13 Incredible Bands Similar To The Guess Who

With roots in the Canadian music scene and influenced by multiple genres like piano rock, classic rock, and psychedelic folk, The Guess Who has been captivating audiences since the mid-1960s.

If you’re a fan of this band’s irresistible blend of R&B, blues rock, and Summer of Love anthems, then you’re in for a treat. Because just as The Guess Who borrowed influences from the British Invasion and American R&B, they too have influenced a myriad of bands that share their musical DNA.

In this post, we’ve compiled 13 incredible bands like The Guess Who! Ready to discover new music? Read on!

1. The Hollies

We begin this list with The Hollies. This prominent British rock band emerged during the 1960s and played a significant role in the British Invasion. Known for their captivating harmonies and blend of rock, pop, and folk music, this group gained a substantial fan base through their remarkable talent.

have produced numerous hits that have become pop-rock classics. Among their most famous is the 1966 single “Bus Stop,” landing at #5 on both UK and US charts. Other hits worth exploring are “The Air That I Breathe” and “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.”

In many ways, they are similar to the Canadian rock group Guess Who; both bands embody classic rock’s most memorable elements from that era while maintaining distinct styles of their own.

2. The Yardbirds

Next up is The Yardbirds, a prominent British Invasion band that rose to fame during the 1960s with a sound similar to The Guess Who—a blend of blues rock, pop rock, and experimental music.

One of the main attributes that set them apart from other bands of the era was their lineup of legendary guitar virtuosos like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page.

Known for hits such as “For Your Love” and “Over,” The Yardbirds carved out a special niche for themselves within the blues-based garage rock genre.

In recognition of their impact, in 1992, The Yardbirds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have also received a Grammy Hall of Fame Award for “For Your Love.”

3. The Kinks

Yet another British rock band that echoes The Guess Who’s musical style is The Kinks. Formed in 1963 by brothers Ray and Dave Davies, they quickly rose to fame during the British Invasion of the 1960s.

Their debut album, Kinks, released in 1964, perfectly mixes blues rock, rockabilly, and the classic Merseybeat of the 1960s that combines elements of R&B, skiffle, rock, and more. Some of their most popular songs include “You Really Got Me,” “Lola – 2020 Stereo Remaster,” and “All Day and All of the Night.”

With over 7 million followers on Spotify alone, it is clear that The Kinks’ influence on rock music and their contribution to the genre continues to be celebrated today.

4. Creedence Clearwater Revival

Our next band achieved massive success in the late 1960s and early ’70s. Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) was formed in 1967 and was influenced by various genres such as rock and roll, country, blues, and folk.

In just two years, between 1969 and 1970, they managed to outsell The Beatles with hits like “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising,” and “Green River,” cementing their place in music history.

Despite their impressive record sales and popularity during their time together as a band, CCR had internal conflicts and challenges, like disputes over royalties and creative control among members of the band, leading to their disbandment in 1972.

5. The Zombies

Formed in St. Albans in 1961, The Zombies is a British rock band that has roots dating back to the early 1960s. The group was led by keyboardist and vocalist Rod Argent and vocalist Colin Blunstone.

The band is known for their psychedelic sound, which they brought into the mainstream with hits like “She’s Not There” and “Time of the Season,” an all-time favorite track among many people today.

Even with a career spotted with breaks and reformations, The Zombies continue to be active in the music industry, touring and performing their classic hits for fans. In 2019, they were honored with an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

6. Three Dog Night

Formed in 1967 by Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron, we have next the rock band Three Dog Night. They are known for their three-part harmonies that have mesmerized audiences for over five decades.

With a music style consisting of rock and roll, pop, and soul influences. Three Dog Night achieved significant success between 1969 and 1975, scoring a succession of 21 hit singles, including 11 top-tens, and releasing 12 consecutive Gold albums. One of their most well-known songs is “One,” which is featured on their self-titled debut album.

Sadly, Cory Wells, one of the founding members, passed away suddenly in October 2015 due to health complications. However, the band continues to make music and perform live concerts.

7. The Doors

Formed in 1965, The Doors was an American rock band that had a significant impact on the music industry, like The Guess Who, their blended psychedelic rock with bluesy rhythms and poetic lyrics.

They achieved significant success in the late 1960s and early ’70s with hits such as “Light My Fire,” “People Are Strange,” “Hello, I Love You,” “Touch Me,” and “Riders on the Storm.” In total, they released eight albums during their active years.

The Doors’ legacy has been kept alive through numerous tributes, documentaries, and even a Hollywood film directed by Oliver Stone. Their influence can still be heard in many rock bands today, proving their enduring impact on the music industry.

8. The Lovin’ Spoonful

Through a mix of folk music and rock, New York City rock and roll band The Lovin’ Spoonful gained popularity in the mid-1960s. The original members were John Sebastian (lead vocals), Zal Yanovsky (guitar), Steve Boone (bass), and Joe Butler (drums).

The band was known for catchy tunes like “Summer in the City” and “Do You Believe in Magic?” that captured the essence of counterculture musical innovation during that era.

Sadly, commercial pressures led to the band’s dissolution in early 1969; however, they’ve come together over the years for reunions and, in 2000, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

9. The Animals

Up next, The Animals was a British rock band that emerged in the 1960s. Their music was characterized by their electrifying rhythm and blues sound, which drew inspiration from American blues legends such as John Lee Hooker.

One of the most famous songs by The Animals is “House of the Rising Sun,” inspired by an old folk song about a New Orleans brothel. The song topped UK, US, and Canada charts and was even inducted into Grammy’s Hall of Fame.

Over the years, The Animals has had several breaks and reunions in their career. However, this did not take away from their fame and influence. In 1994, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

10. The Turtles

When looking for bands similar to Guess Who, The Turtles are a great option that should not be overlooked. Similar in their psychedelic pop sound, The Turtles’ style, however, had elements of jazz and Cajun mixed with classic rock sounds, making them unique.

They are best remembered for their 1967 hit “Happy Together,” which featured in the album of the same name and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Another hit from the Happy Together album is “She’d Rather Be with Me.”

In recent news, founding member Mark Volman revealed that he was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in 2020. Despite his health challenges, he expressed his intention to continue touring with the current version of The Turtles.

11. The Byrds

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, The Byrds were often credited with being among the pioneers of folk-rock, thanks to their early covers of Bob Dylan songs in a style that melded the energy of rock and roll with the lyrical depth and melody of folk music.

With their signature jangling guitars and ethereal harmonies, The Byrds crafted timeless songs like “Turn! Turn! Turn!” and “Eight Miles High” that continue to resonate with audiences today.

Throughout their career, The Byrds were known for their adventurousness and willingness to explore different genres and musical styles. This, along with their tight harmonies, inventive arrangements, and socially conscious lyrics, has ensured their music continues to be influential and relevant today.

12. Steppenwolf

A notable American Canadian rock band that shares similarities with The Guess Who is Steppenwolf. Led by singer John Kay, the band scored major hits during their active years.

Steppenwolf is best remembered for their gritty, blues-influenced hard rock sound. Their biker anthems “Born to Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride” are iconic contributions to rock music.

In 2018, Steppenwolf officially disbanded, yet their music continues to resonate with fans globally, and they have sold over 25 million records worldwide.

Though the band has not been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, their “Born to Be Wild” is among the first to be added to the hall in 2018.

13. Buffalo Springfield

Our last band, Buffalo Springfield, was formed in Los Angeles in 1966. The band united superstars such as Neil Young and Stephen Stills and was aptly named after a steamroller. Despite their short-lived career, they had a massive impact on the entire California sound, from country rock to folk-rock.

Buffalo Springfield released three studio albums before formally disbanding in 1968: Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Springfield Again, and Last Time Around. Bad vibes surrounding a drug bust involving band members have been partly blamed for the band’s eventual breakup.

The members attempted to reform in 2010 for concerts, but this, too, only lasted two years. However, the fact that Buffalo Springfield was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speaks volumes about their influence.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like The Guess Who

We’ve embarked on a musical journey exploring bands that echo the unique sound and style of The Guess Who. These bands, each with their own flair, carry on The Guess Who’s legacy, whether directly influenced or coincidentally aligned.

We hope that this article has helped add fresh tunes to your playlist; however, the world of music is always changing. So if there are bands we missed, let us know we can add them here!

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