10 Of The Best Trombone Brands In The World

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The trombone has been holding bands together since the 15th century. Originally named the sackbut, the instrument’s current name derives from two Italian words: tromba, meaning “trumpet,” and one, meaning “large.”

These “large trumpets” are great for beginner musicians. Called by Beethoven as “the voice of God,” the instrument is famously easy to create a satisfying sound with.

If you’re ready to commit to playing “the voice of God,” we’ve listed 10 of the best trombone brands on the market. Read on to learn about them!

1. Vincent Bach

Vincent Bach didn’t set out to found one of the top brass instrument brands when he migrated to America from Vienna. An accomplished engineer and scientist, the musician gambled it all for a position in the Boston Symphony.

Bach played trumpet in the orchestra until 1918, when he began crafting mouthpieces. While Bach’s trumpets quickly earned the title “Stradivarius of trumpets,” the company didn’t start selling trombones until 1928.

Sold to the Selmer Company in 1964, Bach churns out high-quality brass instruments from their Elkhart, Indiana, home. Gifted artisans handcraft each Bach trombone.

Musicians laud the instruments for their rich, full tones and encompassing sound. Bach makes their trombones from gold brass, yellow brass, and sterling plus, each creating a unique sound. They make 45 different trombones, certain to ensure every player finds the instrument of their dreams.

2. Jupiter

Our next Trombone brand has helped many a musician learn to play. Jupiter started in 1930 to provide educational instruments to schools and communities. The company exists under the KHS Musical Instruments umbrella of brands. This equips them to offer an array of musical paraphernalia.

Jupiter makes their trombones by using superior technology. They’re balanced and painstakingly designed for the purest, fullest sound. Their outer slides are made of nickel silver to ensure better resistance to denting.

The company makes 18 different trombones in categories such as tenor trombones, attachment trombones, bass trombones, and valve trombones, as well as maintenance kits for all its instruments.

Not limited to brass, Jupiter also sells woodwinds. Other instruments include piccolos, flutes, clarinets, tubas, French horns, and sousaphones.

3. Getzen

A brand that has witnessed more history than most of us ever will, Getzen began in 1939, and the founder, T. J. Getzen, sold his first trombone in 1946. Since the company’s inception, Getzen trombones have been synonymous with quality.

The Getzen website is a treasure trove of information. The company’s Buyer’s Guide is helpful to everyone, from a musician seeking their next horn to a parent trying to select the right instrument for their future band nerd.

While the brand produces other instruments, its trombones are its signature instruments. Getsen’s beautifully crafted trombones come in many different series: Custom Reserve, Custom, Eterna, 700, Capri, and 300/400 Series.

Besides some of the world’s top trombones, Getzen makes trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, cases, and accessories, as well as maintenance kits.

4. King

The King brand are trombone trailblazers. Started by Henderson White and Thomas King in 1894, the brand deviated from the traditional trombone design, creating a radically different instrument.

Regardless of its monarchist name, King’s history is bound to America’s. The brand’s saxophones were the exclusive instruments to the United State’s military during World War I. King introduced French horn production to America in the 1920s and also employed the first female executive in the music industry in 1940.

The brand’s history of taking chances without compromising quality carries through today. Their trombones are simultaneously some of the best and most affordable on the market.

King sells 14 different trombones, ranging from student to professional. The company also makes trumpets, tubas, sousaphones, and marching brass.

5. Yamaha

The Japanese company Yamaha has their fingers in everything. While you might not expect excellent trombones from the same company that makes top-quality motorcycles, Yamaha’s instruments don’t disappoint.

In fact, their trombones are the top choice among school bands. The instruments’ rich, full sound allows students to sound better, faster. They offer a wide array of models, both for beginners and pros.

Not content to produce just one superiors trombone, Yamaha offers five subcategories of the instrument, including tenor trombones, tenor trombones with F attachment, bass trombones, valve trombone, and alto trombones.

6. C.G. Conn

C.G. Conn’s illustrious career, spanning from the World’s Columbia Exposition to their current-day status as some of the finest professional trombones on the market, started improbably enough with a split lip in 1873.

After getting in a bar fight, founder Charles Conn needed a modified mouthpiece, so he made his own. The rest, as they say, is history.

C.G. Conn built the first Sousaphone from John Philip Sousa’s designs. Their impact on music is immeasurable. The company continues to set a highwater mark in trombone production, crafting instruments with full, vibrant sound.

C.G. Conn sells 29 different professional-tier trombones, for beginners and professional players alike. The innovators also make flugelhorns, French horns, tubas, and sousaphones.

7. Eastman Winds

Founded by accomplished flutist Qian Ni in 1992, and over 25 years later, Eastman grew into a company renown for providing the world with the finest wood- and brasswind instruments.

They follow the traditional handcrafted method of creating their instruments, made from the highest grade material to provide each player with exquisite sound for solo play or on the stage with a band.

Eastman has three trombone designs to choose from: student, performance, and professional. Regardless of level, the company has a commitment to ensure their instruments are the highest of quality to last a lifetime. You certainly won’t regret it should you choose to buy a trombone from them.

8. Holton

Another Conn-Selmer brand, Holton, traces its roots back to John Philip Sousa. Frank Holton cut his teeth playing in Sousa’s band and transferred that success to a small secondhand shop, where he sold instruments and his own special trombone slide oil.

Holton’s success allowed him to create his own signature trombone in 1898. He may not have been the most creative namer—he called his instrument “the Holton Special Trombone”—but his design and construction were superior.

The Holton trombone remains beloved by musicians today. The company offers only three trombone models: two basses and a tenor. Beyond these three superior trombones, Holton makes French horns, baritones, euphoniums, and tubas.

9. Courtois

A pedigreed brand, Courtois came to life in 1789 Paris. Since the Courtois family started manufacturing their instruments during the French Revolution, the brand has traveled through France, collecting accolades and awards.

Eventually, the company’s journey led to German shores, as the brand merged with B&S GmbH to create their universally acclaimed instruments in Markneukirchen. Courtois’s quality and renown remain undiminished. Their trombones are gold-standard brass instruments. 

The company produces 12 unique trombones. Ranging from “Professional” to “Advanced,” Courtois’s instruments are intended for serious musicians. The brand also makes flugelhorns, saxhorns, and accessories.

10. Jean-Paul USA

And for our last brand, we have Jean-Paul USA. This company believes that quality instruments shouldn’t bankrupt musicians, and they strive to ensure that anyone can afford their trombones.

Jean-Paul USA is the youngest brand on our list, having their start in 1994. The company sells directly to its customers via the internet. This business model keeps costs down, eliminating the need for a brick-and-mortar store and any expenses associated with third-party distribution.

Jean-Paul USA offers two trombones: an intermediate tenor and an intermediate tenor with F attachment. The company provides warranties for all of its instruments, the entire catalog of which includes saxophones, clarinets, flutes, trumpets, flugels, mouthpieces, and cases.

Summing Up Our List Of Trombone Brands

Learning any instrument requires the proper tools. Though the trombone is a more user-friendly instrument, players still need a quality one to perfect their art.

Any of the above brands provide quality, established instruments guaranteed to make you the best musician you can be. We hope that we have been instrumental in helping you find that trombone suitable to your needs and playing style.

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