13 Amazing Bands Similar To Imagine Dragons

Written by Dan Farrant

If you’re a fan of Imagine Dragons, you’ve probably found yourself searching for similar-sounding music groups to add to your playlist. Lucky for you, we’ve done the work and compiled a list of bands that share similarities with the Las Vegas–based pop rock group.

From OneRepublic’s catchy hooks to Coldplay’s arena-rock sound, these artists will satisfy your craving for uplifting and energetic music. So sit back, grab your headphones, and discover some new favorites in this guide to 13 bands like Imagine Dragons! Let’s continue!

Imagine Dragons by Tuomas Vitikainen (CC BY-SA 3.0)

1. X Ambassadors

An indie rock band hailing from Ithaca, New York, X Ambassadors, offers a sound that closely resembles Imagine Dragons. With catchy hooks and powerful anthems, they have quickly become a fan favorite in the alternative music scene.

Notable hits by X Ambassadors include “Renegades” and “Unsteady,” which showcase their ability to craft impactful lyrics with memorable melodies.

Formed in 2009, the band consists of lead vocalist Sam Harris, keyboardist Casey Harris (Sam’s brother), drummer Adam Levin—this trio delivers captivating live performances that rival those of their arena-rock counterparts.

2. The Neighbourhood

American alternative rock band The Neighbourhood shares a similar sound and style with Imagine Dragons. Formed in 2011, the California-based group quickly made waves in the music industry with their dark and moody atmospheric tunes, intriguing visuals, and compelling lyrics.

Some of their most notable songs include “Sweater Weather,” which reached #1 on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs chart in 2013, as well as tracks like “Daddy Issues” and “Afraid.”

Much like Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, The Neighbourhood’s frontman, Jesse Rutherford, has an undeniable talent for crafting catchy melodies combined with introspective songwriting.

3. The Killers

Formed in 2001, rock band The Killers share many similarities with Imagine Dragons in terms of their sound and style. Hailing from Las Vegas as well, The Killers have gained global fame through their catchy blend of alternative rock, pop rock, and indie influences.

Their music often features powerful hooks and anthemic choruses that are reminiscent of Imagine Dragons’ high-energy tracks. Fronted by charismatic singer Brandon Flowers, The Killers have produced numerous hit singles such as “Somebody Told Me,” “Mr. Brightside,”and “When You Were Young.”

Throughout their career, they’ve managed to stay relevant within the ever-evolving music industry trends while maintaining a distinct sound that draws fans from various genres like electronic rock and synthpop bands.

4. OneRepublic

A pop rock band, OneRepublic captivates music fans with their distinct style and memorable melodies. Formed in 2002, this talented group consists of lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, guitarist Zach Filkins, guitarist Drew Brown, bassist Brent Kutzle, and drummer Eddie Fisher.

Fans of Imagine Dragons will appreciate OneRepublic’s emotional lyrics combined with a blend of alternative rock sounds and electronic elements. A notable example is the band’s chart-topping hit “Counting Stars,” which showcases their unique mix of pop rock hooks and folk-inspired melodies.

With other hits like “Apologize” and “Good Life,” OneRepublic has cemented themselves among top music artists in both the American bands category as well as within the broader music industry trends such as synthpop bands and arena rock groups.

5. Muse

Our next band is one from across the pond. Formed in 1994, English rock band Muse has a sound similar to Imagine Dragons. They are known for their fusion of electronic, alternative, and hard rock music.

Muse’s hit song “Uprising” became a fan favorite with its catchy lyrics and epic guitar riffs that rival those of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.” Recently, Muse released their eighth album titled Simulation Theory, which included songs like “Pressure,” “The Dark Side,” and ”Algorithm.”

With its eclectic blend of electronic beats and heavy guitar sounds reminiscent of Imagine Dragons’ Night Visions album, Muse proves time again why they are among the most sought-after bands on tour today.

6. Bastille

Another English rock band, Bastille, emerged in 2010. The band’s sound blends elements of pop, rock, and electronic music with a bit of Britpop thrown in for good measure. Bastille has gained recognition for their unique style and catchy tunes that are perfect for any mood or occasion.

Listeners who enjoy Imagine Dragons will find much to appreciate about Bastille’s music, as they both share similar stylistic traits. Both bands favor sweeping choruses that build toward explosive climaxes along with driving beats and anthemic lyrics, like the six-time Platinum song “Pompeii.”


Los Angeles–based rock band AWOLNATION has been compared to Imagine Dragons due to their similar sound and high-energy performances. Both produce alternative rock music with electronic elements and have gained popularity in the mainstream music industry.

One thing that sets AWOLNATION apart from other bands is their use of electronic instrumentation. The group often incorporates synths and samples into their songs, giving them a futuristic edge.

Their most popular song, “Sail,” was released in 2010 and became a massive hit in 2011. The song features a heavy bassline, electronic beats, and frontman Aaron Bruno’s powerful vocals.

8. Cold War Kids

Another band similar to Imagine Dragons is Cold War Kids. This American indie rock band has been around for almost two decades, producing music that combines elements of soul, blues, and punk with Dan Reynolds-esque anthemic choruses.

Cold War Kids’ lead singer, Nathan Willett, has a distinctive voice that is often compared to that of The National’s Matt Berninger. His emotive and soulful vocals, combined with the band’s eclectic instrumentation, create a unique sound that is both raw and polished.

Over the years, the band has produced multiple acclaimed albums, including Robbers & Cowards and Mine Is Yours. If you’re a fan of Imagine Dragons’ uplifting lyrics paired with explosive instrumentals, then Cold War Kids is definitely worth checking out.

9. Young The Giant

Another American alternative rock band that’s often compared to Imagine Dragons is Young the Giant. The group was formed in Irvine, California, in 2004 under the name The Jakes before they later changed their name to Young the Giant.

Some of their most popular songs include “Cough Syrup,” “My Body,” and “Apartment,” from their eponymous debut album. The first two songs quickly gained Platinum status.

One notable thing about Young the Giant is their dynamic live performances. They’ve played at some of the biggest music festivals worldwide, like Lollapalooza and Coachella, where they’ve wowed audiences with their energy and stage presence.

10. Atlas Genius

Next up, we move to Australia for the alternative rock group Atlas Genius. Formed in 2009, they’re notable for their sound, that’s heavily influenced by bands like Imagine Dragons.

Two of their most popular tracks, “Trojans” and “If So,” became hit singles in 2011 and 2013, respectively, and was quickly embraced by radio stations across the United States.

If you’re looking for more music like Imagine Dragons, Atlas Genius could be the perfect band for you to check out. You’ll be taken in by their music, with catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms that will keep you moving all night long.

11. AJR

Our next band, AJR, stands for Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger. These three brothers write, produce, and perform their own music. They have gained popularity for their unique sound that seamlessly combines modern pop with eclectic elements such as jazz, folk, and electronic music.

Like Imagine Dragons, these talented young musicians know how to craft compelling lyrics that resonate with audiences all over the world. Their hit single “Weak” deals with themes of insecurity and self-doubt in a refreshingly honest way that speaks directly to listeners’ emotions.

AJR has released several successful albums and singles, including “Burn the House Down,” “Sober Up,” and “Bang!” which reached the top of Billboard‘s Adult Top 40 chart.

12. Kodaline

Irish indie rock band Kodaline formed in Dublin in 2012. The band consists of four members: Steve Garrigan on vocals and guitar, Mark Prendergast on lead guitar, Jason Boland on bass, and Vinny May Jr. on drums.

Kodaline’s sound has been compared to Imagine Dragons due to their use of anthemic choruses and soaring instrumentals. However, they also incorporate elements of folk music into their sound, giving them a unique edge within the alternative rock genre.

Since their formation, Kodaline has released four successful studio albums: In a Perfect World, Coming Up for Air, Politics of Living, and One Day at a Time. Their music has been well-received by critics and audiences alike, with many praising their ability to convey raw and vulnerable emotions in their lyrics.

13. The Score

Consisting of just two members, The Score has been making waves in the music industry with their unique sound since 2011. Their music features catchy hooks, driving beats, and emotive lyrics that resonate with fans of Imagine Dragons.

The Score consists of Eddie Anthony on vocals and guitar and Edan Dover on keyboards, bass, and production. They have released three studio albums so far—Atlas in 2017, Stay in 2020, and Metamorph in 2022—all of which showcase their talent for crafting anthemic songs that get stuck in your head.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Imagine Dragons

There you have it! If you’re a fan of Imagine Dragons and looking for similar bands to add to your music playlist, there are plenty of options out there. From the rock sounds of The Killers and Muse to the pop-infused OneRepublic, this list has got you covered.

Don’t be afraid to explore more indie rock groups like X Ambassadors or electronic rock from AWOLNATION for something fresh. With so many talented artists in the alternative genre, discovering new music has never been easier.

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