What Is The Musical Term For Slow?

Describing the tempo of a piece of music is a little harder than using the words “fast or slow”.

Tempo is a more of a relative term and so in music, we use different Italian terms to describe different speeds.

Below are all the Italian terms used to describe slow tempos and I’ve put a rough BPM (beats per minute) if you want to use a metronome to check the speed.

Italian termDefinitionBpm
Larghissimoas slow as possibleunder 24 bpm
Adagissimovery slowly
Gravevery slow, solemn25–45 bpm
Largoslowly and broadly40–60 bpm
Lentoslowly45–60 bpm
Larghettofairly slow and broadly60–66 bpm
Adagioslowly66–76 bpm
Adagietto slower than andante70–80 bpm
Andanteat a walking pace76–108 bpm
Andantino slightly faster than andante80–108 bpm
Marcia moderatomoderately, in the manner of a march83–85 bpm
Moderatoat a moderate speed108–120 bpm

Note that the beats per minute are rough indications and there are lots of different opinions.

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