13 Of The Best Songs About Anxiety And Feeling Worried

Anxiety is an experience with which many people are familiar. Whether it’s that feeling of worry in the pit of your stomach or a nagging fear that things will go badly, anxiety can come for any one of us.

Whatever might be giving you stress, there is music to help calm you down. So many artists have written about anxiety and all the feelings and thoughts that come along with it.

We have carefully curated a list of 13 of the best songs about anxiety. Read on to find the ones that might resonate with you when you’re feeling tense.

1. “Under Pressure” By David Bowie And Queen

This hit song by David Bowie and Queen hits the nail on the head when it comes to the experience of anxiety. Released in 1981, “Under Pressure” is a pop-rock tune that describes the experience of feeling pressed, squeezed, and pushed by stress on all sides.

“Under Pressure” talks about the stresses that life brings. Can you imagine studying something for many years but ending up having a menial office job?

That’s not all. We assume a lot of responsibilities. We take care of our families, see to the needs of our children and try to be good citizens, too. These can be quite taxing and, no doubt, cause anxiety.

2. “Basket Case” By Green Day

If you are experiencing panic attacks, this song will resonate with you. Green Day‘s “Basket Case” chronicles the experience of losing it due to anxiety.

Green Day waxes about self-doubt, seeking help, and ultimately “cracking up” because of mental stresses. The song says, “Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.” This could be the working of an overthinking mind or the feeling that you’re going crazy.

It doesn’t get any easier. So if your anxiety has you feeling “paranoid,” it may just be time to crank up some Green Day and let these pop-punks play your troubles away.

3. “The Message” By Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five

When anxiety makes you feel you’re “close to the edge,” Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five know what you mean. Music historians consider “The Message” one of the first hip-hop songs providing commentary on the cultural conditions that cause anxiety.

In the lyrics, the singer tells us about the stress caused by living in an oppressive situation. This song is iconic because it delivers a powerful message regarding anxiety-inducing conditions.

When Grandmaster Flash tells us, “Don’t push me,” we, as listeners, hear the extreme stress he’s describing. And we are ready to heed that warning.

4. “Unwell” By Matchbox Twenty

A lot of people will be able to relate to the song “Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty. Lead vocalist Rob Thomas tells us what it’s like to struggle with anxiety, mental stress, and depression.

According to the lyrics, others may not see your struggles. But they are real and can bring out a “different side” of you. It comes to the point that you are “feelin’ like I’m headed for a breakdown.”

Anyone who has experienced anxiety will tell you that it can make you feel a little crazy. In this song, Matchbox Twenty reassures listeners that they’re not crazy. They’re “just a little unwell” when they experience mental health struggles like anxiety.

5. “Anxiety” By Jason Isbell

One of the few songs with “anxiety” in the title is Jason Isbell‘s “Anxiety.” He is a beautiful lyricist with such a poignant way of describing the everyday human struggles that can bring us down.

Anxiety is no exception. In the song, the lyrics poetically detail the consequences of anxiety. These include sleeplessness, panic, and estrangement from others. Isbell gets to ask his anxiety why it always gets the best of him.

Too often, it can feel like anxiety takes away our best selves and experiences. It makes even the most beautiful and enjoyable things painful.

6. “Paranoid” By Black Sabbath

When anxiety struggles go on for long periods, they can cause us to lose hope that things will ever get better. In “Paranoid,” Black Sabbath expresses that sense of hopelessness perfectly.

The band laments how one can lose relationships when the other person doesn’t understand what’s going on with you. There’s a lot on your mind, and people think you’re crazy.

The sad thing is, you yourself can’t find your happiness. It makes you crave understanding from others. Unfortunately, even though we wish for better times, we may have to face the reality that “it’s too late.”

7. “Disturbia” By Rihanna

This dance-pop song gives us an unfiltered peak inside the world of someone deeply troubled by anxiety. In “Disturbia,” Rihanna feels like she’s “going crazy” because she is so consumed with the “disease of the mind.” That is, anxiety.

In the lyrics, Rihanna is saying that anyone can fall victim to this. It can “come and grab you” without you even realizing it. And pretty soon, anxiety can “control you.” And so Rihanna puts out a warning to people to “watch out.”

The song is raw and genuine, taking us on a journey through all of the anxiety’s deeply disturbing symptoms.

8. “Anxiety” By Blackbear

A song with “anxiety” in the lyrics, “Anxiety,” is one of Blackbear‘s catchy singles. This is a little different from all the other songs on this list. One, because it talks about anxiety when it comes to love and one’s significant other.

Blackbear sings, “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I get anxiety.” These symptoms manifest when the lover is away from him. At the end of the chorus, he says that the woman herself gives him anxiety.

The whole song reflects what many of us go through when in love. Sometimes we tend to overthink things. It freaks out when we think of what could happen to the relationship.

9. “Heavy Balloon” By Fiona Apple

American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple has never been shy about describing her struggles with anxiety and depression. Just listen to her song “Heavy Balloon,” and you’ll know what we mean.

In the song, the heavy balloon is a metaphor for the weight that one carries when dealing with anxiety. Apple chronicles the struggles and the accompanying desire to bust out from under this heavy balloon.

Apple also sings about how people with anxiety feel lost and heavy. It comes to the point when the only place they know is the bottom. All the while, anxiety keeps “gnawing at me.” It’s like something is blocked, and so the pressure grows.

10. “Happy & Sad” By Kacey Musgraves

Anxiety can strike at the most inopportune time. Just when you’re having fun with friends or a lover, that’s when your mind goes overboard and overthinks. That’s what Kacey Musgraves‘ “Happy & Sad” says.

In the song, she says she gets nervous “when I’m having the time of my life.” She can’t explain it better, but she feels happy and sad at the same time. It gets frustrating, seeing how she wants “to stop all this thinkin'” and just enjoy the moment.

In this slow country ballad, listeners can relate to Musgraves’ mixed emotions and the anxiety new experiences bring. If the rain of anxiety starts to fall on you, crank up this song and let the lyrics soothe your worried mind.

11. “Beginning Of The End” By Weezer

Oftentimes, anxiety is fueled by performance expectations. When others expect us to achieve certain things or behave in particular ways, that can cause stress. Even panic. If your anxiety is related to expectations like these, Weezer knows what you’re going through. Just listen to “Beginning of the End.”

In the song, Weezer chronicles the stressful event of performing live in front of an audience. We find him doing a “last check in the mirror to see if anything’s wrong.” Anxiety manifests in the way his “head is spinning” on seeing his audience.

If you have found yourself “so scared” by what others expect you to achieve, you will relate strongly to this song.

12. “Stress” By Organized Konfusion

American duo Organized Konfusion‘s “Stress” is a song that mentions anxiety through its many debilitating symptoms. Chest pressure, blood rushing to your head, generally feeling heartsick… The list goes on and on.

The lyrics describe stress as a poison, painting quite a bleak picture of this exhausting condition. The line “My brain can’t even rest” points out the fact that anxiety causes you to overthink. It leads you to be more stressed than you already are.

This iconic 90s hip-hop sound, coupled with dark lyrics about all the troubles anxiety can bring, will make a good addition to your playlist.

13. “Inner Demons” By Julia Brennan

In this piano-fueled ballad, Julia Brennan battles against the dark forces of anxiety. She calls them the “Inner Demons.”

In the lyrics, we find her calling on angels to help her make it through. She admits she’s not strong enough to do it on her own. The line “Just push them down, just fight them harder/Why would give up on it so soon?” suggests that she needs help.

And so she calls on her angels to fight for her and listen to her prayers. She implores, “Angels, don’t give up on me today.” Whether she calls for spiritual beings or these angels represent people, it also makes us wish we have angels to come to our rescue when we feel anxious.

Summing Up Our List Of Anxiety Songs

Looking for a song to soothe your worried mind? Or one that perfectly describes the experience of debilitating panic? We’ve got you covered.

While anxiety can be isolating, it helps to know you’re not alone. By listening to artists who have had similar experiences, you can combat those feelings of isolation. It helps knowing others have gone through what you’re experiencing now.

As all music lovers know, there is nothing more powerful remedy for your woes than a good song. We hope the songs we listed above somehow helped you.

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