The Bass Clef

In this post we're going to be looking at what the Bass Clef is and the letter names of the notes in the bass clef.

How To Draw A Bass Clef

Here we have the bass clef which is also known as the F clef.

It's called the F clef because it loops and wraps itself around the note F on the stave.

The sort of instruments that use the bass clef have a lower register.

Instruments like:

  • Double basses 
  • Tubas
  • Bassoons
  • The left hand of the piano

Now that we know where F is, we can use the musical alphabet to work out the rest of the notes. 

Going up from F we have the following notes:

And going down from F we have these notes:

To help you memorise and learn these notes we can split them up into the lines and the spaces like we did with the treble clef.

Letter Names On The Lines Of The Bass Clef

For the notes on the lines we can use the phrase:

Or if you prefer you could use:

Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always 


Great Big Dogs Frighten Auntie

Letter Names On The Lines Of The Bass Clef

And lastly, for the notes in the spaces:

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