10 Of The Best Country Love Songs Of The 1990s

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The ’90s was a magical time for country music. The decade saw the rise to fame of Garth Brooks and the continued success of George Strait. Female artists like Jo Dee Messina and Trisha Yearwood released songs that jumped to the top of the charts.

The talented musical artists of the ’90s were not afraid to sing about emotional topics, including love and passion. If you’re hoping to take a trip down memory lane or to find the perfect song for your upcoming date or wedding, listen to these 10 of the best country love songs of the ’90s. 

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1. “Carrying Your Love With Me” By George Strait

“Carrying Your Love with Me” is a country song released in May 1997. The music was performed by George Strait and written by Jeff Stevens and Steve Bogard. Soon after its release, the song surged to the top of the Billboard Hot Country charts soon. 

Many listed it as one of the best songs of the 1990s. Indeed, in 1998, “Carrying Your Love with Me” was nominated for Best Male Country Vocal Performance at the Grammy Awards.

The lyrics describe a love that lasts no matter where the two people are in the country. No matter how far they part, from one travel to another, love keeps them connected.

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2. “You’re Still the One” By Shania Twain


“You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain is included in her third studio album,  Come On Over, which was released in 1997. Twain’s partner, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, had a role in writing and producing the song.

The gentle ballad speaks of the challenges the narrator has gone through to be with her lover, and after beating the odds despite people telling her they wouldn’t make it, her lover is still the one for her.

In addition to taking over country radio, the song also saw success on the pop charts. “You’re Still the One” was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and won Best Country Song and Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

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3. “To Make You Feel My Love” By Garth Brooks

Bob Dylan first wrote “To Make You Feel My Love” in 1997, and many other artists have recorded it, including Adele and Billy Joel.

The following year, Garth Brooks covered the song for the movie Hope Floats. Brooks received a Grammy nomination for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

The song is about how one person might be able to demonstrate their love for another physically. The beautiful lyrics describe how not only does the person want to build a happy life with their partner but also do the mundane, menial tasks with the other forever.

4. “In Spite Of Ourselves” By John Prine & Iris DeMent

“In Spite of Ourselves” is not only an incredibly fun country love song, but it is also the title track of the 13th studio album, released in 1999, by John Prine.

The song is a duet with Iris DeMent and the two singers banter back and forth about the small things that make a romantic relationship work.

The quirky song outlines the simplicity of love, just knowing what type of eggs a partner enjoys and how no matter what characteristics or flaws the other individual has, the other will still love them no matter what.

5. “I Can Love You Like That” By John Michael Montgomery

“I Can Love You Like That” was released in February 1995 by John Michael Montgomery, who is known for other hits like “I Swear” and “Sold.” The song jumpstarted the singer’s career; it was the first single from his self-titled album.

The song is a simple yet profound declaration. It is about a man promising his love and devotion to his partner and dedicating himself to ensuring she has everything she might need.

“I Can Love You Like That” topped the Hot Country Songs chart. Later that year, All-4-One released their cover of the song, which also peaked at #2 on Billboard‘s Adult Contemporary chart and #5 on the Hot 100.

6. “She’s In Love With The Boy” By Trisha Yearwood

“She’s in Love with the Boy” by Trisha Yearwood was released in March 1991. The song was included on Yearwood’s eponymous debut album.

It is a sweet story about a girl named Katie and her boyfriend, Tommy. Despite her father’s disapproval, their love perseveres.

One late night when the young couple comes home late, Katie’s father is about to confront them. Her mom, however, gently reminds the father how their own love story started.

“She’s in Love with the Boy” saw massive success and topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Canada Country Tracks chart, becoming Yearwood’s first song to chart at #1.

7. “It’s Your Love” By Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

“It’s Your Love” was one of the most popular wedding songs in the late 1990s. The song illustrates the indescribable emotions and feelings that a profoundly romantic love entails, from shivers to quiet passion.

It was written by Stephony Smith and recorded by Tim McGraw. McGraw included the single on his album, Everywhere, which was released in May 1997 and had other hits like “Everywhere” and “Where the Green Grass Grows.”

 “It’s Your Love” features vocals by McGraw’s wife, Faith Hill. It reached #1 on the Billboard Country Songs chart and remained in the top ten for six weeks.

8. “Amazed” By Lonestar

In March 1999, the country group Lonestar released “Amazed.” Lonestar included it on their third studio album, Lonely Grill, and it spent eight weeks at #1 on the Billboard Country chart.

The title summarizes the song’s emotion, as the lead singer plays a ballad about how amazed he is by every little thing about his partner—from the smell of her skin to the sound of her whispers.

Several artists, like Duncan James, Fady Maalouf, and Boyz II Men, have covered the song, though only Lonestar’s version charted.

9. “Meet In The Middle” By Diamond Rio

Our second to last song, “Meet in the Middle,” perfectly blends allegory and metaphor. At first, the song is about how two people would physically meet at an oak tree between their homes, but by the end of the song, the two are married and are making compromises by meeting in the middle.

Country music group Diamond Rio released the song in February 1991 as their debut single. Shortly after, it peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. The group was the first country music band to have a debut single rise to #1.

10. “Me And You” By Kenny Chesney

Our last song is “Me and You,” a beautiful ballad by country music recording artist Kenny Chesney. He added it to the albums All I Need to Know, released in 1995, and Me and You, released in 1996.

The song is one that you might sing or play for your special someone. It is about extraordinary love and fate. The narrator sings of how their relationship is very precious, and he feels very lucky to have this love in his life.

The song debuted at #68 on the country charts but eventually peaked at #2. It also charted in Billboard‘s Bubbling Under 100 chart at #12, staying there for six weeks.

Summing Up Our List Of ’90s Country Love Songs

Country love songs take all forms, from quirky comparisons by John Prine to expressions of love created by John Michael Montgomery. Regardless of the themes the song has, they are loved by fans and have lasted years.

These songs we’ve listed are a great snapshot of the incredible number of country love songs produced in the 1990s, so we hope you’ve enjoyed them and perhaps gained a new favorite.

Have we missed a song that should be on this list? Let us know, and we’ll add it for you!

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