Grade 2 Italian Musical Terms

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For the ABRSM grade 2 music theory exam you’re going to need to know some Italian words and symbols and what they mean.

Although it can seem quite daunting at first don’t worry. You’ll pick them up easily with a bit of work and revision.

What are the grade 2 performance directions?

So below are all the Grade 2 performance directions for you to start getting to know.

Once you’re done with them try the quiz at the bottom of the page to test how well you know them.

You can also download a free pdf to print out below.

The Grade 2 Italian Music Terms

Grade 2 Italian TermsDefinition
aat, by, for, in the style of, to
al, allato the, in the manner of
allargandobroadening (getting a little slow and probably louder)
andantinoslightly faster than andante
con, colwith
dal segno / D.Srepeat from the sign
e, edand
espressivo / express. / espr.expressive
fortepianoloud, then immediately soft
giocosoplayful, merry
gravevery slow, solemn
larghettorather slow (not as slow as largo)
largoslow, stately
moltovery, much
mosso, motomovement
pocoa little
ritenuto / rit. / riten.held back
sforzando / zforzatoforced, accented
simile / the same way
troppotoo much
vivace, vivolively, quick

Grade 2 Italian Terms Quiz

Time for a quiz!

See how well you know the above grade 2 performance terms by taking the quiz below.

Good luck.

If you’re taking a grade two theory exam there are some other words you’ll need to take a look at.

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