10 Of The Best Country Love Songs Of The 2000s

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The 2000s were a fantastic decade for country music. For a country audience, music artists created that ranged in themes from sweet, romantic love to broken-heart anthems.

Country songs often focus on lost relationships and love found once more. These country love songs fit into the established genre while breaking new ground, and many of these songs also gained crossover acclaim on the pop charts.

Here, we’ve listed 10 of the best country love songs of the 2000s for you to enjoy. Read on!

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1. “Love Story” By Taylor Swift

“Love Story,” released by Taylor Swift in 2008, is a crossover hit and a spin on the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. In the song, a young girl’s parents don’t approve of her boyfriend. She tries to spend time alone with him but encounters obstacles everywhere.

In real life, this song may have taken its inspiration from Swift’s relationship with pop star Joe Jonas. They had trouble getting private time together, and Swift’s parents weren’t big fans.

Swift and Jonas broke up, but Swift gave the song a happy ending with a triumphant key change and a wedding.

2. “Cowboy Take Me Away” By The Chicks

This romantic song describes what it’s like to be swept off your feet by a man with a “simple smile.” Natalie Maines, the Chicks‘ lead singer, sings about her desire to escape from the big city and return to an idyllic life with a cowboy.

The lyrics communicate the singer’s wish to escape their hurried and complicated city life. The song refers to an earlier time when life and relationships were uncomplicated.

The banjo and fiddle gave this song a traditional country sound. The song appeals to country music lovers who want to experience an authentic life.

“Cowboy Take Me Away” appeared on the album Fly. The song peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country chart in February 2000.

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3. “Breathe” By Faith Hill

Another crossover sensation, Faith Hill‘s tender song “Breathe” hit #2 on the country charts. It appeared on Hill’s album of the same name.

The lyrics poetically describe the singer losing herself in an intimate encounter with her partner and being focused on the sound of their breathing. They shut out the rest of the world and enjoy each other.

Holly Lamar and Stephanie Bentley wrote the music and lyrics, who have also written for Hill’s husband, Tim McGraw. “Breath” also topped the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 list for the year 2000.

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4. “Come A Little Closer” By Dierks Bentley

“Come A Little Closer” is a steamy song by Dierks Bentley. It describes the singer’s wishes to reconnect with his lover. He urges her to “come a little closer” so he can show her how much he loves her.

The song combines simple lyrics with a pedal-steel background for a genuine country sound. It follows the tradition of George Strait and other country artists with boundary-pushing lyrics.

Bentley performed the song at his Grand Ole Opry induction in October 2005. “Come a Little Closer” peaked at #1 on the Billboard Country charts in December 2005.

5. “Lost In This Moment” By Big & Rich

Describing how the groom feels during a wedding, “Lost in This Moment” has become an enduring hit. The album Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace featured the song as a stylistic departure from the band’s usual work.

Big and Rich‘s “Lost in This Moment” is a straightforward, up-tempo country ballad. The lyrics speak to the true nature of the groom’s love for his bride. They describe seeing her walk down the aisle with her father to the sweet anticipation of saying his vows.

The song hit #1 on the Billboard Country charts in July 2007. It also reached 36th on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

6. “Raining On Sunday” By Keith Urban

This tender ballad by Keith Urban describes the Australian singer’s desire to spend time with his partner and shut out the rest of the world. The song evokes a quiet day away from the pressures of the outside world, where the couple can be intimate.

The track features Urban’s rock-style guitar solos at the end, giving the listener a sense of his intense emotions.

“Raining on Sunday” was first recorded in 1999 on songwriter Radney Foster’s album See What You Want to See. Urban’s version reached #3 on the US Hot Country Billboard charts in early 2003 and #13 on the year-end country charts.

7. “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out” By Chris Cagle

“I Breath in, I Breath Out” by Chris Cagle is a famous country anthem for the broken-hearted. The nostalgic violin echoes the sadness in the singer’s voice.

The singer focuses on surviving each day until his ex decides to rekindle their relationship. He decides not to pursue other women because he feels there might still be a chance of them getting back together.

Released on September 10, 2001, “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out” was Cagle’s first and only #1 hit. The song topped the Billboard Country charts in the first months of 2002 and peaked at #23 at the year’s end.

8. “Need You Now” By Lady A

Another breakup song, Lady A‘s “Need You Now,” enjoyed enormous crossover success. The song presents a broken relationship from both sides, showing how both ex-partners are trying to cope with their loss.

The harmonies evoke sadness and yearning, and the steel guitar ties the song into the country tradition. The relatable lyrics are approachable to anyone who has experienced the end of a relationship.

“Need You Now” topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009 and placed high on the country charts. The song also won multiple Grammy Awards in 2011.

9. “It Just Comes Natural” By George Strait

Actor, producer, and singer-songwriter George Strait is one of the godfathers of classic country music, first making his mark in the 1980s with neotraditional country music. He has continued making hits with his song “It Just Comes Natural” from his album of the same name.

Connecting country traditions in music, as well as lyrics, appeals to Strait’s fans, and “It Just Comes Natural” starts by setting an idyllic country scene. The singer then compares his love to the natural world and his vision of how the world should work.

The song scored first on the US Hot Country in February 2007. The album itself was nominated for Best Country Album at the Grammys the following year.

10. “Bless The Broken Road” By Rascal Flatts

Lastly, we have “Bless the Broken Road” by the Rascal Flatts. It was originally by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, but the Flatts’ version is the highest ranking and grossing.

This hit song is about persevering through difficulties, and the narrator hopes the road he’s taking will lead to love (which it does). He then reflects on the challenges he has gone through in life and expresses his appreciation for his current partner.

“Bless the Broken Road” topped country charts in Canada and US and received a Grammy Award for Best Country Song. The Rascal Flatts also covered this song on the Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack in 2009.

Summing Up Our List Of 2000s Country Love Songs

These standout examples of country love songs from the first decade of the 2000s show how far country music has come.

Many of these songs appeal to not just country fans but pop and rock listeners as well. No matter what country sound you enjoy, you can find an excellent listen here.

If you are looking for a song to express your love for a special someone or need emotional support to get over a breakup, you can turn to these romantic country songs today.

This list is far from complete, so if you think we’ve missed a song that should be on this list, let us know so we can add it for you!

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