10 Of The Best Online Flute Lessons And Courses In 2024

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If you are a beginner looking for the best way to learn flute online, or if you already have experience playing this wonderful instrument and want to improve your skills, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best online flute lessons and courses, both free and paid, that can guide you through this exciting journey from the comfort of your own home.

Scroll down, check out what we’ve picked for you, and see whether any of these would work for you.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post may contain affiliate links, which means we get a commission if you purchase at no additional cost to you.

1. ArtistWorks—Flute With Jeffrey Khaner

The first position on our list belongs to Jeffrey Khaner’s Online Classical Flute Course on ArtistWorks.

If you haven’t heard of it, ArtistWorks.com is a popular website where you can find online music lessons from master musicians for any style and instrument, including flute.

The lessons are well-arranged, easy to follow and understand, and suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students. They include sheet music, technique exercises, and orchestral excerpts for you to work through.

What sets these lessons apart from those offered by other sites is the access to the library of videos submitted by students using a special video exchange platform. Every video has been reviewed by the amazing Jeffrey Khaner and followed by a video response with guidance to the students to improve their playing and take it to the next level.

Choose this course and you will get the chance to learn the flute from a virtuoso. Your tutor, Jeffrey Khaner, has been a principal flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra for over twenty years and is one of the world’s best soloists.

He works with popular composers and regularly teaches master classes to students from all around the world. Therefore, you can relax knowing that you will be in safe hands and learn from the very best.

Sign up for this course today and master the art of playing the flute from the comfort of your home at a more than affordable price.

2. Udemy—Learn To Play The Flute: Beginner Basics To Intermediate

The high second place belongs to Udemy’s Learn to Play the Flute: Beginner Basics to Intermediate course.

It’s a paid course designed for everyone, from students looking to catch up to those looking to get ahead, for kids and adult learners, but especially for those who are starting their flute journey.

The course is perfect for beginners as it will guide you all the way from opening your case for the first time to playing your first melodies.

It offers more than a hundred exciting and engaging video lessons that will help you acquire knowledge and musicianship skills and master all the techniques that make up a great flutist.

The lessons are taught by Lisa Garner Santa, who is currently an artist-performer and professor of flute at Texas Tech University.

She has an extensive career as a teacher, soloist, recitalist, and chamber musician, and you can rest assured that she will help you obtain all the technical skills you need to play the flute confidently.

You will learn the basics of music theory, how to read music, play dozens of songs and melodies, get various tips and advice, and perform technique-building and scale exercises from the comfort of your home while saving time and money.

With this course, you will get an entire year’s worth of lessons for only a fraction of the price.

3. First Flute With Sir James Galway

If you’ve ever wanted to have a lesson with the Man with the Golden Flute himself, then you have to check out First Flute with Sir James Galway, which is available on FirstFlute.com.

This paid course offers a series of interactive and easy-to-follow lessons that cover all levels, from beginner and amateur to professional.

You will get acquainted with the basics of music theory and musical terms, learn about the proper embouchure and finger techniques, exercise breathing and scales, and get hundreds of tips, tricks, and warnings that can help you master playing the flute in a very short time.

The course allows you to learn directly from the master, Sir James Galway, who is the founder of the site and one of the best flutists in the world.

Throughout his extensive career, he has performed with the world’s leading orchestras and has had numerous international television appearances. He also has many years of experience working as a mentor and teacher, so you can be sure that you will get only the best if you choose his course.

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced flutist, this 15-lesson course will set you on a good path toward reaching perfection in your flute playing. Sign up for this course today and improve your knowledge and practical skills in an intuitive, enjoyable, and affordable way.

4. Flute Lessons On Fiverr

Up next, we have Fiverr, which comes as a reasonable choice as it is the world’s largest online platform for buying and selling freelance services. Here, among many other things, you can find a teacher to help you bring your flute playing to the next level at more than a reasonable price range.

On Fiverr, you can find flute teachers for all levels of skills. Based on what you need, you can hire the most talented flute experts or those with less experience who will teach you the basics of playing the flute.

Another good thing about finding your flute teacher on Fiverr is that it will give you the possibility to arrange lessons according to your schedule. Also, you can choose your own pace and what you want to master.

Hire one of the freelance flute teachers on Fiverr today and get your flute playing to the next level quickly, without leaving home, and at an excellent price.

5. Learn Flute Online

The website LearnFluteOnline.com is where you can find free online programs for learning to play the flute.

Created and run by Rebecca Fuller, the site offers fun and easy-to-follow lessons for learners of all ages and levels of expertise.

The lessons are organized into several levels. If you are a beginner, you can choose the Silver Level Flute Lessons program, which includes simple step-by-step video lessons for first-time beginners.

The lessons will teach you the fundamentals of playing the flute, the correct posture, how to recognize and play every note on the flute, how to perform some simple melodies properly, and many other things.

After mastering the basics, you can become a member and get access to premium programs and more advanced lessons that will extend your musical knowledge, help you acquire new skills, polish the existing ones, and specialize in Irish music, jazz, folk rock, and others.

Whichever program you choose, you will be guided through it by the lovely Rebecca Fuller, who has been professionally performing and teaching flute for 33 years, so you can be sure that you will be in safe hands and get the best value for the money.

6. The Flute Coach

Another excellent resource for paid online courses and flute lesson packages is TheFluteCoach.com. It offers various courses and lessons for beginners, intermediate, advanced learners, and teachers as well.

No matter which course or package you pick, the lessons they cover are easy and engaging, suitable both for kids and adults. You can learn some fundamental things, from the correct embouchure, posture, breathing, and scale exercises to more complicated matters that advanced courses offer.

The lessons will boost your confidence, help you acquire the necessary knowledge, practical skills, and techniques, and bring your flute playing to the next level. You will be learning from different coaches, but all of them are experienced flutists and teachers.

What makes this site different from other similar sites is that it offers many lesson packages, so you can choose one with lessons tailored to your needs, level of expertise, and time commitment.

All packages come in an affordable price range, so no matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong. You will get the highest quality lessons and online training that will boost your knowledge and help you get all the practical skills you need to play the flute effortlessly.

7. Flute Land

The next lesson resource on our list is Fluteland.com. It is a center for different paid online flute lessons taught by professional flute teachers, including on-demand video flute lessons, flute fingering charts, flute lesson plans, video-conferencing flute lessons, and more.

The lessons are detailed but easy to follow and understand and are suitable for beginners as well as mature players and professional flutists. By becoming a member, you will get access to a large amount of learning material.

Another great option that Fluteland.com offers is the possibility to take live online lessons with teachers and participate in flute discussions on their flute forums.

Although the site is not that well-arranged and might seem a little too simple at first, the lessons you can find there are excellent and packed with useful material that can boost your playing skills in a short time.

All lessons are taught by skillful and highly experienced teachers who will guide you through your flute journey toward success.

Become a member today and enjoy all the benefits that this site offers without having to spend an entire fortune.

8. Jolene Madewell

Jolene Madewell’s site is an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced students who already have some knowledge and experience playing the flute.

She offers private flute lessons to perfect your skills via Skype or FaceTime, so you can practice playing flute and polish your techniques from the comfort of your own home at a nice price range. Besides this, Jolene also offers in-person lessons to flutists in the Austin and Cedar Park, Texas, area.

Lessons are well-presented and aimed at helping you with your posture, improving practical techniques, learning notes, creating correct tones, and presenting assignments.

The site offers both free and paid options. If you are not sure about your lessons, you can try out the free trial period before subscribing to weekly lessons.

Jolene Madewell is an extraordinary flutist and teacher. She got her master of music degree in flute performance from Florida State University and has been performing in master classes throughout the nation, so you know you will be learning from a trustworthy and experienced teacher.

Although the site is not currently accepting new students, you can apply for lessons if you are not in a rush to learn to play the flute, and your application will be added to the waitlist.

9. JQ Flute Lessons

The website JQFlute.com is founded and run by Dr. Jessica Quinones, a recognized international flutist with over thirty years of experience in teaching and performing.

Dr. Jessica offers private Skype lessons for students of all skill levels. No matter from which level you are starting or what is your preferred musical genre, she will lead you through your lessons in an easy and exciting manner and set you on the way to becoming a master flutist.

Apart from these online lessons, she gives in-person lessons in her flute studio, which is based in the center of St. Agnes village in Cornwall, England, UK.

Among other things, you will learn fundamentals of playing the flute, such as how to properly hold the flute and use the finger technique, establish control over your breath, exercise, and learn scales.

Dr. Jessica might not have such an extensive career in this field as other flutists we have mentioned here, but her lessons will provide you with everything essential to advance in your flute adventure.

10. iMusicSchool

And finally, we have iMusicSchool. It is a website that offers paid online flute courses with hundreds of hours of lessons for all levels and styles.

The lessons are presented in the form of simple but creative videos and will teach you everything you need to know about music theory and the fundamentals of playing the flute. You will gain new skills and significantly improve the existing techniques with the help of professional teachers.

There are many teachers to choose from on this site, and they will help you master your flute playing and allow you to learn at your own pace and with large flexibility.

Although there are some great teachers here, not all of them have years of experience as professional flutists. However, they are capable of passing on their knowledge and techniques, and you will achieve your desired results within a very short time.

Summing Up Our List Of The Best Flute Lessons And Courses Online

Here we come to the end of our guide to the best flute lessons online. We hope you enjoyed reading it and that you found the right flute course for you in the process.

Whatever option you choose, follow all the instructions and practice hard to achieve your goals. If you are still on the fence and don’t know what to do, we’d recommend Jeffrey Khaner’s flute lessons at ArtistWorks.com.

This course is the right place to start your flute adventure and learn the skill. From the fundamentals of playing the flute and correct embouchure to scales and playing melodies, the course will walk you through everything you need to know to become a great flutist.

For more info and to get the best price, click below and start your lessons today!

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