11 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Bolivian Singers

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The South American country of Bolivia is known for its isolation and rugged terrain. Yet, Bolivia has produced a diverse array of talented singers that have transcended the country’s borders and achieved international acclaim. These musicians have released music that has touched the hearts of Bolivians and people all over the world.

Given the wealth of creativity that has flourished in Bolivia, it is no surprise that many of the country’s singers have produced lasting legacies. Read on to learn more about 11 of the greatest and most famous Bolivian singers in history.

1. Zulma Yugar

Not only is Zulma Yugar one of the most famous female Bolivian folk singers of all time, but she is also a politician.

The double-threat was born in Oruro, a city in the west of Bolivia known for its cultural festivals. Some of her most famous albums include Embrujo Lyra, Joya Del Folklore, and Abriendo Brecha

Yugar’s renown in her homeland led President Evo Morales to appoint her as the Minister of Culture. In this position, the singer worked to preserve Bolivia’s artistic expressions, just as she did with her traditional folk singing career.

2. Gonzalo Hermosa González

Gonzalo Hermosa González is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Villa Capinota. He is best known as the frontman of the band Los Kjarkas, a folk group that is well known for its Andean music style.

González founded the band in the 1960s with his two brothers. Since its inception, Los Kjarkas have produced some of the greatest hits Bolivia has ever seen with one of their first albums which is titled Bolivia.

Some of their most successful songs include, “Canto a la Mujer de mi Pueblo,” “Al Final,” and “Llorando se Fue.”

Even though González and his band rose to fame more than 50 years ago, they are still active and touring. 

3. Huáscar Aparicio


Huáscar Aparicio was born in Sucre, Bolivia, otherwise known as the judicial capital. As a young man, Aparicio attended Colegio San Luis, an educational institution he represented in multiple folk singing competitions.

His career only continued to flourish from there. He performed at several concerts and cultural festivals throughout Bolivia. In addition, he placed first in the Festival Internacional del Lapacho. Later, he toured cities in South America, and eventually, eighty countries around the world.

Sadly, Aparicio passed away in a car accident in 2013, but his musical legacy lives on with songs like “Nadie Muere de Amor.”

4. Panchi Maldonado

Panchi Maldonado is a singer and songwriter from the Bolivian capital La Paz. He is the leader of the famed band Atajo, which formed in the mid-1990s.

In addition to being a vocalist, Maldonado is a multi-instrumentalist, playing percussion, harmonica, and guitar.

As the frontman, Maldonado has spent decades carrying out the mission to communicate the Bolivian experience to people across the world.

His group has experimented with many different genres while harnessing their Bolivian cultural heritage. Some of the genres Maldonado’s band has explored include blues, tango, murga, candombe, and festejo. 

5. Luzmila Carpio

Born in the small village of Qala Qala, Bolivian singer Luzmila Carpio has an impressive resume as a talent advocate for Andean music.

As a child, she studied the music of the Aymara and Quechua peoples learning to sing in Spanish after a radio host criticized her for singing in other languages.

As a teenager, Carpio’s path to greater prominence came when she sang the National Anthem of Bolivia on live radio in Spanish (it was the only song she knew in that language).

Still, Carpio continued to explore the indigenous musical culture and co-authored children’s books that became popular with rural Bolivian children.

Later, she moved to Paris to continue singing. Appropriately, she would become the Bolivian Ambassador to France.

Some of her most notable albums are Warmikunapax, Yayay Jap’ina, and Arawi: The Spirit of the Andes.

6. Betty Veizaga

Betty Veizaga is a Bolivian folk musician who both sings and plays multiple instruments.

She got her break at a local radio station in her home village of Vacas. Her career prospered from there as she learned to play the charango, an instrument native to her country.

She began to perform in a group with her siblings, and then, later in life, her husband. One of her most significant works is the song, “Como No Voy a Quererla.”

7. Claudia Arce

Claudia Arce is a singer, model, and actress from Sucre. She is perhaps best known as Miss Bolivia 2009 and a contestant in the Miss Universe competition. 

Since then, Arce has forged a successful career in television, film, and musical theater with leading roles in Chicago, Rent, Moulin Rouge, and Grease.

Her most noted works as a singer are “Invítame” and “The Full Moon.” Beyond her career in performance, Arce has toured India with a charity called, “Healthy Kids, Happy Kids.”

8. Julieta Paredes

Julieta Paredes is a singer-songwriter, poet, and, first and foremost, a feminist. As a feminist and a lesbian, her musical works revolve around feminist and LGBTQ themes.

She created the concept of “communal feminism,” which describes the ideal relationship between indigenous people, their bodies, and their sexuality.

Many Bolivians value the work that Paredes has done for Indigenous women. She has used her poetry and music to bring awareness to ongoing issues in her homeland and gain support for her groups. These include Mujeres Creando and the Assembly of Communitarian Feminism, both of which she is a founding member.

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9. Sibah

Sibah, born Silvia Velarde Pereyra, is a Bolivian artist known for performing blues rock and roll music since stepping onto the music scene in 1994.

Through the years, she has released several solo albums, including Con un Poquito, Desigual, Ami nome, and In.Tenso.

She has worked in different bands, like the acapella group Vozabierta. With her membership in “Intervención poética a la música,” she is an advocate for a relationship between poetry and music.

One of her greatest hits is “Al Amanecer,” a song that earned her international recognition in 2010 by the Mercosur Cultural Network.

10. Tarateño Rojas

Tarateño Rojas was a symbolic figure for Bolivia and Argentina. While he was born in Tarata, Bolivia, he later moved to Argentina after the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay.

Rojas sang traditional Andean folk music and as a result, the Bolivian Embassy and Bolivian Folklorists Society honored Rojas for his achievements. 

One of Tarateño Rojas’s most well-regarded recordings was “Sucu Sucu,” a song that has been covered by numerous international artists. He is also known for his albums, “Mambo De Machaguay” and “El Rey Del Sucu Sucu.”

11. Nilo Soruco

Nilo Rixio Soruco Arancibia was a Bolivian-born singer and composer born in Tarija, a large city in the south of the country.

He started his career in music early in life, but it was not until later on that his music gained international acclaim. In the 1970s, he was exiled during the military dictatorship to Venezuela due to his communist beliefs.

In Venezuela, he wrote several renowned songs under the name Nilo Soruco. The most famous is, “La vida es linda,” though “Caraqueña” was another big hit. Soruco was able to return to Bolivia in 1978 and received the National Culture Prize in 2003.

Summing Up Our List Of Famous Singers From Bolivia

As you can see, there is a myriad of talent coming out of the small nation of Bolivia with only 11.

From traditional folk singers to rock and roll artists, Bolivia holds a lot of pride in its flourishing musical scene.

Not only do they give entertaining and meaningful performances to Bolivians, but they extend the country’s rich culture and history to the rest of the world.

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