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August brings up a lot of different feelings. It signifies the lazy days of summer and the excitement of the seasons changing.

Like the other months of the year, August has inspired some of the most memorable songs in history. These effectively capture the spirit of the month and the experiences it brings.

Many of these songs are an ode to this month as the songwriter’s favorite. So check out 10 of the best songs about August to enjoy at the end of summer.

1. “August” By Taylor Swift

Just as when summer comes to an end, so does a relationship. In Taylor Swift‘s “August,” the month symbolizes the end of a summer fling.

“August” is a story carried over from another of Swift’s songs called “Betty.” The lyrics are from the point of view of the character named Inez. She is torn between her feelings for James and her guilt for betraying Betty. She recognizes that he is never hers because he’s already committed to Betty.

Swift was inspired by her memories of past relationships. But she framed it within the context of the fictional characters she created. That adds an extra layer of depth to the song, as it explores both Swift’s emotions and those of the characters she created.

2. “Cold Wind In August” By Van Morrison

In our next song, with “August” in the title, the month alludes to loneliness, nostalgia, and longing. “Cold Wind in August” is a ballad by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison.

In the lyrics, we find the singer longing to have another moment with his love interest. They have waited long enough for such a time, and he’s got to have her “Come rain, rain or shine.”

The title signifies that their relationship is not meant to last. August is the last month of summer when it’s hot and humid. “A cold wind in August” tells us that something gets in the way of their happiness.

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3. “August 7, 4:15” By Jon Bon Jovi

What could have happened in “August 7, 4:15”? Jon Bon Jovi dedicated this song to Katherine Korzilius, the 6-year-old daughter of his personal manager, Paul.

The lyrics describe the events surrounding the death of Katherine. The song sets the setting as a perfect afternoon in Texas. Katherine, being an independent child, asks her mom if she can walk home after getting the mail. The title refers to the date and the time that Katherine got the mail and never came back.

The song reflects the sorrow and pain of losing a loved one. Worse, it never knows what really happened to the victim.

4. “This August Day” By Saint Asonia

There is that one day that has a huge impact on our lives. In “This August Day” is the birth of the son of Saint Asonia‘s lead vocalist, Adam Gontier. This is the day that he would forever regret.

Why? Because he wasn’t there when his son came into the world. He was in rehab for alcohol and substance abuse, away from his family. He was overcoming his inner demons and finding hope in difficult times.

The phrase “clawing at my trail” is repeated throughout the song, indicating his determination to keep moving forward despite the obstacles. One thing he was thankful for, though, was going through that darkness to see the light.

5. “August Day” By Hall & Oates

There’s nothing more bothering than not knowing where you stand in a relationship. “August Day” by the American duo Hall & Oates reflects the singer’s inner turmoil as he waits for the right moment to express his feelings.

The first lines of the song, “I saw the sun… Gave up no shadows, gave out no way to know the time,” show us the status of the relationship. He doesn’t know how it should proceed. “No wind to blow the silver leaves” is an indication of a standstill.

The song uses the sky as a metaphor for his emotional state. It suggests a storm is brewing but has not yet arrived. But it doesn’t stop him from yearning for the other person to reciprocate his love.

6. “Stuck In The August Rain” By Jethro Tull

Even if we’re happy, we still feel the blues from time to time. And that feeling is reflected in Jethro Tull‘s “Stuck in the August Rain.”

The lyrics describe a person stuck in a gloomy and melancholy state of mind. He seems surrounded by comfort and care as his woman “bends to kiss my frown away.” He laments his inability to shake off his dark emotional state with repeated references to rain and clouds.

Lead vocalist Ian Anderson has described the song as a reflection on the mental state of some people. They seem to have everything going for them but are still unhappy.

7. “August October” By Robin Gibb

Up next is a song with “August” in the lyrics. Robin Gibb‘s “August October” was from his 1970 Robin’s Reign album.

Listening to the song, we find that the lyrics are both introspective and expressive. The ballad reflects on a past love and the emotions that come with remembering it during August and October.

Gibb’s vocals perfectly capture the song’s melancholy mood as the singer expresses longing for his lost love. But all around him, he sees “the world carry on” as the months flew by.

8. “August” By No Vacation

Certain months remind us of something special, of memories that we will forever cherish. “August,” by the American indie rock band No Vacation, is an ode to hazy summertime days.

In the song, the singer addresses her mom, telling the older woman on the phone that she’s doing fine. But the truth is, she’s feeling distressed as of late. She “hopes this is nothing,” and perhaps it’s just caused by living on her own.

In the chorus, the singer admits that she misses summer days, which she refers to as “good ol’ days.”

9. “August Day Song” By Bebel Gilberto

If you want feel-good music, Bebel Gilberto‘s “August Day Song” is perfect. This song is a gentle and dreamy Brazilian bossa nova song that captures the feeling of a rainy August day.

And this day only intensifies the singer’s desire to be close to the person she loves, whether through talking or simply being together. But it’s not possible at the moment, so she can only reminisce in her solitude.

Some parts of the song are in Portuguese. But what this song that mentions “August” tells us is that she dreams of going to places, perhaps as a distraction from her loneliness.

10. “The First Day In August” By Carole King

Nature and love come together in Carole King‘s “The First Day in August.” The song was released on her 1972 album Rhymes & Reasons.

King’s lyrics are beautiful, with vivid imagery of nature and the world around her. From the words, we can tell how happy she is being with the man she loves.

She is so happy that she wants to spend August first with her lover after spending the last day of July with him. Perhaps this is her way of saying that she wants to stay with him, month in and month out.

Summing Up Our List Of August Songs

So there you have it, the best songs we could find about August. As the songs showed, August is a time of transition and change.

The songs did not disappoint, if we may say so. They captured the complexities of the season with honesty and authenticity. And they showcased the diversity and creativity of songwriters inspired by August.

So, whether you’re saying goodbye to summer or welcoming fall, we are confident that the list above has something for everyone.

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