13 Amazing Bands Similar To Linkin Park

Written by Dan Farrant

Ah, Linkin Park—a game-changer in the world of nu-metal and alternative rock music that dominated the airwaves from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. This revolutionary band effortlessly blended rap and rock into an iconic sound that left fans craving more.

If you’re one of those fans who appreciated their unique mix of alternative rock, nu-metal, post-grunge, and heavy metal genres or simply miss their distinctive vibe, we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we will explore 13 bands like Linkin Park that will surely resonate with your musical taste buds. Read on!

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1. Breaking Benjamin

Our first rock band, Breaking Benjamin, formed in 1998 and hails from Pennsylvania. They have often been compared to Linkin Park due to their mix of alternative rock and post-grunge influences.

Their debut album, Saturate, was released in 2002 and showcased these unique elements that resonated with fans of nu-metal acts like Linkin Park.

Across subsequent albums, such as We Are Not Alone (2004) and Phobia (2006), Breaking Benjamin continued to experiment with heavy metal riffs, electronic touches, melodic choruses, and introspective themes—further solidifying their place amongst influential contemporaries in the genre.

2. Three Days Grace

Canadian rock band Three Days Grace stands out as a band with a sound and style that resonates with Linkin Park fans. Formed in 1997, the group brought their own unique flavor to the alternative rock and post-grunge scenes by adding a heavier, guitar-driven edge to their music.

The band gained prominence following their self-titled debut album in 2003. It features hit singles such as “I Hate Everything About You” and “Just Like You,” both of which won Broadcast Data Systems, or BDS, Awards.

Three Days Grace continued to impress audiences with subsequent albums like One-X (2006) and Life Starts Now (2009), showcasing their talent for blending heavy metal elements into both rap-rock anthems and introspective ballads.

3. Papa Roach

Originating from Vacaville, California, Papa Roach is one of the top bands with similarities to Linkin Park. Formed in 1993 by lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix, alongside drummer Dave Buckner and bassist Will James, they quickly gained fame with their breakthrough album Infest in 2000.

The album showcased aggressive guitars mixed with melodic choruses—a trait often seen in nu-metal bands like Linkin Park. Songs such as “Last Resort” and “Broken Home” became instant hits due to their raw emotional lyrics and heavy guitar riffs.

“Last Resort” won the group a Best Video Kerrang! Award in 2001. Since then, they’ve been releasing charting songs and gaining a wide following with their distinctive blend of alternative rock, rap metal, and post-grunge music.

4. Skillet

With songs featuring elements of rock, metal, and electronic sounds, it’s not surprising that Skillet has made it on this list. Though they are labeled as a Christian rock band, the group has delved into the nu-metal and post-grunge genres like Linkin Park.

They have released 11 studio albums, beginning with their eponymous album that same year, and a whopping 71 singles since their formation in 1996, many of which landed on charts worldwide.

Sometime in the mid-2000s and on through the 2010s, many of Skillet’s singles became hits, receiving Gold or Platinum certifications. The 2009 “Hero” and 2010 “Monster” are among their most popular works.

5. Bring Me The Horizon

Emerging in 2004, Bring Me the Horizon was formed by Matt Nicholls, Oliver Sykes, and Lee Malia, who were later joined by Curtis Ward and Matt Kean. They started as a deathcore group before transitioning into metalcore, post-hardcore, and alternative rock.

While they have evolved over the years, Bring Me the Horizon’s earlier albums like Count Your Blessings and Suicide Season showcased a heavier sound akin to nu-metal bands like Linkin Park.

Their later releases, like That’s the Spirit, explore more alternative rock sounds while still incorporating elements of their original style. Still, they are worth looking into if you’re a fan of nu metal, alternative, and pop rock music.

6. Hollywood Undead

Our next group is Hollywood Undead, a rap rock band from Los Angeles, California, that formed in 2005. With a style similar to Linkin Park’s early works, Hollywood Undead blends rap verses with heavy guitar riffs and thumping drums, creating a sound that is both explosive and catchy.

Their debut album, Swan Songs, was released in 2008 to critical and commercial success, reaching #22 on Billboard 200 and eventually Platinum status. It contains the hit single “Undead,” which has been featured in film trailers such as for Conan the Barbarian and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

The group has since continued to evolve their sound while staying true to their roots, releasing five more studio albums, including the highly successful Notes from the Underground in 2013.

7. Disturbed

Heavy metal band Disturbed formed in Chicago in 1994. Their sound incorporates elements of nu-metal, hard rock, and post-grunge while also drawing influence from classic heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.

Their aggressive sound and intense lyrics are reminiscent of early Linkin Park, making them a popular choice for fans looking for similar artists to add to their playlists.

Disturbed’s hit singles “Down with the Sickness” and “The Sound of Silence” showcase the range of their musical style, proving that they can deliver both brutal riffage as well as emotionally charged ballads.

8. Sum 41

Another band that shares a similar style and genre to Linkin Park is Sum 41. Their music combines elements of punk rock, pop punk, and alternative rock, which are all genres that Linkin Park also incorporates into their sound.

Additionally, Sum 41 has collaborated with other artists, such as Iggy Pop and Ludacris, on various projects, showcasing their willingness to experiment with different musical styles, just like Linkin Park did throughout their career.

The Canadian rock band gained popularity in the early 2000s with their hit songs “Fat Lip” and “In Too Deep.” The latter song won them a MuchLoud Best Rock Video award in 2002.

9. My Chemical Romance

Around the same time Linkin Park rose to fame in the early 2000s, My Chemical Romance became a force in the music world. While their overall style may be different, both bands incorporate elements of punk, emo, and post-hardcore into their music.

Like Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance also gained commercial success through their music videos and memorable live performances. Songs that earned them a loyal following are “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Teenagers.”

Their impact on the alternative rock scene, particularly in the current years, cannot be understated, solidifying them as one of the most influential bands of their time.

10. Slipknot

Award-winning nu metal band from Iowa Slipknot is another famous music group that holds similarities to Linkin Park. The masked outfit came to prominence during the late ’90s and early 2000s, around the same time as Linkin Park.

Slipknot’s heavy metal sound features elements of rap rock and industrial metal, best displayed in the songs “Wait and Bleed” and “Before I Forget,” both of which won awards, while the latter won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

The band’s intense live performances have garnered them a massive following among both metal and mainstream audiences. They are known for their signature masks worn during live shows, which adds to their unique theatricality on stage.

11. Korn

Next on this list is American nu-metal band Korn, who emerged in the early 1990s. Korn’s music is known for its dark and introspective themes, tackling issues such as addiction, depression, and mental health.

One reason why Korn and Linkin Park are often compared is that they both came to represent the nu-metal genre in the mainstream. Both bands enjoyed commercial success with multi-Platinum albums and numerous chart-topping singles.

Some of these singles are award-winning hits, like the 1999 “Freak on a Leash,” which won both Billboard Music Video and Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video awards. Another song worth listening to is “Here to Stay,” released in 2003, which won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

12. Crazy Town

Though the original band Crazy Town was short-lived, it deserves a places on this list for their #1 hit song “Butterfly,” released in 2000. The song is a nu metal power ballad, akin to Linkin Park’s music, but with a hip-hop influence that made it uniquely their own.

After their debut album, The Gift of Game, in 2003, which contained “Butterfly,” Crazy Town wasn’t able to follow up with the same success in their other albums. This led to their disbandment in 2003.

Crazy Town reformed in 2007, but after co-founder Bret Mazur separated, the band has since been called Crazy Town X. Although they have not released any new music since 2015, the group still has a dedicated following that loves their signature sound.

13. Cypress Hill

We end this list with Grammy-nominated rap group Cypress Hill, hailing from South Gate, California. The band’s unique sound combines elements of hip-hop and rock music, making them an ideal recommendation for fans looking for bands like Linkin Park.

Cypress Hill’s music features socially conscious lyrics that tackle topics such as drug use and politics—themes that also feature heavily in Linkin Park’s music. Popular songs from the group include “How I Could Just Kill a Man” and “Insane in the Brain.”

They have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries between hip-hop and rock music, creating a blend that has influenced countless other artists over the years.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Linkin Park

Linkin Park’s unique blend of rap and rock music has inspired countless bands across the globe. Although the band is no longer active, their legacy lives on through artists like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Skillet, and Papa Roach.

Fans looking for a similar sound can also check out My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Sum 41, or Disturbed. Whether you prefer nu-metal, post-grunge, or rap rock, there are plenty of alternative rock bands to discover with similarities to Linkin Park.

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