11 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Male Hispanic Singers

It’s no secret that the Hispanic community is one of the largest and most influential in the USA. It will also not surprise you that Spanish-speaking singers are some of the most talented and well-known in the world!

From balladeers to pop stars, these men have entertained us for years with their amazing voices and impressive performances.

And in this post, we’re going to take a quick look at the lives and careers of the greatest and most famous male Hispanic singers who have inspired us and made us fall in love with music.

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1. Juanes

Born Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez in Antioquia, Colombia, Juanes fell in love with music at a young age. He was only two when he started playing the piano, and seven years old when his family began to teach him the guitar.

Though he was fascinated with tango and salsa, his solo music has taken a nod from a variety of popular musicians, including the Beatles.

When he was 17, he started the band Ekhymosis, but in the late 90s, he decided to focus on a solo career. During his solo act, he’s earned Latin Grammys, and he has gone platinum and multi-platinum across the Spanish-speaking world. 

Juanes uses his music not just to win awards but to make a difference. He focuses on the violence and inequality that he saw firsthand growing up in Colombia, and he specifically focuses on promoting Paul McCartney’s charity, Adopt-a-Minefield.

2. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin was born Enrique Martin Morales in Puerto Rico and began his career as a performer and entertainer in elementary school. His good looks and charisma won him roles in commercials by the age of 9, and he joined the boy band Menudo at 11 years old. 

He didn’t reach worldwide acclaim until he launched his solo career in the early 90s, starting with traditional ballads and transitioning to Latin Pop with his 3rd album A Medio Vivir. However, he became an international sensation with his Grammy-winning album Vuelve in 1998. 

He has since become one of the best-selling Hispanic artists in history, selling over 70 million albums and earning him the title “King of Latin Pop.”

3. Enrique Iglesias

Son of the legendary Spanish singer and pro soccer player Julio Iglesias, Enrique Miguel Iglesias followed in his father’s footsteps.

While he was born in Spain, he grew up in Miami. He began recording Latin Pop music in the 90s under a Mexican label. He first garnered acclaim for his song “Por Amarte,” which became the theme song in a famous Mexican Telenovela.

His songs topped the Latin charts throughout the 90s, but it wasn’t until the turn of the 21st century that he began singing in English.

His first crossover hit song, “Bailamos,” featured a mix of English and Spanish and has since gone on to record 11 albums, star in various blockbuster hit movies, and win hundreds of music awards.

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4. Marc Anthony

Born Marco Antonio Muniz Rivera in New York City, Marc Anthony is a three-time Grammy winner, songwriter, and singer who helped popularize Salsa and Latin ballads in the U.S.

He grew up in a musical household in Spanish Harlem, his Puerto Rican parents instilling in him a love for Latin music and encouraging his interest in rock, R&B, and blues.

He channeled the musical influences of his childhood into his own music, a fusion of Salsa with Black music like soul and R&B.

He sang exclusively in Spanish during the 90s, winning six Latin Grammys before signing with Sony Records and debuting English songs made famous as theme songs in movies like The Mask of Zorro and Runaway Bride.  

5. Manu Chao

Jose Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao is a Spanish-born, French-raised musician whose music is in a category of its own. He is a polyglot, singing songs in Spanish, French, English, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and various other languages.

His musical career began as a bohemian street musician, busking in Paris during the 80s. He formed the band Mano Negra in 1987, an underground fusion band that combined rockabilly, funk, punk rock, and Latin party music. They garnered acclaim in France but broke up by the early 90s. 

Chao then embarked on a wildly successful solo career, beginning with the hit album Clandestino, followed in short order by Proxima Estacion Esperanza and La Radiolina. His music is diverse, taking influence from reggae, rock, jazz, Afrobeat, and many more.

6. Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is the stage name of Puerto Rican rapper and reggaeton sensation Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio. He grew up in Puerto Rico and began self-recording music while he was a college student on the popular platform SoundCloud. 

His music was so popular that it caught the attention of famous pop and rap artists like Drake and Cardi B, who invited him to collaborate.

His collaborations and solo ventures became instant hits, topping US Billboards. His first album x 100pre won a Latin Grammy, while his 2020 album won him his first Grammy in the US for Best Latin Pop Album.

7. Daddy Yankee

Dubbed “King of Reggaeton,” Daddy Yankee was born Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez in Puerto Rico. He earned his title because he globalized the genre and came up with the name “reggaeton” in 1994.

Daddy Yankee is the product of urbanity, growing up in the projects outside of San Juan. When his aspirations of an MLB draft were quashed by a gunshot wound, he channeled his energy into a musical career. He achieved international recognition with his hit single “Gasolina.”

His fame climbed to an all-time high in 2017 with the release of “Despacito,” which is the most popular Spanish-language hit in the Hispanic and Anglo markets.  

8. Chayanne

Born Elmer Figueroa Arce in Puerto Rico, Chayanne is a nickname coined by his mother to describe his obsession with his favorite childhood TV series, Cheyenne.

Like Ricky Martin, Chayanne began his musical career as a member of a boy band. He actually auditioned for Martin’s band Menudo but didn’t make the cut and joined another hit band called Los Chicos.

As an adult, Chayanne launched a solo career during the mid-80s and earned international acclaim with his 1987 self-titled album. His music is exclusively in Spanish, with many of his songs featured as theme songs for Telenovelas in Mexico and Venezuela.

He is one of the best-selling Latin pop artists of all time, with over 50 million albums sold worldwide. 

9. Julio Iglesias

While Enrique Iglesias may be more well-known to the younger generations, his father, Julio Iglesias, is the biggest Spanish singer and songwriter in the world, having sold over 100 million albums during his stunning career.

He grew up in Madrid and became a professional soccer player before becoming a professional singer in the 60s. He has performed in over 5000 concerts around the globe and is recognized as the most prolific international singer, having recorded songs in more languages than any other artist.

He moved to the U.S. during the 80s and began collaborating with famous American artists like Stevie Wonder, Dolly Parton, and Frank Sinatra. His honors and awards are too many to count but include Knighthood from France, Grammys, and more.  

10. Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart is a Houston-born, Venezuelan-raised American folk singer who started his musical formation in high school. As a teen, he relocated to California to attend the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute.

He began recording music in 2002. He has released ten albums, all of which combine a classic American folk sound with neo-psychedelic sounds.

Six of his albums made it to the Billboard charts in both the US and the UK. He often sings in Spanish, his ethereal voice spouting poetic lyrics on par with Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen.   

11. Luis Miguel

Also known as “The Sun of Mexico,” Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri is a Mexican multi-genre singer who remained faithful to his Latin roots by never singing in English like most of his fellow Hispanic artists during the 90s. Nevertheless, he still garnered international fame, becoming the first Latin artist to have platinum-certified albums in the US.

He’s also the youngest Grammy winner, receiving a Grammy at 14 for a duet he sang with Sheena Easton.

He has since won five more Grammys and 15 nominations, not to mention Latin Grammys, World Music Awards, MTV Video Music Award, and many more. 

Summing Up Our List Of Famous Hispanic Male


We’ve come to the end of our list of Hispanic male vocalists. We hope you enjoyed reading about them and discovered some new ones!

But, this list barely scratches the surface, and there are plenty more talented singers out there.

Who do you think we missed off that deserves to be on this list? Let us know, and we’ll add them in!

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