13 Amazing Bands Similar To Matchbox Twenty

The rock band Matchbox Twenty may be young compared to other rock bands in the industry. But in more than two decades, they have shown why they are one of the most successful alternative rock bands around.

But if you love their music and want to find some other bands to check out, where should you look? Well, in this post, we’ve put together a list of 13 amazing bands like Matchbox Twenty, that fans will also love. Let’s get started.

Matchbox Twenty by Sry85 (CC BY 3.0)

1. Maroon 5

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Maroon 5? This pop music powerhouse has dominated the Billboard charts for over two decades. Their unique blend of funk rock, pop, and pop rock has earned them legions of fans worldwide, making them one of the most successful bands.

Since then, Maroon 5 has continued to produce hit after hit, including “Sugar,” “Payphone,” and “Girls Like You.” The band’s success is partly due to their ability to collaborate with other artists from different genres. They’ve worked with Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and Kendrick Lamar, among others.

While some may argue that Matchbox Twenty and Maroon 5 are too dissimilar to be compared directly, it cannot be denied that they share similarities when it comes to musical success and mainstream popularity. They have numerous hit songs under their belt that are still played to this day.

2. OneRepublic

In 2007, the single “Apologize” hit the airwaves and propelled the alternative band OneRepublic to stardom. They are known for their genre-spanning approach to music and have been listed as one of the bands similar to Matchbox Twenty.

Both bands are fronted by charismatic vocalists. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty possess distinct vocal styles that became synonymous with their bands. It’s truly captivating to watch these men in their live performances.

Throughout their career, OneRepublic released five albums and sold more than 16 million records worldwide. They also collaborate with numerous artists, including Timbaland, Alicia Keys, and Logic.

3. Lifehouse

Another alternative rock band to find fame in the 2000s is Lifehouse. They have made significant strides in the music industry since their formation in California. Their unique blend of musical genres and styles put them side by side with other influential bands such as Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls.

Lifehouse has released several albums throughout its career. These showcase the exceptional songwriting skills and distinct vocals of frontman Jason Wade.

Notably, both Lifehouse and Matchbox Twenty feature a pop-rock sound. They incorporate elements of alternative rock and pop into their music. Their songs are characterized by catchy melodies and hooks, and guitar-driven arrangements that appeal to a broader audience.

Both bands found mainstream success and have a loyal following of fans. Lifehouse’s songs still resonate to this day, such as “Hanging by a Moment” and “Sick Cycle Carousel.”

4. Third Eye Blind

The American rock band Third Eye Blind was formed in San Francisco, California, in 1993 and shares many similarities with Matchbox Twenty.

Both bands have a musical style grounded in pop-rock and post-grunge. They masterfully blended their catchy melodies and lyrics to create memorable tracks. Case in point, Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper.”

The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 1997, marking a significant milestone for the group. It showcased their distinctive sound while separating them from contemporary acts.

Throughout their career, Third Eye Blind released seven studio albums and sold 12 million records worldwide. With their most recent album released in 2022, it’s safe to say that there’s more in store for this band.

5. The Wallflowers

One band that falls in the same genre as Matchbox Twenty is The Wallflowers. This alternative rock band was formed in 1989 as a project by singer-songwriter Jakob Dylan.

The band gained immense popularity with their hit song “One Headlight” from their album, Bringing Down the Horse. It won them a Grammy for Best Rock Song in 1998. Rolling Stone also ranked it #58 on its list of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs.

The influence of Bob Dylan on Jakob’s musical style is apparent in his unique vocals and poetic lyrics. The Wallflowers’ success can also be attributed to their ability to adapt to music industry trends while maintaining their signature sound.

6. The Fray

Up next is the American rock band The Fray from Denver, Colorado. They debuted in 2005 with the release of their successful album How to Save a Life, which RIAA certified double platinum.

Their self-titled second album was also a success. It entered the Billboard charts at the top spot. In the US, the album was certified gold. The band would release four studio albums throughout their career.

If you’re a fan of Matchbox Twenty, you’ll want to check out The Fray. Their music shares similarities in terms of emotional depth and catchy hooks that will get stuck in your head for days.

Another similarity between Matchbox Twenty and The Fray is their crossover appeal. Both bands have found success on both mainstream radio charts and alternative radio formats.

7. Train

Matchbox Twenty’s fellow pop-rock band Train emerged in 1993 in San Francisco. With hits like “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” and “Hey, Soul Sister,” the band has established itself in pop music and alternative rock.

One thing that both bands have in common is songwriting. Train is known for its creative songwriting techniques, incorporating sampling and loops into its music. This can be seen in songs like “Drive By,” where a train whistle is used as a percussive element throughout the track.

In addition, Train’s vocalist Pat Monahan wrote “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” and co-wrote “Hey, Soul Sister.” The former won the band a Grammy for Best Rock Song. The latter, on the other hand, won Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

In recent years, Train has continued producing radio hits while experimenting with different sounds in their music. Fans of this band can look forward to Train’s future projects.

8. Counting Crows

Like Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows is an American rock band that has been around for three decades. Their unique sound and poetic lyrics have made them a fan favorite, and their commercial success speaks for itself.

Counting Crows’ debut album, August and Everything After, propelled them to stardom. It sold over seven million copies in the US alone. The second album, Recovering the Satellites, was another success when it peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

Some of Counting Crows’ hit singles include “Mr. Jones,” a cover version of “Big Yellow Taxi,” and Accidentally in Love.”

Counting Crows are also known for putting on great live performances. In 2017, the band joined Matchbox Twenty in the latter’s A Brief History of Everything Tour.

9. Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls hailed from Buffalo, New York, and captivated audiences with their unique blend of rock music since 1986. Known for their memorable melodies and relatable lyrics, this pop-rock group shares a similar sound and fanbase with Matchbox Twenty.

The Goo Goo Dolls have achieved several feats, including four Grammy Award wins. Their most famous song, “Iris,” achieved three Grammy nominations.

The band consistently delivered chart-topping hits that feature relatable lyrics. Aside from “Iris,” they released “Name,” “Slide,” “Here is Gone,” and “Stay with You,” among others.

The band’s concerts are also worth mentioning. They featured energetic performances combined with heartfelt renditions of timeless songs. It’s no wonder why they stand proudly among other groups similar to Matchbox Twenty.

10. Nickelback

One of history’s most commercially successful bands is Nickelback. This Canadian rock band sold over 50 million albums worldwide. Like Matchbox Twenty, Nickelback falls under the alternative rock category and has been active since the mid-1990s.

Some of their most well-known songs include “How You Remind Me,” “Someday,” and “Photograph.”

Despite its immense popularity, Nickelback has faced criticism from music critics and audiences alike. Some have accused them of being formulaic and lacking originality in their songwriting. Nickelback made the necessary adjustments, turning away from the hedonistic themes in their songs.

Nickelback was finally inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2023. It’s proof that despite the criticisms, they’re here to do what they do best: make music.

11. Daughtry

The next band on our list is Daughtry, known for their rock and pop-infused sound. Led by American Idol alum Chris Daughtry, this band has been making waves since they burst onto the scene in 2006.

Their self-titled debut album was a massive commercial success. It reached #1 on the Billboard charts and earned multiple Grammy nominations. The album produced successful singles, including “It’s Not Over,” “Home,” and “What I Want.”

The band went on to release six studio albums and headline six tours between 2009 and 2022. As of this writing, Daughty sold more than nine million albums in the US.

Fans of Matchbox Twenty will love Daughtry’s infectious energy and powerful melodic hooks. They’ve showcased their abilities to write catchy and memorable choruses that their audiences love.

12. Snow Patrol

The alternative rock band Snow Patrol has gained a loyal following over the years. Hailing from Scotland, they are propelled to stardom following the release of their debut album.

Like Matchbox Twenty, Snow Patrol combines elements of pop rock, power pop, and alternative rock. Their compositions are characterized by guitar-driven compositions and relatable lyrics.

“Run,” from Final Straw, was the album’s most successful hit and made Snow Patrol popular. Their success didn’t end there, though. With the release of Eyes Open and “Chasing Cars,” the band achieved international fame. The song was the most-played song of the 21st century in the UK.

Snow Patrol released seven albums throughout their career and singles that charted well. Their contributions to the genre afforded them recognition in the music industry.

13. Plain White T’s

Our last band is Plain White T’s, formed in 1997 in Illinois. The band released eight albums between 2000 and 2018 and gained a loyal following over the years.

The band’s most recognizable song is “Hey There Delilah.” It peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 following its release in 2006. Its album, Every Second Counts, was certified gold.

One thing that Plain White T’s has in common with Matchbox Twenty is their incorporating acoustic elements into their songs. Many of their tracks are acoustic guitar-driven, providing a stripped-down sound to their music.

With their unique sound and overlapping genre interests and tour histories, Plain White T’s deserves a listen from anyone who enjoys good songs.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Matchbox Twenty

That’s it for our list of bands that sound like Matchbox Twenty. We hope you found some new bands to check out.

From Maroon 5’s pop rock and funk rock music to Plain White T’s stripped-down sound, you’ll have plenty of material similar to Matchbox Twenty’s style.

Finally, we hope that we did not miss a band that you’d like to see above. Otherwise, let us know so we can update the list!

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