13 Amazing Bands Similar To Blink-182

Written by Dan Farrant

California rock band Blink-182 has had a long career that started in 1992. Their pop-punk and alternative sounds have caught the ears of many, gaining them a huge following throughout the globe.

If you love Blink-182 and want to find some more bands just like them, then look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of amazing bands like Blink-182 that you’re sure to love. Let’s get started.

Blink 182 by IllaZilla (CC BY-SA 3.0)

1. Green Day

From East Bay, California, rock band Green Day was formed in 1987 by guitarist and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. In 1994, they skyrocketed to fame with their energetic punk rock sound and thought-provoking lyrics in the album Dookie, which holds one of their greatest single, “When I Come Around.”

Throughout the decade and into the 2000s, Green Day continued to release charting albums and songs. In 2004, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was dropped to critical acclaim, winning the group a Record of the Year Grammy.

So why is Green Day on this list? The band shares a similar timeline with Blink-182 and significantly popularized pop punk music during that era. Their unique blend of catchy hooks and youthful rebellion makes them an excellent choice for fans looking to explore more bands that sound like Blink 182.

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2. Sum 41

Our next band, Sum 41, exploded onto the pop-punk scene in the early 2000s, quickly garnering comparisons to Blink-182 due to their energetic and catchy tunes. Hailing from Ajax, Ontario, this Canadian band’s blend of punk and alternative rock struck a chord with fans worldwide.

Over their career spanning more than two decades, Sum 41 has released seven studio albums and 24 singles, the most popular being “In Too Deep,” which won a Best Rock Video at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Known for their engaging live performances and music videos showcasing their cheeky sense of humor, Sum 41 has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the pop-punk landscape, influencing numerous bands that followed them.

3. Good Charlotte

Another pop-punk powerhouse that shares similarities with Blink 182 is Good Charlotte. Formed in 1996, the group consisted of Joel Madden (vocals), Benji Madden (guitar), Paul Thomas (bass), Billy Martin (keyboards), and Dean Butterworth (drums).

This Maryland-based band’s alternative rock, emo, and punk rock sounds were influenced by Green Day, making them a great go-to band for fans of the latter.

All seven of their studio albums landed on the Billboard 200 chart, but it was the second, third, and fourth albums that really took Good Charlotte far. Each of these was top 10 on the chart and multi-Platinum certified.

4. Box Car Racer

Next up, we have Box Car Racer, a short-lived side project from San Diego, California, by Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker of Blink-182. These men formed the band in 2001.

Their self-titled debut album showcased a darker, more mature sound than their work with Blink-182, blending elements of punk rock and post-hardcore music.

The band was created to allow DeLonge to explore different sounds and themes outside of Blink-182. Box Car Racer only released one album before disbanding in 2003; however, their influence can still be heard in bands like Angels & Airwaves, founded by DeLonge after he left Blink-182.

5. +44

Another band that is similar to Blink-182 is +44. This Los Angelos band was formed in 2005 by Blink-182 members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker after the breakup of their original group.

The sound of +44 has been compared to the early days of Blink with its pop-punk melodies and catchy hooks. The band’s debut album, When Your Heart Stops Beating, was released in 2006 and received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

With songs like “When Your Heart Stops Beating” and “Baby Come On,” +44 showcased the signature driving guitar riffs and infectious choruses common among pop punk bands like Blink.

6. New Found Glory

Pop-punk band New Found Glory formed in Coral Springs, Florida, in 1997. Originally consisting of Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka, and Stephen Klein, the group was inspired to start the band after attending a Blink 182 show. They have been compared to Blink due to their similar sound and style.

New Found Glory debuted in 1999, but the album did not chart. However, with this, they began to gain a following. Breakthrough came with their eponymous album a year later, which landed at the top spot of the US Heatseekers chart.

In 2002, New Found Glory had even more success with Sticks and Stones. The Platinum album contained their only top-5 hit, “My Friends Over You.” Since then, the group has continued to release charting albums, with the latest album, called Make the Most of It, having dropped in early 2023.

7. The Offspring

With punk rock music and high-energy performances reminiscent of Blink-182, we have The Offspring. Formed in Orange County, California, in 1984, the band debuted in 1989 and has since released nine more albums to the delight of fans.

Over the years, The Offspring has had a number of chart-topping songs, like “Come Out and Play” in 1994, “Gone Away” in 1997, and their biggest hit, “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” in 1998, the last song winning them a Best Video Kerrang! Award.

The Offspring’s sound often blends punk with ska, metal, or pop-rock elements. And just like Blink-182, they continue to influence modern-day bands across various genres.

8. Simple Plan

Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan formed in 1999. With members Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Jeff Stinco, and Sébastien Lefebvre, they rose to fame with their debut album, No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls. After this, Simple Plan released five more albums.

Still Not Getting Any…, the band’s second album, took the third spot on Billboard 200. It is their best album to date, earning multi-Platinum certification by 2018. It also contains two of their greatest hits, “Welcome to My Life” and “Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?).”

Like Blink 182, Simple Plan’s music resonates with audiences of all ages, particularly with teenagers who relate to themes of youthful rebellion and heartbreak.

9. Yellowcard

Formed in 1997, Florida band Yellowcard’s music was initially hardcore punk. As the years progressed, they began to delve more into pop punk sounds similar to that of Blink-182. Their use of the violin, however, gives a unique take to their sound.

Yellowcard gained popularity with their Ocean Avenue album in 2003. The title track peaked at #4 on the US Rock charts, and to this day, it remains their signature song.

Yellowcard has also cited Blink-182 as one of its influences when creating fun and upbeat pop-punk music. Additionally, they have toured with All Time Low and New Found Glory, two other bands on this list of Blink-182 alternatives.

10. All Time Low

Rock band All Time Low was formed in 2003 in Baltimore, Maryland, while members were still in high school. The band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick, and drummer Rian Dawson.

They reached critical and commercial success with their 2009 album Nothing Personal—their first top-10 on Billboard 200. Since then, they’ve released six more albums, with Dirty Work (2011) and The Last Renegade (2017) winning Album of the Year from Alternative Press Music and Rock Sound Awards, respectively.

All Time Low has often been compared to Blink-182 due to their similar musical styles and influences. Both bands share a common sound characterized by driving guitar riffs, upbeat tempos, and infectious pop-punk melodies.

11. The Wonder Years

Active since 2005, Pennsylvanian punk rock band The Wonder Years has often been said to be like Blink-182. They are known for their emotional and introspective lyrics, catchy melodies, and energetic performances.

One of the band’s most popular albums is The Greatest Generation, released in 2013. It features songs like “Passing Through a Screen Door” and “Dismantling Summer,” which showcased the band’s ability to blend angst with melody.

Over the years, The Wonder Years’ sound has evolved, with their later albums giving off more post-punk vibes. Nevertheless, they have maintained a consistent emotional intensity and a distinct identity within the pop-punk and alternative rock scene that Blink-182 was known for.

12. State Champs

Another pop-punk band that might interest Blink-182 fans is State Champs. Hailing from New York, the group formed in 2010 and now consists of Derek DiScanio (vocals), Tyler Szalkowski (guitar), Ryan Scott Graham (bass), and Evan Ambrosio (drums).

The band has been compared to Blink-182 for their catchy melodies and high-energy performances—which is not surprising since they have cited Blink as one of the greatest influences.

Over the years, State Champs has released four albums and five EPs. The song “Secrets” from the album Around the World and Back received a nomination for Song of the Year at the Alternative Press Music Awards in 2016.

13. Neck Deep

We end this list with the Welsh pop-punk band Neck Deep, formed in 2012. They first gained attention with their debut album, Wishful Thinking, in 2014 and have since become a popular name in the pop-punk scene.

Though they have only released four albums since their start, the last three have landed at the top spot of charts in the UK and the US. Their greatest hit, “In Bloom,” even won Best Single at the 2018 Kerrang! Awards.

Those who love Blink-182’s pop-punk sound, lyrical themes of relationships and personal struggles, and energetic performances will enjoy the music of Neck Deep, as the band shares these similarities. Not sure? Give them a try!

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Blink-182

Blink-182 played a significant role in shaping and popularizing the pop punk genre, influencing countless bands that followed in their footsteps. And as you have read, they influenced quite a lot of groups!

From Green Day and Sum 41 to All Time Low and State Champs, these pop punk and alternative rock groups offer catchy hooks, driving rhythms, and lyrics that capture the angst and energy of youth.

Whether you are reliving the glory days of the 1990s and early 2000s or discovering new favorites, these 13 bands similar to Blink-182 will satisfy your craving. Enjoy!

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