Grade 1 Music Theory Guide

Learn Grade 1 Music Theory Online For Free

Welcome to our music theory grade 1 guide where we'll be walking you through everything you need to know to pass your music theory exam.

Each lesson has simple, easy to understand explanations with loads of examples to help you get to grips with each topic.

We've written it to be read in order but feel free to jump around as you need. 


  1. Types Of Musical Notes
  2. Bars and Time Signatures
  3. ​The Stave (Or Staff)
  4. Clefs
  5. Tied and Dotted Notes
  6. Rests
  7. Sharps, Flats and Natural Signs
  8. Semitones and Tones
  9. Scales
  10. Key Signatures
  11. Accidentals
  12. The Degrees Of A Scale
  13. Tonic Triads
  14. Intervals
  15. Grouping Notes and Rests
  16. Performance Directions

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