15 Of The Best Brazilian Songs: Ultimate Brazil Playlist

Written by Dan Farrant

Brazilian music has captivated the world for decades with its infectious blend of bossa nova, samba, and other unique rhythms. This rich musical landscape embodies the vibrant culture ingrained in Brazil’s musical history.

The songs that have emerged from this diverse tradition continue to transport listeners to the Land of Palms.

In this article, we present a collection of 15 of the best Brazilian songs. Each one captures the essence and timeless appeal of this captivating musical heritage. So let’s get started!

1. “Nosso Quadro” By Ana Castela

Starting our list is “Nosso Quadro” by singer-songwriter Ana Castela. This track was featured on the AgroPlay Verão Vol.1 album and swiftly climbed the Billboard Brazil Songs chart.

In the face of stiff competition, this song maintained its reign at the top spot for four weeks already. The song was on the chart for a total of seven weeks.

The popularity of “Nosso Quadro” can be attributed to its infectious beat and relatable lyrics that deeply resonate with listeners.

Undoubtedly, “Nosso Quadro” rightfully earns its place among Brazil’s finest songs. It showcases Castela’s remarkable talent and demonstrates her cultural influence within the industry.

2. “Eu Gosto Assim” By Gustavo Mioto And Mari Fernandez

If there are two people who can create exceptional musical chemistry, that would be Gustavo Mioto and Mari Fernandez. These Brazilian singers came together for the 2022 song “Eu Gosto Assim.” The collaboration gave birth to a hit that perfectly blends their unique talents. What you get is a fresh sound that audiences everywhere love.

Lyrics-wise, the title translates to “I like it like that.” The song talks about the kind of relationship that doesn’t need commitment. And it’s okay for the narrators to be engaged with one another without feelings involved.

Fans have been treated to live performances of this song. “Eu Gosto Assim” is a shining example of the country’s thriving music scene. It reflects its ability to produce exceptional and diverse musical offerings.

3. “Bombonzinho” By Israel & Rodolffo And Ana Castela

Another collaboration on our list is “Bombonzinho,” which translates to “Candy.” Country duo Israel & Rodolffo and Ana Castela teamed up to release this song in 2023.

This song has climbed the charts and become one of Brazil’s top songs. It reached #1 on the Billboard Brazil Songs chart, demonstrating its massive popularity.

As a Sertanejo subgenre track, this song showcases a unique blend of rhythms and melodies. They captivate listeners from diverse backgrounds, adding to the song’s widespread appeal.

The song’s success doesn’t stop at its original version as it has been remixed by EDYHARD. It is included in Spotify’s Top 50 Brazil playlist, further cementing its place in the country’s music industry.

4. “A Culpa E Nossa” By Maiara & Maraisa

The musical duo – and twin sisters at that – Maiara & Maraisa released “A Culpa E Nossa” in 2022. Since then, it has skyrocketed in popularity. Translated to English as “The fault is ours,” the song delves into the complexities and challenges of love and relationships.

As of this writing, the song peaked at #8 on the Billboard Brazil Songs chart and spent a total of 14 weeks on the chart. This helped solidify its position among the top 15 best Brazilian songs of recent times.

The song’s infectious melody, harmonies, and relatable lyrics have captivated a massive following across Brazil. It has become an irreplaceable anthem for fans, resonating deeply with their experiences and emotions.

5. “Coracao De Gelo” By WIU

Up next, we have “Coracao de Gelo,” released in 2022. This is a unique Brazilian rap song by WIU that has captivated the hearts of numerous music fans.

The song’s lyrics tell a poignant story of someone whose heart has turned icy due to the pain inflicted by love. Hence the title, which means “Frozen Heart.”

Notably, this song has found its place in the Billboard Brazil Songs chart. It peaked at #4, spending a total of 13 weeks on the chart. The song is also racking up views and streams on both Youtube and Spotify.

6. “Leão” By Marília Mendonca

Brazilian singer-songwriter Marília Mendonça took the music industry by storm with her hit single, “Leão,” which means “lion.” Released in late 2022, this captivating song represents the ever-evolving landscape of Brazilian urban popular music.

Since its debut, this song has been climbing the music charts in and out of Brazil. Following its release, the song peaked at #50 on Billboard Global 200 and spent 13 weeks on the chart. In the Brazil Songs chart in January 2023, it peaked at #1.

On Spotify, “Leão” has more than 200 million streams while on Youtube, it has more than 176 million views. These numbers attest to the appeal that the song has not just within Brazil but on an international level as well. In addition, the powerful lyrics and Mendonça’s emotive performance have struck a chord with fans.

7. “Erro Gostoso” By Simone Mendes

Another must-hear Brazilian song is “Erro Gostoso” by the talented artist Simone Mendes. It was released in 2023 from her album Cintilante (Ao Vivo). Since its release, the track has gained immense popularity in Brazil.

“Erro Gostoso” translates to “Good Mistake” and talks about a physical relationship. The singer considers it a good mistake but wants to take a step back.

Luminate, a platform that tracks popular music in Brazil, confirms the song’s chart-topping success. On Billboard Brazil Songs, it peaked at #13. The song also continues to gather more views and streams on Youtube and Spotify.

8. “Saudade Da Minha Vida” By Gusttavo Lima

Up next, we have “Saudade da Minha Vida,” ranked among the top 15 Brazilian songs. This tune by Gusttavo Lima is an absolute gem for fans of the Sertanejo music genre.

This song has garnered immense acclaim in Brazil and has even reached the pinnacle of the Spotify Daily Chart within the country. It ranked #13 on the Billboard Brazil Songs on April 2023.

“Saudade da Minha Vida” is among Lima’s most cherished and well-received songs. Its lyrics touch upon the longing for someone’s presence in the singer’s life. This, and its infectious melody, have struck a chord with listeners who can’t help but hum along.

9. “Vacilao” By Ze Felipe, Igow And Wesley Safadão

Despite being a 2023 release, “Vacilao” is making waves as it climbed the Billboard Brazil Songs chart. This sensational song is by Ze Felipe, Igow, and Wesley Safadão.

In April 2023, “Vacilao” peaked at #3. It had only been in the chart for five weeks as of this writing, but it remained in the top 10. And from the looks of things, the song will remain high up in the chart.

“Vacilao” narrates the story of moving on from a past relationship and discovering new love. The collaboration between the three artists stands out as one of the most impressive musical projects in Brazil’s rich music history.

10. “Nao Vitalicio (Nunca Mais)” By Matheus & Kauan And Mari Fernandez

The Brazilian musical duo Matheus & Kauan teamed up with singer Mari Fernandez to bring us “Nao Vitalicio (Nunca Mais).” This song was released in 2023 and is a standout Brazilian song on our list.

The song, whose title could be translated as “Not for Life (Never Again),” laments the singer’s resolve to turn away from a lover.

The song has grown in popularity as it climbed the Billboard Brazil Songs chart. In April 2023, “Nao Vitalicio (Nunca Mais)” was in the ninth spot. It’s a testament to the extraordinary talent of these musicians. Their captivating music style has the power to enrapture audiences.

What’s more, this song has garnered more than 80 million streams on Spotify and 57 million views on Youtube.

11. “Namorando Ou Nao” By Clayton & Romario And Luan Santana

If you’re a Brazilian music enthusiast, chances are you’re already familiar with our next song. The musical group Clayton & Romario and singer Luan Santana released “Namorando Ou Nao” in 2023.

This lively Sertanejo song is causing a sensation both in Brazil and beyond its borders. One of the key factors for its growing popularity is the combination of a catchy beat and engaging lyrics. The song finds the singer lamenting the end of his relationship.

Even if you don’t understand the language, the upbeat melody and spirited vocals are enough to captivate any listener.

Another noteworthy aspect of this song is the presence of Santana, a highly acclaimed Brazilian singer. His distinctive style adds extra star power to this collaboration with Clayton & Romario.

12. “Traumatizei (Ao Vivo Em Brasilia)” By Henrique And Juliano

Released in 2023, Henrique & Juliano‘s “Traumatizei (Ao Vivo Em Brasilia)” steadily climbed the Billboard Brazil Songs chart. As of April 2023, it peaked at #6, remaining on the chart for eight weeks. The song is gaining immense acclaim within the country.

“Traumatizei” can be translated as “It Hurts,” and the song finds the singer regretting his past mistakes. He hurt his lover instead of loving and protecting her.

The lively and upbeat tempo of this song makes it an exceptional choice for live performances. As the title suggests, the Sertanejo duo delivered a captivating live rendition of this song in Brazil, igniting the crowd with their energetic performance.

13. “Seu Brilho Sumiu” By Israel & Rodolffo And Mari Fernandez

For an irresistible addition to your playlist, look no further than “Seu Brilho Sumiu.” What sets it apart is its exciting collaboration between two esteemed Brazilian artists, Israel & Rodolffo and Mari Fernandez. The song can be found on the duo’s electrifying live album Let’s Bora, Vol. 2 (Ao Vivo).

“Seu Brilho Sumiu” translates to “Your Shine is Gone.” It follows the bitter ending of a romantic relationship. The separation isn’t amicable and the singer shows him that she’s over him by showing up with someone else.

The song has skyrocketed in popularity and currently ranks among the top streaming songs in Brazil. In April 2023, the song is ranked 18th on the Brazil Songs chart. In May 2023, it sits on the Top 5 of Brazilian Hot 100 Songs.

14. “Duas Três” Guilherme & Benuto, Ana Castela & Adriano Rhod

No contemporary Brazilian music playlist would be complete without including “Duas Três.” This exceptional song is a stunning collaboration between Guilherme & Benuto, Ana Castela, and Adriano Rhod.

Released in 2023, “Duas Três” peaked at #10 on the Brazil Songs after having been on the chart for five weeks. On Spotify, it garnered over 79 million streams.

What sets “Duas Três” apart is its combination of a captivating melody and poignant lyrics that resonate deeply. The song evokes a range of emotions with every verse and chorus, taking listeners on a heartfelt journey with each beat.

15. “Lovezinho” By Treyce

Last but not least is “Lovezinho,” a 2022 song by 17-year-old Treyce. This is one of the most viral Brazilian songs that has recently taken over TikTok.

After its release in 2022, “Lovezinho” slowly but steadily climbed the charts. On Billboard Brazil Songs, it peaked at #3 after having been on the chart for six weeks.

Moreover, you can find a lot of remixes for the song. One notable remix is by singers Kevinho and Tainá Costa, taking it to the next level. It proves that the song’s catchy tune and infectious beat are here to stay.

Summing Up Our List Of Brazilian Songs

To wrap up, the songs above offer a glimpse into Brazil’s rich and diverse musical landscape. Each one carries the essence of the country’s vibrant culture and musical heritage.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Brazilian music or someone looking to explore new sounds, these songs are a must-have in your playlist. So immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Brazilian music and experience the beauty and joy it has to offer.

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