonist appears to be unsure of why she made certain choices. Lines like “I waited ’til I saw the sun / I don’t know why I didn’t come” and “I left you by the house of fun / I don’t know why I didn’t come” clearly depict the character’s state of confusion and regret over not seizing an opportunity for happiness.

Despite a slow start after its release, “Don’t Know Why” eventually gained traction and became a major success. It played a significant role in catapulting Jones into the limelight. It also bagged three Grammy Awards!

3. “Blinding Lights” By The Weeknd

Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd brings a unique blend of nostalgia and modernity to the music scene with his hit single “Blinding Lights.” This song, released in 2019, is a synth-wave track with an ’80s vibe that tells a story of longing and confusion.

The song explores The Weeknd’s struggle with loneliness and his yearning for a past love. It seems he is confused about his feelings and his inability to let go of this past relationship. Lines like “I said, ooh, I’m blinded by the lights / No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch” highlight the depth of his longing and the confusion that comes with it.

The song not only excels in conveying The Weeknd’s emotional turmoil. It also stands out for its success and impact on the music industry. “Blinding Lights” topped charts in several countries, including the United States.

4. “The Final Cut” By Pink Floyd

The title track of Pink Floyd‘s 12th studio album is an intriguing progressive rock piece. “The Final Cut,” released in 1983, paints a picture of alienation and confusion through its poignant lyrics and haunting melodies.

It tells a story of isolation from the world. The lyrics, penned by bassist Roger Waters, reflect on the narrator’s struggles in connecting with others. He questions, “And if I show you my dark side / will you still hold me tonight?” and “Would you… leave me alone?… or would you take me home?” revealing his internal conflict.

“The Final Cut” holds historical significance in Pink Floyd’s journey as it marks the last studio album featuring Waters. Though the song itself did not chart, the album reached #1 on the UK Albums Chart and #6 on Billboard 200.

5. “Look At Me” By John Lennon

From the creative mind of John Lennon comes the track “Look at Me.” This song is part of his debut solo album, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, and offers listeners a deep dive into Lennon’s psyche.

“Look at Me” is an exploration of identity and confusion. It delves into the universal human experience of questioning who we are and what our purpose might be.

Lines like “Look at me / who am I supposed to be?… / What am I supposed to do?” encapsulate this feeling of confusion perfectly. These questions make “Look at Me” a relatable piece for anyone who has ever felt unsure about their sense of self.

6. “Where Is My Mind?” By Pixies

The alternative rock band Pixies created quite a unique song in “Where Is My Mind?” Penned by Black Francis, he took inspiration from a fish swimming after him while he was diving.

He presents a disorientating picture while swimming underwater “with [his] feet on the air / with [his] head on the ground.” He questions, “Where is my mind?” while being pulled into the nothingness there.

This sense of confusion can be interpreted as a metaphor for the overwhelming feelings of uncertainty that many people experience daily. While it may seem like a simple song about a fish, “Where Is My Mind” actually holds deeper meaning and resonates with listeners on a personal level.

7. “They’re In Love, Where Am I?” By The Weepies

American indie pop-folk band The Weepies, consisting of singer-songwriters Deb Talan and Steve Tannen, gave us our next track. Titled “They’re In Love, Where Am I?” it is a short song with a very simple message.

The narrative revolves around the feeling of observing others in love while questioning one’s place in the realm of romance: “Lovers walk two by two / doing things lovers do / They’re in love, where am I?” It captures the confusion of longing for companionship while also dealing with the solitude of not being in a relationship.

“They’re In Love, Where Am I?” made its appearance on The Weepies’ 2010 album Be My Thrill. Though the song was not released as a single, the album ranked high on the Folk Albums chart, landing at #3.

8. “I Can’t Tell You Why” By Eagles

Sometimes, making decisions where the heart is involved can be confusing. The Eagles certainly know this in their song “I Can’t Tell You Why” from their 1979 album The Long Run.

The song tells the tale of a tumultuous relationship. The lyrics depict two people who have spent years together yet find themselves constantly at odds.

Despite the ongoing struggles, there’s an inexplicable force that keeps them from parting ways. This confusing dynamic is portrayed through lines like “Every time I try to walk away, / something makes me turn around and stay, / and I can’t tell you why.”

The song stands out as one of the Eagles’ successful tracks. It has received considerable recognition. It has also been covered by several artists, including country legend Vince Gill and jazz musician Diana Krall.

9. “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” By The Clash

Our next song doesn’t have “confusion” in the title. But “Should I Stay or Should I Go” is obviously about being confused. Performed by the punk rock band The Clash, the song was featured on their album Combat Rock.

The lyrics portray a person torn between two choices — staying or leaving. This theme of confusion is especially evident in lines “If I go there will be trouble / and if I stay it will be double.” The listener is drawn into the singer’s dilemma, feeling the tension and uncertainty that comes with making a difficult decision.

Despite its age (the song was released in 1981), “Should I Stay or Should I Go” continues to resonate with listeners today. Its timeless theme of indecision and its catchy, punk-infused melody have ensured its place as a classic in the world of rock music.

10. “What Do You Mean?” By Justin Bieber

Miscommunication in any relationship can lead to confusion. Justin Bieber tells how it is in his hit single “What Do You Mean?” from his album Purpose.

The song is about a young man trying to decipher mixed signals from his partner. The confusion is especially evident in lines such as “When you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no” and “When you don’t want me to move / but you tell me to go.”

The protagonist struggles to understand his partner’s actions and words, and he questions, “What do you mean?” The lyrics are a stark representation of the bewilderment one can experience when actions contradict words.

11. “Just Give Me A Reason” By Pink Ft. Nate Ruess

In the realm of pop ballads, “Just Give Me a Reason” stands out. This powerful song is performed by American singer Pink and Nate Ruess, lead vocalist of the band Fun. The track artfully expresses feelings of confusion and uncertainty in a relationship.

The song tells the story of two people who are trying to mend their relationship despite seemingly insurmountable problems.

This theme of confusion is beautifully summed up in the lines “I’m sorry I don’t understand / where all of this is coming from / I thought that we were fine.” These express the protagonist’s plea for clarity and reassurance in a time of doubt and uncertainty.

12. “I Hate You, I Love You” By Gnash Ft. Olivia O’Brien

In the world of heartrending ballads, “I Hate You, I Love You” captures the tumultuous emotions of love and heartbreak perfectly. It is a deeply emotive track by singer and rapper Gnash, featuring vocals from Olivia O’Brien.

The song is about longing for someone who has moved on while still grappling with lingering feelings of love and resentment. This confusion is summed up in the repeated phrase: “I hate you, I love you.” The protagonist is conflicted in her emotions, hating and loving at the same time, and hating that she’s still loving him.

The song climbed to #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The emotional depth and relatable lyrics have helped it maintain its popularity, continuing to touch the hearts of listeners around the world.

13. “Dazed And Confused” By Led Zeppelin

The iconic British rock band Led Zeppelin gave us many unforgettable tracks. One that stands out is “Dazed and Confused.” With its signature heavy guitar riffs and powerful lyrics, it became a cornerstone of the band’s 1969 debut album.

The song delves into the themes of confusion and disillusionment in a relationship. The lyrics capture the protagonist’s bewilderment as he grapples with his feelings for a woman who has turned his world upside down.

Though the song was reworked by Led Zeppelin, it was initially inspired by an earlier folk song of the same name. Jimmy Page, the band’s guitarist, incorporated a new vocal line and lyrics. This transformed the song into a rock anthem that would become synonymous with Led Zeppelin’s sound.

14. “Living In Confusion” By Phyllis Hyman

Up next is a song with “confusion” in the lyrics. Phyllis Hyman‘s “Living in Confusion” stands as a testament to the artist’s emotional depth.

The song is about feelings of disillusionment and confusion that often accompany a letdown in one’s love life. The protagonist thought she “was [her beloved’s] only one.” But now she’s “living in confusion,” wondering how and why their relationship deteriorated.

The song resonates with listeners who have found themselves navigating the murky waters of heartbreak and disappointment. It also serves as a reminder to trust one’s instincts and not ignore red flags in a relationship.

15. “Confusion” By Electric Light Orchestra

From the celebrated 1979 album Discovery by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) comes the intriguing track “Confusion.” The song stands out with its unique blend of 12-string acoustic guitar and vocoder, marking it as a distinctive piece in ELO’s repertoire.

“Confusion” delves into the theme of emotional turmoil and uncertainty. It creates an atmosphere that mirrors the title of the song. The lyrics depict a world where the sun is shining everywhere. However, the protagonist’s mind is clouded by cold winds.

The song mentions “confusion” several times and uses metaphors to depict inner conflict. Its ability to capture such complex emotions in a simple yet profound manner truly sets “Confusion” apart in ELO’s discography.

16. “Love Confusion” By Kat DeLuna

The Dominican-American singer-songwriter and dancer Kat DeLuna delivers an emotionally charged performance in her song “Love Confusion.” This track is part of her album 9 Lives, released in 2007. It delves into the uncertainty and vulnerability that often accompany deep emotional attachments.

The protagonist speaks of being confused after having fallen in love. She doesn’t know why she’s “so lost” in him that she doesn’t “even know [herself] anymore.”

This line embodies the essence of the song. The protagonist is caught in the throes of a powerful love that she didn’t see coming. This leaves her feeling confused and overwhelmed. With “Love Confusion,” DeLuna created a timeless piece that has captured the hearts of listeners.

17. “Baby, I’m So Confused” By Syleena Johnson

Our next song, “Baby, I’m So Confused,” is a heartfelt ballad by Syleena Johnson. It is featured in her 2001 album Chapter 1: Love, Pain & Forgiveness. Johnson uses her soulful voice to express feelings of confusion and despair in a faltering relationship.

Lines like “You tell me you love me / then you show me something else… / Baby, I’m so confused ( I don’t know what to do)” powerfully convey the protagonist’s emotional state.

The song gives voice to emotions that are universally felt but often difficult to express. Coupled with Johnson’s evocative voice, it strikes a chord with anyone who has ever been in a complicated or turbulent relationship.

18. “Lost And Confused” By PRAX

Emerging from the vibrant music scene, PRAX has found a way to connect with listeners with one of his notable tracks, “Lost and Confused.” Released in 2020, the song taps into a universal experience that resonates with many.

“Lost and Confused” speaks of a situation that many people can relate to at various points in their lives. The lyrics “I’m lost and confused / Why do I feel this way” and “I don’t even know what I want… / choosing between love and hate” capture the essence of the song’s theme.

The song’s melody complements the lyrics, enhancing the overall mood of uncertainty and introspection. Its melancholy tune matches its emotional depth, creating a harmonious blend that takes listeners on a touching journey.

19. “Don’t Know What To Call It” By Kevin Gates

Louisiana-born rapper Kevin Gates is known for his raw lyrical content and emotional transparency. His song “Don’t Know What to Call It,” from the 2014 album Make Em Believe, is a prime example of this candid approach to music.

“Don’t Know What To Call It” delves into the narrator’s experiences and struggles. He’s been betrayed, and the girl he’s fallen in love with loves someone else.

His emotions and thoughts are everywhere, hence he wonders, “Gotta be a name for this shit. I just don’t know what… to call it,” echoing a sense of uncertainty and confusion.

The song’s title perfectly encapsulates its theme — the inability to label or understand certain life experiences. It speaks to the universal human experience of grappling with feelings or situations that are difficult to define or categorize.

20. “I Don’t Get It” By Cowboy Junkies

Up next is a country track by the Cowboy Junkies. “I Don’t Get It” is a phrase in the song that many have probably said. It reflects a struggle to comprehend certain aspects of life or relationships.

The protagonist wants to “make sense of why we live and die,” so he looks “for answers in so many places.” No matter where he looks, however, he doesn’t get it, echoing his feelings of being lost in the labyrinth of life’s complexities.

Through its poignant lyrics, the song invites us to recognize that we all have moments of confusion and uncertainty and that it’s okay to not always have everything figured out.

It reminds us that sometimes, despite our best efforts, there are just things in life that are beyond our comprehension. And perhaps, we don’t need to fully understand.

21. “Mixed Signals” By Ruth B

There’s nothing quite as confusing as receiving mixed signals from someone you love. Canadian singer-songwriter Ruth B delves into this in her song aptly named “Mixed Signals” from her debut album, Safe Haven.

The lyrics depict one’s struggle to understand the intentions and feelings of a significant other. She wonders why she stays, why she loves him or if loving him “is worth the pain.” However, when he knocks, she lets him back into her heart.

The song’s powerful message resonates with many. It reflects the complexities of relationships and the challenges we face when trying to understand another person’s intentions. This is especially true in this day and age, where communication is instantaneous but often lost in translation.

22. “Confused In Love” By Keyshia Cole

American singer-songwriter Keyshia Cole is known for her emotive and soulful music. She has captured the complexities and confusion of romantic relationships in her song “Confused in Love.” This track is a part of her album Calling All Hearts.

The song reflects the struggle of navigating love after experiencing pain and heartbreak. This includes the confusion that often accompanies this journey.

She laments, “I used to be doing love, confused in love / No way in knowing what I wanna do in love… / Don’t hurt me again.” This paints a picture of vulnerability, weariness, and a yearning for clarity amidst the chaos of conflicting emotions.

Despite not charting, “Confused in Love” is well-loved among Cole’s fans.  It’s a testament to her ability to connect with listeners and deliver relatable lyrics.

23. “Where Is The Love” By Black Eyed Peas

From the hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas, “Where Is the Love?” was released in 2003 as the lead single from their album Elephunk. It uses powerful lyrics to express confusion about the state of the world.

The song delves into many issues like police brutality, racism, and terrorism. It questions why love and understanding are often absent in the face of these challenges.

Lines like “But if you only have love for your own race / then you only leave space to discriminate” and “People killin’, people dyin’ / children hurt, and you hear them cryin'” reflect a sense of bewilderment and frustration at the pervasive negativity and division in society.

“Where Is the Love?” was not just a commercial success but also a critical one. The song resonated with listeners worldwide, helping the Black Eyed Peas gain international recognition. It also earned two Grammy nominations.

24. “I Have Questions” By Camila Cabello

When you’re confused, you definitely will have questions to clear things up. That’s what singer-songwriter Camila Cabello sings about in her 2017 single “I Have Questions.”

The song is about questioning oneself after a relationship has ended. It expresses the confusion that arises when trying to understand why things went wrong and how one could have been so blindsided.

“I Have Questions” might not have made a significant impact on the charts or won any awards. But it is a testament to Cabello’s talent as a songwriter and her ability to connect with listeners on a deep, emotional level. It’s a powerful track that stands out in her discography for its honesty and vulnerability.

25. “Why Not Me?” By Enrique Iglesias

Ending this list is the Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias‘s emotional ballad “Why Not Me?” The song, part of his 2010 album Euphoria, perfectly captures the feelings of heartbreak and the constant questioning that comes with it.

Like the previous song, “Why Not Me?” delves into the feelings of confusion and longing after a relationship has ended. The singer questions why he wasn’t the one for his lover despite giving his all. His confusion is evident in lines like “You told me that you love me / but say I’m just a friend” and “Why? Oh, why? / Tell me, why not me?”

Overall, “Why Not Me?” is a powerful expression of unrequited love, and its emotional lyrics are further amplified by Iglesias’s soulful vocals. It is no surprise, then, that this ballad has become a fan favorite.

Summing Up Our List Of Confusion Songs

That’s a wrap! As you have read, these songs articulate the complex emotion of confusion. They can provide comfort and relatability for those who are navigating similar experiences.

They serve as reminders that it’s okay to not have all the answers and that everyone experiences periods of uncertainty.

Due to its shared human experience, these songs will likely continue to be relevant and appreciated. If we missed a few tracks expressing the theme, let us know so we can add them here!

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