10 Of The Best Online Jazz Piano Lessons And Courses In 2024

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Have you always wanted to play jazz piano? Finally ready to take the plunge and commit to improving? If so, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are a beginner and just starting out or an experienced player looking to brush up on your jazz chops, there are numerous amazing places to learn the art of jazz piano online.

In this guide, we’ve put together our list of what we think are the best online jazz piano lessons and courses currently on the market.

So, whatever you want to learn, be it jazz scales and chords, comping, soloing, or improvising, check out the below courses and level up your jazz piano today.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post may contain affiliate links which means we get a commission if you purchase at no additional cost to you.

1. Artist Works – Jazz Piano with George Witty

The absolute winner on our list of the best online jazz piano courses is “Jazz Piano with George Whitty,” which you can find on ArtistWorks.com.

By signing up for this course, you will get unlimited access to interactive jazz lessons, which include backing tracks, sheet music, piano presets, and much more.

You will get many acoustic and electric piano tips, learn about jazz scales and voicings, go through a bunch of improvisation exercises, and play along the backing tracks, which will equip you with enough practical skills to play any song on piano or even compose your own melodies.

What sets this course apart from other similar options offered by other sites is the ability to submit your videos for reviews using the special Video Exchange Platform, that you will find on this site.

Once you submit your video, it will be reviewed by the teacher, and you will get a response in the form of another video containing detailed feedback and tips on how to improve your playing.

Besides this, you will also get access to the Video Exchange library, where you can find videos exchanged between the teacher and other students and use those as a valuable learning resource as well.

All lessons included in this course are beautifully presented and are easy to follow and understand. They are suitable for all styles and levels of playing and are taught by George Whitty, a true master of the genre.

George Whitty is a multi-Grammy and Emmy award winner. He worked with the top recording artists, including Herbie Hancock, Michael and Randy Brecker, Wayne Shorter, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana, and more. Besides being an extraordinary producer, composer, and arranger, he worked on multiple projects and composed music for various television events and series.

George has extensive experience as an educator, too, so signing up for this course will give you the chance to work with one of the world’s best jazz piano players and teachers.

Click the link below to find out more and start improving your jazz piano chops.

2. Jazz Piano – The Ultimate Beginners Course on SkillShare


The second spot on our list belongs to the “Jazz Piano – The Ultimate Beginners Course,” which you can find on SkillShare.com. This course offers a simple step-by-step guide to jazz piano and will teach you to play cool jazz sounds in no time.

The lessons included here are suitable for anyone, from absolute beginners who have never played piano before to intermediate and advanced learners.

They start with the basics of jazz piano playing, and you don’t need any previous experience to be able to follow along. Even if you have some experience, these lessons about the fundamentals of jazz piano playing can help you refresh your knowledge and brush up on your skills.

Throughout the course, you will learn scales and arpeggios and have exercises that will build up in difficulty as you progress. You will gain the skills that will make you able to improvise and come up with your own melodies.

Besides this, you will learn about jazz chords, chord extensions, chord voicings, quartal harmony, and much more. You’ll also learn about comping and explore different rhythms that you will eventually use with the songs you choose.

In addition, you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills you acquired right away by playing famous jazz songs such as Autumn Leaves, Fly Me to the Moon, So What by Miles Davis and many others.

The lessons come with additional material in the form of PDFs that you can download, print, and take wherever you want. All of them are taught by Arthur Bird, who has been playing the piano for twenty years. He also has vast experience recording in studios, playing with bands all over the world, and teaching piano.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you will learn from an experienced and dedicated teacher who will guide you patiently through this journey and help you gain all the skills you need to play the jazz piano confidently.

Click the link below to check out what this amazing and affordable course has to offer and why it might be the right pick for you.

3. PianoForAll


Another popular resource for online piano courses, including jazz piano courses, is Pianoforall. This site offers you the chance to master the art of jazz piano playing in months without wasting your time, money, and effort on traditional piano lessons.

Pianoforall offers a series of step-by-step lessons designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than other similar sites and methods. You will start with the popular “Rhythm Style” piano and expand into Jazz or some other style, improvisation, and composing your own beautiful melodies. You will learn how to read music, play it by ear, and eventually play your favorite jazz songs.

The lessons are really nicely laid out, with step-by-step instructions and clear guides, and you will have no difficulties following and understanding them. Besides this, you can choose your own pace and learn where you want and whenever it suits you.

The lessons also come at a more than reasonable price range, and if you pay a little extra, you can get everything on a DVD, excellent email customer support, and lifetime free updates.

4. Jazz Piano Foundations – PianoGroove


The next spot on our list of the best online jazz piano lessons belongs to the “Jazz Piano Foundations Course” offered by PianoGroove.com.

It covers in-depth video lessons for jazz piano that start from the foundations of jazz theory, major and minor scales, triads, intervals, and chords and lead you to play your first jazz standard. You will learn the twelve major scales, how to construct them, and correct fingering for major scales.

You will explore intervals for jazz piano so you can learn how to build chords quickly and improvise freely. In addition, you will learn everything about 251 progressions and drills, how to read lead sheets, and how to create jazz voicings.

There are two practice routines covered in this course. The first one is the “Essentials Practice Guide,” designed for students new to the piano.

The second is the “Full Foundations Practice Guide.” It is more advanced and designed for students who already have some experience playing the piano but are new to jazz piano.

After completing the “Jazz Piano Foundations Course,” you will understand the basics of scales and jazz chords and be able to play your first jazz standard arrangements.

As mentioned, this paid course is suitable for beginners who have never played jazz piano before and also for those who already have some experience playing piano but want to explore the jazz style.

The course comes at a great price and will present you with months’ worth of content in a very short time. Click the link below to check out the current price of this course and all the benefits that it offers.

5. Learn Jazz Piano Today on Udemy


Another amazing jazz piano course comes from Udemy – “Learn Jazz Piano Today.” It will provide you with an in-depth insight into the rich piano chords, bass line, and improvisation and help take your piano playing to the next level.

The lessons are nicely presented and easy to understand and follow. You will learn a 12-bar blues bass line, professional jazz chords, how to play chords along with a bassline, improvise over the blues, create your own improvisation licks, and compose your own music.

Besides this, you will get a lot of practice tips that will help you learn faster and advance in your playing.

This course is ideal for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced-level learners. Everyone eager to learn jazz piano can benefit from the lessons covered here.

Your teacher will be Willie Myette, a professional pianist and creator of the “PianoWithWillie” method that facilitates online learning of jazz, blues, gospel piano, and more. Willie has an extensive career as a performer and piano teacher and will ensure that you learn everything necessary to play your favorite songs on the jazz piano.

With his special method and step-by-step lessons, you will become a good pianist in a very short time and at a very reasonable price as well.

6. Learn to Play Jazz Piano on Future Learn


FutureLearn offers lessons affiliated with the University of London and taught by professionals in the field. The site includes the “Expert Tracks” series of courses too, that will provide you with an in-depth and fun introduction to modern jazz piano, from the basics to advanced blues sequences.

From learning the basics of jazz improvisation to mastering more advanced techniques, the first course in the “ExpertTrack” series of courses will help you gain the knowledge and practical skills you need for improvising and playing in a group with other musicians.

The second course will develop your jazz improvisation skills further. You will learn more about the blues and jazz standards and explore jazz improvisation with play-along songs, such as I Got Rhythm, Autumn Leaves, and All the Things You Are.

The third course covers lessons that will teach you how to play solo jazz piano and a jazz waltz. You will learn scale and chord theory, modulation, rhythmic phrases, and swing.

The final course will introduce you to advanced blues sequences, ballads, and unique devices that will help you incorporate Latin and funk into your jazz style.

The lessons are fun and engaging and are suitable for anyone interested in learning the techniques of jazz piano playing, although they will work best for intermediate-level learners who want to transition to playing jazz.

Your teacher will be Ray d’Inverno, an exceptional jazz pianist and educator with over fifty years of experience teaching and performing. He developed this special course to help you and other interested students master the art of piano playing in an easy and fast way.

If you think that “Expert Tracks” might be the right option for you, check out the link below and see how well it could work for you.

7. FreeJazzLessons

FreeJazzLessons.com is a free jazz piano lessons resource that offers multiple examples of jazz piano lessons for students at all levels.

FreeJazzLessons.com has been in the business of teaching music since 2011. The site was developed by Chicago-based jazz and blues piano professional, Steve Nixon. Many other eminent music educators and specialists present their lessons here too, and they have helped many students grow as musicians.

The site offers free jazz piano lessons that are adaptable to suit different learning styles. FreeJazzLessons also offers premium learning plans for those who want to continue their studies in jazz piano at a higher level after completing the free course.

It can help you cover impromptu compositions on a jazz piano, provide tips to defeat uneasiness as a musician, lead you through the theory of the harmonies, intervals, and notes, teach you about the jargon in jazz music, and much more.

The site has videos for intermediate and advanced learners on Open Studio, which includes tips on how to become a better musician, as well as how to overcome stage fright.

The learning program is extensive and interactive, with lots of exercises that help students learn new skills faster than ever before. It’s available on mobile devices or computers so you can take your lessons anywhere.

8. OpenStudioJazz – Jazz Piano Jump-Start


OpenStudioJazz.com is another resource for online jazz piano lessons, perfect as a starting point for novice and aspiring pianists.

There’s a fun and engaging program designed to jump-start your playing in only seven weeks. Taught by Peter Martin and Adam Maness, the lessons are presented in a light-hearted and casual format. They will keep you entertained and engaged as you learn the foundations and all important principles of jazz piano.

The course also includes 19 backing tracks to help you with practicing your playing and perfecting your skills. Once you complete the course, you will be able to improvise over basic chord changes and create jazz chords and your own practice routine to continue your growth in this area.

In addition to backing tracks, by signing up for this course, you will also get the special Jazz Piano Jump-Start workbook, 28 Guided Practice Sessions, and quizzes to help you lock in the material.

Pick this option and learn to play piano like a pro in only seven weeks, guided by some of the best experts in this domain.

9. KeyboardImprov


KeyboardImprov.com offers a series of free tutorials that can help you understand the basics of jazz piano. These are followed by intermediate and expert lessons that will help you take your skills to the next level and play the instrument at a professional level.

Created by a passionate jazz pianist and teacher, Ron Drotos, these lessons are engaging and interactive. You’ll also get a series of practice exercises at the end of each lesson so you can perfect your skills.

Sign up for lessons on this site, and you’ll get the best step-by-step video instructions with personal guidance that will teach you essential jazz techniques and help you practice hand independence and rhythmic flexibility.

You’ll learn scales and modes, jazz ballads, bebop soloing, chord voicings, melodic embellishment, walking bass, comping, jazz and traditional blues, rhythm changes, smooth jazz, and improvising techniques.

By signing up for lessons on this site you will get, not only the chance to work with Ron Drotos, the creator of KeyboardImprov.com and professional pianist, but also access to his complete video course of over 300 lessons, so you can learn any style you want including blues, rock, funk, and pop, get downloadable sheet music with every lesson and much more.

Pick Ron’s extensive Jazz Piano University lessons and start your exciting little jazz piano lessons today.

10. Dave Frank School of Jazz

Finally, the last pick on our list of the best online piano lessons and courses is Dave Frank’s School of Jazz. It is a website that offers a host of a large number of instructional videos dedicated to learning the art of jazz piano and improvisation.

All of the videos are hosted by Dave Frank, the New York-based musician, and extraordinary piano teacher, and you can access them via his YouTube channel or website. Although the site is a little difficult to navigate, all videos that you will find there are fun, engaging, and easy to follow.

Dave will guide you through the fundamentals of jazz piano playing and introduce you to more complicated matters as you advance in your learning. You will cover the basics of the theory of jazz piano playing, chord voicing, improvisation, practice playing the music of famous musicians like Bill Evans, and much more.

So, the lessons you can find on Dave’s site are suitable for beginners who are just starting their piano journey and for intermediate and advanced learners who already have some experience playing jazz piano and want to upgrade their knowledge and polish their existing skills and techniques.

If you want to learn from Dave Frank on a one-to-one basis at an affordable price, click the link below and book your lessons today.

Conclusion: Which Online Jazz Piano Course Is The Best For You?

That’s it for our article on what places are best to learn jazz piano on the internet. We hope you found it helpful.

All of these lessons and courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know about jazz piano, from the basics to advanced techniques. You’ll learn about the theory of jazz piano, how to finger chords and chord progressions, improvise on your own, and much more, all while saving time and having a lot of fun in the process.

However, if you are still unsure about which one to go for and can’t make up your mind on the best online jazz piano course for you, we’d recommend trying out “Jazz Piano with George Whitty.”

Offered by ArtistWorks.com, this course covers hundreds of jazz piano lessons and provides professional guidance from one of the world’s most talented pianists and teachers.

Pick this course and embark on a journey of beautifully presented and truly enjoyable lessons. Get a bunch of useful tips from a wonderful teacher and take your playing to the next level in no time and at an affordable price.

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