14 Of The Best Country Party Songs Of All Time

Written by Dan Farrant

The word party is synonymous with fun, and bringing along the perfect playlist is an absolute must—something upbeat to complement the spirit of the gathering.

You will want to include some lively songs in your party’s music selection to ensure that it is as epic as possible, like country party songs. This will have your guests dipping, spinning, and square dancing till the early hours of the morning.

Don’t know where to start? Here, we’ve listed 14 of the best country party songs of all time to check out. Ready? Let’s get the party started!

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1. “Good Time” By Alan Jackson

Country music icon Alan Jackson is the songwriter behind the song “Good Time,” which he also recorded. It was released as the title track in his 2008 album.

In this upbeat song, the narrator says he wants to throw a party because “all the circumstances are good” after a long week of hard work. With this line, as well as the title itself, we believe it’s the perfect song to play at any party.

On the Billboard Hot Country Songs list of 2008,  the song debuted at position 42, then climbed the charts to #1. By the end of the year, it was at #12, but it can still get the joyous mood going.

2. “Alcohol” By Brad Paisley

Some say a party is not truly a party without alcoholic drinks, and as an ode to the liquid that can make things lively at any event, Brad Paisley created “Alcohol.”

It’s a fun mid-tempo song that personifies alcoholic beverages. The lyrics describe the influence alcohol can do to a person, like “help you up or make you fall.” And it ends with something probably true—that you will have “some of the best times you’ll never remember” with alcohol.

The song was the first single to be released from Paisley’s album Time Well Wasted, and it peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts when it was released in 2005.

3. “Rockin’ In The Free World” By Neil Young

Written by Frank “Poncho” Sampedro and Neil Young, “Rockin’ in the Free World” was included in Young’s sixteenth studio album, Freedom, in 1989.

There are two renditions of this country rock: one has a more acoustic arrangement, and the second version is heavier and more upbeat with an electric arrangement. The latter is preferred for parties to encourage visitors to “keep on rockin’.”

“Rockin’ in the Free World” came in at number 214 on the list of “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” compiled by Rolling Stone magazine. It has also been covered by other artists like Pearl Jam, The Alarm, and, recently, Soil.

4. “Watermelon Crawl” By Tracy Byrd

Our next song, “Watermelon Crawl,” was the second success of Tracy Byrd‘s sophomore album. The song’s protagonist is a guy driving through Georgia when he notices a sign for a local watermelon festival and decides to get off the highway.

The event has all the typical southern activities, such as live music and alcoholic beverages. With the song’s popularity, it became the soundtrack for a famous line dance named after it.

The dance is silly and easy enough for beginners to pick up, which is described in the song—danced by the festival queen—and the lyrics are entertaining and memorable. Should you choose to have this song in your party playlist, give the dance steps a shot!

5. “I Like It, I Love It” By Tim McGraw

Though the song is about falling in love, Tim McGraw‘s “I Like It, I Love It” will have your party-goers dancing to its fast-paced country beat.

The raucous melody is one of McGraw’s most famous singles, and the lyrics proclaim that the narrator both appreciates and enjoys the effort he takes to ensure that his lady is content.

“I Like It, I Love It” was released in 1995 and reached #1 on the Hot Country Songs list. It eventually became the sports anthem for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League and was often played during NFL games as well.

6. “Sideways” By Dierks Bentley

A great party deserves a song about a great party, and “Sideways” by Dierks Bentley is it—evidenced by its music video, which shows Bentley performing in front of a crowd of partygoers.

The lyrics have something in common with “Good Times” in that after a week of working hard, the narrator is ready to let loose and party until he’s going sideways. You and your visitors can certainly relate to that, and with the upbeat tempo, all of you will surely be on the dancefloor in no time.

“Sideways” was released in Bentley’s album Feel That Fire in 2009, and it climbed to the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list soon after.

7. “Days Go By” By Keith Urban

Australian country music artist Keith Urban is responsible for co-writing and recording the song “Days Go By.” It was released from his album Be Here in 2004.

The fast pace of the song is as suitable for parties as its lyrics. It is all about life in the fast lane and just feeling the days go by so quickly. Thus the narrator appeals to the listeners to start living and embracing today before it goes away.

“Days Go By” became Urban’s sixth #1 song on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It is also one of his biggest crossover appeals between country pop and rock.

8. “Meet In The Middle” By Diamond Rio

“Meet In The Middle,” which was released as Diamond Rio‘s first single in 1991, is notable for its melodic banjo riffs and organ ornamentations. Its mid-tempo tune is perfect for background music to help a party get started.

The lyrics tell the story of a couple as they recount their first encounter “by that old Georgia Pine” in the heart of their respective hometowns. It follows the pair as they go through the ups and downs of marriage, but they always remember to “meet in the middle” (compromise).

Midway through 1991, “Meet in the Middle” climbed the charts and became the first single ever released by a country music band to reach the top spot on Billboard‘s Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

9. “She’s Country” By Jason Aldean

Songwriters Bridgette Tatum and Danny Myrick collaborated on “She’s Country,” popularized by Jason Aldean. The up-tempo country rock song would sound perfect, blaring on the stereos as party-goers prepare to rock on the dance floor.

Heavy on the electric guitar, the song describes women from different parts of the States, stating you can tell they are true blue country girls “from her cowboy boots to her down home roots.”

“She’s Country” was the first single released from Wide Open in December 2008. The next year, the song climbed to the top of Billboard Hot Country Songs, becoming Aldean’s second #1 success in the genre.

10. “This Kiss” By Faith Hill

A perfect party is not just about aggressively moving the body; one should also be able to gently sway in the arms of their partner, and Faith Hill‘s “This Kiss” is just the song for this mood.

The lyrics describe the power of a kiss, and not just any kiss, but a kiss of love. For the narrator, this kiss can be perpetual bliss, a pivotal moment, or, more importantly, it can express how much you love someone.

The poetic expression of the song is enough to entice dancing couples to hold each other tight, and at the end of the dance, be sure to show him or her your love with a kiss.

11. “Holler Back” By Lost Trailers

In the fast-paced song “Holler Back,” the narrator expresses his discomfort with living in a city. His companion advises him to “holler back when [he gets] back home,” yet the only “holler” the narrator is familiar with is that holler—slang for hollow or valley—in the woods.

The country band, the Lost Trailers, released the song in 2008. It initially did not have good reviews but slowly climbed to #9 on the Hot Country Songs chart. Regardless, its upbeat rhythm and references to country fun would fit in quite well at a party.

12. “You Belong With Me” By Taylor Swift

If you care to listen closely, “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift is not about the obsession of a deranged girlfriend insisting on keeping her boy with her and only her.

The song is about the longing, the secret wish of a girl watching the boy she loves being unhappy with a girl he’s currently with. She’s wondering why he can’t see they belong together; after all, she knows every little thing about him, from the songs he likes to his life’s dreams.

“You Belong with Me” made it to the top of the Hot Country Songs charts and crossed over to #2 on the Pop Songs charts. Its music video won the 2009 MTV award for Best Female Video.

13. “House Party” By Sam Hunt

Next up we have another song about a party, which makes it, in our opinion, perfect to be included in a party playlist. After all, Sam Hunt‘s “House Party” describes taking the boom box out, shaking the floor, and rattling the roof—much like what you’re going to do at your party, right?

Released in the singer’s debut album, Montevallo, in 2015, “House Party” topped two charts: Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs. By the end of the year, it retained its top-five position in Country Songs and was certified four times Platinum.

14. “Here For A Good Time” By George Strait

The heavy beat, tambourines, and guitar intro of “Here for a Good Time” by George Strait is unquestionably a sound one can dance to. It’s also a song that most can relate to; after all, aren’t we all here for a good time?

Strait certainly agrees, as in the song, he expresses that he’s not going to wait around for the good or the bad to come and find him. He’s not going to live wasting his life, as it could be his last. For him, “[he’s] here for the good time,” too.

Summing Up Our List Of Country Party Songs

There’s no denying the fact that country music is the ideal soundtrack for social gatherings. Country music offers something for everyone, from timeless classics to up-to-the-minute hits guaranteed to get listeners up and moving.

Country music has a unique way of lifting your spirits. Possibly the joyful rhythm or the nostalgic words evoke happier times. Whatever the reason, country music has a way of getting everyone on their feet and dancing.

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