15 Amazing Bands Similar To Jimmy Eat World

Written by Dan Farrant

Since their formation in 1993, emo rock band Jimmy Eat World has left an indelible mark on the genre. They continue to be a significant influence in the alternative music scene, inspiring countless musicians and fans alike.

If you love Jimmy Eat World and want some more similar bands for your next playlist, well, your search is over, and we’ll hopefully be able to bring you some “clarity.”

With memorable melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and energetic performances, these 15 bands like Jimmy Eat World, will leave you wanting more. So keep reading to discover who they are and perhaps gain a new favorite band or two!

Jimmy Eat World by Stefan Brending (CC BY-SA 4.0)

1. Taking Back Sunday

Bursting onto the music scene in 1999, Taking Back Sunday instantly created a connection with fans of Jimmy Eat World’s emotive lyrics and powerful melodies. Hailing from Long Island, New York, they are known for their energetic live performances and heartfelt songwriting.

Though the band had success with their earlier albums, the 2004 album Where You Want to Be would prove to be their breakthrough, with the hit song “A Decade Under the Influence.” It showcased the band’s signature blend of emotionally charged lyrics and dramatic hooks that keep listeners coming back for more.

2. Weezer

American rock band Weezer formed in the early 1990s and has consistently delivered catchy hooks and melodies over the years that are sure to resonate with fans of Jimmy Eat World. Just like the latter, Weezer’s music effortlessly fuses alternative rock and power pop, heard in their memorable hits.

One of Weezer’s greatest hits, “Buddy Holly,” from their debut album, The Blue Album, showcases their exceptional songwriting skills and the guitar work that seamlessly blends indie and punk rock. The song became a ’90s anthem and remains a staple in alternative music playlists.

Fans of Jimmy Eat World would certainly find a musical kinship in Weezer’s discography. Their impressive tunes and undeniable talent for blending various rock subgenres make them an ideal band for those looking to expand their playlist in the alternative rock and power pop spheres.

3. Dashboard Confessional

Led by singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba, Dashboard Confessional carved a unique niche in the emo and alternative rock scenes. They rose to fame in 2003 with their third album, A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar.

The album became their first to land in the top five of the Billboard 200 chart, taking the #2 spot. With it also came the hit songs “Hands Down” and “Rapid Hope Loss.” “Vindicated,” from the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, is also worth listening to.

Jimmy Eat World fans will find Dashboard Confessional’s music just as emotionally resonant, with themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery present throughout their discography. So give them a listen and delve into a world of powerful acoustic melodies and raw, emotive lyricism.

4. Brand New

Brand New is an American rock band that has captivated audiences with its distinct sound and thought-provoking lyrics since its formation in 2000. Heavily influenced by the emo and post-hardcore genres, they have created a unique blend that appeals to fans of Jimmy Eat World.

Their debut album, Your Favorite Weapon, released in 2001, displayed their punk and emo influences. However, it was their second album, Deja Entendu, that signaled a major shift in their sound and solidified their place in the scene.

With tracks like “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” and “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades,” they showcased their growth as musicians and lyricists.

If you’re someone who loves Jimmy Eat World’s emotive and powerful music, Brand New is a band worth exploring. Their ever-evolving sound, impactful lyrics, and undeniable passion have cemented them as an essential part of the emo and alternative rock genre.

5. The Get Up Kids

Formed in 1995 in Kansas City, Missouri, The Get Up Kids is an essential addition to the list of bands like Jimmy Eat World. This band is known for their influential contributions to the emo and pop punk genres, combining relatable lyrics with energetic and melodic music.

One of their biggest hits, “Ten Minutes,” brilliantly captures the essence of the band’s emotionally charged lyrics and anthemic melodies. Another fan-favorite, “Action & Action,” showcases their ability to write incredible hooks while maintaining a strong sense of introspection.

Listeners who appreciate the lyricism and performances of Jimmy Eat World will undoubtedly find a kindred spirit in The Get Up Kids. Furthermore, both bands employ a similar punk-influenced sound and knack for crafting memorable, sing-along choruses.

6. Sunny Day Real Estate

Seattle, Washington-based Sunny Day Real Estate is an influential American rock band that emerged in the early 1990s. They are often credited as pioneers of the emo and indie rock genres, known for their emotionally charged music, introspective lyrics, and dynamic songwriting.

Following the release of Diary in 1994, tensions within the band led to a temporary breakup. However, they reunited three years later and released their highly regarded sophomore album, LP2 (also referred to as The Pink Album or Sunny Day Real Estate) the same year.

This album showcased a more expansive and experimental sound, incorporating elements of post-rock and progressive rock while retaining the band’s signature emotional intensity.

Jimmy Eat World fans may find themselves drawn to Sunny Day Real Estate’s emotionally charged lyrics—the roots of the emo genre—and their remarkable melodies. Give their songs a listen; we’re sure you won’t regret it!

7. New Found Glory

Pop-punk band New Found Glory burst onto the scene in the late 1990s with their energetic sound and infectious melodies. Like Jimmy Eat World, they have a penchant for crafting songs that resonate with audiences.

With songs driven by catchy guitar riffs and relatable lyrics, New Found Glory has captivated fans around the world. Their breakthrough album in 2002, Sticks and Stones, garnered widespread attention and peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Hits like “My Friends Over You” and “Head On Collision” from the album showcases the band’s signature blend of punk-infused pop, making them an excellent pick for fans of Jimmy Eat World.

8. Death Cab For Cutie

Another fantastic band that Jimmy Eat World followers will likely appreciate is Death Cab for Cutie. Formed in 1997 in Bellingham, Washington, the band delivers a powerful mix of alternative rock and indie music that has solidified their spot in the hearts of music aficionados.

Over the years, Death Cab for Cutie has released 10 full-length albums, with numerous chart-topping hits such as “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” “Soul Meets Body,” and “I Will Possess Your Heart”—these three reaching Platinum status.

Fans of both Death Cab for Cutie and of Jimmy Eat World tend to appreciate the reflective and heartfelt qualities of their songs. And with Death Cab’s distinctive sound, characterized by intricate melodies and meaningful lyrics, makes them a worthy band to explore.

9. Pentimento

Punk-rock band Pentimento has only released two studio albums since their formation in 2011. However, the band and their music are nothing to scoff at.

With their ability to seamlessly blend punk and alternative rock elements resulting in a sound that is both accessible and powerful, they gained a dedicated fanbase.

In addition to their recorded music, Pentimento is also known for their engaging live shows. The group had the opportunity to perform in August 2014 in Buffalo, New York, in front of a massive audience, as they supported another prominent band from the list, Weezer.

Fans of Jimmy Eat World are likely to appreciate Pentimento. Both bands share similarities in their musical style and lyrical themes, making them appealing to fans who enjoy emotionally driven rock music.

10. Modest Mouse

Formed in 1992, Modest Mouse shares a similar indie-rock feel with Jimmy Eat World. Both bands rose to fame during the late ’90s and early 2000s, enchanting fans with their distinctive sound and soul-stirring lyrics.

Some of their most noteworthy hits include “Float On,” “Dashboard,” and “Lampshades on Fire.” The first song and the last one took the top spot on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart. They captured Modest Mouse’s signature blend of indie, alternative, and post-punk rock genres, making them fan favorites.

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Eat World and you haven’t delved into Modest Mouse’s discography yet, it’s about time you discover this equally engaging and fantastic band. Delight in their captivating tunes, and let their music become the soundtrack to your memories.

11. Yellowcard

Another Jimmy Eat World-esque band that burst onto the music scene in the early 2000s is Yellowcard. From Jacksonville, Florida, the group is set apart from others on this list for their innovative use of the violin, which added a unique twist to their pop-punk sound.

One of Yellowcard’s biggest hits, “Ocean Avenue,” from their 2003 album of the same name, still resonates with fans today. The track’s infectious melody and nostalgic theme of young love and growing up strike a chord with those who enjoy Jimmy Eat World’s relatable and poignant lyrics.

Other notable hits from Yellowcard Jimmy Eat World fans might enjoy is “Lights and Sounds,” which showcases the band’s musical growth and willingness to experiment with new sounds, “Only One,” and “Way Away.”

12. Motion City Soundtrack

Formed by singer-songwriter Justin Courtney Pierre in 1997, Motion City Soundtrack quickly made a name for themselves in the pop-punk scene. Much like Jimmy Eat World, the band is known for their energetic tunes that blends alternative rock and emo.

Motion City had quite the success with their first two albums, but the third, Even If It Kills Me, stands out for taking the #1 spot on the Billboard Independent Albums chart and #16 on the Billboard 200. Hits songs the band has released that’s worth listening include “Everything Is Alright,” “The Future Freaks Me Out,” and “This Is for Real.”

Fans of Jimmy Eat World can appreciate Motion City Soundtrack’s mix of driving guitars, infectious hooks, and soaring choruses. Their discography spans over a decade and provides plenty of tunes to add to your playlists, ensuring you’ll never run out of new music to love.

13. Thrice

American rock band Thrice has been captivating audiences since their formation in 1998. Their sound—often described as post-hardcore, alternative rock, and emo—has similarities to Jimmy Eat World, capturing the hearts of fans who appreciate the passion behind their lyrics and powerful melodies.

Some of their biggest albums, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere and Palms, showcase their ability to blend raw emotion and intense energy. Another notable album is their The Alchemy Index series.

Thrice’s live performances have also been highly praised. Attending their concert is an emotional experience, much like witnessing Jimmy Eat World live, where the line between band and audience fades, and everyone is united in the music.

14. Better Off

Nashville’s alternative rock band Better Off consists of singer/guitarist Luke Granered and drummer Charles Miller. They gained attention in the music scene with their 2013 debut album (I Think) I’m Leaving, which introduced the world to their blend of punk, pop punk, and alternative rock.

The album—which showcased their melodic hooks, catchy choruses, and introspective lyrics—received positive reviews from critics and fans alike and earned them comparisons to bands like Jimmy Eat World and Saves the Day.

Over the years, Better Off continued to tour extensively, sharing the stage with various notable bands in the alternative rock scene. They released their second album, Milk, in 2015, which further solidified their reputation as a promising band in the genre.

15. Sherwood

And finally, originating from San Luis Obispo, California, rock band Sherwood formed in 2002. The group soon gained popularity for their indie rock/pop music that they seamlessly fused with elements of alternative rock and folk.

In 2004, Sherwood independently released their debut album, titled Sing, but Keep Going. The album perfectly demonstrated their upbeat and melodic style, earning them a dedicated fanbase.

We recommend Sherwood’s music for their heartfelt and relatable themes, exploring topics such as love, relationships, personal growth, and self-reflection. These themes parallel Jimmy Eat World’s lyrical content, which often delves into similar emotional landscapes—perfect for fans looking for similar content.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World fans will likely find interest in these 13 bands. Each one shares a similar style or sound, making them great options for those seeking to expand their playlists.

However similar, though, each of these bands carries their own unique flair, contributing to the rich tapestry of alternative, emo, and pop-punk genres.

Whether it’s the infectious hooks of Weezer, the introspective lyrics of Dashboard Confessional, or the powerful riffs of Thrice, there’s certainly something for every fan of Jimmy Eat World to enjoy. Happy listening!

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