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Apples are one of the most easily recognizable fruits throughout the world. They taste great and are accessible to everyone.

And admit it, there’s a certain appeal to it, particularly since it’s claimed to be the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

That, or how tasty it is, inspired many songwriters to pen songs about this fruit. In fact, we have compiled 10 of the best songs about apples. Just some easy listening to do when you’re on a break. Enjoy reading!

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1. “Applesauce” By Animal Collective

The experimental pop band Animal Collective is one of the most recognizable names in indie pop and electronic music. Their hit song “Applesauce” uses the fruit as an interesting symbol of innocence.

Dave Portner, the song’s writer, said that he began the song considering the simplistic nature of fruits. Simplistic in that one can easily eat them as they already taste good.

Portner also mentioned enjoying cooking fruits and vegetables for his girlfriend. That inspired him to compare his past experiences with friends going away to fruits that go away, too.

2. “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree” By The Andrews Sisters

Up next, we have a song with “apple” in the title. “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” debuted in 1939, which makes this song the oldest on our list. It became famous during World War II thanks to the version by the Andrews Sisters.

At its core, the song is about a couple staying faithful even when the man is not around (presumably a soldier serving in the war). From the lyrics, we can tell that it’s from his perspective. He implores his lover to not sit under the apple tree with anyone else while he’s away.

Here, the apple tree is a symbol of trust. Literally, it’s a place that only the two of them must share.

3. “The Apple Tree” By Nina Nesbitt

Can’t get enough of apple trees? Nina Nesbitt’s “The Apple Tree” is based on (and inspired by) an apple orchard. But what is it about these trees that inspire such creativity?

Nesbitt stated that the idea for this song came to her while in the studio of Jake Gosling. The studio was situated in an apple orchard, which led to a moment where Nesbitt sat staring out the window at the apple trees.

On a deeper level, the lyrics are about love, temptation, betrayal, and ultimately hate for someone you once held dear. However, she wishes they could “go down to the apple tree” in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were naive.

4. “Applejack” By Dolly Parton

Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton is the pride and joy of Southern culture, and songs like “Applejack” are an immense reason why. Written about a banjo-playing apple farmer, the song is allegedly inspired by her great uncle and a friend named Perry Lindsey.

The song revolves around a character named Jackson Taylor. The locals call him “Apple Jack” because he lived in the apple orchard. The singer, just a young child of seven, would always sneak to come to visit him.

What she likes about Apple Jack is his mean playing of the banjo. So while he plays the instrument, she would sing. On some days, they drink applejack that he made.

5. “Bad Apple” By Tribes

For a less wholesome take on the fruit, we have Tribes’ “Bad Apple.” While most of this list is positive, this track has a more manipulative theme than the others.

In common slang, a “bad apple” is someone rotten to the core. And that’s the kind of person that the singer describes in the song. “Bad Apple” refers to the toxic women the singer goes out with.

The song itself is about these women taking him to parties. They encourage his alcohol consumption, leaving a bad mark in their wake.

6. “Apple Suckling Tree” By Bob Dylan

Songwriting legend Bob Dylan has dozens of fantastic tracks. But “Apple Suckling Tree” is a more divisive song for his fans. The song features repetitive lyrics, with the background singers seemingly out of sync.

It’s such a bizarre track that some fans assumed the song was an improv practice included on his tape for fun.

Regardless of the origin, the song features apples prominently. The song is flirtatious and seems to take the form of a romantic advance from the singer. Here, he tells the girl that he’ll meet her beneath the apple-suckling tree.

7. “Apple Of My Eye” By Micah G

If a “bad apple” is a rotten individual, the apple of your eye is the center of your world. With such a wholesome title, you’d go into this Micah G number expecting a beautiful love song. Only “Apply of My Eye” is not.

As it turns out, this song with “apple” in the lyrics is not even about the end of a relationship. Rather, it’s a missed opportunity. So the singer has his eye on this woman, and he’s ready to give her everything. Gold, diamond rings, you name it. For him, she’s the apple of his eye.

Sadly, he’s not her type. She chooses another man who fails to make her happy. The singer longs for her to choose him. Because if she does, he’ll never give her a reason to leave the relationship.

8. “Apple Pie” By Travis Scott

Whether for right or wrong reasons, Travis Scott has found himself in the headlines for years. With “Apple Pie,” we have a glimpse into the writer’s more wholesome, dreamy side.

The song uses apple pie as a symbol of innocence and youth. As the singer leaves his family’s home and moves out on his own, he sees the cruelties and struggles of life.

Still, he doesn’t want his mama’s apple pie anymore. He’s a grown man, ready to find his place in the world. He recognizes that life isn’t as sweet as apple pie.

9. “Apple Pie A La Mode” By Destiny’s Child

While Travis Scott uses the dessert to depict innocence, Destiny’s Child has something else in mind. The group is known for its upbeat and often sensual songs, and “Apple Pie a la Mode” is one of those.

The song focuses on meeting an attractive man who can be compared to the dessert. The singer is quickly enamored by the man she sees in the club. Things are working in her favor, for the man is also interested in her.

The attraction seems to work both ways, with her seeing him not only as a husband material but also as “chocolate covered, strawberry, apple pie à la mode.”

10. “Second Bite Of The Apple” By Beady Eye

We are finally at the end of our list, and we give you Beady Eye’s “Second Bite of the Apple.” The title of the song mentions “apple” to mean second chances.

The song immediately begins with the line, “Shake my tree, where’s the apple for me?” It focuses on getting back on your feet and dealing with whatever trials the world sends your way.

So “if you’re tough enough,” the world is at your feet. It’s a fitting song if you know the history of the band. But you don’t have to be an Oasis fan to love the song. Whether you’re having a bad day or just love the song’s message, it’s a phenomenal pick-me-up track.

Summing Up Our List Of Apple Songs

Did you enjoy our list today? We certainly did while listening to them. These ten songs are not the only ones about apples, though.

But if you’re looking to start your playlist about apples or fruits in general, this is a great way to start. From Animal Collective to Beady Eye, we’ve got everything to suit the genre you’re looking for.

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