The 9 Best Online Clarinet Lessons And Courses In 2024 (Free And Paid)

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Do you want to get better at the clarinet? Wondering what the best clarinet courses are and who the best online teachers are? Well, you’re in the right place.

We’ve been busy researching and reviewing all the best places to learn clarinet online, and we’ve compiled them into this list so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

So, if you want to improve your clarinet playing, check out this list of paid and free clarinet lessons for students of all levels.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post may contain affiliate links, which means we get a commission if you purchase at no additional cost to you.

1. Classical Clarinet Course by Ricardo Morales on ArtistWorks

After having bought and reviewed a number of the clarinet courses available on the internet and scoured all the free resources available, our number recommendation has to be Ricardo Morales’ clarinet lessons on ArtistWorks.

It’s so comprehensive we were blown away by the amount of material available. It would take years to go through it all! That being said, it has a great roadmap of lessons to take and clearly walks you through the fundamentals.

For beginners, you can start with the whole section on the clarinet fundamentals. It covers everything from how to hold the instrument correctly, correct embouchure, finger position, and all the techniques needed when starting out. We also loved the content on how to practice. Essential for beginners to be able to improve quickly.

But, for the more intermediate players who want to level up their skills, it has a whole host of videos covering different orchestra repertoire and solo pieces to help you progress in your playing.

It’s taught by clarinet expert Ricardo Morales, who was the principal clarinetist in the Philadelphia Orchestra and played with The New York Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic, so you know you can trust what he’s teaching.

He’s also a great educator and teaches at the Juilliard School. It shows as he’s excellent at breaking down everything into simple bite-size chunks.

All in all, incredible value for money considering the number of lessons included, the expert teacher, and all available from the comfort of your home; we’d highly recommend this course to beginner and intermediate clarinetists looking to improve quickly and affordably.

2. Learn to Play Clarinet: Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours on Udemy

The second place on our list is reserved for Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours, which is available on Udemy, an extraordinary platform for online teaching and learning that offers clarinet lessons as well!

This clarinet course is paid, like many other courses you can find on this site. It covers years of training in just five hours and will save you a lot of time. It is suitable for students of all levels, especially beginners and people who want to learn to play the instrument as a hobby.

Well presented and easy to follow, the lessons will guide you through the fundamentals, including how to assemble and care for a clarinet, create correct embouchure, and how to read music notation all the way to playing your first melodies. They will help you master all the techniques that will set you on the path to becoming a great clarinetist.

By choosing this course, you will get the chance to be taught by Kathryn Nevin, who earned her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clarinet Performance from the University of Southern California and has performed with many orchestras, including the San Diego Symphony and Pasadena Symphony.

Because she’s so well educated and has performed with so many amazing orchestras, you know you’re getting a teacher who has a lot of experience and will be in safe hands.

Besides this, Dr. Nevin is an active soloist and chamber musician and a founding member of several award-winning ensembles. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will learn from the best.

So if you are a beginner who has never played clarinet or a student looking to catch up, this course might be the right option. It will guide you through beginner to pro lessons in less than five hours and allow you to master the art of clarinet for only a fraction of the cost.

3. Take Note, Beginner Clarinet on Udemy (Paid)

The next one we picked for you is Take Note Beginner Clarinet, another great clarinet course offered by Udemy.

Just like Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours, this one is paid and doesn’t require any previous knowledge. It is perfect for both young beginners and clarinet players wishing to improve their skills and raise their standard of playing.

This course will allow you to have fun while learning new techniques. It will guide you through lessons in an engaging and creative way and help you obtain all the practical skills you need to play the clarinet confidently. 

Besides some basic skills, the course will give you a grasp of essential concepts of musicianship, including listening skills, rhythm and pulse, natural phrasing, and the flow of the music.

All material and instructions are delivered by Maggie Gray. Maggie is a member of the Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain. She has had a long career as a professional musician, working in radio, television, and London’s West End Theatre Orchestras.

Maggie Gray is an experienced teacher at all levels and will inspire you to reach perfection.

Whether you are just a beginner or an intermediate clarinetist having difficulties with some aspect of your playing, Take Note Beginner Clarinet will provide practical answers and solutions to your troubles and polish your skills at a more than affordable price range.

4. Clarinet Mentors

The fourth position on our list belongs to Clarinet Mentors. Run by clarinetist Michelle Anderson, the site offers both free and paid courses ideal for adult learners of all skill levels.

If you go to the site, you’ll find loads of free resources, and all you need to do to access those free lessons is to join the Clarinet Mentors community. You will also be notified about other available resources, including home-study courses and teleseminars, news of new videos, concerts, and live streams.

Michelle Anderson’s lessons are enjoyable and straightforward to follow, perfect for both beginners and experienced clarinet players looking for a way to improve their skills. If you opt for more detailed learning, the site offers multiple courses designed to suit particular skill levels.

Regardless of what you pick, you will be in safe hands. Michelle Anderson has been performing professionally and teaching clarinet lessons to students of all ages for over 30 years. She also had an extensive YouTube channel!

She works with a vast music repertoire and will help you obtain basic skills, play the clarinet more efficiently, and accelerate your progress.

All in all, this is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of the clarinet or improve your existing knowledge and skills. The only downside is the website is quite dated and hard to navigate.

5. Clarinet Now

Clarinet Now is a site that offers a number of free lessons aimed at helping you overcome different problems you may face when learning to play clarinet and improve your existing skills.

The lessons are engaging, easy to follow, and suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced learners.

They offer tips from a professional clarinet player and a teacher, Christopher Jones, that will help you form the correct embouchure, cross the break smoothly, articulate lightly and rapidly, use fingers in an efficient and fluid way, and set you on the path to becoming a good clarinetist.

Christopher Jones earned his Master of Music in Clarinet Performance and conducting at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces and a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of North Alabama in Florence.

He’s been playing clarinet for 26 years in the US Army West Point Band at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, and wrote a book entitled Bumblebee Loops: A Practice Guide to Performing a Lightning Fast “Flight of the Bumblebee” for Clarinet, Violin, or Flute.

Getting lessons on Clarinet Now and from such an experienced clarinetist and teacher will help you gain some basic skills and knowledge on how to play clarinet properly while avoiding common mistakes. But, like the last website, the website could do with a revamp and is very dated and hard to navigate.

6. Fiverr

Next, we have Fiverr, which, if you haven’t heard of it, is one of the world’s largest and most popular online marketplaces where freelancers offer a wide range of services from different areas, including clarinet lessons!

If you are a beginner looking for an easy and affordable way to start your clarinet journey, you are an intermediate or advanced learner, or you are looking for appropriate lessons for your kids, Fiverr may be the right place for you.

On Fiverr, you can find teachers available to give lessons suitable for students of all levels at pretty affordable prices. These teachers can tailor make their lessons just for you, whatever your ability or plans with the clarinet, from basic knowledge about clarinets to the techniques needed for more advanced playing.

There are a lot of clarinet experts who offer their services on Fiverr and who would help you acquire new techniques and skills or improve those that you already possess.

Teachers usually offer different packages with a range of different services and prices, and you only need to pick what suits you best.

7. Sharon Music Academy (Paid)

The next on our list is Sharon Music Academy. It is a respected music academy that offers both online courses and in-person lessons in various musical instruments, including the clarinet.

The lessons they provide are paid and tailored to the needs of students, their level of knowledge, and their interests in music. So whether you are just a beginner or an advanced learner looking for a way to polish your skills, Sharon Music Academy is capable of meeting all your needs and expectations.

The courses cover everything from music theory, clarinet techniques, and sound development to breath control, reading music, rhythm reading, improvisation, and ear training.

All lessons are presented professionally and are easy to follow. They are taught by highly experienced teachers and actively performing artists, so you can be sure that you will learn from the very best.

Instructors have many years of experience teaching both children and adults and are very passionate about passing on their knowledge to their students.

Also, if you are considering getting some music certifications, the academy offers special programs to prepare you for exams that will help you obtain your desired certificate.

If you want to get a special music certificate, improve your clarinet skills, or are just starting your clarinet adventure, Sharon Music Academy has a wide range of affordable courses and lessons to meet everyone’s needs.


Are you looking for a way to learn all the techniques of playing jazz on a clarinet? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked Jazz Clarinet to help you with this.

Jazz Clarinet is an excellent online resource that offers both free and paid lessons that can teach you everything you need to know about playing jazz on the clarinet. 

No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate learner looking for a way to become a better player, or an advanced learner, Jazz Clarinet has everything necessary to keep you covered.

There you will find jazz clarinet lessons, including videos, PDFs, and backing tracks that cover topics such as embouchure technique, mouthpiece selection, fingering, posture, breath control, tone production, articulation, and many others.

Lessons are presented in a creative and fun way and will inspire you to learn, deepen your knowledge of jazz, and help you develop extraordinary techniques.

They are taught by Adrian Cunningham. He graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with an Honors degree in Clarinet Jazz Performance and is also a successful recording artist and bandleader.

Apart from this, he has over 20 years of experience teaching students in primary schools and universities and is very passionate about passing on his knowledge and sharing his performing experience with his students.

With Adrian Cunningham as a teacher, you can rest assured that you will develop the different skills needed to play jazz on the clarinet.


Finally, we have the Jenny Clarinet Academy, a comprehensive online clarinet academy designed to help you get basic knowledge of the clarinet or improve your existing knowledge and overall performance.

The academy offers a variety of courses for beginners to advanced learners that cover subjects such as performance fundamentals, history, pedagogy, repertoire, and many others.

If you choose this academy, you will get the chance to work with the lovely Dr. Jenny Maclay, who enjoys a diverse career as a clarinet soloist, recitalist, orchestral player, chamber musician, pedagogue, and blogger.

She received her Master of Music, Performance, and Heritage at the Versailles Conservatoire and her Doctorate in Music Interpretation at the Université de Montréal and achieved a number of other notable musical honors.

With Dr. Jenny, you will be in safe and experienced hands. Her lessons are beautifully presented and enjoyable, and you won’t have difficulties learning everything necessary.

Pick one of the academy’s courses and enjoy fantastic lessons that will hone your clarinet skills and help you become an excellent clarinetist.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy?

That’s it for our guide to clarinet courses online! We hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Whatever you do, make sure you get some instruction when learning the clarinet. Whether it’s in-person one-to-one lessons with a local teacher, an online course, or virtual lessons over zoom, learning an instrument is hard and you’ll save so much time by going through it with someone who knows what they’re doing.

If you’re still on the fence about which course to go for, we’d recommend Classical Clarinet Course by Ricardo Morales on ArtistWorks. The quality of the lessons is superb, plus you’ve got so many of them to work through, you’ll have enough material to get you to sound pretty good on the clarinet.

Then you’ve got the affordable monthly yearly subscription, so you’re not paying for a weekly lesson (which can really add up) makes it a very attractive option.

For more information and to get the best price, click below and start improving your clarinet playing now.

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