13 Amazing Bands Similar To Foo Fighters

Written by Dan Farrant

Foo Fighters is one of the most successful and influential rock bands of all time. Their music combines grunge, hard rock, punk rock, and progressive rock to create a distinctive and powerful sound that has captivated millions of fans worldwide since 1994.

But if you’re looking for some variety in your rock playlist, you might be interested in discovering other bands with a vibe similar to Foo Fighters.

Whether you’re searching for new alternative rock groups to add to your playlist or are simply curious, these 13 amazing bands like Foo Fighters are worth checking out. Let’s get started!

Foo Fighters by Raph_PH (CC BY 2.0)

1. Nirvana

The most obvious band to start with is Nirvana, the legendary grunge band that launched Dave Grohl’s career as their drummer. Nirvana was formed in 1987 by Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic and later joined by Grohl in 1990.

They became one of the most influential bands of the 1990s with their groundbreaking albums Nevermind and In Utero, which defined the grunge sound and culture.

Nirvana’s music was characterized by their raw and distorted guitar sound, catchy and melodic hooks, as well as honest and often dark lyrics that dealt with themes such as alienation, depression, and addiction.

Sadly, Nirvana’s career was cut short by Cobain’s death in 1994, but their legacy lives on through their music and their impact on other artists.

2. Pearl Jam

Another band that emerged from the Seattle grunge scene in the early 1990s was Pearl Jam. Formed in 1990 by Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, and Dave Krusen, Pearl Jam quickly rose to fame with their debut album Ten, which featured the hits “Alive,” “Even Flow,” and “Jeremy.” 

Their music blended elements of hard rock, punk rock, and folk rock to create a unique and dynamic sound that appealed to a wide audience.

Pearl Jam has been one of the most consistent and enduring bands in the rock genre, with over 85 million records sold worldwide and 11 studio albums to date. Their music has evolved over the years, incorporating influences from genres such as alternative, pop, and experimental rock.

3. Queens Of The Stone Age

Our next band like the Foo Fighters, is Queens of the Stone Age. This hard rock band was formed in 1996 by Josh Homme, who was previously a member of the stoner rock band Kyuss.

Homme is the only constant member of the band, as he has collaborated with various musicians over the years, including Dave Grohl himself, who played drums on their albums Songs for the Deaf and …Like Clockwork.

Queens of the Stone Age’s music is influenced by genres such as stoner rock, heavy metal, blues rock, and psychedelic rock. Their sound is characterized by their heavy and distorted guitar riffs, complex and groovy drum patterns, and catchy and melodic vocals.

4. Soundgarden

Another influential band that came from the Seattle grunge movement in the late 1980s and early ’90s was Soundgarden. Chris Cornell was the singer and guitarist of the band, while Kim Thayil played guitar, Ben Shepherd played bass, and Matt Cameron played drums.

Soundgarden’s music combined elements of heavy metal, punk rock, and psychedelic rock to create a distinctive and powerful sound that set them apart from other grunge bands.

Soundgarden had several successful albums throughout their career, such as Badmotorfinger, Superunknown, and Down on the Upside. Their songs featured complex and unconventional song structures, heavy and intricate guitar work, soaring and expressive vocals, and dark and introspective lyrics.

Unfortunately, Soundgarden disbanded in 1997 due to creative differences among its members. They reunited in 2010 but suffered another tragedy when Cornell passed away in 2017.

5. The Smashing Pumpkins

Formed in 1988 in Chicago, The Smashing Pumpkins is a band that plays alternative rock music. The band members are Billy Corgan, who sings and plays guitar; James Iha, who also plays guitar, as well as D’arcy Wretzky, who plays bass; and Jimmy Chamberlin, who plays drums. 

The band rose to prominence in the early 1990s with their albums Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, showcasing their diverse and ambitious sound ranging from dreamy pop to heavy metal.

The Smashing Pumpkins’ music is influenced by genres such as gothic rock, shoegaze, progressive rock, and electronic music. Their sound is characterized by their layered and distorted guitar soundscapes, intricate drumming style, melancholic and poetic lyrics, and Corgan’s distinctive nasal voice.

The band has gone through several lineup changes over the years, but Corgan has remained the primary songwriter and leader of the group.

6. Audioslave

Hard rock supergroup Audioslave formed in Los Angeles in 2001 and consisted of former Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden members. Fans of Foo Fighters may find similarities in Audioslave’s sound, as both bands share an affinity for heavy guitar riffs and catchy melodies.

Unfortunately, Audioslave disbanded in 2007 due to creative differences among its members. Despite its short-lived career, Audioslave left an indelible mark on the rock music genre through their powerful music and live performances.

In November 2018, Foo Fighters paid tribute to Chris Cornell during a concert at Madison Square Garden by performing a cover of Audioslave’s hit song “Show Me How to Live.”

This memorable performance displayed the connection between these two powerhouse acts and cemented Audioslave’s place among legendary rock bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

7. Alice In Chains

Our next band, Alice in Chains, was part of the grunge rock movement that originated in Seattle alongside bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The band’s name came from frontman Layne Staley’s former group, Alice N’ Chains.

Jerry Cantrell, the original member of Alice in Chains, wrote many of the band’s songs along with Staley. Their music often dealt with themes surrounding addiction and depression.

Tragically, Staley passed away due to drug overdose-related complications in 2002. However, after a long hiatus, Alice in Chains returned with William DuVall as their new lead singer, injecting new energy into their iconic sound while still paying homage to their roots.

8. Royal Blood

As one of the most exciting duos in modern rock music, Royal Blood has been making waves across the pond since their formation in 2003. Hailing from Brighton and consisting of just a bassist (Mike Kerr) and drummer (Ben Thatcher), they’ve managed to capture an impressive amount of attention for their raw and energetic sound.

Their self-titled debut album was released in 2014 to critical acclaim, showcasing their unique blend of traditional rock riffs with modern production techniques. However, it was on their sophomore album, How Did We Get So Dark?, where Royal Blood truly came into their own.

Despite only having two members, Royal Blood manages to pack a lot of punch with each track thanks to Kerr’s virtuosic bass playing and Thatcher’s precise drumming style.

9. Arctic Monkeys

British rock band Arctic Monkeys are known for their unique indie and alternative rock blend. They gained widespread recognition and popularity through the internet, as fans eagerly shared their music online.

Formed in 2002, Arctic Monkeys initially consisted of four members who were high school friends. Performing at various venues, they quickly gained a dedicated following in their local music scene.

In 2005, Arctic Monkeys released their debut album, which was met with immense critical acclaim and commercial success. The band’s subsequent albums further solidified their status as one of the leading acts in the indie rock scene. Favourite Worst Nightmare, Humbug, Suck It and See, and AM all received positive reviews and achieved considerable chart success.

If you’re a fan of Foo Fighters looking for similar artists to add to your playlist or see live in concert, then Arctic Monkeys might just be up your alley.

10. The Black Keys

Hailing from Akron, Ohio, The Black Keys are a popular American rock music duo consisting of Dan Auerbach (guitar/vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums). They are known for their unusual recording locations, including old churches, abandoned factories, and even a rubber tire factory.

Formed in 2001, their breakthrough came with the release of their fourth studio album, Brothers, in 2010. The album received critical acclaim and catapulted The Black Keys into the mainstream. The single “Tighten Up” became a chart-topping hit, earning them Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song.

Following the success of Brothers, The Black Keys continued to release critically acclaimed albums, each showcasing their growth and evolution as musicians. The 2011 El Camino further solidified their reputation with its infectious hooks and catchy rock anthems.

11. Cage The Elephant

Formed in 2006, the highly acclaimed rock band Cage the Elephant marked the music industry with their distinctive style and sound. Originally hailing from Bowling Green, Kentucky, the members embarked on a journey that would eventually lead them to London in 2008.

Their debut self-titled album, released in 2008, was a massive success and instantly gained a dedicated fan following. They quickly made waves with their breakthrough singles “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and “In One Ear” from the album.

Dave Grohl’s involvement with Cage the Elephant has certainly helped elevate their aura even more so, as he joined them as a touring drummer during specific shows.

12. Weezer

Active since the early 1990s, the alternative rock band Weezer has established themselves as a prominent force in the music industry. Their self-titled debut album, also known as the Blue Album, was a major success, eventually gaining multi-Platinum status.

It spawned the hits “Buddy Holly” and “Say It Ain’t So,” catapulting Weezer into the mainstream and solidifying their place in alternative rock history.

With a discography spanning several decades, Weezer has consistently delivered music that has left a solid impact on the alternative rock genre. Their ability to evolve while staying true to their signature sound has cemented their status as one of the most influential and enduring bands in the industry.

If you enjoy Foo Fighters’ music, Weezer is a band worth checking out. They have a rich history of producing exceptional alternative rock songs that have stood the test of time.

13. The Strokes

Ending this list is the rock band The Strokes, who formed in 1998 and rose to fame in the early 2000s with hits like “Last Nite” and “Someday.” Their sound is heavily influenced by post-punk and garage rock, which has often been compared to other bands similar to the Foo Fighters.

Aside from their critical acclaim for their sound, they have won several awards, including Best Rock Album at the 2021 Grammys for their album The New Abnormal.

It’s worth noting that, like many other bands, The Strokes have had albums they disowned or were not proud of. In particular, their fourth studio album, Angles, received mixed reviews from critics despite its commercial success.

However, this hasn’t stopped them from continuing to create music that resonates with a wide audience across different genres within the music industry.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Foo Fighters

We hope you have enjoyed our list of bands that are like Foo Fighters. These bands offer a range of sounds and styles that embody the spirit of alternative and rock music.

If you find yourself craving that Foo Fighters vibe and looking for something fresh and exciting, give these bands a listen. You might even find new favorites from this list!

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