13 Amazing Bands Similar To Slipknot 

Written by Dan Farrant

Do you love the heavy sounds of Slipknot? Want to find some more bands just like them? Then this is the blog post for you.

Formed in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1995, this heavy metal band has been one of the most influential names in the industry for over two decades now. Thanks to their intense sound and dramatic shows, Slipknot is now a force to be reckoned with.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of bands like Slipknot for your next metal playlist. Let’s get started.

Slipknot by Raph_PH (CC BY 2.0)

1. System Of A Down

Originating in Glendale, California, System of a Down is a heavy metal band that every fan of Slipknot should know about. Since their formation in 1994, System of a Down has successfully combined heavy metal, hard rock, and punk rock to draw in millions of eager listeners.

Over the course of their career, the group has released all sorts of exhilarating songs for fans. With over a billion streams on Spotify, the most popular cut remains “Chop Suey!” Check out their other hit tracks as well: “Toxicity,” “B.Y.O.B.,” and “Aerials.”

What makes System of a Down so memorable is the incorporation of eclectic sounds and socially charged lyrics and themes. Like Slipknot, they are known for their intense riffs, distinctive vocals, and aggressive rhythms, all of which make the band impossible to forget.

2. Limp Bizkit

Established in Florida in 1994, Limp Bizkit is a nu metal band known for their aggressive instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics. Fans of Slipknot will find many similarities between the two bands’ music styles, including the usage of unconventional instruments and the experimental blend of various genres.

Limp Bizkit has released several hit songs throughout their career, including “Break Stuff,” “Rollin’,” and “My Way.” The band’s third album, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water was #1 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2000, which speaks volumes about the group’s success.

What sets Limp Bizkit apart is the unique fusion of rap vocals with heavy guitar riffs. It is this very combination that quickly catapulted them into stardom within the nu metal scene.

Today, the band holds immense relevance in the modern musical landscape and is an excellent choice for those looking to explore more heavy music.

3. Disturbed

Founded in Chicago in 1994, Disturbed uses a mix of lower tunings and electronic effects to create surreal, distinctive soundscapes. Fans of Slipknot will adore Disturbed’s aggressive sound, powerful melodies, and unadulterated passion for music.

As you go through Disturbed’s discography, you can expect intense guitar riffs, guttural screams, and so much more. Some of their most popular albums include The Sickness, Believe, and Ten Thousand Fists.

Like Slipknot, Disturbed is known for enthralling live shows that focus on making the concert an engaging, unforgettable experience for the fans. Needless to say, the band’s distinct sound and style have contributed to their immense success and influence in the heavy metal genre.

4. Rage Against The Machine

Another contender for this list is Rage Against The Machine (RATM). Formed in Los Angeles in 1991, the group made a name for themselves thanks to their driving rhythms and unique blend of rap, rock, and political activism.

The band first introduced the world to their signature sound in 1992 with the release of their eponymous debut album. They then launched a plethora of other stunning works, including The Battle of Los Angeles, a critically acclaimed album that further solidified their place in music history.

One of RATM’s most unique characteristics is their tendency to be outspoken about their political beliefs. To elaborate, the group’s music often boldly addresses topics like police brutality, corporate greed, racism, censorship, and war crimes.

By using their platform to raise awareness, RATM has inspired countless fans to be more politically informed and also become a colossal force in the music world. Fans of Slipknot will really appreciate RATM’s powerful, thought-provoking lyrics.

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5. Korn

American nu-metal band Korn brought the genre into the mainstream with their vast range of incredible albums. Formed in 1993, the band became known for their distinctive sound, experimental soundscapes, and pure passion for music.

Globally recognized for their innovative blend of heavy metal, hip-hop, and electronic music, Korn never fails to bring something unique to the table. Hit tracks like “Freak on a Leash,” “Got the Life,” and “Here to Stay” serve as a testament to the band’s talent and success.

Similar to Slipknot, Korn is known for energetic live performances and introspective lyrics that deal with themes of adversity. Needless to say, both bands have left an undeniable footprint in the world of metal.

6. Rammstein

Berlin-based Rammstein is a name to remember for all passionate metal fans. Established in 1994, the band combines elements of industrial, heavy metal, and electronic music to create something unforgettable. Though their albums mostly contain German lyrics, there are occasionally English or Russian ones as well. 

Rammstein’s tunes feature a powerful blend of riffs and electronic components, creating an intense sonic experience that Slipknot fans will appreciate. Some of their most popular songs include “Du Hast” and “Deutschland.”

Their theatrical performances are also reminiscent of what one might expect at a Slipknot concert, instantly making them worth checking out. The explosive live shows feature pyrotechnics and other elaborate stage effects, all of which have contributed to the band’s massive fanbase both in Germany and internationally.

7. Deftones

California band Deftones is another exciting alternative metal band to add to your Spotify playlists. Established in 1988, the group is often compared to Slipknot due to their powerful vocals, aggressive guitar riffs, meaningful lyrics, and visually stunning performances.

While their early work was primarily influenced by nu-metal, they evolved over time and proceeded to incorporate other styles into their music, including alternative rock, shoegaze, and post-punk.

Two of Deftones’ most notable albums to date include White Pony and Around the Fur. Critics often classify them as distinctive, experimental, and boundary-breaking classics (and understandably so). With multifaceted vocals, intricate guitar work, and heavy drums and bass being consistently present, what’s not to love?

8. Avenged Sevenfold

Another talented heavy metal band similar to Slipknot is Avenged Sevenfold. Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, and formed in 1999, the band blends heavy metal, hard rock, and progressive metal to create sonic wonders for fans.

As you explore Avenged Sevenfold’s discography, you can expect intricate harmonies and intense guitar solos. Some of their most popular tracks to date include “Nightmare,” “Hail to the King,” and “Carry On.”

Like Slipknot, they are known for energetic and often theatrical live performances that could light up an entire room. Such breathtaking visuals, coupled with aggressive guitar riffs and the fusion of various metal subgenres, ensure that Avenged Sevenfold is a group to remember.

9. Godsmack

Established in Massachusetts in 1995, Godsmack is a legendary band known for blending hard rock, post-grunge, and metal. They share similarities both musically and aesthetically with Slipknot, which should definitely pique the interest of anyone who enjoys this genre.

Over the years, the group has provided fans with a wide range of tracks. Popular songs like “I Stand Alone” and “Straight Out of Line”—both Grammy nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance—showcase a powerful sound that resonates with fans of heavy music like Slipknot.

All in all, Godsmack has gained immense recognition for their unique musical presence, thus becoming one of the most influential bands in heavy metal. Like Slipknot, their distinctive visual style adds to the charm of their dynamic soundscapes and creates a sensational listening experience for fans.

10. Stone Sour

If you gravitate toward hard rock, you won’t be able to get enough of Stone Sour. Formed in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1992, the band is known for its intriguing blend of hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative metal. Interestingly enough, the group contains Slipknot’s lead vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root. 

Defined by their powerful vocals, intricate guitar, and aggressive screaming, Stone Sour’s signature sound resonates with millions of fans around the world. Some of the band’s most popular tracks include “Bother” and “Through Glass.”

Widely regarded for their incredible live performances, Stone Sour has incredible energy levels that greatly resemble those of Slipknot. On top of that, both bands have a love for dynamic arrangements and fusions of genres. So if you’re craving new music that sounds like Slipknot, this is the band for you!

11. Mudvayne

For those who appreciate the heavy sound of Slipknot but are seeking something a little different, Mudvayne is an excellent choice. Founded in Illinois in 1996, this band explores progressive territories within their music while still retaining core elements that appeal to listeners worldwide.

In a catalog of impressive works, Mudvayne’s debut album, L.D. 50, remains one of their most popular projects and showcases the band’s unique blend of heavy metal and progressive rock influences. Yet another successful album is Lost and Found, which features super hit singles like “Happy?” and “Forget to Remember.”

One of the defining characteristics of Mudvayne’s music is their striking stage presence. Like Slipknot, this band has an incredibly unique visual style that relies on theatricality and art to accurately reflect their songs and create elaborate shows.

12. Dope

Formed in New York City in 1997, Dope is known for its unapologetic heaviness that veers into classic metal territory across various albums. Fans of Slipknot will greatly appreciate their aggressive sound and powerful stage presence.

Over the course of their career, Dope has released an array of exhilarating tracks, with some of their most popular ones being “Debonaire” and “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” The dark lyrics, intense vocals, and fascinating blend of nu-metal and alternative come together to create unforgettable music.

Aside from their captivating sound, the band has also gained recognition for its explosive live shows, which often feature complex lighting effects, pyrotechnics, and other visuals similar to those seen at Slipknot gigs.

13. Mushroomhead

Often compared to Slipknot, Mushroomhead is an industrial and nu-metal band to remember. Simply put, they offer a unique and atmospheric experience for fans wanting bands like Slipknot but with an added twist.

Since their formation in Ohio in 1993, Mushroomhead has released a total of eight studio albums. Some of their most renowned tracks to date include “12 Hundred,” “Solitaire Unraveling,” and “Simple Survival.”

As you give them a listen, you’ll notice that their distinct sound amalgamates components from heavy metal, electronic music, and alternative rock.

Yet another striking characteristic of their music is the emphasis on theatrical live performances. Like Slipknot, Mushroomhead uses masks, among other elements, to really put up a spectacle and make the songs come to life.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Slipknot

All in all, the only thing better than discovering new music is discovering new music that sounds like Slipknot. The group has been a cornerstone of the metal genre for over two decades, and these 13 bands are the closest thing you’ll find to it.

From Korn to Rammstein to System of a Down, there is totally something for every metal fan reading this list. So what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones and get ready to embark on a brand-new musical journey!

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