13 Incredible Bands Similar To Sepultura

If Sepultura’s unique blend of thrash, groove, and death metal resonates with you, then you are part of a large global fan base. Their Brazilian origin story and aggressive yet groovy sound have left a significant impact on the metal music scene since 1984.

However, they are not alone in this musical landscape. Several other groups share a similar musical ethos, each adding their own unique twist to the genre.

So if you like Sepultura and want to find some similar bands, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ve put together a list of 13 incredible bands like Sepultura that you’ll love. Let’s get started

Sepultura by Andreas Lawen, Fotandi (CC BY-SA 4.0)

1. Soulfly

Formed in 1997 by none other than the former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera, Soulfly is a heavy metal band that hails from Phoenix, Arizona. They initially played nu metal but transitioned away from the genre after the early 2000s.

Known for their diverse musical influences and powerful sound, Soulfly has managed to carve a unique path in the metal music scene while still maintaining similarities with bands like Sepultura.

So far, they’ve released 12 studio albums, the latest being Totem (2022). The creation of Totem was a labor of love for Max and his son Zyon, who spent two years crafting this groove-metal opus.

2. Slayer

A name that has been synonymous with the world of thrash metal for more than four decades is Slayer. Formed in 1981, they are often recognized as one of the big four thrash metal bands alongside Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax.

Slayer’s distinct sound is characterized by high-energy music that includes elements such as relentless rhythms and rapid-fire drumming that evoke a sense of chaos in their compositions.

The band released 12 studio albums over their career, with notable ones being Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, and Seasons in the Abyss. Their last album, Repentless, was released in 2015 and took the #4 spot on Billboard 200.

Though Slayer is no longer active, having disbanded in 2019, their legacy continues to influence the world of heavy metal music, inspiring countless musicians with their aggressive, fast-paced style and controversial themes.

3. Pantera

Like Sepultura, Pantera played a crucial role in shaping the sound of heavy metal in the 1990s. Formed in Arlington, Texas, in 1981, the band consisted of Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, and brothers Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul.

Initially, Pantera had a glam metal sound, but they later became pioneers in the development of groove metal, characterized by slower tempos and a heavier sound. Albums like Cowboys from Hell, Vulgar Display of Power, and Far Beyond Driven are considered seminal works in this genre.

Despite their success, tensions within the band led to their disbandment in 2003. Tragically, guitarist Darrell was killed on stage during a performance with his new band Damageplan in 2004, and drummer Vinnie Paul passed away in 2018.

4. Kreator

The German thrash metal band Kreator is another great group akin to Sepultura. Formed in 1982, they are considered pioneers of the Teutonic thrash movement and have been influential in the heavy metal scene since.

Kreator’s music style will appeal to fans who appreciate fast, aggressive, and technical riffs with complex song structures. Their sound differs from Sepultura’s, but they share a similar passion for heavy music.

The current tour by Kreator and Sepultura, titled Klash of the Titans, showcases two veteran bands coming together for what undoubtedly is an electrifying performance featuring some of their most iconic songs.

This tour highlights how musical collaborations can influence not only artists themselves but also shape popular culture significantly.

5. Morbid Angel

Our next band, similar to Sepultura, is Morbid Angel, a death metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 1983. They recorded their first album, Abominations of Desolation, in 1986, which is considered a mind-blowing and occult-oozing masterpiece.

Morbid Angel is considered one of the bigger bands in death metal, along with Death, Obituary, Deicide, Atheist, Cynic, and Massacre. Their distinctive sound has influenced many other artists across different genres, such as black metal and industrial music.

If you enjoy Sepultura’s music style, then be sure to give Morbid Angel’s discography a listen. Covenant, Domination, and Illud Divinum Insanus are great albums to start with.

6. Testament

Formed in 1983 in Berkeley, California, Testament quickly became one of the pioneering forces in thrash metal with their aggressive sound and thought-provoking lyrics.

Testament’s debut album, The Legacy, is widely regarded as a classic of thrash metal, included in Loudwire‘s 2020 list of Best Debut Album of All Time. It showcased their raw energy and technical prowess, with standout tracks like “Over the Wall” and “First Strike Is Deadly.”

Since then, Testament has kept continuously releasing new albums showcasing their evolution and finding commercial success throughout their over four decades of existence.

7. Machine Head

Since 1991, Machine Head has been making aggressive music that fans love and earned themselves comparisons to legendary bands like Metallica and Testament.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Robb Flynn is the driving force behind the band’s intense sound. He has discussed how touring with Sepultura inspired some of his most powerful creative moments, showing just how much these two bands have in common.

Their debut album, Burn My Eyes, in 1994, was a breakthrough success and is considered a classic in the genre. The band’s subsequent releases, such as The More Things Change… and The Blackening, have also been well received.

8. Exodus

Founded in 1979, the rock band Exodus became known for their aggressive style and powerful music, which helped shape the sound of thrash metal during its emergence in the 1980s.

With roots in Richmond, California, Exodus also played an important role in establishing the Bay Area Thrash scene alongside other notable bands like Metallica and Slayer.

Though the band has had breaks in their career, in recent years, Exodus has remained active since 2001. They’ve released several charting albums since, including Blood In, Blood Out, their first top 40 album on the Billboard 200.

Despite various challenges, including health issues and lineup changes, the band continues to show commitment to delivering high-energy and uncompromising thrash metal sounds.

9. Death

Another name that often gets mentioned when talking about Sepultura is Death. Formed back in 1983 by Chuck Schuldiner, they are considered to be one of the pioneers of death metal.

Death’s debut album, Scream Bloody Gore, in 1987, is considered one of the first death metal albums, and it had a profound impact on the development of the genre.

The band continued to evolve their sound over the years, incorporating more progressive and melodic elements into their music. Despite numerous lineup changes, Death remained active and influential throughout the 1980s and ’90s.

Unfortunately, Schuldiner’s life was cut short when he died of brain cancer in December 2001. Following his death, the band separated, but their legacy continues to inspire and influence bands around the world.

10. Cavalera Conspiracy

A powerhouse heavy metal band, Cavalera Conspiracy was formed by Brazilian brothers Max and Igor Cavalera in 2007. The duo, who were co-founders of Sepultura, decided to create a new project after their departure from Sepultura.

The band’s debut album, Inflikted, was released in 2008 and featured Max on vocals and rhythm guitar while Igor manned the drums. Since then, Cavalera Conspiracy has released several albums under the labels Roadrunner Records and Napalm Records.

In 2023, the band re-recorded their Bestial Devastation EP and Morbid Visions full-length album, which were originally released during their time in Sepultura. These re-recordings were unleashed on July 14th via Nuclear Blast Records, providing fans with a fresh take on these classic tracks.

11. Lamb Of God

Heavy metal band group Lamb of God has been rocking the scene since 1994. The band was formed in Richmond, Virginia, and has released ten studio albums to date. Their sound is often classified as groove metal, with influences from Pantera and Sepultura evident in their music style.

The band’s self-titled album, released in 2020, showcases their signature sound perfectly. This album takes you on an intense journey through heavy riffs, powerful drumming, and Randy Blythe’s fierce vocals.

Lamb of God also has a strong online presence, with over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 3.8 million likes on their Facebook page. They regularly engage with their fanbase through these platforms, sharing updates about new music, tours, and other news.

12. Sodom

German band Sodom also shares similarities with Sepultura in terms of sound. Formed in 1981, Sodom quickly became a member of the Big Four of Teutonic Thrash Metal.

One of Sodom’s killer 1980s thrash songs is “Critical Mass,” which showcases their signature speed, aggression, and intensity. Other notable works are the albums Persecution Mania and Tapping the Vein.

The band also has an interesting history with its mascot: a demon named Knarrenheinz, who appears on album covers and merchandise. Their logo features the band name in Gothic lettering with an inverted pentagram above it.

Sodom has maintained a strong presence in the global metal scene. They continue to tour and record new music, drawing in audiences with their intense performances and commitment to their distinctive sound.

13. Destruction

We end this list with another German band. Destruction, like Sepultura, is a thrash metal band that has been active since the early 1980s. They are considered to be one of the pioneers of the genre, along with other German bands like Kreator and Sodom.

The band has released numerous albums over the years, including classics like Infernal Overkill and Eternal Devastation. Their music has influenced several generations of thrash metal bands around the world.

Though they’re not quite as famous as others on this list, Destruction continues to be active, celebrating over 40 years of making music. And if you’re a fan of Sepultura or just love hard-hitting thrash metal music in general, then you definitely need to check out Destruction’s back catalog.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Sepultura

In the vibrant and pulsating world of heavy metal, we’ve journeyed together through a sonic exploration of bands that echo the powerful resonance of Sepultura.

We hope this musical odyssey has been as enlightening for you as it was for us and that your playlist is now brimming with fresh, exciting additions.

Did we miss your favorite Sepultura-like band? We’d love to hear from you so we can add them here!

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